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Klipsch ME-800-C

Metal pre-construction enclosure for Klipsch Reference Series in-ceiling speakers with 8" woofers

Item # 714ME800C

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12 questions - 26 answers

Item # 714ME800C

In stock
$79.99 each

About the Klipsch ME-800-C

Dave Bar

Enjoy better sound from your Klipsch 8" Reference Series in-ceiling speakers while protecting them at the same time with Klipsch's ME-800-C speaker enclosure. This sturdy pre-construction enclosure is designed to be mounted before drywall is hung. It's constructed from high-grade cold-rolled steel and filled with a layer of insulation, and it installs behind each speaker location to prevent sound from bleeding through. Plus, its optimized enclosure volume provides consistent acoustic performance for clear, crisp sound regardless of construction variations.

Product highlights:

  • metal back-box enclosure for in-ceiling speakers with 8-inch woofers
  • designed for pre-construction installation — not for retrofitting
  • manufactured from high-grade cold-rolled steel and features a layer of insulation
  • reduces sound leaking into adjoining rooms
  • optimized enclosure volume provides consistent acoustic performance regardless of construction variations
  • exceeds one-hour fire-rating requirements and meets UL2043 requirements for installation in plenum spaces
  • tested to meet UL 263, ASTM E119-98, NFPA 251, UBC 7-1, and ULC CAN/ULC-S101 - M89 standards
  • fits 16" stud spans
  • includes hardware needed for any installation application and provisions for standard conduit connections
  • pre-drilled holes simplify installation and ensure that all safety requirements are met
  • speaker cut-out diameter: 9.8"
  • overall dimensions: 18"W x 17-3/4"H x 5"D
  • warranty: 60 days
  • MFR # 1001184

What's in the box:

  • Metal in-wall speaker enclosure
  • Insulation (installed inside of enclosure)
  • Installation Wire-clamp
  • Instructions

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More details on the Klipsch ME-800-C

Russ B.

Product Research


In-Ceiling Metal Speaker Enclosure: The ME-800-C in-ceiling metal speaker enclosure allows you and residential contractors to meet building codes as well as diminish the undesirable transfer of sound from one room to the other. Its optimized enclosure volume provides consistent acoustic performance regardless of construction variations. While the insulation exceeds fire requirements, it also reduces the sound transmission into adjacent spaces by at least 10dB.

Compatibility: The ME-800-C metal enclosure is designed to fit all Reference Series in-ceiling speakers with 8" woofers. The inside edge of the ME-800-C's mounting ring is color coded to match up with the corresponding Klipsch installation kit size code.

Quality Construction: The ME-800-C is manufactured from high-grade cold-rolled steel and features a layer of insulation. It exceeds the one-hour fire-rating requirements and is designed to meet UL2043 requirements for installation in plenum spaces. This metal device has also been tested to meet UL 263, ASTM E119-98, NFPA 251, UBC 7-1 and ULC CAN/ULC-S101 - M89 standards.

Installation: The ME-800-C fits 16" stud spans and offers provisions for standard conduit connections. Pre-drilled holes simplify the installation process and ensure that all safety requirements are met. Mounting screws not included (sold separately).


  • Overall: 17.5" (w) x 18" (h) x 5.75" (d)
  • Cutout: 13.3125" (w) x 16.8125" (h) x 5.25" (d)
  • Screw Hole Spacing: 15.1875" - 16.6875" (w) x 11" (h)

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Customer Q&A

12 questions already asked

Can I use some 2x4s attached to floor joists to mount this on angle? I have pro 160 rpc and looking to direct sound to main listening position
gs1058  Mar 03, 2023
1 answer
I see no reason why not George, especially if it will benefit your sound system's performance. What does give me cause for concern is the size of the hole cutout on the ME-800-C box. You might need to swap your speakers as the Klipsch Pro 160 RPC's have an 8.3" cutout and this box has a 9.8" cutout, that is simply too much space for the Pro 160 RPC to mount properly. IF you want to keep using your existing speakers you will for sure want the alternate ME-650-C in the link below, this is made specifically for the Klipsch speakers that require the smaller hole cutout!
bo  Mar 03, 2023 (Staff)
Can I return these if I change my mind (being I don't open/install them)?
scott g  Feb 22, 2023
1 answer
Absolutely! You can return items that are complete and like new within 60 days.
zachary  Feb 23, 2023 (Staff)
are the prices for each or are they sold in pairs? We have 4 speakers so just need to know how many to purchase.
buddy  Oct 07, 2022
1 answer
Greetings Buddy, and thank you for your question. These are sold individually.
hogan  Oct 07, 2022 (Staff)
Do they make one for a 2'-0" stud span as well? Most engineered roof trusses have a 2'-0" span. Not sure why they would make one for 16" for the ceiling. Walls I understand as most walls are 16" on center for their stud placement.
james  Jul 22, 2021
2 answers
I just installed 6 in a remodel. All open framing and roof trusses 24" on center. Plan on installing cross braces between trusses to accommodate correct sizing. I will try to add photos later. The enclosures are SUPERB! And the bass improvements due to the enclosures is EXCELLENT!
thomas  Jul 30, 2021
I'm not aware of any different sizing for these. They worked for our "new" construction ceiling (addition onto existing house, but did not have engineered roof trusses) though I realize spacing can be different depending on builder and engineered trusses like you mention. We did have one of the speaker locations where the spacing was slightly wider than the other 16" spaces (18-20" instead of 16"), so I had to build my own spacer out of some extra 2x4's, and that worked well so if you really wanted this enclosed box that's something you could consider. Otherwise Klipsch has this product: which from the descriptions/Q&A looks like it can span up to 24" (but of course it's not an "enclosed" mount).
bryson  Jul 25, 2021
Does this enclosure work in a moisture prone area? We are planning on putting 2 in our bathroom as we will be having blown in insulation and we do not want to have moisture leaking into the insulation.
erik  Nov 26, 2020
1 answer
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
thomas  Dec 08, 2020 (Staff)
Do I need any other bracket to mount the speaker or does it mount directly to the enclosure?
erik  Nov 24, 2020
4 answers
This will mount directly to the enclosure. No additional brackets or hardware is required.
damien  Nov 24, 2020
It will mount direct to Sheetrock
mark  Nov 24, 2020
The enclosure is fastened to the ceiling trusses pre sheet rock install. The speakers should have tabs that swing out when tightened to secure them in place. I chose the Klipsch ceiling mount speakers. They fit properly and the grills are held in magnetically. A very neat installation.
bernhard  Nov 24, 2020
My contractor did the installation. However, I checked it out afterwards and the bracket was included with the box. It's an expensive system, but the speakers work great.
jeff  Nov 24, 2020
Can these be used on a suspended ceiling?
ken  Feb 01, 2020
5 answers
Only if you can mount it on the suspended ceiling framework. It's most likely too heavy to be mounted on a tile only.
michael  Feb 02, 2020
no, unless you create a cross member to run from grid to grid member.
gregory  Feb 01, 2020
They are really designed to fit into a frame within the wall/ceiling. The hole patterns are to allow fastening to wood studs at typical USA spacing. They are well built and relatively heavy steel, so they wouldn't be well supported by a suspended ceiling. You could add some supports down from the joists, add some cross members and fasten to those if you really want/have to use them. Most in-ceiling/wall speakers are designed to work without enclosures. I wanted to use these, but the spacing in my ceiling wouldn't allow it without massive construction, so I returned them and mounted the speakers in a drywall ceiling. I ended up using soft covers for the speakers to keep insulation and dirt out of them and they sound great. I don't know what your building codes require, but mounting the speakers directly into the ceiling panels could be a useful option. Good luck!
david p.  Feb 01, 2020
Yes that's how I installed mine
bruce  Feb 01, 2020
If you have the room above the tile I would think you could center it on the tile and that a well hung ceiling and quality tile combination would support the weight. The "lip" that is typically used for drywall may not be deep enough. You could just sandwich the speaker to the tile or you could scrape out / cut out some of the tile to recess the speaker into the tile a bit. All speakers I have seen open up far enough to allow for ceiling tile use. The trick will be getting enough clearance above the ceiling tile for this or even the speaker itself to fit. You will have the same challenge with can lighting...assumptions here is that you are asking for basement use and not wide open commercial ceiling applications.
william  Feb 01, 2020
what is the maximum depth speaker that can be used with the Klipsch ME-800-C enclosure?
christopher  Jul 27, 2019
1 answer
Spec says 5" deep which sounds about right from what I remembered it to be. So I would say the max depth of the speaker should be a touch under 5".
michael  Aug 03, 2019
Can i Mount the enclosure with the speaker in it direct under the ceiling? Cant cut holes in the ceiling.
steven  Dec 29, 2018
4 answers
They typically mount in ceiling attached to joists. I would suggest building a box to attach/enclose this in.
robert  Dec 29, 2018
No you cannot. On the back side is an enclosure. Think of a kitchen sink but upside down.
michael  Dec 29, 2018
Design to be installed in preconstruction on your joists under the drywall.
jeremy  Dec 29, 2018
The opening has a 1/2" lip extending down meant as an edge for the drywall. (An electrician would call this a built-in mud ring.) Thus there needs to be a 1/2 inch piece of some sort of board over the flat surface first to bring the speaker out beyond the rim.
robert p  Dec 29, 2018
How does it fit into a 16" stud span if the dimensions of the enclosure are 18"W x 17-3/4"H?
thomas  Aug 26, 2018
1 answer
The flange goes over the stud so you can nail it in (you can see the holes in the picture)
jeffrey  Aug 29, 2018
can I use this as a sub woofer box just for low end?
ron  Apr 07, 2018
1 answer
This isn't meant for a sub. Subs have other enclosure for in wall use and are larger.
hyun  Apr 07, 2018
can I put any woofer in this, if so what is the cubic feet?
ron  Apr 07, 2018
4 answers
The 9.8 in opening is large enough for most 8 inch, in-wall/ceiling speakers (I'm not using a Klipsch 8 in speaker, but it fits). It shouldn't be a bare speaker because it needs to press against the ceiling/wall to seal the space; the box has a small lip (green) that is inserted into the ceiling/wall hole. The box is about 17 in x 13 in x 5 in high, so it's about 2/3 of a cubic foot. While the base is nearly square, the box is not - there are holes in the base to attach to the ceiling/wall studs. The diagrams from Crutchfield and Klipsch show the true dimensions and shape (the inch values are correct, but there are errors in the metric measurements from Klipsch).
david p.  Apr 07, 2018
You need to read the manual or specs for the enclosure to get the width of the cut out and the height of the enclosure. The Klipsch CDT-5800-C II, which is an 8 inch woofer, fits perfectly. It's the exact combinatin and they sound great. I looked at a lot of different ceiling speakers from definitive to martin logan and they didn't seem like they would fit. Either two small or two big.
eric  Apr 07, 2018
Any any round 8" in wall speaker should fit. Subs have a different enclosure. It's about 15x16x5 not including the lip around the enclosure.
hyun  Apr 07, 2018
Any woofer can be installed. The volume is 0.6 cubic feet.
robert p  Apr 07, 2018

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