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Rotel RMB-1585 5-channel power amplifier (Silver)

Item # 440MB1585S

Rotel's flagship home theater amp provides 200 watts per channel for authoritative, nuanced control of your speakers.

Rotel's flagship home theater amp provides 200 watts per channel for authoritative, nuanced control of your speakers.

2 questions - 2 answers

Item # 440MB1585S

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About the Rotel RMB-1585

Eric A.

Authoritative, nuanced power for home theater

The RMB-1585 is Rotel's flagship home theater amplifier — it provides a solid 200 watts to each of five speakers, like your front left/right/center channels plus two surrounds. Weighing in at nearly 80 lbs., this massive amp has two custom-designed toroidal transformers inside, regulated by high-quality, British-made capacitors. And it's not just about raw power for volume — it also offers precise control over the stop/start motion of the drivers, for a dynamic, accurate listening experience.

Authoritative, nuanced power for home theater

The RMB-1585 is Rotel's flagship home theater amplifier — it provides a solid 200 watts to each of five speakers, like your front left/right/center channels plus two surrounds. Weighing in at nearly 80 lbs., this massive amp has two custom-designed toroidal transformers inside, regulated by high-quality, British-made capacitors. And it's not just about raw power for volume — it also offers precise control over the stop/start motion of the drivers, for a dynamic, accurate listening experience.

Rotel engineered this amplifier to deliver nuanced sound in a multi-channel surround sound system controlled by a matching Rotel preamp/processor. There are balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs on the rear panel, plus 5-way binding posts for connecting each speaker. Rack mounting ears are included.

About Rotel

Rotel has been crafting high-performance gear for music and home theater enthusiasts since 1961. They focus on creating the best signal path possible, using premium capacitors, transistors, diode bridges, and custom toroidal power supplies to get the most from music and movie soundtracks. Crutchfield is proud to offer a diverse selection of Rotel components including preamps, amplifiers, CD players, and home theater processors.


Product highlights:

  • 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.03% THD with all channels driven
  • 4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers
  • Class AB design
    • dual custom made toroidal transformers for stable, noise-free performance
    • high-quality, British-made capacitors
  • frequency response: 10-100,000 Hz (+0.5/-3dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 116 dB
  • dual internal cooling fans
  • thermal and overcurrent protection circuitry
  • rack mounting ears included
  • detachable power cord
  • balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs for all five channels
  • 5-way binding post terminals for each speaker
  • switchable 3.5mm 12-volt trigger in/out
Dimensions and warranty:
  • 17"W x 9-3/8"H x 17-7/8"D (5U rack spaces)
  • weight: 79.3 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • MFR # ROT1030004

What's in the box:

  • 5-Channel power amplifier
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • 40" Mono-minijack cable
  • 2 Rack-mount ears
  • 6 Pan-head screws
  • 4 Counter-sunk screws
  • 2 Power button masking rings
  • Owner's manual on CD-ROM
  • Warranty Information
  • Rack Frame Assembly Instructions
  • Addendum

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More details on the Rotel RMB-1585

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Number of Channels 5
Power Output per Channel (8 ohms) 200
Power Output per Channel (6 ohms) ---
Power Output per Channel (4 ohms) ---
Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k
THD 0.03%
Minimum Impedance 4
Bridged Power per Channel 0 watts
Speaker Outputs 5
THX Certification No
Width (inches) 17-1/16
Height (inches) 9-7/16
Depth (inches) 18-15/16
Weight 79.3 pounds
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Inputs & Outputs
Number of Inputs 10
Input Type RCA, XLR
Removable Power Cord IEC 3-prong
Level Controls No
Speaker Connectors Binding Post

Product Research


Robust Class AB 5-Channel Amplifier: The Rotel RMB-1585 power amplifier features a Class AB design and delivers 200 watts x 5 channels to drive a five speaker home theater system. The Class AB amplifier configuration and disctete output transistors assure the best balance between power output and thermal efficiency. With five channels, each capable of producing 200 continuous watts each into 8 ohm loads, the RMB-1585 can power practically any speaker system regardless of speaker load or room size. The power amplifier's high quality components were carefully chosen for their significant contribution to better sound quality and then "tuned" to each other to reproduce both the dynamics of a blockbuster movie and the musical nuances of high-resolution audio files.


  • The RMB-1585's power output is rated at 200 watts per channel with all channels driven. Rotel has chosen to specify the power output in this way because, in Rotel's experience, it gives the truest value of the receiver or amplifier's power capability.
  • When comparing specifications for different amplifiers, you should be aware that power output is often specified in other ways, so you may not be comparing "apples-to-apples". For example, the power output may be quoted with only one channel or two channels driven (not all channels), giving a higher maximum figure.
  • Be aware that the MB-1585 is capable of high power levels, in excess of 200 watts respectively per channel. Make sure that your speakers can handle the power of the amplifier. If in doubt about your speakers, ask your Crutchfield advisor.

Balanced Design Concept: Balanced Design Concept is the essential Rotel design philosophy that revolves around three major areas - Parts selection, circuit topology, and critical evaluation. These aspects influence final sound quality significantly and illustrate the holistic Balanced Design Concept approach to Rotel's product development. Thanks to the Balanced Design Concept, Rotel components easily exceed the performance of many mass produced audio products that offer plenty of features but skimp on audio quality, and compare favorably to components that are many times the price. Rotel continues its pursuit of extraordinary audio performance, which elevates the home entertainment experience through their core values of sonic accuracy, reliability, and affordability.

  • Parts Selection: Rotel engineers select premium capacitors which provide better performance across both power and frequency spectrums to produce a more accurate and musical reproduction of the audio signal. High quality power supply capacitors provide a more efficient transfer of energy with fast charging and discharge time to ensure the circuits have the reserve power when needed. At each stage of development, Rotel engineers listen to circuit prototypes and revise the design when they feel they can gain a sonic advantage by using a particular component from another manufacturer or by specifying tighter tolerances. Since Rotel is an independent manufacturer, they are free to source parts from highly respected suppliers around the world to fit their requirements.
  • Circuit Topology: It’s not enough to simply use good parts. Where you put them is equally if not more important. That's why Rotel keeps their circuit paths as short as possible, so there's less chance that spurious emissions and unwanted leakages will corrupt delicate signal nuances. That's also why Rotel often uses more expensive "on-board" relay source switching, rather than routing a signal from a rear-panel input to a front-panel control. Rotel also relies heavily on something called Symmetrical Signal Trace design. This keeps each channel's signal path identical to the others to preserve the imaging and soundstage. Rotel also uses electrically superior "star" grounding techniques to improve performance because star grounding routes all ground connections to a single point to reduce potential loops that might introduce noise or produce hum. Further, Rotel's Class A/B amplifiers don’t use output inductors because they decrease control and, consequently, sound quality.
  • Critical Evaluation: Rotel's development team places a lot of importance on critical listening sessions before the final product is sent to market. Rotel electronic and acoustic engineers, both in the UK and Asia, have honed their aural acuity over the course of decades of collective experience to evaluate each stage of product development from working samples, through pre-production and, finally, to verify that final production is the same as the pre-production units. Some sessions evaluate different circuit elements: capacitors, resistors, and active devices such as transistors or operational amplifiers. Others focus on differences in circuit layouts or differences caused by power supply elements. Only after this tuning process is complete with sonic performance confirmed will the product be launched to the market. 

Massive Power Supply Using Dual Toroidal Transformers: The transformer is the fundamental building block of a solid power supply. Rotel transformers are made in house ensuring they have complete control over the quality of this critical component. The RMB-1585 employs Rotel designed and manufactured massive power supply with dual toroidal transformers. In addition to providing proper voltages and current to subsequent rectifiers, regulators, and capacitors, these transformers also serve as a critical first stage of filtration for incoming AC power. And the toroid shape itself tightly focuses stray emissions to avoid their potentially negative impact on sound quality.

High-Quality Slit-Foil Capacitors: The Rotel RMB-1585 also utilizes a Slit-Foil capacitor, which is an improved design over a conventional storage device. The SlitFoil is named after the many precise cuts made in the aluminum conductors. These cuts or "slits" minimize the electrical currents that reduce a conventional capacitor's ability to store and supply energy efficiently. The power supply of RMB-1585's output section benefits from eight British-made BHC Slit Foil caps, each with a capacity of 15,000 µF. Each channel uses six individual power transistors to ensure stable power delivery to all speakers in the system even under the most demanding conditions.

Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Inputs: The Rotel RMB-1585 is equipped with both balanced 3-pin XLR and unbalanced single-ended RCA inputs for the Front Left & Right channels, Center channel, and Surround Left & Right channels from your AV processor, preamplifier, or receiver. Balanced XLR connections guard against induced noise and allow long cable runs without compromising sound quality.

Note: Only one set of inputs should be connected; never connected both Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs at the same time.

Binding Post Speaker Terminals: The Rotel RMB-1585 power amplifier is outfitted with binding post speaker terminals to connect Front Left, Front Right, Center, Surround Left, and Surround Right loudspeakers of your home theater system. The binding post terminals will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), pin-connectors, spade-lugs, and banana plugs (single or dual). The power amp will support 4 to 8 ohm speakers.

12V Trigger In/Out: The Rotel RMB-1585 is outfitted with a 12V Trigger input (3.5mm) and output (3.5mm). These 12V triggers can be used to link other components in your system that also offer 12V triggers, so they turn on and off with one another.

Protection Circuitry: The Rotel RMB-1585 features thermal and over-current protection circuits that protect against potential damage in the event of extreme or faulty operating conditions. Unlike many other designs, these protection circuits are independent of the audio signal and have no impact on sonic performance. Instead, the protection circuits monitors the temperature of the output devices and the current they are handling and shuts down the amplifier if operating conditions exceed safe limits.

Mounting & Placement Options: The Rotel RMB-1585 power amp can be tabletop mounted and also comes with rack-mount ears. The amp takes up 3U rack spaces once the feet are removed.

  • The RMB-1585 generates heat as part of its normal operation. The heat sinks and ventilation openings in the amplifier are designed to dissipate this heat. The ventilation slots in the top cover must be open. There should be at least 4" of clearance around the chassis, and reasonable airflow through the installation location, to prevent the amplifier from overheating.
  • Make sure that the shelf or cabinet can support the weight of the amplifier. The amplifier should be installed in or on furniture designed specifically for audio components. Such furniture is designed to reduce or suppress vibration which can adversely affect sound quality. Ask your Crutchfield advisor for advice about component furniture.

Dual Cooling Fans: The Rotel RMB-1585 amplifier is equipped with dual cooling fans to provide more adequate airflow for proper terminal dissipation in order to help ventilate the internal components. The rear-panel of the RMB-1585 includes a 3-position fan speed selection switch including Fan Off, Fan Low Speed and Fan High Speed.

Detachable AC Power Cord: The Rotel RMB-1585 comes with a detachable 6' AC power cord that plugs into the back of the power amp and into an AC wall outlet or surge protector/line-conditioner (sold separately - see Accessories Tab).

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Customer Q&A

2 questions already asked

Would a Great Choice of a PreAmplifier, Rotel RC 1590 MKII Stereo Preamplifier or ROTEL RC-1590 Stereo Preamplifier ?
phillip  Aug 19, 2022
1 answer
The RC-1590 has been discontinued, and replaced by the 1590 MKII. Both are stereo pre amplifier, while this is a 5 channel, amplifier designed for powering a surround sound theater. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
thomas  Aug 19, 2022 (Staff)
phillip  Aug 14, 2022
1 answer
Based on the items you're wanting to connect, it sounds as though you need a device with source switching and volume control. The RMB-1585 is a power amplifier and does not offer the ability to switch sources or control volume. It would need to be used with a preamplifier. For additional help with this project, please give our advisors a call at 1-800-324-9695.
zachary  Aug 15, 2022 (Staff)

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