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Yamaha DXR12MKII 12" powered PA speaker

Item # 845DXR12M2

Yamaha brings their century of acoustic experience to the design and construction of this proudly practical...

Yamaha brings their century of acoustic experience to the design and construction of this proudly practical...

Item # 845DXR12M2

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$895.99 each

About the Yamaha DXR12MKII

Alexander H.

Yamaha delivers a compact solution

Yamaha brings their century of acoustic experience to the design and construction of this proudly practical DXR12MKII active loudspeaker. Each DXR12MKII speaker is a self-contained PA system, including high- and low-frequency drivers, amplifiers, digital signal processing, dynamic limiting, and a 3-channel mixer all mounted in a rugged, lightweight ABS enclosure.

Yamaha delivers a compact solution

Yamaha brings their century of acoustic experience to the design and construction of this proudly practical DXR12MKII active loudspeaker. Each DXR12MKII speaker is a self-contained PA system, including high- and low-frequency drivers, amplifiers, digital signal processing, dynamic limiting, and a 3-channel mixer all mounted in a rugged, lightweight ABS enclosure.

Big-time volume

Yamaha houses a 12" woofer, a 1-3/4" compression driver, and 1,100 watts of amplification. This sturdy and efficient speaker can produce astounding sound pressure levels — up to 134 dB. If you need to use a microphone in a classroom, restaurant, or small auditorium setting, you can use a single DXR12MKII and an optional microphone as a portable, public address solution. Need to use it with an instrument, Yamaha makes it easy. As part of a larger PA system, a pair of DXR12MKIIs deliver power and clarity for one heck of a show.

Hit the stage

Use your DXR12MKII on stage as a floor monitor or on a stand as a main PA speaker, and mounting options are available for permanent installations. The "D-CONTOUR" selector enhances the bass and treble for permanently mounted or pole-mounted speakers, or reduces bass for stage monitors, where the floor would normally boost it. High-pass filters let you remove the low bass out of the DXR12MKII for a perfect pairing with a Yamaha DXS12 or DXS15 subwoofer.

Count on Yamaha

Yamaha engineered the two drivers, the two built-in amplifiers, and the enclosure to all work perfectly together, while extensive protection circuitry ensures the speaker long-term reliability. Microprocessors separately monitor the power supply, the amps, and the two drivers for any overheating or overloading conditions and either limit the amps' outputs or shut them down for the safety of the whole speaker.


Product highlights:

    2-way powered PA speaker
    • 12" cone woofer, 1" throat compression driver with 1-3/4" diaphragm
    • maximum SPL: 134 dB
    • maximum output power: 1,100 watts dynamic (700 watts RMS)
    • nominal coverage: 90-degrees horizontal, 60-degrees vertical
    • frequency response: 52-20,000 Hz
    • ABS enclosure
    Electronic Features
    • 3-channel mixer with level controls
      • ch 1: mono XLR mic/line balanced input with XLR output for connecting another speaker system
      • ch 2: stereo pair 1/4" TS phone line unbalanced inputs
      • ch 3: stereo pair RCA phono line unbalanced inputs
      • Link Out line output sends mix for another speaker
      • Stereo Link mode sends right input channels to Link Out for left-right stereo PA operation
    • 48-bit DSP (digital signal processor)
      • 24-bit AD/DA converters
      • switchable high-pass filter
      • two modes: Main or Monitor
      • D-CONTOUR EQ/compressor optimizes sound for any output level
      • FIR-X™ crossover includes EQ and time delay optimized for the high- and low-frequency drivers
      • dynamic limiters set to protect the sound and the hardware
      • protection circuitry mutes output when an overload or fault is detected
    • two Class D amplifiers
      • low frequency amplifier: 950 watts (600 watts continuous)
      • high frequency amplifier: 150 watts (100 watts continuous)
    General Features
    • 1-3/8" (35 mm) socket for optional speaker stand with dual-angle feature (0-degrees horizontal or 7-degrees downward)
    • rigging points for hanging or mounting with optional mounting hardware
    • can be set as a stage monitor
    • weight: 41 lbs
    • dimensions: 14-1/4"W x 23-5/8"H x 13-3/4"D
    • warranty: 7 years
    • MFR # DXR12MKII

    What's in the box:

    • 12" Powered PA speaker
    • 8' AC Power cord (IEC 3-pin)
    • Owner's manual (Eng/Span/Fren/Others)

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    Crutchfield response
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    More details on the Yamaha DXR12MKII

    Russ B.

    Features & specs

    Drivers per speaker 2
    Woofer Size (inches) 12
    Tweeter Size (inches) 1.75
    System Frequency response 52-20k
    Maximum SPL 134
    RMS Power rating 700
    Program Power rating ---
    Peak Power rating 1100
    Input Connections Other
    Line Inputs (1) XLR, (2) 1/4"
    Tone Controls D-Contour
    Width (inches) 14-1/4
    Height (inches) 23-5/8
    Depth (inches) 14-1/2
    Weight 41 lbs

    Product Research


    Overview: The Yamaha DXR12mkII powered loudspeaker is part of the newly upgraded DXR Series that features higher SPL output and a newly designed 1.75" Neodymium high-frequency compression driver, that's larger yet lighter than its predecessor. The compression driver, along with the heavy-duty 12" low-frequency driver, can provide provide extremely clear voice reproduction and musicality, with up to 134dB of SPL, all powered from a built-in 1100W peak power amplifier (700W RMS).

    Drivers: The DXR12mkII 2-way speaker includes a 12" woofer, with a Ferrite magnet and a 2.5" voice coil, that's designed to produce deep bass with low distortion. The high-frequency compression driver features a 1.75" PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) diaphragm attached to a 1.75" voice coil and a powerful Neodymium magnet. The high-frequency sound is pumped through a compression chamber with a 1" throat, producing accurate sound reproduction, even at long distances.

    Amplifier: The Yamaha DXR12mkII is powered by two highly-efficient Class-D amplifiers that have been optimized for the high- and low-frequency drivers, providing very fast attack and transient response times. The amps are fan-cooled, with 4-speed automatic activation. Both of the internal amps are powered by a universal switching-mode power supply, and can provide the following output power:

    • Low-Frequency Amp: 950W Peak / 600W RMS
    • High-Frequency Amp: 150W Peak / 100W RMS
    • System Total: 1100W Peak / 700W RMS

    Crossover: The DXR12mkII features Yamaha's proprietary FIR-X tuning that utilizes linear phase FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters for the crossover network. FIR-X tuning simultaneously optimizes frequency and phase response while adjusting the time alignment  between the high-frequency and low-frequency drivers. This creates a very smooth response around the crossover point, providing much better clarity and imaging than with typical crossover networks. The crossover point for the DXR12mkII is 2.1kHz.

    DSP: The Yamaha powered PA speaker processes all signals through a high-performance 48-bit (76-bit accumulator) processor, and uses precision 24-bit discrete A/D and D/A converters with superior S/N ratio and dynamic range.

    • D-Contour: This DSP feature is an intelligent multi-band compressor that gives you powerful and consistent sound across all output levels. It constantly monitors the output of multiple frequency bands and calculates the optimum EQ adjustments for each. At maximum sound output, the DXR12mkII can maintain clarity and musicality. A 3-way rear-panel D-Contour switch lets you select one of three options:
      • FOH/Main: This mode boosts low-frequencies to compensate for the low-end that typically gets lost when speakers are mounted on a stand or suspended.
      • Monitor: This mode is optimized for floor monitor applications by taming down the low-frequencies that build up due to floor reflections, and smoothing out a wide range of frequency bands, allowing for better clarity.
    • High-Pass Filtering: A rear-panel 3-way switch lets you apply a high-pass filter to the output signal, if using an optional subwoofer (sold separately). Selections include: 120Hz and 100Hz (each with 24dB/oct slope), and Off.
    • Protection Features: A built-in microprocessor and high-power DSP monitor the status of the power supply, amplifiers, drivers, and signals to protect all aspects of each component. Limiting circuitry is provided for both amplifiers, and has been optimized for each using precise DSP control. This allows the speakers to perform to their fullest while ensuring reliable operation in even the most severe conditions. A switchable front LED (white) behind the grille lights when the unit is powered on and varies in brightness depending on the amount of limiting the system is applying. A rear-panel switch lets you activate/deactivate the LED indicator. Four rear-panel status LEDs provide the following:
      • Power: Lights green when the speaker is on.
      • Signal: Lights green when an audio signal is detected on an Input.
      • Protection: Lights red and mutes the audio output if a fault is detected. Faults include: Amp overheating, DC output is detected, or overcurrent is detected.
      • Limit: Lights red when the output limiter is active. Output signal will also be attenuated until input signal level is lowered.

    Inputs & Outputs: The DXR12mkII features 3 Inputs, each with their own Level control. The Level controls have a detent at the "0" middle point (unity) and can either increase the signal up to +10dB or be lowered to -∞ (no signal). Signals input on all three channels are mixed internally.

    • Input 1: Includes a balanced female XLR socket that can be used for either Mic- or Line-level (+4dBu) signals. A corresponding Mic/Line switch lets you select either. Input 1 also includes a male XLR Thru jack that is paralleled to the input jack, letting input signals pass straight through unaffected.
    • Input 2: Two 1/4" jacks, Left/mono and Right, can accept line-level signals (-10dBu).
    • Input 3: This includes a pair of RCA jacks (right/left) accepting line-level signals (-10dBu).
    • Link Out: A male XLR socket can be used to send a mixed signal (line-level) of all Inputs out to additional powered speakers (sold separately).
      • Link Mode: Working in conjunction with the Link Out jack, the Link Mode button lets you select what type of signal will be output; Mono sums the L/R signals for mono playback from both the included DXR12mkII and the Link Out jack. Stereo keeps any L/R input signals separate, allowing the two powered speakers to operate as a stereo pair.

    Enclosure: The DXR12mkII features a rugged, non-resonant ABS enclosure that is designed to dampen vibrations caused by high output levels, producing less distortion while providing superior sound quality. The enclosure features a heavy-duty steel grille, along with textured aluminum handles or improved portability.

    Placement/Mounting: The DXR12mkII has been designed for use with multiple mounting applications.

    • Upright: The DXR12mkII can be placed upright on the floor, a stand, or chair for smaller performances. When placed in an upright position, the DXR12mkII can provide a coverage angle of 90˚H x 60˚V.
    • Monitor: In a floor monitor position, the speaker can provide 50˚ of symmetrical coverage. The enclosure's design allows it to lay on its side, in floor monitor fashion, angled towards the performer. Mirror-Mode monitor placement allows two DXR12mkIIs to be used in conjunction, creating a symmetrical sound field for the performer with a more defined "sweet spot". This can be configured as a dual-mono or stereo setup.
    • Pole-Mount: The Yamaha powered speaker features two 35mm pole-mount sockets for use with an optional pole stand. One socket provides a 0˚ position, while the second is placed a 7˚ angle. The angled socket helps direct sound energy away from reflective surfaces and more towards the audience.
    • Wall-Mount: An optional U-bracket (sold separately) allows the DXR12mkII to be mounted vertically or horizontally to a wall.
    • Suspended: The powered speaker includes 3 threaded rigging points, 2 on top and 1 on back, allowing the speaker to be suspended or "flown". Rigging points can accommodate M10 x 18mm eyebolts (sold separately).


    • System Type: Bi-amplified, 2-way
    • Enclosure Material: ABS (matte black)
    • Enclosure Type: Bass reflex
    • Drivers:
      • HF: 1.75" Compression horn
      • LF: 12" Cone
    • Power:
      • HF: 150W Peak/100W RMS
      • LF: 950W Peak/600W RMS
    • Frequency Range (-10dB): 52Hz - 20kHz
    • Maximum SPL: 134dB
    • Crossover Type: Linear Phase FIR
    • Crossover Frequency: 2.1kHz
    • Coverage Angle:
      • Upright: 90˚H x 60˚V
      • Angled Monitor: 50˚ Symmetrical
    • Amplifier Class: D
    • Cooling: Fan cooled, 4 speeds
    • HPF: 100Hz, 120Hz, Off
    • D-Contour (DSP): FOH/Main, Monitor, Off
    • Connectors:
      • Input 1: One balanced XLR (Mic/Line)
      • Input 2: Two unbalanced 1/4" (L/R, Line)
      • Input 3: Unbalanced stereo RCA (Line)
      • Thru Output: One XLR
      • Link Out: One XLR
    • Power Requirements: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    • Idle Power Consumption: 35W
    • Dimensions: W = 14.250", H = 23.625", D = 14.50" (incl. power cord)
    • Weight: 41 lbs.

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