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Video: Sony XM-GS6DSP 6-channel car amplifier

An audio Swiss army knife for your car

Sony's XM-GS6DSP amplifier gives you six channels of power for your car audio system, and you can configure those six channels to work a lot of different ways. Plus built-in Bluetooth® connectivity means you can stream music straight to the amp. This amp is a great choice for installing in classic cars or with factory radios that don't have Bluetooth.

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Hey I'm JR, and I'm here today with the Sony XM-GS6DSP. It's a pretty unique amplifier, which is why we wanted to show you just how you can really use this thing. It's versatile. Six channels of power. The front four channels are 45 watts each, typically you might use that for your front and rear speakers. It's also got two subwoofer channels at 175 watts each. Two of those can be bridged to a 600 watt sub channel, and even though they're bridged you can still present it with a 2 ohm speaker, which gives you a lot of flexibility with which subwoofers you can use.

In addition, you can configure this amp completely differently. Instead of using front, rear, and sub, you might want to use these six channels to power tweeters, mid-range, and woofers, which it's totally ready to do. There's some settings on here, you just tell it how you want it to use its power to power your speakers. Pretty versatile, kind of unique. Not every amp can be set up that way.

In addition to that, it's got Bluetooth built-in and it can do a couple things with Bluetooth. One, you can download an app from Sony to control the amplifier and set it up so you'll be able to adjust a 10-band EQ, adjust time alignment, as well as adjust fader and balance and even just the volume level, and you can stream music into the amplifier using Bluetooth. So if you think about that you can really put this in a vehicle without a radio. Maybe you have a classic car and you wanted to keep the factory radio looking great in the dash, you can put this amp under your seat, new speakers in the car, out of sight, sound and great power by this amplifier with streaming music from your phone. Or if you have a factory radio without Bluetooth, you can actually stream music using this amplifier instead of trying to replace your radio.

You can, of course, install this with an aftermarket radio using the RCA preamp input and of course it has speaker level inputs, so it's pretty easy to hook up to your factory radio. It's versatile, sleek, has a nice design that's easy to install with all the connections on one side and all the controls on the other. It looks great and it sounds great. We were impressed with it, we like it a lot, we think you will, too.

If you've got questions about this amp or anything else, give us a call. Advisors can help you on the phone, by a chat on the website, or just send us an email. Thank you so much.

  • Kal Dane

    Posted on 12/15/2019

    Can below adjustments be done with bluetooth app control for music played through high level inputs. 1) adjust 10-band EQ. 2) adjust time alignment. 3) adjust fader and balance. Thanks

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