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Boyo VTLBSD1 Universal license plate frame with backup cam, active parking lines, and blind spot detection

Item # 707VTLBSD1

If you spend a lot of time on the road in a vehicle that's not equipped with driver-assistance technology, Boyo's...

If you spend a lot of time on the road in a vehicle that's not equipped with driver-assistance technology, Boyo's...

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11 questions - 13 answers

Item # 707VTLBSD1

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About the Boyo VTLBSD1

Alexander H.

Well-equipped for the trip

If you spend a lot of time on the road in a vehicle that's not equipped with driver-assistance technology, Boyo's VTLBSD1 is a great all-in-one solution that takes some of the stress out of navigating parking lots and headin' down the highway. Boyo builds a compact, all-weather camera and sensors into an ultra-slim license plate frame, so your new gear will blend well with your vehicle's factory look.

Well-equipped for the trip

If you spend a lot of time on the road in a vehicle that's not equipped with driver-assistance technology, Boyo's VTLBSD1 is a great all-in-one solution that takes some of the stress out of navigating parking lots and headin' down the highway. Boyo builds a compact, all-weather camera and sensors into an ultra-slim license plate frame, so your new gear will blend well with your vehicle's factory look.

Active parking lines and LED lights

Backing into and out of a tight space in a busy parking lot is no fun, but with active parking lines that bend as you maneuver, you'll have a better sense of where you're reversing. Plus, built-in cross-traffic detection alerts you to any passing traffic as you back up.

And to enhance your parking experience, built-in LED lights and a 175º wide-angle view provide an excellent picture even in dim parking garages and on dark nights.

Convenient blind spot detection

Boyo's blind spot detection system provides visual and audible alerts via indicators you mount on your dash or door A-pillars. When you use your turn signal, the VTLBSD1 alerts you if you're veering into another vehicle in your blind spot. That's great reassurance for those moments when your brain is on cruise control.

Installing this camera yourself? Here's what you should know.

What does it do? Unless otherwise noted, a backup camera is only intended for use backing up your vehicle. (If you require a front-view or constant rear-view camera, check for that capability.)

What tools and supplies will I need? A panel tool, a wire cutter/stripper, a soldering iron, and a rosin-core solder with heat shrink tubing are recommended, along with whatever tools are needed to remove the radio from the dash.  

How much wiring is required? Wiring instructions vary from camera to camera. Some cameras have power wiring that can only be connected near the radio. Others let you power the camera at compatible reverse lights. In all cases, the camera must be wired for power and ground, the camera's video output must be connected to the radio/monitor, and the radio/monitor must be connected to a reverse trigger in your vehicle. Some radio replacement interfaces supply a reverse trigger wire for the radio -- using that wire to power your camera will damage the interface.

Will the included video cable be long enough? You'll need to route the camera's video cable from its mounting location outside your vehicle into your vehicle's cabin and all the way to the screen in the dash. This often requires drilling a small hole in your vehicle or filing some metal and or plastic. You'll also need to estimate the length of cable needed to run from the camera to the dash, which will not be a straight shot. Each camera's cable length is listed.


Product highlights:

  • universal, ultra-slim license plate frame backup cam with driver assistance features
  • wiring harnesses included
  • visual and audible blind spot detection moving forward
  • visual and audible cross-traffic detection in reverse
  • active parking lines bend to predict vehicle's trajectory in reverse
  • built-in LEDs to improve night vision
  • selectable reverse image and parking lines
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 175° wide viewing angle
  • CMOS image sensor
  • resolution: 800 TV lines
  • minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux
  • wiring harnesses included
  • warranty: 1 year

What's in the box:

  • License plate frame with integrated camera (attached 3' camera power cable and 4' LED power cable)
  • Sensor module
  • 2 LED flashers (attached 19" cable)
  • 20' Wiring harness
  • 12" Power/Video adapter cable
  • 23' Sensor module extension cable
  • Two 23' LED extension cables
  • 24' Video extension cable
  • Female-to-female RCA coupler
  • 2 Extension brackets
  • 2 Snap-plugs
  • 4 Screws
  • 2 Bolts
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Flat washers
  • 2 Lock washers
  • Hex-key
  • Hook-and-loop pad
  • Instruction Manual
  • Product Registration Card
  • Warranty Card

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More details on the Boyo VTLBSD1

Russ B.

Features & specs

Features and Specs
Camera Type Rear or Front
Resolution 565,952
Parking Guidelines Active
Lux Rating 0.1 Lux (min)
Selectable Views N
Reversed Image Both
Horizontal Viewing Angle ---
Vertical Viewing Angle ---
Wireless No
Plug type Composite video

Product Research


Backup Camera: Designed primarily as a backup camera, the Boyo VTLBSD1's default display is a Reverse or Mirror image. If a Normal image is desired, a white looped wire on the camera's cable can be cut for a Normal display.

  • 1/3" CMOS image sensor: The camera utilizes a 1/3" CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 976 x 592 total pixels.
  • Auto White Balance: The camera's dynamic iris automatically corrects white balance for the best viewing image in bright or low light.
  • 175-degree viewing angle: The VTLBSD1 provides a 175-degree (diagonal) viewing angle with Lens Distortion Correction (LDC).
Note: The Boyo VTLBSD1 is meant as a driving aid only; never solely rely on the camera. In addition to using the camera, always look around you to make sure everything is clear.

Built-In LEDs: The Boyo VTLBSD1 features two built-in super bright LED lights to help see better at night. The camera has a minimum illumination range of 0.1 Lux. A green wire that is attached to the license plate frame must be connected to a switched power source, such as the vehicle's reverse wire or to the fuse box using an optional toggle switch (not included).

Dynamic Park Assist Lines: The Boyo VTLBSD1 will display park assist lines on your connected monitor to aid you in backing up into a parking spot. A built-in gyro-sensor allows the park assist lines to dynamically curve as you steer and angle your vehicle.

Note: The camera comes default with the parking guide lines On. However, you can cut the blue looped wire on the camera's cable can to remove the parking guide lines.

Blind Spot Detection: The Boyo VTLSBD1 also offers blind spot detection through the included sensor module, two LED flashers, and two sensors built into the license plate frame. The sensor module mounts inside the vehicle, while the two LED flashers mount on the driver side and passenger side front pillars. The two sensors built-in the license plate frame will be on the outside of the vehicle.

  • Lane Change Assistance: The two mounted LED flashers will light up when there is an object approaching from the blind area on the left or right side of your vehicle at a speed over 20 mph. If you trigger your turn signal, when the unit senses something in your blind spot, the LED flashers will blink and a buzzer will sound from the installed sensor module inside the vehicle.
    • Note: Due to detection distance range, a vehicle traveling faster than your vehicle in the blind spot detection area (two lanes away) may give false warnings as a vehicle approaching toward your vehicle.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: When your vehicle is backing out of a parking space, you will be alerted with warning lights from the mounted LED flasher and buzzer sound from the sensor module when cross traffic is approaching at a very slow speed or when a pedestrian is approaching.
    • Note: This unit detects objects which travel above a certain speed. When an object, a person, or a vehicle is moving across at below the threshold it may not trigger the alarm in reverse mode. An object must approach the vehicle at 0.35 mph or above to be detected.


  • Speed Range: 0.35-175 mph
  • GPS Speed Detection: above 25 mph
  • Speed Accuracy: <0.5 mph
  • Detection Range: 90 degrees (horizontal)
  • Detection Distance: 1-60' (vehicle), 1-33' (motorcycle), and 1-23' (pedestrian)

Composite Video: The Boyo VTLBSD1 uses a standard composite video cable and connector for compatibility with practically any in-dash monitor with a composite video input. The included composite video extension cable is 24' in length, providing up to 29' of total length when combined with the other included adapters and cables.

Power & Ground: The camera's power (red) & ground (black) wires, as well as the LEDs' green wire will need to be hardwired. Power can be obtained from your vehicle's reverse light circuit or from the +12V accessory wire of your aftermarket stereo (if applicable). The ground will need to be connected to your vehicle's metal chassis.

Weatherproof License Plate Frame: The Boyo VTLBSD1's integrated license plate frame is designed to mount around a standard license plate using the included hardware. The camera angle can be manually adjusted up or down to match practically any license plate height. The zinc alloy license plate frame and camera housing are weatherproof and carry an IP68 rating for long-lasting outdoor use.

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Customer Q&A

11 questions already asked

Are there install or user manuals for this product?
c  Jun 01, 2023
1 answer
A link to the user manual for this product is available under the "What's in the box" section of the product webpage.
zachary  Jun 01, 2023 (Staff)
Is this plug and play on Mercedes benz SLK ?
david  Mar 03, 2023
1 answer
This backup camera is not designed to be a plug-and-play install into a vehicle. The camera's power (red) & ground (black) wires, as well as the LEDs' green wire will need to be hardwired.
jason  Mar 08, 2023 (Staff)
Will this work on a 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE?
henry  Dec 18, 2022
1 answer
This could be used with a 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE with an aftermarket radio/display for viewing the camera. It will not connect to the factory radio.
zachary  Dec 18, 2022 (Staff)
Is there a way to send the video from the Boyo VTLBSD1 via Bluetooth to my phone?
michael  Oct 25, 2022
1 answer
Unfortunately it is only a wired connection to a monitor that you can see the video feed on that Boyo camera.
arielle  Oct 25, 2022 (Staff)
My license plate is inset about 2 inches on my vehicle. Will the blind spot sensors still work, or will they be blocked by the inset section of the trunk lid? This is a 1992 Mustang Convertible, you should be able to tell what I'm saying if you look at a photo.
paul  Sep 25, 2022
1 answer
The blind spot detection will still work, Paul. The inset on the lower bumper on the Fox body Mustangs will prohibit the detection for some items extremely close to the bumper, but the sensors have a listed potential 80 foot range according to Boyo. This range will allow the blind spot detection features to still work even with that slight inset on the plate mount, should be good to go here!
bo  Sep 25, 2022 (Staff)
Will this work with 2010 Toyota tundra?
deborah  Jun 11, 2022
1 answer
This can be used with almost any vehicle, but keep in mind that the backup camera portion of this system is designed to work with aftermarket car stereos.
zachary  Jun 12, 2022 (Staff)
Will it work on a small truck?
hamslice  Jan 24, 2022
2 answers
There is a ton of extra wire that should accommodate the length of a small truck. I had to coil and zip tie several of the cables with my install due to excess wire.
robert  Jan 24, 2022
Yes it will
brian  Jan 24, 2022
Is this compatible with most of the multimedia head units offered by Crutchfield?
gary  Nov 30, 2021
2 answers
Yes, I think it should be. I installed this unit on a 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited and connected it to a brand new Kenwood head unit. It worked perfectly with the Kenwood unit. I think as long as the head unit has a rear camera or backup camera input, then this unit's camera connector should feed the head unit's backup camera input. If I recall, the camera feed was the only connection I made form this Boyo unit to the Kenwood head unit, since I got the rear camera activation signal from the backup light on the rear of the vehicle. The blind spot monitor is also a great safety addition for a vehicle that doesn't have a factory option.
john  Dec 02, 2021
I???d recommend calling their customer support to make sure everything you buy is compatible. Quite possibly the best support on the planet.
derek  Nov 30, 2021
Will the BOYO VTLBSD1 license plate camera work with the Boyo VTW73M as the rear view monitor for the blind spot detection ?
zachery  Oct 27, 2021
1 answer
These items will work together! The blind spot detection will still alert you using the LED flashers while the backup camera video feed can be shown through the mirror
jason  Oct 29, 2021 (Staff)
what display is best?
bruce  Jun 01, 2021
1 answer
I think this Boyo unit should work with most any head unit display that has a rear camera or backup camera input.
john  Dec 02, 2021
Will this work on a 2017 Jeep Wrangler left side plate mount? Also will this integrate into the alpine system.
bill  Apr 09, 2021
1 answer
While we have not tested this camera install in that location, it appears that the light above may not give enough room between it and the license plate to install this backup camera. I recommend contacting an advisor by calling 1-800-324-9695 to get help selecting a system that is expected to work
jason  Apr 27, 2021 (Staff)

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