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Video: Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones

Sony's already great headphones keep getting better

Sony's WH-1000XM3 wireless noise-canceling headphones improve on their amazing WH-1000XM2 model by adding adaptive noise canceling, redesigned drivers, and other tweaks. The result is a fantastic-sounding set of headphones good for any situation.

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Hey everybody this is JR, training manager here at Crutchfield. I'm here in the studio today with Jeff Miller, our resident headphone guy, and our brand new sony top-of-the-line bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, the WH-1000XM3s. We're talking about them because they are the new model, replacing last year's XM2s, and there's a lot of cool upgrades that Sony has given these guys. They're more comfortable, they have better noise cancellation, they charge even faster, they have redesigned drivers for even better sound quality, and some other goodies that Jeff is gonna tell us about here in a minute. First off, you've had a chance to wear these, right?


And they're more comfortable than the XM2s that you are the proud owner of?

Yeah, and I didn't think they could get much better than these, but I was really blown away.

The change is real?

Yeah. They have a larger ear cup, so you got a lot more room inside to put them over your ear. They also are a little bit lighter and a little more form-fitting, so they fit right there through your head.

Oh yeah, I don't see all the big spaces of air between your head and the headphones.

Yes, tighter. Yeah, I mean a little sleeker. I think what I'm more excited about, though, is they've somehow improved the noise cancellation which I didn't think could get much better.

How is it better than last year's?

Well, they have a brand new noise cancellation chip that is better knocking out higher frequencies. Now they're more of an all-purpose everyday type of headphones. and on top of that they have the adaptive noise cancellation, so there's on ear sensors that can tell whether you're wearing glasses like me, or if you're walking, moving, even barometric pressure.

So if you're on a plane or higher elevation, if you live, if you're living in Denver, so there's a new processor chip, that's awesome. Let's talk about charging. They've got a USB-C port on them now, and they charge faster and last longer, right? How long will these things go on a full charge?

30 hours wireless listening.

Noise cancellation on, full boat, everything on, you can get up to 30 hours of listening on these things?

Yeah, but I think what's even cooler is that when you plug them in for 10 minutes you get a full five hours.

You know, which is good enough for a workout or a plane ride, your commute to work. You forgot to charge them the night before, 10 minutes, drink your coffee, take a shower, your headphones are ready to go.

Yep, exactly.

I like it.

And they sound better.

Yes, they've already sounded great. I've had a chance to listen to the XM2s. They sounded wonderful.


And the XM3s sound better, right?

Right, and we're talking about, you know, different degrees of greatness. It's tuned in a little bit more, you know, bass response, like this has got that punch to the gut feel. But it doesn't take, it doesn't overbear any of the highs or the mids.

Not just bass for bass' sake, it's musical, right?


And the Bluetooth is better, it works well with your Sony high-res music player?

Actually, we had a Sony Walkman with the with high-res files on it, and with the LDAC, this form of Bluetooth that preserves those musical details that you might not pick up on.

So it's good, it's got some of the newest and best Bluetooth technology in it, also you can you can call up your Google Assistant on this thing, you can ask Siri stuff, and you can initiate that without even having to get your phone out of your pocket, right?

Yeah, we should talk about the app a little bit. Most headphones have apps and I don't always recommend downloading them, they don't always do that much. This is actually a pretty cool app experience. You can dial in some of that noise cancellation stuff, but you also, like you said, can repurpose that noise cancellation button so that it'll call up your Google Assistant.

If you're running around, trying to catch an airplane, you say hey is my flight on time, Google assistant from your phone will check your flight information, give it to you, that sort of thing. And last but not least, Sony has improved the sort of gesture control. You can do some pretty cool things to control these headphones without really having to hit buttons and and go into the app, right? You can do some neat things with your hand. Tell me, how do you control these things?

The right ear cup lets you swipe with your finger to turn the volume up, change your track, but probably the coolest thing is you're out there on the street, you need to hear somebody, get a drink order or something, you can put your right hand over your right ear and the microphones will pick up your external sounds and you can hear what people are saying.

So it turns off the noise cancellation and you can actually hear your surroundings? Because every now and then that's kind of important, walking down the streets, buses, cars, people.


So you need to be able to tell what's going on, and it's a quick thing to do.

Yeah. Turn it off, in-flight instructions, very cool.

So these are the Sony WH-1000XM3s. If you have any questions on headphones or anything else, give us a call, chat with us online, send us an email, advisors are standing by. Thanks, Jeff.

Thank you.

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