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IsoTek V5 Aquarius

Power line conditioner and surge protector, with Premier power cable (Black)

Item # 191V5AQRSB

IsoTek's V5 Aquarius is a great way to protect your audio components from power surges and improve their sound.

IsoTek's V5 Aquarius is a great way to protect your audio components from power surges and improve their sound.

Item # 191V5AQRSB

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About the IsoTek V5 Aquarius

Archer A.

Extreme protection for your audio investments

To say IsoTek are industry leaders in power protection is an understatement. Their original Aquarius boasted excellent protection at a surprisingly affordable price. IsoTek designed their new V5 Aquarius to do two things: protect your equipment and help your gear sound its best. It achieves both of those using a carefully designed power delivery system consisting of high-grade internal components. Plus, its contemporary machined aluminum chassis is a feast for the eyes.

Extreme protection for your audio investments

To say IsoTek are industry leaders in power protection is an understatement. Their original Aquarius boasted excellent protection at a surprisingly affordable price. IsoTek designed their new V5 Aquarius to do two things: protect your equipment and help your gear sound its best. It achieves both of those using a carefully designed power delivery system consisting of high-grade internal components. Plus, its contemporary machined aluminum chassis is a feast for the eyes.

Improved internal circuitry and wiring

This mean machine offers significant improvements over its already excellent predecessor, the EVO3 Aquarius. Its circuits have been freshly redesigned to handle more amperage, decrease resistance, and have better overall tolerances. What does that mean in real-world applications? You get more detail, better bass control, improved soundstaging, and more lifelike dynamics.

Remarkable, repeatable surge protection

There's a network of several VDRs (Voltage Dependent Resistors) built into the main protection circuit that apply surge protection equal to the magnitude of the incoming spike or surge. The VDRs activate sequentially, meaning once one VDR's maximum voltage is met, the next one is activated to soak up the excess. This process continues until the spike is contained.

Even if a massive power surge comes through, your gear will be protected. The V5 Aquarius is rated for up to 81,000A of instantaneous protection and 40,000A of continuous protection. The best part? That protection is repeatable, and the protection circuit doesn't have to be reset each time a spike comes through.  

Say goodbye to noise

IsoTek went above and beyond to keep power noise out of your equipment. Each of its six rear-panel AC power outlets are independent and isolated, and each one features its own respective power cleaning network. The two high-current outlets were designed for helping power amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and the like sound their best. The remaining four medium-current outlets are perfect for providing clean power to your source components, like a CD player, or any other audio gear you might be using. 

Adaptive outlets help your sources sound their best

Your gear will sound its best when it's getting the exact amount of power it was designed for. Those four medium-current outlets for source components use IsoTek's proprietary Adaptive Gating Technology (AGT). It's an auto-sensing filter that "sees" how much power the connected component is drawing and automatically adjusts the power output of the outlet to specifically match whatever is connected.  

The V5 Aquarius also combats the two most common forms of sound-muddying noise: "differential mode" noise, which is caused by the power supplies found inside electronics, and "common mode" noise, caused by radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference. A lower noise floor allows your music to emerge from a silent background with improved dynamics, clarity, and presence.

IsoTek also includes their impressive EVO3 Premier power cable with the V5 Aquarius for even more noise reduction.


Product highlights:

  • component-style surge protector with advanced power line conditioning
  • 6 independent protected AC outlets, each with its own dedicated power cleaning network
    • 2 high-current outlets for connecting power amplifiers, receivers, or powered subwoofers (16A each)
    • 4 medium-current outlets for connecting source devices and components (6A each)
  • KERP (Kirchoff's Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets
  • Adaptive Gating Technology auto-sensing filter adapts power output to the current draw of connected components
  • internal wiring uses solid core Ohno Continuous Cast copper silver-plated wire
  • removes common mode (RFI and EMI) and differential mode AC power line noise
    • RFI noise reduction: 60dB
  • non-sacrificial surge protection withstands multiple AC surges and spikes and requires no manual reset
  • IsoTek's unique sequential protection system provides 81,000 Amperes of instantaneous protection
  • 40,000 Amperes of continuous protection
  • easy-reset thermomagnetic fusing system increases fuse contact area and strength
  • durable machined aluminum chassis
  • includes 1.5-meter IsoTek EVO3 Premier power cable
  • "SYSTEM LINK" outlet for connecting multiple IsoTek power protection components and maintaining a shared earth connection between them
  • 17-3/4"W x 4-3/8"H x 13-3/4"D
  • weight: 20.94 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years

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More details on the IsoTek V5 Aquarius

Mark G.

Features & specs

Type Component
Total AC Outlets 6
Total Current Capacity 16A
High-Current Outlets 2
USB Connections None
Coaxial RF Jacks No
Line Conditioning Yes
Joule Rating Not given
Powerline Network Compatible No
Connected Equipment Guarantee N/A
Width (inches) 17-3/4
Height (inches) 4-3/8
Depth (inches) 13-13/16
Weight (pounds) 20.94
Parts Warranty 2 Yrs (3 Yrs registered)
Labor Warranty 2 Yrs (3 Yrs registered)

Product Research


Overview: The IsoTek V5 Aquarius is a 6-outlet (3-prong US) component-style power conditioner designed to provide the cleanest AC power possible for better performance of your audio and video components. V5 Aquarius features a multiple filter system to isolate each outlet from the others, eliminating Differential Mode cross-contamination. In addition, V5 Aquarius eliminates Common mode interference and reduces Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) by up to 60dB. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, receivers, and subwoofers, reserving four medium-current outlets for other components. Aquarius provides significant protection from power surges and voltage spikes with its resettable thermomagnetic fusing system. The new System Link outlet lets you expand your system without taking up additional wall outlets. Its dimensions are 17.71"W x 4.33"H x 13.78"D, and it weighs just under 21 pounds. V5 Aquarius comes with a 1.5-meter IsoTek EVO3 Premier power cable in the box. The V5 Aquarius has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, which is extended to 3 years when the product is registered with IsoTek.

Design: The V5 Aquarius power conditioner is housed in a sleek extruded aluminum and steel chassis for long lasting performance. It has six rear-mounted US 3-prong outlets, and an IEC C-20 power input for the included Premier power cable. Internally, the V5 Aquarius is wired with ultra-pure Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper solid core conductor strands with silver plating for maximum conductivity, with FEP and virtual air dielectric technology to reject noise. Compared to its predecessor (EVO3 Aquarius), the V5 Aquarius has 35% more copper on the PC board for better amperage and less resistance.

Noise Filtering: V5 Aquarius is designed specifically for connecting home audio and video equipment. The mains power that comes from our wall outlets is very dirty, with interference from nearby appliances, power supplies, and wireless networks throughout the house. The V5 Aquarius is, in effect, six power conditioners in one chassis, with each outlet having a dedicated noise filter. Because the outlets are isolated, Differential mode noise created by connected electronic components cannot contaminate the other output sockets. Aquarius reduces Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) by a whopping 60dB. RFI and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) are detrimental to audio and video performance. Filtering out noise can enhance the sound of your audio components and improve the picture on your TV or projector.

Thermo-magnetic Circuit Breakers: The V5 Aquarius is protected by two thermo-magnetic circuit breakers, a substantial upgrade over ordinary fuses. Standard fuses are made with very thin wires that melt when overheated by excessive voltage. Thermo-magnetic circuit breakers offer significantly more contact area (at least 1000 times more) for a consistently strong connection, and are easily resettable, making it easy to get your A/V system going again. There are two circuit breakers on the V5 Aquarius, both located on the bottom of the chassis: one rated at 16A for the two high current power output sockets, and a 6A breaker for the four remaining medium current outlets. In the case of a power surge, the thermo-magnetic circuit breaker will trip, disconnecting the outlets from the power circuit, and protecting the connected components from the surge.

High and Medium Current Outlets: The V5 Aquarius is equipped with two high-current outlets for your power amplifiers, high-current A/V receivers, and powered subwoofers, to produce the powerful musical transients you expect. The other four output sockets can be used by CD players, preamps, music servers, D/A converters, and other medium-current components. With IsoTek's auto-sensing Adaptive Gating technology, these four outlets adapt to the current draw of the load to tailor the filtering process to suit each individual piece of equipment attached. Together, the six outlets have a maximum total load rating of 16 amps and 1840 watts. The inlet plug is a beefy IEC C-20 connector. On the front panel are two tiny LEDs that glow to indicate that power is present on the four medium-current outlets (left) and the two high-current outlets (right).

System Link: The V5 Aquarius includes a special System Link outlet that lets you connect an additional power conditioner to protect more of your audio/video components without the need for another wall AC outlet. To connect another power conditioner to the V5 Aquarius, you'll need a System Link cable (sold separately by IsoTek) from the Sequel, Elite, or Optimum series. The cable comes with the System Link plug on one end, and either a C-15 or C-19 plug, depending upon the inlet socket on the secondary power conditioner. The System Link cable not only extends the outlets, but maintains the proper starred earth reference (grounding) for all connected components.

K.E.R.P: IsoTek's exclusive Kirchoff's Equal Resistance Path (K.E.R.P) helps ensure that all six outlets receive equal resistance and equal power delivery. Each outlet gets power at the same time as the others to provide a more coherent sound.

Protection: V5 Aquarius not only reduces noise, it also protects your valuable component from dangerous power surges and voltage spikes. The power conditioner offers a massive 81,000 amps of instantaneous and 40,000 amps of continuous protection, with IsoTek's unique sequential protection system.

EVO3 Premier Power Cable: The V5 Aquarius power conditioner comes with the IsoTec EVO3 Premier power cable. Premier power cables use three parallel conductors (2.0 sqcm each) that are precisely wound inside the jacket with a slight rotational twist to reject RFI and EMI noise. The conductors are made of silver-plated 99.9999% OFC (oxygen-free copper) for exceptional conductivity. The EVO3 Premier power cable is terminated with high-grade molded connectors with solid OFC (90% copper/10% zinc) and 24ct gold-plated conductors.


  • Number of Outlets: 6 (US-standard 3-prong)
  • Mains Inlet: 16-Amp IEC C-20
  • Mains Voltage: 115 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Maximum Current: 16 Amps continuous
    • High Current (2 outlets): 16 Amps
    • Medium Current (4 outlets): 6 Amps
  • Protection:
    • Continuous: 40,000 Amps
    • Instantaneous: 81,000 Amps

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