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Garmin Forerunner 265 GPS running watch (Black bezel with Aqua case and Aqua/Black silicone band)

Item # 1500281002

The Garmin Forerunner 265 running watch builds upon the proven record of the Forerunner series by giving you tools...

The Garmin Forerunner 265 running watch builds upon the proven record of the Forerunner series by giving you tools...

Item # 1500281002

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About the Garmin Forerunner 265

Ken Nail

The tools you need to up your game

The Garmin Forerunner 265 running watch builds upon the proven record of the Forerunner series by giving you tools for analyzing, planning, training, and recovering. It has features you expect, like GPS, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and over 30 activity profiles for other sports and workouts, plus these deep analytical features:

The tools you need to up your game

The Garmin Forerunner 265 running watch builds upon the proven record of the Forerunner series by giving you tools for analyzing, planning, training, and recovering. It has features you expect, like GPS, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and over 30 activity profiles for other sports and workouts, plus these deep analytical features:

  • Morning Report summarizes your sleep, training status, and more, then suggests workouts for the day.
  • Weekly suggested workouts help you plan your training schedule.
  • HRV status records heart rate variability while you sleep, providing insight into your overall wellness.
  • Running Power measures how much power you apply to the road when you run.
  • Race widget helps you plan race day strategy.

Forerunner 265 is user-friendly too, with a bright AMOLED touchscreen display that makes it easy to keep an eye on your workout.

Garmin Forerunner 265

Forerunner makes it easy to track your run (or other activity) in detail (Black model pictured)

More than a running watch

Like to do more than run? Forerunner 265 boasts over 30 activity profiles. When you're in the pool, this watch tracks your distance, pace, stroke count, and more. Use the triathlon mode if you're ready to branch out into multisports. Forerunner 265 tracks your distance and pace like a champ when you're riding a bike, and it offers a variety of gym activities to choose from, including indoor rowing, yoga, and more.

Workouts are better with music

If you agree with that statement, you'll like this Garmin. There's no need for a phone or data connection, since Forerunner 265 has a built-in memory for over 500 songs — enough tunes to get you through the toughest workout, race, or long walk with your canine buddy.

Stay connected

Forerunner 265's built-in smart notifications keep you in touch. Pair it once with your phone, and you can choose to receive notifications of text messages, appointments, phone calls, and other important info, like door camera notifications. When you're done with your group run, grab a coffee using Garmin Pay contactless payments — no need to pack your wallet.

Live tracking

Garmin's Live Tracking feature lets your family and friends track you in real time, and Incident Detection can notify your emergency contacts if an accident occurs. When you're done with your run, Forerunner 265 automatically uploads your workout to Garmin Connect, where you can share it with your friends through social media or many popular fitness-tracking apps.


Product highlights:

    General features:
    • GPS running watch
    • multi-band satellite reception for improved accuracy
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens
    • color illuminated 1.3" AMOLED touchscreen display
    • wrist-based heart rate measurement
    • built-in music storage
    • Garmin Pay service
    • time/date, alarm, timer, chimes, and vibration watch functions
    • compatible with Garmin Connect, Strava, and other popular training apps
    • Bluetooth, ANT+. and Wi-Fi compatibility
    • text and email smart notifications
    • smartphone music control
    • live tracking and incident detection during select activities
    • downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets, and apps
    Run features:
    • GPS speed and distance, AutoLap, AutoPause, interval trainer, run power, heart rate, calorie counter, cadence, and fitness functions
    • VO2 max estimator
    • recovery advisor
    • race predictor
    • compatible with running dynamic accessories
    • personal record logging
    Activity tracking features:
    • over 20 activity profiles, including triathlon mode
    • Garmin Coach training plans
    • point to point, breadcrumb, and TracBack GPS navigation
    Health tracking features:
    • Morning Report summarizes sleep, training status, and suggests workouts
    • step counter with auto goal setter
    • Pulse Ox measurement
    • move bar
    • daily Heart Rate Variability (HRV) status tracking
    • sleep monitoring
    Other specs:
    • 8 GB memory
    • 5 ATM water rating
    • built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery allows up to 13 days operation in Smartwatch mode; up to 20 hours in GPS-only GNSS mode
    • size: 1.8"W x 1.8"H x .50"D
    • fits wrists from 5.3" to 8.1"
    • weight: 1.38 oz
    • warranty: 1 year
    • MFR # 010-02810-02

    What's in the box:

    • 46mm GPS sports watch (Black bezel / Aqua case) with aqua/black silicone band
    • 21" Data/charging cable (USB-C on one end and proprietary connector on other end)
    • Quick Start Manual
    • Important Safety and Product Information

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    More details on the Garmin Forerunner 265

    Mark G.

    Product Research


    Overview: The Garmin Forerunner® 265 is a lightweight, stylish sports watch with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver which accurately records the distance, time, speed, and location of your outdoor activities. You can also use it to simply count your steps during an activity or throughout the day. The watch has a built-in wrist heart rate monitor which helps you meet your health goals. The device keeps track of your personal records, and lets you know when you have set new ones. The Forerunner 265 provides constant feedback, including the distance traveled, elapsed time, pace, lap time, speed, and your heart rate. After your run, you can upload your results to the Garmin Connect online community.

    Dimensions: The Garmin Forerunner 265 has a 46mm (1.81") diameter case with a fiber-reinforced polymer bezel and a chemically-strengthened Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens. It comes with Garmin's standard Quick Release 22mm silicone strap. The watch band fits wrists with a circumference of 5.31" to 8.07" (135-205mm). Dozens of optional interchangeable straps in silicone and nylon are available from the manufacturer.

    Note: The Forerunner 265S version of this sportswatch is designed to fit smaller wrists (4.53" to 7.01" in circumference).

    Water Resistant: The Forerunner 265 has a 5 ATM water rating, which means it can withstand pressure equivalent to a depth of 50 meters. Not only can you run in the rain and wet weather, you can even swim or shower while wearing the device. The device also has a wide operating temperature range of -4° to 122°F.

    AMOLED Touch Screen: The Forerunner 265 features a 1.3" diameter full-color AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 416 x 416 pixels. You can use tap and swipe actions to choose options or scroll through menus. The display has a backlight timer that can be set to different durations. In addition to the touchscreen controls, there are five other buttons around the bezel to help control your watch: Light, Up, Down, Start/Stop, and Back.

    Music Storage and Playback: The Forerunner 265 has 8 GB of built-in memory for storing music as well as performance history and settings. You can download personal audio content (mp3 and m4a files) directly to the watch using Garmin Express so you can listen on Bluetooth headphones, even when your phone is not nearby. The Forerunner also allows you to download music from third-party providers, or control music stored on your phone.

    High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver: The unit features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver which will stay locked onto satellites, even near tall buildings or under tree cover. By default, the devices uses the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate overhead satellites. When you're in locations with poor sky visibility, you can use a combination of GPS and GLONASS (Russian satellite system), or GPS and Galileo (European Union satellite system) to obtain a more accurate position. Using GPS and another satellite system together will reduce battery life more quickly than using GPS alone.

    Heart Rate Monitor: On the back of the Forerunner 265 is an optical sensor that can monitor your heart rate through your skin. The sensor shines light onto your skin and measures the amount of light returned. It can detect slight changes on your skin as your heart pumps blood and determines your heart rate using a sophisticated algorithm. You can set the watch to alert you when your heart rate exceeds or drops below below a target value. It can also broadcast your heart rate data from your watch for viewing on a paired device such as a Garmin Edge bike computer.

    Note: The Forerunner 265 is also compatible with ANT+ devices, which allows you to use an optional Heart Rate Monitor strap, such as the HRM-Pro Plus, if desired.

    Heart Rate Zones: Heart Rate Zones are used by many athletes to indicate the level of activity, and to measure their cardiovascular strength. You can let the Forerunner 265 set your heart rate zones based on your user profile, or manually enter heart rate values and ranges for each zone. The heart rate zones are expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate:

    Zone % of Max Heart Rate Perceived Exertion Benefits
    1 50-60% Relaxed, easy pace, rhythmic breathing Beginning-level aerobic training, reduces stress
    2 60-70% Comfortable pace, slightly deeper breathing, conversation possible Basic cardiovascular training, good recovery pace
    3 70-80% Moderate pace, more difficult to hold conversation Improved aerobic capacity, optimal cardiovascular training
    4 80-90% Fast pace and a bit uncomfortable, breathing forceful Improved anaerobic capacity and threshold, improved speed
    5 90-100% Sprinting pace, unsustainable for long period of time, labored breathing Anaerobic and muscular endurance, increased power

    Pulse Oximeter: The Forerunner 265 uses a wrist-based pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen saturation of your blood (SpO2). Pulse oximeter readings can be taken manually or you can turn on all-day readings. On the watch, you can you view the pulse oximeter reading as a percentage and as a color-coded graph of the readings over the past 24 hours. You can view your oxygen saturation in relation to the elevation to see how your body is acclimating to high altitudes. Pulse oximeter readings can be taken while you sleep to determine which sleep positions cause abnormally low SpO2 readings or if you may have sleep apnea.

    Rechargeable Battery: The Forerunner 265 has a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. A 21" data/charging cable is provided for charging the battery and uploading your training data. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge a fully depleted battery. The battery should only be charged when the temperature is between 32°F and 113°F. The estimated battery life is as follows:

    • Smartwatch Mode (no GPS): up to 13 days
    • Activity Mode:
      • GPS-only: up to 20 hours; up to 7 hours with music playback
      • Auto Select GPS mode: up to 16 hours; up to 6.5 hours with music playback
      • All + Multi-Band GPS Mode: Up to 14 hours; up to 6 hours with music playback

    Wireless Sensors: The Forerunner 265 can be used with wireless sensors or devices using ANT+ or Bluetooth technology. Optional Garmin sensors include a chest heart rate monitor, foot pod, Varia rearview bike radar and bike lights, speed/cadence sensors, Running Dynamics pod, tempe temperature sensor, and the VIRB action camera. You can also incorporate data from or broadcast data to an eBike, extended display, and Bluetooth headphones.

    User Profile: The Garmin Forerunner 265 uses information that you enter about yourself to calculate accurate training data. You can modify the following user profile information: Maximum Heart Rate, Gender, Birth Year, Height, and Weight.

    Activities: You can use the Forerunner 265 for over 30 fitness activities, either indoors or outdoors. From basic activity features, such as step counter, calories burned, and distance traveled, to profiles for Gym & Fitness Equipment, Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Outdoor Recreation (hiking, skiing, rowing, etc.) When you start an outdoor activity, the GPS receiver turns on automatically and begins tracking your movements. If running or walking indoors, GPS is turned off to save power, and the built-in accelerometer measures your speed, distance, and cadence. Optional foot pods can improve the accuracy of the data. The Forerunner 265 can also record your data when you swim.

    Move Alert: Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be harmful to your health. You can set the Forerunner 265 to simply remind you to move. The Move Alert is a timer that is triggered after one hour of inactivity. When the alert is triggered, the move alert is reset only after a couple of minutes of continuous activity, such as a short walk.

    Health Stats Widget: The Health Stats widget gives you instant feedback on your health data. At a glance, you receive your current heart rate, stress level, and Body Battery Level. The stress level is the result of a 3-minute test performed while standing still. The Forerunner 265 measures your heart rate variability to determine your overall stress, expressed within a range of 1 (Low) to 100 (High). If your stress level is high, you'll be prompted to start a relaxation activity. The Body Battery level is like a gas gauge for your car, indicating the amount of your available reserve energy. The device analyzes your heart rate variability, stress level, sleep quality, and activity data to determine your overall Body Battery level. Your level is expressed in a range between 0 and 100, with low (0-25), medium (26-50), high (51-75), and very high (76-100) reserve energy designations. In addition, you can view your heart rate, stress level, or Body Battery level over a specific period, if desired.

    Women's Health: The Forerunner 265 offers special tracking modes that are important to women's health. The watch lets you track your menstrual cycle, physical and emotional symptoms, period and fertility predictions, and health and nutrition information. You can also use the watch to log physical symptoms, sex drive, sexual activity, ovulation days, and more. The pregnancy tracking feature displays weekly updates on your pregnancy, and provides health and nutrition information. The watch logs physical and emotional symptoms, blood glucose readings, and baby movement. The details of the Women's Health features can be set up in the Health Stats setting in the Garmin Connect app.

    Auto Lap: Auto Lap automatically marks a lap after every mile. This feature is helpful for comparing your performance over different parts of an activity. Each time you complete a lap, the device will beep or vibrate, and the lap time is displayed.

    Auto Pause: You can set the Forerunner 265 to pause the timer automatically when you stop moving, or when your pace drops below a specified value. This feature is helpful if you have to stop for traffic or to tie your shoe during your run.

    Sleep Tracking: If you wear the Forerunner 265 while you are sleeping, the device automatically measures your sleep time and your movements. Sleep statistics include: total hours of sleep, sleep levels, and sleep movement. Your sleep statistics can be uploaded and viewed on your Garmin Connect account.

    Morning Report: The watch displays a morning report around your normal wake time. The report includes the weather, your sleep stats, overnight heart rate variability, and more. In the menu, you can customize the order and type of data that appears in the morning report.

    Garmin Connect: After you complete and save an activity to the Forerunner 265, you can upload the data to Garmin Connect, the online tool for tracking, analyzing, and sharing your health and fitness activities. You can view the results of each activity, along with detailed analysis of your progress. Garmin Connect compiles your weekly, monthly, and yearly averages of your activities and health stats, and earn badges for meeting your goals or other accomplishments. You can also connect with your friends and share your results, or even compete with them in like activities. Garmin Connect is compatible with iOS (requires version 15.0 or later) and Android devices (requires version 7.0 and up). Versions are also available for Windows (Windows 7 SP1 or newer) and Mac (OS X 10.11 or later).

    Garmin Coach: Part of your Garmin Connect account includes access to the Garmin Coach where you can download custom training plans to your device. Whether you're training for better overall health or a half-marathon, you'll receive a dynamic training plan designed by a professional coach. Each day's activity is displayed on your device, and prompts you to schedule and start it.

    Garmin Pay: Garmin Pay™ is a contactless payment solution that you can use with your Forerunner 265 without having to have your phone or wallet. Garmin Pay works almost anywhere you can make contactless payments, including select major transit systems. To make a payment using Garmin Pay, simply tap your Forerunner 265 on the store's contactless payment terminal. It's private and secure--your credit/debit card number is not stored on your device, or passed to merchants when you pay. Garmin Pay works with many credit and debit cards from major banks, and more are added all the time.

    Bluetooth Connected Features: The Forerunner 265 has Bluetooth Smart technology and many connected features for your compatible smartphone or mobile device. The Forerunner 265 is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Some features you can enjoy include: activity uploads, audio prompts, Find My Phone, Find My Watch, smartphone music controls, phone and email notifications, safety and tracking features, social media interactions, software updates, weather updates, and workout downloads.

    Watch Functions: When you're not working out, the Forerunner 265 can be used as a basic watch, displaying the time and date, along with an alarm. The time and date are automatically set by the GPS receiver (or manually, if desired), and can be displayed in 12-hour or 24-hour format. You can change the appearance of the watch face by selecting different colors and layouts. Custom watch faces are also available from the online Connect IQ store.

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