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Monitor Audio Silver 300 Floor-standing speaker (Black Oak)

Item # 893S300BL

I had the opportunity to audition Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floor-standing speaker prior to its launch.

I had the opportunity to audition Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floor-standing speaker prior to its launch.

California customers:
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Item # 893S300BL

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About the Monitor Audio Silver 300

Kramer Crane

Powerful sound from a three-way tower

I had the opportunity to audition Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floor-standing speaker prior to its launch. Despite its relatively modest size, this beautiful speaker created a huge, lifelike soundstage that left a smile on my face. Read on for a closer look at what's under the hood, along with some notes from my listening session.

Powerful sound from a three-way tower

I had the opportunity to audition Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floor-standing speaker prior to its launch. Despite its relatively modest size, this beautiful speaker created a huge, lifelike soundstage that left a smile on my face. Read on for a closer look at what's under the hood, along with some notes from my listening session.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 floor-standing speaker

Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floor-standing speaker includes outrigger feet to provide a sturdy foundation on your floor (shown in satin white with grille removed).

Six generations of Silver speakers

The Silver 300 is part of Monitor Audio's Silver "6G" Series — the sixth generation of the company's "sweet spot" speaker lineup, which falls between their Bronze and Gold Series speakers. The 300 is a step-up from the Silver 200, sporting an additional woofer and a three-way design.

Great sound starts with a high-quality enclosure

The clear, distortion-free sound of the Silver 300 is in part due to its carefully designed rock-solid enclosure, which resists vibration that can color sound and reduce clarity. The included outrigger feet screw into the bottom of the speaker to provide a sturdy foundation.

Powerful and articulate bass and midrange

The Silver 300 uses two 6" woofers to dish out hard-hitting, responsive bass that adds soul and punch to music and movie soundtracks. A dedicated 4" midrange driver lets the woofers focus solely on low frequencies. 

Monitor Audio uses an advanced crossover network to ensure smooth, full-range sound throughout this speaker's frequency range.  

Crystal-clear high frequencies

One of the coolest things about the Silver 6 Series is that each speaker in the lineup — regardless of design or size — uses the same 1" gold dome tweeter. This ensures that you're getting clear, detailed highs and realistic reproduction of instruments, vocals, and dialogue from every speaker in your system. Use a pair of the Silver 300s as part of a high-end stereo system, or as the front channels of a Monitor Audio home theater system.

A welcome addition to your décor

The Silver 300 is available in a variety of beautiful real-wood veneer or high-gloss finishes. And Monitor Audio tops the Silver 300 off with an attractive "floating" magnetic grille that features invisible attachments to give it a clean, classy look. 

My listening impressions

I listened to a pair of the 300s in our large vendor training room, and was immediately impressed by their spatial imaging. Jen Chapin's rendition of "You Haven't Done Nothin'" features an upright bass, a seriously cool saxophone, and Chapin's flowing voice. The Silver 300s did a superb job of creating a "live show" feel, sonically placing each musician in space the way I would have expected to see them on stage.  

Zac Brown Band's "Overnight" offered a close-up look at the deep, controlled bass the 300s can produce. These speakers felt totally in control — even at a fairly high listening level. There was no hint of distortion or harshness, even when we cranked 'em up.

Build a complete Monitor Audio Silver system

Complete your Silver Series home theater system with these voice-matched speakers:

Bookshelf speakers: Silver 50 or Silver 100
Center channel: Silver C150 or Silver C350
Floor-standing speakers: Silver 200, or Silver 500
Surround speakers: Silver FX

Round out the low end with the powerful Silver W12 powered subwoofer. 


Product highlights:

  • 3-way design
  • frequency response: 32-35,000 Hz (-6dB)
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • recommended amplifier power: 80-200 watts
  • ultra-rigid, lightweight C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) cone material delivers high efficiency and low distortion
  • 1" gold dome C-CAM tweeter for detailed sound and extended high-frequency response
  • dual 6" C-CAM woofers with RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) to enhance stiffness and reduce mass for greater speed and accuracy
  • 4" C-CAM midrange driver with RST
  • single bolt-through driver attachment provides mechanical decoupling and increased cabinet rigidity
  • bass-reflex (ported) design with HiVe® II technology for minimal turbulence and high velocity airflow
  • high-quality crossovers with polypropylene film capacitors for smooth, full-range sound
  • two sets of binding posts allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • beautiful black oak wood veneer finish
  • removable magnetic grille
  • 9-15/16"W x 40-11/16"H x 14-7/16"D
  • weight: 44.25 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • MFR # S300BL

What's in the box:

  • Floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Grille
  • 4 Outrigger feet (includes metal plate / knob / nut / rubber foot)
  • 4 Spikes
  • 4 Bolts
  • 4 Machine screws
  • 2 Foam port plugs
  • 2 Hex-keys
  • Owner's Manual
  • Important Safety Instructions

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More details on the Monitor Audio Silver 300

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Finish MDF/Wood veneer
Color Gloss Black
Tweeter Hard-Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) 4
Woofer Size (inches) 6
Woofer Composition C-CAM
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub No
Dolby Atmos Drivers No
Connector Type Binding post
Bi-amp Inputs Yes
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Power Range 80-200
Frequency Response 32-35k Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Subwoofer Amp Power ---
Height (inches) 40-1/4
Width (inches) 9-13/16
Depth (inches) 14-3/8
Weight 44.25 lbs

Product Research


Silver Series: Revered by audiophiles around the globe, Monitor Audio's award-winning Silver Series enters its sixth generation with a host of new features that make it perform even better than previous generations. Monitor Audio's Silver Series combines engineering excellence with fabulous design to create an audiophile-grade hi-fi or home theatre loudspeaker. The Silver Series loudspeakers produce abundant dynamics, rich textures, and immense detail that allow you to enjoy absolute clarity and pinpoint imaging.

Note: The Silver Series consists of bookshelf loudspeakers (50/100), floorstanding loudspeakers (200/300/500), center-channel loudspeakers (C150/C350), and a surround loudspeaker (FX), plus a powered subwoofer (W-12) to create a complete home theater system.

3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker: Monitor Audio's Silver 300 floorstanding loudspeaker utilizes a 3-way driver design with a newly designed 1" C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, specially developed 4" C-CAM RST midrange driver, and two new 6" C-CAM RST midbass/bass concave "dished" long-throw woofers. The 3-way configuration allows each driver to be optimized to do a better job over a narrower frequency. The Silver 300 delivers class-leading midrange, while the pair of long-throw 6"bass drivers work together to produce powerful midbass and bass from the tall, but slim cabinet design.

  • 1" Tweeter: The newly 1" C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) Gold Dome tweeter, features a vented Neo magnet system, optimized for lower distortion and cleaner sounding treble. This innovative venting technique along with a damped rear chamber improves clarity and widens operating bandwidth.
  • 4" Midrange Driver: The Silver 300 produces natural midrange courtesy of a dedicated 4" C-CAM RST midrange driver, specially designed with a "under-hung" voice coil and motor system. This technique ensures the voice coil always remains in the magnetic gap under all conditions for lower distortion.
  • Dual 6" Long-Throw Woofers: The ultra-compact Silver 300 introduces a completely new version of Monitor Audio's special 6" C-CAM RST long-throw woofer with a concave "dished" cone profile for optimal damping and improved midrange clarity. The two 6" long-throw woofers are constructed with massive magnetic systems and cast polymer chassis capable of deep bass extension with excellent rigidity and damping characteristics. Each C-CAM woofer also utilizes a unique build ring/voice coil-cone coupling mechanism (DCF), optimized to reduce high-frequency cone break-up and increase the critical voice coil circumferential rigidity.
  • High Quality Crossovers: The Monitor Audio Silver 300 employs high-quality crossovers (LF/MF=570Hz, MF/HF=3.5kHz) with premium grade, bespoke polypropylene film capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors to seamlessly blend the sound of the tweeter, midrange driver, and woofers together for a natural sounding audio image. Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling means the highest-quality transfer throughout the signal chain.

C-CAM Technology: C-CAM driver technology is used throughout the Monitor Audio Silver Series loudspeaker line-up, providing coherent tonal balance and sonic signature across the entering audio frequency spectrum.

  • C-CAM Gold-Dome Tweeter: The gold dome tweeter found in the Silver Series family of loudspeakers is formed from a ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium alloy, gold anodized to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics. Its new profile and surround geometry have been developed using advanced modeling tools, to provide the optimum qualities for accurate sound reproduction. The new design moves the first order of breakup to beyond 35kHz, producing a linear response way beyond audibility, which matches the wide frequency bandwidth available from HD music and cinema sound formats. The gold dome is thinner, lighter, more rigid and therefore more efficient than domes made from other materials which are prone to distortion in the audio band.
  • C-CAM Cone Woofer/Midrange: Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium is used to construct the woofer cone in the Silver Series loudspeakers. C-CAM is a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components. Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency. In manufacture, aluminum/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and molecular weakness. Once formed, the alloy cone is subjected to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of pure ceramic alumina is depleted onto its surfaces to a depth of 300 microns, producing a completely rigid sandwich of alloy and heat-dissipating ceramic material. Conventional cones are liable to flex or twist in operation, producing a significant level of audible distortion. C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to bending stress and therefore exhibit much greater fidelity over their entire operating range.

RST (Rigid Surface Technology): The Silver Series combines Rigid Surface Technology (RST) with its C-CAM cone woofer design for a stronger, lighter weight cone. The Rigid Surface Technology (RST) cone profile was inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, which demonstrates how a very light material (like paper) can be strengthened and made more rigid by making small and precise folds on it surface. Developed and perfect using sophisticated computer modeling (Finite Element Analysis), the Silver Series midbass drivers have been strengthened by a pattern of dimples. RST significantly increases cone rigidity, allowing the radiating surfaces to resist mechanical bending forces, which can twist the  shape of conventional driver cones to produce distorted sound. The strengthening effect of RST means that Monitor Audio can use thinner, lighter and more responsive C-CM cones which provide speed and accuracy while offering greatly reduced distortion. The RST patterns also help to displace standing waves that can propagate on the cone's surface.

HiVe II Bass Reflex Ports: The Silver 300 floorstanding loudspeaker features a dual-chamber bass reflex cabinet with two rear-firing ports for the dual 6" woofers. The dual-camber bass reflex cabinet provides greater efficiency, better midbass detail, and bigger bass response from a slim floorstanding speaker. The Silver 300's bass reflex enclosure utilizes Monitor Audio's HiVe II port design that is shaped to have the same effect on airflow as a gun-barrel on a bullet. Rifled grooves inside the port help to accelerate the flow and reduce turbulence, so air moves in and out of the port more efficiently, for a faster more dynamic bass response.

Note: If the bass is too boomy, you can insert the included foam port plugs (one or both) into the speaker's rear-firing ports to tighten and lessen the bass.

Rigid Construction: Strategic cabinet bracing and Monitor Audio's bolt-through technology creates an amazingly solid speaker. Not only can it play loud and clear, it delivers an incredibly well balanced, pure midrange for a natural sound. Design criteria ensure that the Silver 300 will make the most of your living space by being placed close to a wall and yet still deliver clean, punchy bass. You will only hear well-balanced, pure midrange without ever a hint of box coloration.

  • Single Through-Bolt Mount: The tweeter and  woofer are fixed to the cabinet with single through-bolt driver fixing mounts. This single-through-bolt mount design provides mechanical de-coupling and enhanced midband clarity and resolution. The through-bolts also act as rigid cross bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.
  • MDF Enclosure w/ Magnetic Grille: The Silver 300 employs a MDF enclosure for accurate, uncolored sound. Rigid 20mm MDF construction is used throughout the enclosure with radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity and low cabinet coloration. In addition, the floorstanding speaker comes with an acoustically transparent magnetic cloth grille.

Dual Gold-Plated Binding Posts: The Silver Series floorstanding loudspeaker has two sets of gold-plated binding posts connected by wire-jumpers. The gold-plated binding posts will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), pin connectors, & banana plugs (single only). To use banana plugs, you will need to remove each binding post's plastic insert.  Using the dual posts, you can bi-wire or bi-amp the speaker. Bi-wiring or bi-amping the speaker provides improved bass & treble performance. The binding-post speaker terminals are color-coded (red+/black-) and are at floor-level for easy identification and hookup.

  • Bi-Wiring: Bi-wiring can provide noticeable improvements in the overall transparency of your loudspeakers. Run separate speaker wires to the low & high frequency drivers from a single amplifier (the upper set of binding posts are for the high frequency drivers; the lower set of binding posts are for the low frequency drivers).
  • Bi-Amping: Bi-amping allows you to use separate amplifiers for the high & low frequency sections of your loudspeaker for greater dynamic range & lower distortion. We recommend that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance.
Note: If you decide to bi-wire or bi-amp the speaker, you must remove the jumpers between the terminal posts (failure to do this could result in damage to your amplifier and loudspeakers).

Application: The Monitor Audio Silver Series 300 floorstanding loudspeakers can be used for the front or rear channels in a home theater system, or standing alone in a strictly two-channel stereo system.

  • Front Placement: As front channels in a home theater setup or as a 2ch speaker system, the floorstanding loudspeaker should be positioned so they create an equidistant triangle between the speakers and your main listening position. The speakers should be positioned 6'-10' apart from one another, 12"-24" from the back wall, and at least 3' from the side walls. The speakers can be "toed" in and angled toward the main listening position to create a more distinct stereo image.
  • Rear Placement: As rear speakers in a home theater setup, the speakers should be positioned directly to the left and right of your main listening position, or directly behind the main listening position. The speakers should be positioned 6'-10' apart from one another, 12"-24" from the back wall, and at least 3' from the side walls.

Outrigger Feet: The Silver Series 300 floorstanding speaker includes four outrigger feet which will need to be installed and screwed into the bottom of the speaker cabinet (hardware included). Each outrigger assembly comes with a rubber foot installed for hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Spike feet are also included for carpeted flooring. The spike feet screw into the bottom of the rubber feet. A knob and locking nut on each of the outriggers allow you to adjust the level of the speaker once it is set in place.

  • Dimensions with Rubber Feet: 9.8125" (w) x 40.25" (h) x 14.375" (d) 
  • Dimensions with Spike Feet: 9.8125" (w) x 40.875" (h) x 14.375" (d)
Note: Do not use the speakers without the outrigger feet installed. The feet add greater stability and aid in higher quality sound reproduction. The rubber feet and spike feet cannot be used without the outriggers installed.

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Customer Q&A

2 questions already asked

how much damage are these Scratch and dent speakers?
norman  May 21, 2018
1 answer
Thiey have minor, cosmetic only, blemishes. They still sound and perform just like new speakers and there is no loss in the quality because of the blemish. You also still get the 5 year warranty on them! My Bio:
jason  Jun 01, 2018 (Staff)
I am trying to decide between these Silver 300's and a couple of other speakers from Crutchfield and would like to hear some feedback from actual owners. Also, my wife and I are trying to decide between the WALNUT and the ROSENUT, so, would like your opinions on how they look for either one. Do they look close to the photos on the site? John C.
john  Apr 03, 2018
2 answers
I upgrade to the Silver 300 from a B&W 600 series and can tell you in comparison these speakers are a HUGE step up in sound quality and build quality. I used to run my music in multi channel mode because I thought 2-channel listening was terrible. Since I purchased these 2-channel is pretty awesome. I personally have the Walnut color and it blends nicely with my furniture. The walnut in the pictures look lighter and have more brown tones than the set I have. The color is fairly dark and a slight red tint to them. My dad has the rosenut in the old model and it is much to red for me.
blake  Apr 19, 2018
Thanks for your question! We have not received any answers from other customers yet; but you can also reach out to a Crutchfield Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help clear up any questions or concerns.
david  Apr 10, 2018 (Staff)

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