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Audeze Maxwell (Xbox®) Planar magnetic wireless gaming headset with Bluetooth® and Dolby Atmos® for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC, and Mac®

Item # 884MXWELLX

Immerse yourself in rich, nuanced sound with Audeze's latest set of high-quality gaming headphones.

Immerse yourself in rich, nuanced sound with Audeze's latest set of high-quality gaming headphones.

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Item # 884MXWELLX

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About the Audeze Maxwell (Xbox®)

Colin M.

Take it to the max

Audeze is back at it with a new gaming headset that takes advantage of their famous high-fidelity planar magnetic drivers. The Audeze Maxwell was designed from the ground up for accurate gaming, with quick response times and impressive directional details that makes every gaming session smoother — whether you're a pro gamer or an enthusiastic hobbyist like me.
Audeze Maxwell professional wireless gaming headset for Xbox

The Audeze Maxwell delivers uncompromising wireless sound that injects vibrant detail into your gaming and music. (Xbox Series X sold separately.)

Take it to the max

Audeze is back at it with a new gaming headset that takes advantage of their famous high-fidelity planar magnetic drivers. The Audeze Maxwell was designed from the ground up for accurate gaming, with quick response times and impressive directional details that makes every gaming session smoother — whether you're a pro gamer or an enthusiastic hobbyist like me.

I got to spend some serious quality time testing these excellent wireless gaming headphones out. Read on for my firsthand impressions.

Super-long wireless battery life

The Maxwell has a wildly long battery life of over 80 hours. You can play on and off for days (even weeks) at a time before you'll need to charge the headset again. Even then, it supports fast-charging. You can plug them up for a quick 20-minute charge and net more than enough power to play for the rest of the day unimpeded.

Dolby Atmos sound with Xbox and Windows

This headset comes with an embedded Dolby Atmos license. This provides high-quality spatial audio that boosts your immersion with compatible games, from single-player sandbox adventures to competitive co-op titles. Just download the free Dolby Access app to activate your license and personalize your spatial audio.

Crystal-clear team communication

This headset includes both a detachable, flexible boom mic and onboard array of four beamforming microphones. The built-in noise suppression system is powered by an advanced AI algorithm that kills background noise, removing distracting sounds like you chewing on your lunch or the washer kicking on in the background. This keeps your chat clear, helping you hear and respond to important call outs for improved teamwork.

While playing on PC you can also control your game-chat mix in real-time with a dial built into the headset or use the Audeze HQ app. If you're playing on PS5 you'll need to tinker with the onscreen console settings instead.

Firsthand listening impressions

Audeze has a stellar reputation with my coworkers, especially our headphone expert Jeff Miller, so I was pumped to take part in the Beta test for these high-performance gaming headphones. I had the opportunity to run the Maxwells through their paces over the course of a couple weeks, playing a variety of games almost nightly on my PS5. I also spent hours listening to music via Bluetooth while I typed away during the day.

To make a long story short, the Audeze Maxwells sound straight-up awesome and really brought my gaming sessions to life. My PlayStation experience should be comparable for folks on Xbox systems, but keep in mind that there may be some differences. Let's dig in a little deeper for the full story.

Bombastic JRPG battles and quiet moments

I started out by dropping into my current run of Tales of Arise. The high-octane battles are one of the main draws for this game, so I wanted to see how the Maxwells handled them. The clang of steel on steel, the crunch of aerial dive kicks, the whooshing flash of giant columns of fire, the rumble of multi-colored magic explosions — the Maxwells reproduced it all with ease. Each split second brought the sound to new highs and lows as I chained huge combos together, hyper-focused and drawn into the anime-powered soundscape.

On the flipside, the quieter dialogue-driven moments between battles, often around a campfire, offered a surprising sense of space and environmental sound detail. While the protagonists chatted about food, their lives, and the impending doom of their civilization (you know, the little stuff), I could clearly make out the crackling campfire, insects chirping in the surrounding woods, and the trickle of a nearby stream. These details were never distracting and felt clearly in their place. It felt like I was there, too, sitting next to the fire, listening in to the conversations of my companions. In no small way this helped draw me into the storytelling, bringing me closer to the characters. As it turns out, clean sound is for more than just shooters. Speaking of....

Hunting the hunter, one sound cue at a time

Accurate sound cues are essential to survival in Predator: Hunting Grounds. You play as covert operatives in a dense jungle, desperately trying to complete a series of missions with a strict time limit — all while a deadly trophy-hunting alien invisibly tracks your team down one by one. I love the original Predator film and the precise directional sound offered by the Maxwells helped me feel like I was right in the thick of that classic piece of action cinema.

In fact, these 'phones helped me and my usual crew turn the tables on the alien hunting us. Covering ourselves in mud with a satisfying splish-splash, we were able to disguise ourselves from the creature's thermal vision (controlled by an opposing player, by the by). We then tried to quickly and quietly move from point to point, listening intently for the creak of branches bending above us. 

With the Maxwells on, I was able to immediately pinpoint the iconic trickling purr made by the Predator and we opened fire. No active camouflage could save the monster from us that evening. I was able to track its movement consistently, from the heavy thump of its footsteps to the humming vmmm of its thermal vision changing frequencies. Unlike Dutch in the movie, I didn't escape the nuclear explosion the creature unleashed in its final petty moments, but one of my teammates did, so I'll call that a win.

Rock 'n' roll backed up by explosions

I finished out my gaming tests with Back 4 Blood, a cooperative shooter with massive droves of parasite-infested zombies, or "Ridden" as they're called in-game. The rush of oncoming enemies can be chaotic, and so I wanted to see if the Maxwells would help me keep my head on the swivel. We played a mission where you crank up a jukebox to lure your enemies as you lie in wait for the coming horde. It was the perfect test.

The jukebox started blasting Black Betty by Ram Jam as a wild assortment of undead creatures piled through every available window and door in a mad dash to gobble us up. I found myself bobbing my head to the song as I sprinted through the bar to confront each new incursion. Despite the banging soundtrack and the cacophony of monster screams and gunshots, I was able to catch the cues that mattered. Whether it was smashing wood, breaking glass, or the pitter-patter of zombie feet, I made sense of the whirlwind and was able to redirect as needed. In all the chaos, the Maxwells never let me down.

And I didn't need to charge them

After all that gaming and music listening, I've yet to charge these headphones. Not a single a time over the course of a couple weeks. Last I checked, they were at just around 50%. They have the longest battery life of any pair of headphones I've ever used — a significant plus.

Flexible wireless connection

The Audeze Maxwell gives you the freedom of a wireless connection using a convenient USB-C dongle. This dongle offers a reliable ultra-low-latency transmission with three times the range of the usual 2.4 GHz band. It also works with PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as Apple® and Android™ smartphones. Just plug it in and you're good to go. (There's a USB-A to USB-C adapter in the box if you're running low on ports.) 

Stream music and take calls with Bluetooth

These headphones aren't just good for gaming  — they deliver sweet sound for music, too. Built-in Bluetooth lets you jam to your favorite tunes when paired up to a smartphone. With support for lossless LE Audio, LC3plus, and LDAC codecs, you can even stream high-resolution audio files.

You can also take hands-free calls when paired with your phone. You can use the detachable boom mic or take advantage of the beamforming mic array integrated right into the headset.

Optimize your sound with Audeze HQ

If you're playing on a PC, you can dial in your sound with Audeze HQ. This optional downloadable software lets you manually tweak the little details of your game audio and voice communication to get them just where you want them. You can customize and save up to four EQ profiles, but there are also audio presets for footsteps, racing, RPGs, and more. There are also Android and iOS® versions for mobile devices.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our articles: Best gaming headsets for 2024 and Best Bluetooth headphones for 2024
  • professional gaming headset with ultra-low-latency USB-C wireless transmitter
    • 3X the range of standard 2.4GHz wireless
  • over-ear, closed-back design with secure fit and comfortable seal
    • reinforced dual-chamber earcups provide excellent noise isolation and extended bass response
  • award-winning 90mm planar magnetic drivers offer detailed, dynamic sound optimized for gaming
    • Fazor™ driver technology offers improved phase response, three-dimensional imaging, and extended frequency response
    • ultra-thin Uniforce™ diaphragm starts, moves, and stops swiftly within a powerful magnetic field
    • powerful Fluxor™ magnet array increases efficiency
  • detachable hypercardioid boom microphone and onboard array of four beamforming mics
    • FILTER™ AI-powered noise suppression technology for clear communication
    • 5-band EQ lets you fine tune your mic settings
  • rugged chassis with spring-steel headband and cast aluminum yokes
    • replaceable, adjustable suspension strap
  • deluxe contoured earpads with soft, comfortable padding
  • earcups rotate 90° for easier storage
  • embedded Dolby Atmos license for immersive spatial audio with compatible games
    • activate and personalize your Atmos settings via the Dolby Access downloadable app
  • USB-C wireless transmitter is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac
  • 3.5mm stereo audio connection is compatible with controllers for Xbox, Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, PC, and Mac
Controls and connections:
  • Audeze HQ PC software and mobile app
    • fine tune EQ and mic settings, select and customize audio presets, and more
  • built-in Bluetooth® 5.3 for wireless music listening and phone calls
    • supports lossless streaming with LE Audio, LC3plus, and LDAC codecs
  • easy-to-use controls built into the headset
    • mic mute slider and dedicated buttons for power, Bluetooth, and mic noise-suppression levels
    • dials for volume and game/chat mix (PC only)
  • recessed 3.5mm mic input
  • 3.5mm jack for wired listening
  • USB-C charging input
Included accessories:
  • USB-C wireless transmitter
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • foam boom mic windscreen
General info:
  • battery life: 80 hours
  • charging time: 2 hours
    • fast-charge 20 minutes for all day use (25% battery)
  • frequency response: 10-50,000 Hz
  • THD (total disharmonic distortion): <0.1% (@1 kHz, 1 mW)
  • maximum SPL (sound pressure level): >120 dB
  • supports 24-bit/96kHz high-res playback
  • weight: 17.45 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # 207-MW-1120-01

Fit FactorsSM

  • Large, soft ear pads
  • Relaxed, secure fit
  • Good for gaming

What's in the box:

  • Over-ear gaming headphones (black)
  • Plug-in flexible boom microphone (3.5mm plug)
  • 4' Audio cable (3.5mm plugs on each end)
  • 5' USB cable (USB-C on each end)
  • 12" USB-C (female) to USB-A (male) adapter cable
  • Wireless dongle (USB-A plug)
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Maxwell Support page QR code

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More details on the Audeze Maxwell (Xbox®)

Mark G.

Product Research


Overview: The Audeze Maxwell over-ear wireless gaming headphones are designed to give you an immersive gaming experience. They are also excellent for listening to music or movies on your portable devices. You can use the headphones with a wired connection (via the included 3.5mm cable) or wireless (via 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth). The Maxwell headphones have 90mm Planar Magnetic Drivers, similar to the ones used in Audeze's Mobius flagship gaming headphones. The headphones come with a detachable boom microphone, a USB wireless dongle, a USB-C charging cable (with USB-A adapter), and an auxiliary audio cable.

Note: This model of the Maxwell gaming headphones is compatible with Xbox One gaming consoles and Xbox Series S/X using the USB dongle, or via the 3.5mm AUX connection. Click here to view the version of Maxwell that is compatible with Sony PlayStation.

Construction: The headphones feature an all-new reinforced chassis with aluminum yokes, a durable steel spring headband, and glass-infused nylon for other structural parts including the ear cups. The earcups are built with dual chambers to isolate the drivers from the electronics for excellent noise suppression. The Maxwell has a more powerful DAC and amplifier section, compared to the Penrose model, for larger dynamic range and lower noise floor. The memory foam ear pads and headband are covered with faux leather for hours of comfortable use.

Dual Wireless Connections: The Maxwell headphones features a Dual Wireless connection. You can connect wirelessly via a lossless, low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection using the included USB dongle or via Bluetooth. The headphones do not support 5 GHz wireless connection. The wireless adapter establishes a high-bandwidth, fully lossless, 16-bit/48kHz connection with an extremely low latency, and 3x the range, compared to standard 2.4GHz wireless. The wireless USB dongle has a two-position switch: one direction for Xbox use and the other direction for PC or other sources. Maxwell is compatible with Bluetooth 5.3, which provides excellent range and stability. The Maxwell will automatically use the highest quality Bluetooth codec available, including LDAC and LC3 (if supported by the device). The headphones are compatible with mulitpoint functionality, allowing you to connect them simultaneously between multiple Bluetooth devices.

Compatibility: The Audeze Maxwell gaming headphones are compatible with the following:

Connections Windows/Mac Playstation 4/5 Xbox Nintendo Switch iOS Android
Ultra Low-Latency 2.4 GHz Wireless X -- X X X X
Bluetooth Audio X -- X X X X
USB-C Digital Audio X -- -- X X X
3.5mm Analog Audio X X X X X X
Game/Chat Mix X -- X -- -- --
AudezeHQ App Support X -- -- -- -- X
Tempest 3D -- X -- -- -- --
Dolby Atmos -- -- X -- -- --

Controls: The on-board controls are located on the left ear cup. On the outside of the ear cup are the Power and Mic Mute buttons. The Power button is also used for pairing the headphones to your Bluetooth device, as well as music playback (play/pause) and phone call control (answer/end/reject calls). On the bottom of the ear cup are separate rotary volume controls for the headphones and the microphone, so you can balance your voice commands with the rest of the soundtrack. Pressing the microphone volume control allows you to vary the Game/Chat mix. The AI Noise Reduction button lets you toggle Noise Reduction on or off.

Connections: The Audeze Maxwell connections are all on the left ear cup. A recessed 3.5mm input is provided for the included microphone. The input's collar is shaped to match the mic's plug, so that the microphone is properly aligned with your mouth. There is also a 3.5mm output for the included Auxiliary audio cable. The USB Type C port is for data and charging the battery. The headphones include a 5' USB-C to USB-C cable, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

Battery Power: Maxwell is powered by a built-in, 1800mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery. The headphones can be fully charged via USB in approximately 2 hours, using a USB power adapter with a maximum output of 5V and 1.8A. A fully charged battery provides over 80 hours of battery life. A quick 20-minute charge raises the battery level to 25%.

Planar Magnetic Technology: The Maxwell gaming headphones are equipped with 90mm (3.5") diameter drivers, much larger than its leading competitors. The headphones feature the same Audeze's patented technologies (Uniforce voice coils, Fluxor magnets, and Fazor waveguides) found in their high-end headphones. Maxwell delivers powerful bass and ultra detailed sound that brings your gaming to the next level. The drivers deliver an amazingly fast response with near zero distortion, higher resolution, and lifelike imaging. The headphones are ultra efficient, with a maximum SPL of over 120dB.

Audeze HQ Application: You can unlock the potential of your Maxwell headphones with the Audeze HQ application. In the app, you can customize your sound experience with music and gaming presets, and a 10-band EQ to shape the audio to your personal tastes. The app is compatible with Android devices running version 6.0 and up, and for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 14.0 or later. Desktop versions are also available for PC and Mac (macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later).


  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Transducer Size: 90mm
  • Maximum SPL: >120dB
  • THD (1 kHz, 1 mW): < 0.1%
  • Ear Cup Dimensions:
    • External: Diameter 3.966" Depth 2.486"
    • Internal: Width 1.925" Height 2.611" Depth 0.733"
  • Weight: 17.45 ounces (w/o microphone or cables)

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Will the Xbox version also connect to a PS5? Some headsets sold offer 2 variants even though the Xbox version will usually work on a PS5 as well.
deanna  Aug 28, 2023
1 answer
With these Audeze Maxwell's Deanna, they will not work with PS5 and are rated for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC, and Mac computers only. For use with PlayStation consoles, you will need the Audeze Maxwell's in the link below that are specifically for PlayStation use. Due to the high-quality of these headphones they are console specific. I hope this helps!
bo  Aug 28, 2023 (Staff)

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