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Garmin Panoptix LiveScope™ System

Live scanning sonar for Garmin GPSMAP and ECHOMAP chartplotters

Item # 150PANLIVE

With Garmin's Panoptix LiveScope system, you'll see fishing in a whole new way.

With Garmin's Panoptix LiveScope system, you'll see fishing in a whole new way.

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Item # 150PANLIVE

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About the Garmin Panoptix LiveScope™ System

Jon Paul

You are here. The fish are there.

With Garmin's Panoptix LiveScope system, you'll see fishing in a whole new way. To be more specific, you'll see fish and structures with the kind of clarity you've only imagined until now. This remarkable transducer gives you two modes of Panoptix LiveScope imaging, so you can look at your compatible Garmin GPSMAP or ECHOMAP chartplotter and see exactly what's happening down below in real time. You'll even be able to see fish reacting to your lure. Just don't take it personally – hey, they're fish.

You are here. The fish are there.

With Garmin's Panoptix LiveScope system, you'll see fishing in a whole new way. To be more specific, you'll see fish and structures with the kind of clarity you've only imagined until now. This remarkable transducer gives you two modes of Panoptix LiveScope imaging, so you can look at your compatible Garmin GPSMAP or ECHOMAP chartplotter and see exactly what's happening down below in real time. You'll even be able to see fish reacting to your lure. Just don't take it personally – hey, they're fish.

Fish in real time

Panoptix LiveScope is live, real-time scanning sonar. You can actually see easy-to-interpret images of fish swimming near clearly defined structures. And your boat doesn't even need to be moving. It works just fine when you're anchored or floating, with images so clear and precise that you may be able to see different species of fish!

Two kinds of sonar

This transducer features both LiveScope Forward sonar, which shows the structure and fish ahead and around your boat, and LiveScope Down sonar, which shows you what's below and around your boat. Just point your trolling motor in the direction you want, and see what's out there. Built-in AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) stabilization keeps the view steady, even when you're fishing in rough conditions.

Everything you need for easy installation

The Panoptix LiveScope system includes a compact Garmin GLS 10 sonar black box with the LVS32 transducer, plus a Garmin Marine Network connector that makes it easy to integrate everything with your compatible Garmin chartplotter. Use the included hardware to mount it directly to the transom, or mount it to the shaft or motor barrel of your trolling motor for easy adjustment to suit your fishing style.


Product highlights:

  • Panoptix LiveScope dual-mode transducer
    • works with Garmin GPSMAP or ECHOMAP chartplotters
    • equipped with both LiveScope Forward and LiveScope Down sonar
  • built-in Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) stabilization
  • 200-foot max range below and around your boat
  • mounts to the transom, or to the shaft or motor barrel of your trolling motor
  • dimensions: 9.6" x 5.9" x 2.6" (black box); 5.4" x 3.8" x 1.8" (transducer)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # 010-01864-00

What's in the box:

  • LiveScope GLS 10 sonar black box
  • Panoptix LVS32 transducer with attached 20' cable (21-pin plug)
  • 6.5' Marine network cable (4-pin connectors on each end)
  • 20" Network adapter cable (4-pin connector on one end and RJ-45 Ethernet plug on other end)
  • 4 Phillips head screws
  • Transducer mount bracket
  • Five M4 x 7mm Phillips head screws
  • 5 Star lock washers
  • Transom mount bracket
  • Three 20mm screws
  • Two M8 x 15mm hex-head bolts
  • 2 M8 Nylock nuts
  • 4 Flat washers
  • Trolling Motor Barrel mount bracket
  • Hose clamp
  • Shoulder screw
  • Rubber washer
  • Flat washer
  • 5mm Hex wrench
  • Trolling Motor Shaft mounting bracket (2-pieces)
  • Rubber pad
  • Four M6 x 25mm socket-head bolts
  • Torque sheet
  • 7.75' Marine power cable (with in-line 7.5A fuse) (2-pin female plug on one end and bare wire on other end)
  • Threaded collar
  • Red O-ring
  • Threaded collar instructions
  • Installation Instructions

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More details on the Garmin Panoptix LiveScope™ System

Stacey B.

Product Research


Overview: The Garmin Panoptix LiveScope System is an add-on sonar transducer for select GPSMAP and ECHOMAP Plus chartplotters. The system consists of the LVS32 LiveScope Sonar Transducer and the GLS 10 Sonar Module. The slim-profile transducer is designed to install on a trolling motor, on the trolling motor shaft, on on the transom to help you see live images of what is happening under the water beneath your boat, up to 200 feet away. The LiveScope system utilizes AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) to stabilize the sonar view on your chartplotter's screen, even in rough conditions. The LVS32 offers two Panoptix LiveScope modes--Forward and Down. It comes with 20 feet of cable, and mounting brackets for motor, shaft, or transom installation. The Sonar Module provides power to the transducer, and sonar signals to your chartplotter.

Compatibility: The Panoptix LiveScope System is compatible with the following Garmin chartplotters:

  • EchoMAP Plus: 72cv, 72sv, 73cv, 73sv, 74cv, 74sv, 75cv, 75sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv
  • GPSMAP: 1022, 1022xsv, 1042xsv, 1222, 1222 Touch, 1222xsv, 1222xsv Touch, 1242 Touch, 1242xsv, 1242xsv Touch, 722, 722xs, 7407, 7407xsv, 7408, 7408xsv, 7410, 7410xsv, 7412, 7412xsv, 7416, 7416xsv, 742, 742xs, 7607, 7607xsv, 7608, 7608xsv, 7610, 7610xsv, 7612, 7612xsv, 7616, 7616xsv, 8410, 8410xsv, 8412, 8412xsv, 8416, 8416xsv, 8417 MFD, 8422 MFD, 8424 MFD, 8610, 8610xsv, 8612, 8612xsv, 8616, 8616xsv, 8617 MFD, 8622 MFD, 8624 MFD, 922, 922xs, 942, 942xs
  • Other: Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System

Panoptix LiveScope Sonar: Panoptix LiveScope sonar gives you a real-time, realistic view of what's in the water around or under your boat. Panoptix LiveScope sonar is effective whether your boat is moving or stationary. Other types of sonar require your boat to be moving, and show images of fish you have already passed over. Panoptix LiveScope sonar has a narrow 20° beam angle for crisp, improved resolution and clear images, out to 200 feet. The LVS32 offers the choice of two LiveScope options:

  • LiveScope Forward: LiveScope Forward lets you see structure and fish ahead and around your boat. You can also see your lure, and how fish react to your lure. When the transducer is mounted for LiveScope Forward mode, it should be angled forward and slightly downward.
  • LiveScope Down: LiveScope Down shows moving sonar images below your boat, and allows you to pinpoint your targets' distance left or right and their depths. It is recommended for vertical fishing and jigging. For LiveScope Down mode, the transducer is mounted facing straight down.

Mounting Options: The Panoptix LiveScope system comes with the hardware for mounting the transducer in a variety of ways. It can be mounted to either the starboard or port side, with a forward or downward view. The available mounting methods are as follows:

  • Trolling Motor Mount: The Trolling Motor mount provides the maximum unobstructed view of the sonar beam. The mount includes a hose clamp and bracket for installing the transducer directly to the side of trolling motor. This is the preferred mounting method for the LiveScope Down mode, or if you plan to switch between the forward and down modes.
  • Trolling Motor Shaft Mount: Mounting the transducer to the trolling motor shaft is the preferred method for the LiveScope Forward mode. It provides maximum separation between the motor and the transducer, which optimizes the performance of the magnetic compass function. The trolling motor shaft bracket features an 8° cant to reduce the effects of the trolling motor barrel interference with the transducer beam.
  • Transom Mount: Brackets are included for mounting the transducer to the transom. Care should be taken when mounting the brackets on fiberglass with screws to avoid cracking the gel-coat layer when tightening the screws.

LiveScope GLS 10 Module: The LiveScope GLS 10 sonar "black box" can be mounted horizontally or vertically to any flat surface. Four "keyhole" slots are provided to secure the module to the mounting surface. It features four connections across the front panel: ground, power (2-pin threaded connection / connects to battery and ground), Network (threaded 9-pin connection / connects to chartplotter), and Transducer (threaded 21-pin connection / connects to transducer). The GLS 10 has a status LED to inform you of its current conditions. The LED flashes green to indicate proper connection and operation, and orange during software updates. Red flashes indicate some type of failure, either by an incorrect connection, excessive input voltage, or other sonar failure.

Software Update: Before installing the Panoptix LiveScope system to your chartplotter, you may need to update your device's software. New chartplotter software is available on the Garmin website. If the chartplotter has Wi-Fi technology, you can update the software using the ActiveCaptain app (available for Android or Apple iOS devices). If it doesn't have Wi-Fi, you can download the new software to a memory card, or request a preloaded software memory card from Garmin support. Follow the instructions for updating the software for your device.

Compass Calibration: If you wish to use the magnetic compass feature, you must mount the transducer on the trolling motor shaft, and not on the motor itself to avoid magnetic interference. Once you have installed the transducer, you will need calibrate the compass. Failure to do so may cause errors in your boat's position and heading, and may prevent some map features to be unavailable. You should follow the procedure for calibrating the sonar on your chartplotter.

Maintenance: From time to time, you may need to clean the transducer if aquatic growth affects the device's performance. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. For severe growth, you can use a scouring pad or putty knife to remove it.


  • GLS 10 Sonar Module:
    • Dimensions: Width 9.625", Height 2.515", Depth 5.853"
    • Weight: 4 pounds 7.8 ounces
    • Temperature Range: Operating: 5°F to 158°F; Storage: -40°F to 185°F
    • Power Input: 10 to 32 Volts DC
    • Power Usage: 21W typical, 24mW minimum, 58W maximum
    • Compass-safe Distance: 7"
    • Data Output: Garmin Marine Network
  • LVS32 Transducer:
    • Dimensions: Width 1.759", Height 3.794", Depth 5.374", Cable Length 20 feet
    • Weight: 2 pounds 5.8 ounces w/cable
    • Frequencies: From 530 to 1.1 MHz
    • Temperature Range: Operating: 32°F to 104°F; Storage: -40°F to 185°F
    • Maximum Depth/Distance: 200 feet
    • Field of View:
      • Front-to-Back: 135°
      • Side-to-Side: 20°

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Customer Q&A

6 questions already asked

I have an lvs 34 and when in use the screen rocks back and forth on both graphs connected and is stuck in what I think is down position..I was told there is a setting I've used that is causing this?
garnett  Mar 01, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Garnett. Sorry you are having technical issues. I'm not sure what the issues would be, but it sounds like you need support. If you purchased your Live Scope from Crutchfield, you will, have a direct to our tech support services on your shipping confirmation email. If you purchased this elsewhere, you also contact Garmin at 800-800-1020.
thomas  Mar 01, 2023 (Staff)
What units only have maps , live scope and panpotics?
leon  Dec 22, 2021
1 answer
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
thomas  Dec 29, 2021 (Staff)
How can you know if garmin93sv is the right one for the livescpoe? Any why to tell by model number of the Garson itself
paul  Apr 27, 2021
1 answer
If you goto Garmin website, and look at the livescope it has a list of compatible units.
patricia  Apr 27, 2021
is the live scope compatible with garmin 93 sv unit ?
robbie  Nov 29, 2019
1 answer
As long as it is the echomap PLUS version.
william  Nov 29, 2019
Is Livescope compatible with 1040xs?
tom  Jan 07, 2019
1 answer
Sorry, no. Garmin does not list the "1040xs" as a compatible model on their website:
ryan  Jan 16, 2019 (Staff)
How deep does it work in saltwater? I have a Garmin 1242xsv chartplotter.
rich  Dec 09, 2018
1 answer
I've looked everywhere to see if I could find anything specific to saltwater depth. Sadly, all I could find is the 200' maximum distance without any other details. I recommend contacting Garmin to see if they have any additional information on that. Their support number is 800-800-1020 My Bio:
jason  Dec 20, 2018 (Staff)

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