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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Drone Aerial drone with dual 4K visual and thermal cameras, loudspeaker, LED spotlight, and protection plan

Item # 964MAV2ENA

A nimble drone with a wide range of applications, thanks to its flexible dual cameras and modular accessory options.

A nimble drone with a wide range of applications, thanks to its flexible dual cameras and modular accessory options.

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Item # 964MAV2ENA

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About the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Drone

Colin M.

Power and flexibility

An update to DJI's previous Enterprise Dual drone, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has improved visual and thermal cameras with higher resolution and zoom capabilities. This drone's advanced obstacle detection means flyers can keep themselves and their drone at a safe distance when performing complex or otherwise dangerous operations. 

Power and flexibility

An update to DJI's previous Enterprise Dual drone, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has improved visual and thermal cameras with higher resolution and zoom capabilities. This drone's advanced obstacle detection means flyers can keep themselves and their drone at a safe distance when performing complex or otherwise dangerous operations. 

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced makes an excellent pick for applications as wide as industrial inspection, firefighting, search and rescue, and environmental protection. This drone flies fast and far, and it can be deployed quickly, helping you get the job done when speed is of the essence.


The built-in dual cameras let you switch between 4K visuals, thermal mode, or a split-view mode that combines both. This lets you choose the best view in real-time as your needs change during an operation. The 48-megapixel visual camera supports 4X lossless zoom and up to 32X digital zoom, while its counterpart has 640 x 512 thermal resolution with 15X zoom and a measurement accuracy down to ±2°C. That's some seriously powerful optics for a compact aerial drone.

Stay connected

Getting a fuzzy feed or losing the video connection entirely mid-flight is less than ideal. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced uses OcuSync 2.0, an improved wireless connection that can automatically switch between two different bands (2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz), to resist pesky interference. This way you can relax a little and focus on getting sweet aerial footage.

With video transmission range up to 6.2 miles, you have some serious room to work with. You can soar over a forested mountainside, through a craggy ravine, or between the rooftops of a crowded city street — all while you remain planted safely on terra firma.

Customizable payload

The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can be customized with modular accessories to let the drone excel in a variety of applications. It comes bundled with three helpful modules: a signal beacon, loudspeaker, and LED spotlight.

The signal beacon helps perform safe nighttime activities alongside other aircraft. The loudspeaker can store and clearly playback looped voice recordings over the hum of the drone's propellers in flight, allowing you to efficiently provide preset instructions to a team on the ground during emergency situations. The LED spotlight can help provide visibility in fog, smoke, low light, or at night. This can be especially useful for search and rescue operations.

Peace of mind

Accidents happen to the best of us. With DJI Enterprise Basic covering damage from collisions, water, drops, signal interference, and even user error, you can rest a little easier. This plan includes up to two replacements within one year at a small corresponding fixed fee. Enterprise Shield Basic is auto-activated when you register the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

Optional RTK module (sold separately)

The drone is also compatible with an RTK Module that helps bring superior accuracy to aerial inspections, surveys, and mapping. RTK (real-time kinematics) geotags each image with positional metadata as it's taken, providing corrections in real-time. This makes the module an invaluable add-on for surveyors looking for an efficient and cost-effective alternative to otherwise expensive and time-consuming work.


Product highlights:

  • quadcopter with 4K visual camera, thermal imaging camera, controller, battery, and charger
  • includes one year of Enterprise Shield Basic (auto-activated during registration)
  • foldable, lightweight design makes it easy to carry to your launch destination
  • low-noise flight technology for a quieter flight
  • powered extension port for connecting optional modular accessories
  • AirSense tracks real-time positioning information for nearby manned and unmanned aircraft
  • hyper-accurate flight positioning with GPS+GLONASS
  • FlightAutonomy omnidirectional obstacle sensing with Advanced Pilot Assistance helps you fly safely
  • password-protected device login
  • compatible with RTK Module for incredibly accurate positioning data in real-time
  • flight time: up to 31 minutes
  • maximum speed: 44.7 mph
  • records to optional microSD memory card (128GB max., Speed Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required)
  • 9-9/16"W x 3-5/16"H x 12-11/16"D (unfolded)
  • weight: 2 lbs.
High-zoom camera:
  • 48-megapixel 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
  • records 4K video at 30 fps
  • 32X digital zoom (4X lossless)
  • fast, sharp autofocus
  • 24GB internal memory
FLIR thermal microcamera:
  • 640 x 512 thermal resolution
  • 16X thermal zoom
  • 30 Hz frame rate
  • display modes: Visible, Thermal, and Split-view
    • split-view mode combines data from visual and thermal cameras in real-time
  • Area Measurement shows lowest, highest, and average temperature for a specific location
  • Spot Meter displays the average temperature of an object
  • ±2°C accuracy for temperature measurement
Special features:
  • GPS timestamping records the time and date that images are taken
  • three primary flight modes:
    • P-mode uses GPS and vision positioning for high maneuverability
    • S-mode disables obstacle sensing so the aircraft can fly at top speed
    • T-mode limits speed and maximizes stability for steady video and still images
  • OcuSync 2.0 digital video transmission system:
    • sends live 1080p live video to the controller from up to 6.2 miles away
    • dual-band Wi-Fi® with auto-switching
  • share footage with the free, downloadable DJI PILOT app for iOS® and Android™ devices
  • flight data is stored internally and can be downloaded via micro USB port
  • Local Data Mode prevents data from being sent or received over the internet, providing additional security for sensitive operations
Included accessories and warranty:
  • remote controller
  • three pairs of propellers
  • carrying case
  • spotlight, speaker, and beacon accessories
  • USB-C cable
  • USB adapter
  • one pair of replacement control sticks
  • rechargeable intelligent flight battery
    • batteries are self-heating for low temperature operation
  • battery charger
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Note: The FAA offers the most up-to-date information on safety tips, rules, and regulations for responsible drone use. Many drones need to be registered, and state and/or local laws may restrict their use in some areas.

What's in the box:

  • Aerial drone w/ thermal and visual cameras
  • Remote controller
  • Intelligent Flight Battery (pre-installed)
  • Spotlight
  • Beacon
  • Speaker
  • AC power adapter
  • 39" Power cable
  • 6 Propellers
  • 41" USB-C to USB-A cable
  • USB-C to microUSB adapter
  • Gimbal protector (pre-installed)
  • 4 Joystick knobs (2 pre-installed)
  • 3.75" microUSB adapter cable
  • 3.75" USB-C adapter cable
  • Extended port cover
  • Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines
  • "In The Box" booklet
  • "DJI Support" card

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More details on the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Drone

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Type Air
Bundle/combo No
Size class Mini
Application Professional
Protection Plan ---
Camera Features & Specs
Camera Mount Type Gimbal mount
Visual Camera Yes
Thermal Camera Yes
Other Type of Camera No
Image sensor 1/2" CMOS
Video Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Still Image Size 8000 x 6000 (48MP)
Aircraft Features & Specs
RTH (Return to Home) Yes
Auto Takeoff/Landing No
Obstacle Sensing Yes
GPS-enabled Yes
GLONASS-enabled Yes
Max. Flight Speed 44.7 mph
Max. Flight Time 31 min
Max. Height 19685 feet
Max. Distance 6.2 miles
Internal Storage 24GB
External Storage microSD/SDHC/SDXC
Control & Display
Remote Controller Included
Built-in Display No
Display on Smartphone Yes
FPV Goggles Optional
USB microUSB
Other No
Included Accessories
Case Yes
Neck Strap No
Spare Propellers Yes
Battery 1
Battery Charger Yes
Other Accessories Light, Speaker, Beacon
Other Info
Width (inches) 9.5625
Height (inches) 3.3125
Depth (inches) 12.6875
Weight (pounds) 2
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Aerial Drone
Thermal & Visual Cameras
Remote Controller & Apps
Intelligent Flight Battery

Aerial Drone

Enterprise Series: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a portable drone with uniquely powerful features designed for businesses, governments, educators and other professionals who want a reliable everyday tool that helps them do their work better. Engineered for businesses that seek to transform their operations with drone technology, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced features an ultra-compact and foldable design with an array of advanced controls and accessories (including carry case) that extend users' capabilities during critical operations like firefighting, emergency response, law enforcement, and infrastructure inspections.

FOC Propulsion Motors w/ Low-Noise Propellers: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced uses DJI’s FOC propulsion motors combined with efficient propellers for quieter and more efficient flight, delivering a maximum flight time of up to 31 minutes and a top speed of 44.7 mph. Low-noise propellers make your flight incredibly quiet, eliminating any worries of disturbing your surroundings. The propellers adopt a brand new aerodynamic design, which results in quieter flight, increased efficiency, and extended flight time. They also offer a quick-release design.

  • Max Ascent Speed: 6m/s (Sport mode), 4m/s (Positioning mode)
  • Max Descent Speed: 5m/s (Sport mode), 4m/s (Positioning mode)
  • Max Speed: 44.7 mph in Sport mode without wind or 31 mph in Positioning mode without wind
  • Max Height: 19,685 feet
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 18mph to 23.6mph

Note: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is not waterproof and should not be flown in the rain.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing w/ APAS: FlightAutonomy has been upgraded to include Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing with an Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS). Mavic 2 Enterprise's Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) allows the drone to sense and automatically avoid obstacles in front of and behind it, providing additional safety - especially for new pilots and when flying in areas with obstacles or rugged terrain. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is equipped with Forward, Backward, Downward, and Lateral Visions System, plus Upward and Downward Infrared Sensing Systems, providing omnidirectional obstacle sensing (if lighting conditions are adequate). The main components of the Forward, Backward, and Downward Vision Systems are six cameras located on the nose, rear side, and the underside of the aircraft. Lateral Visions Systems are two cameras located on either side of the aircraft. The main components of the Upward and Downward Infrared Sensing Systems are two 3D infrared modules located on the upper and underside of the aircraft.

  • Forward & Backward Visions Systems: Using the Forward and Backward Visions Systems, the aircraft can actively brake when detecting obstacles in front. The Forward and Backward Visions Systems work best with adequate lighting and clear marked textured obstacles. To allow for sufficient time to break, the aircraft should not fly more than 31mph when fly forward or more than 27mph when flying backward.
  • Lateral Visions Systems: The Lateral Vision Systems require better lighting and more textured or clearly marked obstacles, and cannot sense dynamic objects such as moving people, vehicles, tree branches, or blinking lights.
  • Downward Visions & Infrared Sensing Systems: The Downward Vision System and Infrared Sensing System helps the aircraft maintain its current position and hover in place more precisely and fly indoors or in other environments where GPS signal is unavailable. In addition, the Auxiliary Bottom Light located on the underside of the aircraft improves visibility for the Downward Vision Systems in weak light conditions. The Downward Vision System and Infrared Sensing System activate automatically when the aircraft is turned done.
Note: FlightAutonomy only provides a certain amount of protection in specific environments and does not compensate for user judgment during flight. The Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing technology does not fully cover the circumference of a 360° arc. DJI warranty does not cover any loss caused by crashing. Please be aware of your surroundings and app notifications when operating the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced to ensure safety.

OcuSync 2.0 Digital Video Transmission: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced features DJI's OcuSync 2.0 video and data transmission system,, providing a more stable connection between the drone and its remote controller. The system features stronger interference resistance and auto-switching capabilities that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands with the capability to use different frequencies for uplink and downlink data streams. OcuSync 2.0 delivers a 720p live-view transmission feedback to the DJI Pilot app on your compatible Android OS mobile device, up to 6.2 miles away. OcuSync 2.0 offers a download speed of up to 40Mbps and latency as low as 120ms, delivering a smoother video feed and overall better experience.

AirSense Technology: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced comes equipped with DJI's AirSense technology to help improve pilot's situational awareness and enhance airspace safety. AirSense uses an integrated receiver to automatically alert drone pilots of ADS-B signals from nearby airplanes and helicopters, providing real-time positioning alerts through the DJI Pilot mobile app. This provides an extra level of safety for professional drone operators who fly in congested airspace or near complicated operations, such as wildfire suppression, disaster recovery and infrastructure monitoring. DJI AirSense is a key system to help ensure drones remain a safe addition to the skies.

24GB Onboard Data Storage: Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is designed with new features to protect the integrity of photos, videos, flight logs and other data generated during sensitive flights. An industry first, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced incorporates 24GB of onboard data storage and password protection, creating accountability for all access to the drone's functions and stored data. When Password Protection is enabled, users are required to enter their password each time they activate the drone, link the remote controller with the drone, and access the drone's onboard storage, giving them full, exclusive use and enhanced security. This provides secure access to the drone and its onboard data storage, while protecting that data even if the drone is physically compromised.

Flight Modes: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has three flights modes (Positioning/Sport/Tripod), plus a fourth flight mode (Attitude) that the aircraft automatically switches to in certain circumstances.

  • P-Mode (Positioning): The Positioning mode works best when the GPS signal is strong. The aircraft utilizes GPS and the Vision Systems to locate itself, stabilize, and navigate between obstacles. Intelligent Flight Modes are enabled in the mode. The maximum forward flight speed is 31mph and the maximum backward flight speed is 27mph when in P-mode.
  • S-Mode (Sport): In Sport mode, the aircraft responses are optimized for agility and speed making it more responsive to joystick movements. The maximum flight speed is 44.7mph. The Vision Systems are disabled and the aircraft only uses GPS for positioning when in Sport mode. Intelligent Flight Modes are not available and the aircraft cannot sense or avoid obstacles when in Sport mode.
  • T-Mode (Tripod): Tripod mode makes the aircraft more stable during shooting with limited flight speed. The maximum flight speed, maximum ascend speed and maximum descend speed are 1 m/s. Intelligent Flight Modes are not available in Tripod mode.
  • A-Mode (Attitude): The aircraft will automatically changes to Attitude mode when the Vision Systems are unavailable or disabled and when the GPS signal is weak or the compass experiences interference. When the Vision Systems are unavailable, the aircraft cannot position itself or brake automatically, which increases the risk of potential flight hazards. In Attitude mode, the aircraft may be more easily affected by its surrounds. Environmental factors such as wind can result in horizontal shifting, which may present hazards, especially when flying in confined spaces.

Missions Flight: Mission Flight supports flight planning and allows you to control the drone automatically, making your workflow music simpler and more efficient. You can setup up custom waypoints (up to 240) along a flight pattern and store them so they can be accessed later through the DJI Pilot app.

Return To Home (RTH) w/ Precision Landing: The Return to Home (RTH) function brings the aircraft back to the last recorded home point. Its Forward Vision System allows the aircraft to create a real-time map of its flight route as it flies, so it can retrace its flight pattern to return to the home point. Once the aircraft has returned to its home point, it will scan the terrain below and attempt to land automatically. There are three types of Return to Home (RTH) - Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH.

  • Smart RTH: If the GPS signal is sufficiently strong, Smart RTH can be used to bring the aircraft back to the home point by manually activating this feature from the remote controller or DJI Pilot app on your Apple iOS or Android OS device.
  • Low Battery RTH: Low Battery RTH is trigger when the Intelligent Flight Battery is depleted to the point that the safe return of the aircraft may be affected. The DJI 4 GO app will display a warning when the battery level is low. The aircraft will then automatically return to the home.
  • Failsafe RTH: Failsafe RTH automatically activates after the remote control signal is lost for more than two seconds. When Failsafe RTH is activated, the aircraft will start to retrace its original flight route to the recorded home point.

Flight Limits & GEO Zones: Flight limitations are applied by default to help you operate the drone safely and legally. Flight limitations include altitude limits, distance limits, and GEO Zones. The flight altitude and distance limits can be changed in the DJI Pilot app. Make sure to abide by all laws and regulations when flying the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

Included Accessories: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced allows DJI accessories to be securely mounted to the drone's body and is operated through the flight control app. These accessories open new paths for pilots to communicate and work from the air, moving drones beyond imaging tools and into configurable platforms that enhance aerial productivity. The following DJI accessories are included -

  • Spotlight: A dual spotlight with a brightness of 2,400 lumens aids operators in carrying out missions in dark or low-light areas. Spotlight is ideal for search and rescue as well as inspection applications.
  • Speaker: A loudspeaker with a maximum projection of 100 decibels (1-meter distance) lets pilots play up to 10 custom voice recordings on demand, providing a communications channel to nearby individuals that can be critical during lifesaving emergency operations.
  • Beacon: Designed with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Night Waiver standards in mind, the M2E Beacon features a bright flashing strobe visible three miles away. This helps pilots carry out missions in low-light conditions or at night much more safely, and provides additional airspace awareness for operators of nearby drones and traditional aircraft.
  • Case: The case offers both protection and excellent storage ability. The interior of the case is carefully-designed to fit the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone with EVA foam inserts that provide an exact fit and keep it safe from impact. Ample interior space accommodates the aircraft and remote controller; as well as the battery, charger, spare propellers, and other accessories (including the spotlight, speaker, and beacon).

Optional RTK Module: Achieve centimeter-level accuracy using the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with DJI's RTK Module (sold separately) and create up to 240 waypoints to conduct automated, detailed inspection missions in complex environments. The M2EA RTK Module allow the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced aerial drone to achieve centimeter-level accuracy and supports NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol). This RTK (Real-time Kinematics) antenna provides incredibly accurate positioning data in real-time.

  • RTK Positioning Accuracy: When the RTK status is FIX, 1cm+1ppm (horizontally), 1.5cm+1 ppm (vertically)
  • Power Requirements: microUSB (approximately 3W)
  • Dimensions: 2.75" (w) x 2.75" (h) x 2.375" (d)

FAA Rules & Regulations: Please familiarize yourself with the FAA's rules & regulations for unmanned aircraft systems before flying your drone. Click here  for more details.

Thermal & Visual Cameras

3-Axis Gimbal: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced features a fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal camera with a thermal camera and visual camera, providing both infrared and visible light imaging simultaneously. The infrared thermal camera records 640x512 resolution and the visual camera captures 4K videos and 48MP photos. To provide true 4K aerial video, accurate thermal imaging, and a smooth live feed, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced employs DJI's latest 3-axis gimbal technology, ensuring smooth, stable footage in just about any situation. With brushless motors on all three axes (tilt/roll/pan), the gimbal can control the camera with precision, adjusting it to eliminate shake caused by movement from the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone. Two gimbal operation modes are available - Follow Mode and FPV Mode. In Follow Mode, the angle between the gimbal's orientation and aircraft's nose remains constant at all time. In FPV Mode, the gimbal synchronizes with the movement of the aircraft to provide a first-person perspective flying experience.

  • Mechanical Range: -135° to +45° (Tilt), -100 to +100° (Pan)
  • Controllable Range: -90° to +30° (Tilt), -75° to +75° (Pan)
  • Max Control Speed: 120°/s
  • Angular Vibration Range: +/- 0.005°

Thermal Camera: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is equipped with an uncooled VOx microbolometer thermal camera with high-sensitivity (+/-2° Temperature Measurement Accuracy). The aerial drone's thermal camera helps you get accurate heat measurements on a variety of objects and scenarios. It supports both Spot Meter and Area Measurement. The thermal camera lets you monitor and measure temperatures, oversee temperature measurements of specific areas, as well as combine visual data with thermal imaging in real-time. The infrared thermal camera records 640x512 @ 30Hz thermal resolution and features a 16x zoom.

Visual Camera: The gimbal mounted 4K camera is powered by a 1/2.3" CMOS image sensor with 12 million effective pixels and features 24mm lens for smooth, stable 4K or HD video and 48MP photo images. The camera offers an approximate 85° FOV (field of view), F/2.8 aperture, and 1m to infinite focus range. It also features a 32x digital zoom for still photos and 4x digital zoom for 1080p video. You can not zoom when filming 4K and there is no optical zoom.

  • 4K Video: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's 3-axis gimbal 4K camera can shoot smooth ultra high-resolution video with incredible detail. Video recording modes include 4K (3840x2160 @ 30fps) and 1080p (1920x1080 @ 30fps). The camera has an auto ISO range of 100-12800 (auto). Video is recorded in either MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
  • 48MP Photos: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced's 3-axis gimbal 4K camera will also capture 48 megapixel (8000x6000) still imagesin JPEG format. The camera has an auto ISO range of 100-1600 (auto). Still photography modes include Single Shot, Interval (2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60s), and Panorama.

Note: The camera of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced cannot be swapped out for other camera models.

MicroSD Card Slot: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced features a microSD card slot with support for microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC memory cards with a capacity up to 128GB and speed up to UHS-1 Grade 3. All video and photos are recorded on a microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC card (not included). The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced also features an integrated 24GB internal memory for storing videos and photos. Two photos or videos will be saved simultaneously from the dual cameras.

GPS Timestamp: A new GPS timestamping feature encodes the time, date, and location of every recorded image, aiding in pilot accountability and ensuring that data captured by the drone can be trusted and used in situations from reviewing critical infrastructure inspections to potential legal proceedings.

Local Data Mode: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced users with heightened data security concerns can use DJI's Local Data Mode feature which, when activated, will stop the user's connected mobile device from sending or receiving any data over the internet. This provides added security assurances for operators of flights involving critical infrastructure, governmental projects or other sensitive missions.

Remote Controller & Apps

Standard Remote Controller: The standard remote controller wirelessly connects to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone using OcuSync transmission technology with auto-switching between 2.4GHz and 5GHz for a wireless range up to 6.2miles (10km). In addition to flight controls, the remote controller features a number of camera control functions. The remote is equipped with joystick and push-button control, as well as a LCD screen for real-time flight data (does not offer live view video feedback). The included remote controller offers up to 2 hours and 30 minutes of battery life on a full charge. It features an ergonomic and foldable design with detachable sticks, making it convenient to carry and store. The remote controller and aircraft are already linked out of the box.

Note: The remote controllers from previous and other Mavic 2 Enterprise Series drones are not compatible with the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

Mobile Cradle: The included standard remote controller features a mobile device cradle which allows you to use the remote controller and the DJI Pilot App on your smartphone in conjunction with one another. Use the standard remote for longer range control of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced and the DJI Pilot App on your compatible Android OS device as a live view screen (up to 720p) from up to 6.2 miles away. This type of configuration also requires your smartphone to be connected to the remote controller via USB (smartphone cables and adapters included).

Note: Android smartphones that are 0.25-3.125" thick and no more than 6.3125" long will fit in the remote controller clamps comfortably. For tablets beyond this measurement range, please purchase the DJI Mavic 2 Tablet Holder (sold separately from DJI).

DJI Pilot App: The DJI Pilot app (for Android OS 5.0+) is a robust App developed specifically for DJI Enterprise Series drones. The DJI Pilot app provides control of the aircraft, live video transmission in real-time, photo & video capture, as well as playback functions - all from your compatible Android OS mobile device. You can even switch between visual, thermal, or split-view feeds for different project needs on the DJI Pilot App for Android OS 5.0+. You can also update the firmware and check flight records using the DJI Pilot app.

Note: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced does not support the Apple iOS version of the DJI Pilot app (as of 7/1/2021).

Flight Recorder: Flight data is automatically recorded to the internal storage of the aerial drone. This includes flight telemetry, aircraft status information, and other parameters. You can connect the aircraft to a computer via the USB port and export this data via the DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series) for Windows and Mac

DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 2.0: The DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 2.0 (for Windows PC) can be used to analyze and process thermal images. By identifying the temperature information of critical areas of the target, the software can be used to analyze objects across many industrial applications. Major incidents can be prevented or addressed quickly by using the software to detect and pinpoint temperature abnormalities in equipment in routine inspections.

Optional Smart Remote Controller: The optional DJI Smart Controller (sold separately) comes with an ultra-bright 5.5" 1080p display that maintains clear visibility and vivid color even in direct sunlight. It comes pre-installed with the DJI Pilot app to give you optimized flight control throughout your operations (no external smartphone device required). The installation of 3rd party apps is also supported.

Intelligent Flight Battery

Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries: The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is powered by a high-density, rechargeable lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery that has a capacity of 3850mAh and voltage of 15.4V. This battery can provide a flight time of up to 31 minutes (at a constant speed in conditions with no wind) and a hover time of 29 minutes (with no wind). The included remote controller is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 5000mAH and has a run of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. The batteries must be fully charged before using them for the first time.

Intelligent Flight Battery: The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery in the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced adopts the latest technologies to ensure that the flight control system is able to obtain accurate battery level. This allows it to calculate remaining flight times more accurately. It also gives pilots a full understanding of the overall battery status, including real-time battery cell status, circle number, temperature and more, and all in the DJI Pilot app on your smartphone. The aerial drone will automatically return to home if the battery signal is getting too low. The drone may land automatically if the current battery level can only support the aircraft long enough to descend from its current altitude.

BMS (Battery Management System): As well as monitoring the battery status during flight, the BMS (Battery Management System) also has overcharge and over discharge protection, reducing the likelihood of battery damage. When not in use for extended periods of time, DJI Intelligent Flight Battery automatically discharges to 50% charge, keeping it at an optimum charge level for extended battery life. When flying in cold temperatures, the BMS will activate low-temperature protection and will control power output according to the temperature. This ensures the battery can provide adequate propulsion without damage from the cold.

Self-Heating Function: A new self-heating feature of the Intel-light Flight battery, specifically designed for Mavic 2 Enterprise, allows the drone to perform reliably in adverse weather conditions as low as 14 Fahrenheit. The self-heating function will be automatically enabled when attached to the aircraft and powered on.

AC Power Adapter: An AC power adapter is included to charge the Mavic 2 Enterprise's lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery. The AC power adapter is also outfitted with a USB (type-A) port to charge the included remote controller and microUSB jack to charge your smartphone. Charging times is approximately 90 minutes. However, it will take longer to fully charge the battery when also charging the controller and your smartphone.

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Will this drone perform normally in light/ moderate/ heavy rain?
cj  Jul 07, 2022
1 answer
Unfortunately it isn't waterproof and isn't meant to be flown in the rain.
brooke  Jul 07, 2022 (Staff)

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