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Bowers & Wilkins DB3D Powered subwoofer with digital processing and app control (Gloss Black)

Item # 749DB3DGB

This elite sub houses two ultra-high-end 8" woofers driven by a 1,000 watt amp for musical, hard-hitting bass.

This elite sub houses two ultra-high-end 8" woofers driven by a 1,000 watt amp for musical, hard-hitting bass.

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Item # 749DB3DGB

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About the Bowers & Wilkins DB3D

Kramer Crane

Elite bass in a compact enclosure

There's generally a common downside to powered subwoofers that deliver titanic levels of bass — their size. Bowers & Wilkins has managed to break that mold with the DB3D. It's a little larger than one cubic foot in volume, but it packs two ultra-high-end 8" woofers driven by a 1,000 watt amp inside.

Elite bass in a compact enclosure

There's generally a common downside to powered subwoofers that deliver titanic levels of bass — their size. Bowers & Wilkins has managed to break that mold with the DB3D. It's a little larger than one cubic foot in volume, but it packs two ultra-high-end 8" woofers driven by a 1,000 watt amp inside.

The DB3D complements Bowers & Wilkins suite of bookshelf and floor-standing speakers by delivering powerful, seamless bass without sonically standing apart from the rest of your system. It's an ideal choice for an audiophile-grade stereo or home theater system where space is at a premium.

Bowers & Wilkins DB3D powered subwoofer with digital processing and app control

The DB3D uses dual opposed, side-firing 8" woofers to fill your room with exceptionally deep and accurate bass (shown in rosenut).

Trickle-down woofer technology from world-class speakers    

The DB3D is outfitted with two 8" woofers that fire in opposite directions, giving you evenly distributed, room-filling bass. 

Each woofer uses the same highly acclaimed Aerofoil™ driver material found in Bowers & Wilkins' 800 Series Diamond speakers (world-class floor-standing speakers that sell for $30,000 a pair). 

These light, ultra-stiff drivers resist bending and flexing far more than conventional cones for incredibly deep and accurate bass.

Precise and powerful 

This sub can provide delicate low-frequency details, as well as tirelessly pound out deep bass at high output levels with next to no distortion. 

It can shake the house, certainly. But this sub's forté is creating lifelike bass with precision and control — all the way down to a staggeringly low 10 Hz. 

Tailor the sound to your room

The DB3D is set up and controlled entirely from the Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app. Using your tablet or smartphone's microphone, the app takes bass measurements to find acoustic irregularities and automatically applies correction.

The result? Smooth, well-balanced bass that's tailored to your specific room, furnishings, and audio system. A friendly heads-up: there are no sound controls on this sub; all adjustments are made via the app.

A rich history of audio excellence

Founded in England in the 1960s, Bowers & Wilkins is known worldwide for their innovative hi-fi speaker designs and their premium headphones. Crutchfield is proud to offer a diverse selection of products from this legendary audio brand.


Product highlights:

  • frequency response: 10-350 Hz (-3dB)
  • 1,000 watt Class D Hypex amplifier
  • dual 8" opposed, side-firing Aerofoil™ woofers
  • full setup and control via the Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app for Apple® and Android™
    • room optimization is done using your device's built-in mic
    • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) tailors performance to your room
    • volume, EQ, and other sound controls are all done via the app
    • there are no rear-panel controls on this subwoofer
  • acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet design
  • line-level/LFE RCA and balanced (XLR) inputs
  • RS-232 control interface and 12-volt trigger inputs for custom automation setups
  • beautiful gloss black finish
  • 12-5/8"W x 14-1/8"H x 11-13/16"D
  • weight: 55.1 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • MFR # FP38598

What's in the box:

  • Powered subwoofer
  • 2 Grilles
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • 4 Decoupling feet
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • 4 Spike feet
  • 4 Lock-nuts
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Bowers & Wilkins brochure
  • Warranty Information
  • Cleaning cloth instructions

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More details on the Bowers & Wilkins DB3D

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Sealed
Woofer Size (inches) 8
Woofer Composition Aerofoil
Firing Direction Side
Amplifier Output (watts) ---
Frequency Response 10-350 Hz
Preamp-Level Inputs Stereo RCA, XLR
Speaker-Level Inputs No
Speaker-Level Outputs No
Wireless No
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 25-150Hz
High-Pass Crossover Freq None
Phase Switch Yes
App Control Apple iOS, Android
Remote No
Other Info
Height (inches) 14-1/2
Width (inches) 13-7/16
Depth (inches) 13-11/16
Weight 55.1 lbs
Speaker Parts Warranty 2 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 2 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty 2 Years
Amplifier Labor Warranty 2 Years
The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D replaces these items:

Product Research


Dual Balanced 8" Aerofoil Woofers: The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D powered subwoofer houses twin 8" Aerofoil woofers with rubber surrounds in a balanced configuration. Solid, dramatic bass is delivered through the rigidity and lightness of the uniquely-shaped, variable thickness Aerofoil cone woofers because they can resist bending and flexing longer than conventional cones. The DB Series powered sub uses two bass cones arranged in an opposed, balanced configuration (back-to-back) that greatly reduces cabinet vibration and ensures a cleaner, more precise bass sound.

1000W Class D Amplifier w/ DSP: The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D employs a 1000W (Max) Class D Hypex amplifier with digital signal processing (DSP) for powerful, dynamic, controlled bass. The digital amplifier is energy efficient and runs cool even when its working hard to produce deep, high-volume bass. The amplifier's digital signal processing ensures precise bass for both music and movie soundtracks and outstanding performance in every circumstance.

Ultra-Rigid Low-Resonance Enclosure: The twin 8" Aerofoil woofers and built-in amplifier are housed in a compact, acoustic suspension (sealed ) enclosure that is ultra-rigid and low-resonant for tight, accurate bass performance without any unwanted distortion or coloration from vibration. Two cloth grilles are included that magnetically attach to the sides of the subwoofer enclosure. The subwoofer can be used with or without the grilles fitted.

The Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers App: The Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app (for Apple iOS 10.0+ and Android OS 5.0+) provides simple setup and control of the DB Series powered subwoofer from your Bluetooth connected Apple iOS or Android OS device. The app includes positioning and connecting guides, set-up and troubleshooting, as well as provides control over overall volume output and specific audio presets. The app's Room EQ system allows you to optimize the subwoofer's performance for your room using the microphone built into your phone.

  • Room Equalization & Calibration: The app's built-in automatic calibration and equalization system works in conjunction with the microphone in your Apple iOS or Android OS device to optimize the sound and bass output of the powered subwoofer to match the acoustic characteristics of your listening environment (room). *Due to microphone incompatibilities, Room EQ is not available with all Android mobile devices.
  • Volume Level & Input Gain: There is a Volume Level and Input Gain adjustment. The Input Gain (-5 to +5dB) enables optimum matching of different source output levels so that the subwoofer volume level matches that of the main speakers for all inputs. The Volume Level provides control of the subwoofer's overall volume output level relative to the other loudspeakers in your system.
  • Low Pass Filter: There are independent Low Pass Filter options for for both the RCA and XLR inputs. For stereo installations the Low Pass Filter can be matched to either specific Bowers & Wilkins main speakers or to alternative manufacturer's main speaker specifications using a variable setting (25-150Hz with a 12 or 24dB slop). In a home theater setup with a mono (LFE) connection, the bass management functions of the AV receiver or processor should be employed and the subwoofer's Low Pass Filter deactivated.
  • Phase: Normally the phase will be set to 0°, but if the subwoofer is positioned at a distance significantly different from the other speakers, or the power amplifier driving the other speakers happens to invert the signal, the 90, 180, or 270° position may be preferable. Listen with the Phase set to multiple positions and choose the one that gives the fullest sound.
  • Movie & Music EQ: Equalization presets are designed to suit music and movie program material. You can choose between Flat, Music, Movie, or Custom. The Custom mode provides a 5-band (20, 28, 40, 56, 80Hz) equalizer for manual customization (-5 to +5dB) of the EQ curve.

Note: The DB Series powered subwoofer can only be set up and controlled through the Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app via a Bluetooth connection. It is not possible to set up or control the powered sub without the app. There are no physical controls on the power subwoofer, itself.

Balanced & Unbalanced Inputs: The Bowers & Wilkins DB Series powered subwoofer provides balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) stereo inputs. The inputs can be connected simultaneously and configured independently for different system applications, so you can have the powered sub connected to your home theater speaker system and stereo speaker system. If your AV receiver or processor features an LFE output, you'll only need to connect the "Right" XLR or "Right" RCA input of the powered sub. Balanced XLR connections are inherently more resistant to interference and noise than unbalanced RCA connections.

Mounting Options: It is important to ensure the powered subwoofer stands firmly on the floor using either the included decoupling, rubber, or spike feet. The feet screw into the bottom of the powered sub and are adjustable to allow you to level the subwoofer on uneven floors. Use the decoupling or rubber feet on hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl flooring. Use the spike feet for carpeted flooring.

  • Dimensions with Decoupling Feet: 13.4375" (w) x 15.0" (h) x 13.6875" (d)
  • Dimensions with Rubber Feet: 13.4375" (w) x 14.5" (h) x 13.6875" (d)
  • Dimensions with Spike Feet: 13.4375" (w) x 15.375" (h) x 13.6875" (d)


  • The DB Series powered sub should always be used with the feet installed (either the decoupling, rubber, or spike option) for optimum performance and maximum stability.
  • It is particularly important to raise the subwoofer above the carpet pile to ensure that cooling air can flow around the subwoofer amplifier heat-sink panel.
  • Due to the underside location of the subwoofer heat-sink, rubber or decoupling feet should not be used on carpeted floors.
  • Due to the dual driver design of the DB3D powered subwoofer is not recommend for installation within custom built furniture.

Placement Options: The Bowers & Wilkins DB Series powered subwoofer is more versatile than most powered subs in terms of positioning thanks to its Room EQ optimization system through the Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app on your Bluetooth connected Apple iOS or Android OS device. Once you have positioned the subwoofer, its performance can then be optimized using Room EQ in the mobile app to compensate for less than ideal positioning.

  • DB3D models should be orientated with their twin drivers facing sideways.
  • Best results will be obtained if the DB Series subwoofer is placed between the left and right speakers or in the vicinity of one of them.
  • Placing a subwoofer to the side, but still to the front of the listeners is an acceptable compromise if domestic considerations dictate. However, the subwoofer should not be located behind the listening position.
  • If two subwoofers are to be used it is best to position one near the left speaker and one near the right speaker.
  • Like all speakers, the proximity of room boundaries affects the sound of a subwoofer. Bass volume increases as more boundaries come into proximity. The more boost gained from the room, the lower the volume can be set and the less hard the subwoofer has to work.

Auto On/Off: The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D powered subwoofer will automatically turn on when it senses an audio signal and automatically go into standby mode when there is no audio signal for more than 20 minutes.

Control Connections: The B&W DB Series powered subwoofer is outfitted with custom control connections that include two 12V trigger inputs (3.5mm) and a RS-232 port (9-pin D connector). The Trigger 1 input enables wired remote control of the subwoofer's power on/off from a component with a 12V trigger output. The Trigger 2 input enables wired remote control of subwoofer input selection from a component with a 12V trigger output. The R-232 port enables the powered subwoofer to be incorporated in a remote control home automation system.

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Customer Q&A

3 questions already asked

What about the coast of shipping to Poland?
dariusz  Dec 31, 2019
1 answer
We are only able to ship to US addresses. I wish I had different news for you there
jason  Jan 11, 2020 (Staff)
What do I need to connect just one sub to both channels of my amp? My amp uses banana plugs. Your speaker wires have RCA jacks.
bob  May 25, 2020
1 answer
Banana plugs are used for speaker level outputs on an amp. This powered subwoofer is not designed to work with that type of output on a receiver. I recommend contacting an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 to get a personal recommendation on a subwoofer that can work with your receiver and meet all goals
jason  Jun 14, 2020 (Staff)

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