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AtlasIED In-ceiling Package System

Music and paging system with six in-ceiling speakers, 50-watt amplifier, and volume control

Item # 978EZSCPHD

If your place of business has tile ceilings, this package will help you deliver pleasant background music and...

If your place of business has tile ceilings, this package will help you deliver pleasant background music and...

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Item # 978EZSCPHD


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About the AtlasIED In-ceiling Package System

Eric A.

A convenient in-ceiling sound system

If your place of business has tile ceilings, this package will help you deliver pleasant background music and clear, audible paging for your customers. The system includes six Atlas SD72W speakers with t-bar bridges that give them solid support in a drop ceiling. The AtlasIED AA50G mixer/amplifier offers 50 watts of power and plenty of inputs for a mic and music sources.

A convenient in-ceiling sound system

If your place of business has tile ceilings, this package will help you deliver pleasant background music and clear, audible paging for your customers. The system includes six Atlas SD72W speakers with t-bar bridges that give them solid support in a drop ceiling. The AtlasIED AA50G mixer/amplifier offers 50 watts of power and plenty of inputs for a mic and music sources.

The included WPD-RISRL in-wall controller offers a handy volume knob, and it has three sliders that let you remotely switch input sources. 

Wires, cables, and sources not included

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Product highlights:

  • complete music and paging system for a small business
  • includes six in-ceiling speakers, amplifier, and in-wall volume control/input switch
  • six t-bar support bridges for installing in drop ceilings included
  • system warranty: 5 years
  • wires and cables not included
Atlas SD72W Speakers (6):
  • 8" treated paper woofer
  • dual-cone design
  • frequency response: 45-19,000 Hz (±5dB)
  • 97 dB sensitivity
  • 105° distribution pattern
  • built-in 25/70V transformer with power taps: .25, .5, 1, 2, and 5 watts
  • 8-1/8" diameter x 2-7/8" depth
  • weight: 3 lbs.
Atlas AA50G Mixer/Amplifier:
  • amplified 3-channel mixer for commercial audio distribution
  • output: 50 watts RMS x 1 at 25 volts, 70.7 volts, or 4 ohms
  • 3 unbalanced stereo pair line inputs
  • single balanced mic/line input with phantom power
  • Push Here Diagnostic® (PHD) automatically verifies that attached speakers' tap settings do not exceed the amplifier's rated power
  • dimensions: 8-5/16"W x 3-11/16"H x 10-7/8"D
  • decorative wall plate allows remote source selection and volume control of included amplifier
  • choose audio source via slide selector
  • LED indicator shows which source is active
  • fits a single-gang electrical outlet
  • 8-conductor interface with removable Phoenix-style connectors
  • 2-1/2"W x 4-1/2"H x 1/4"D

What's in the box:

  • One 3-Input Mixer/Amplifier with attached 6' AC power cord (3-prong plug)
  • Owner's Manual
  • 6 In-ceiling speakers
  • 6 Speaker grilles (white)
  • 6 T-bar speaker bridges
  • Input selector/volume control (white)
  • Wall-plate
  • 6-Pin Euroblock (Phoenix) connector
  • 2-Pin Euroblock connector

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More details on the AtlasIED In-ceiling Package System

Russ B.

Product Research

Speakers & Volume Control


System Overview: The Atlas In-Ceiling Package System includes an Atlas AA50PHD mixer/amplifier, an in-wall source selector/volume control, and six SD72W in-ceiling speakers along with matching T-bar bridges. The In-Ceiling Package is an ideal system for industrial and commercial businesses, office spaces, retail stores, and more, while providing background music, distributed paging, and music-on-hold.

  • Note: Speaker wire, audio cables, and sound sources not included.


Mixer/Amplifier Overview: The Atlas Sound AA50PHD is a four-input, 50-watt mixer-amplifier that is ideal for small to medium-sized retail, industrial, and commercial businesses that use background music, distributed paging, and music-on-hold. It can also be used for speech privacy systems. The amp can accommodate a variety of input sources, and can power a 4Ω speaker load, or 25V and 70.7V commercial speaker systems.

Push Here Diagnostic: This AAPHD series mixer amp includes a patent pending automatic system test to check the connected speaker lines for wiring and impedance errors. The front panel Push Here Diagnostic (PHD) button automatically verifies that the attached speakers' tap settings do not exceed the amplifier's rated power, that no speakers are mistakenly tapped at 8Ω, and the speaker wire is not shorted anywhere.

Inputs: The AA50PHD has four input channels with independent level controls on the front panel:

  • The Channel 1 input has a removable Phoenix (Euroblock) connector with +, -, and G terminals for balanced microphone or line level signals. DIP switches on the rear panel let you select mic or line input, and turn on Phantom power for condenser-type microphones. The 2-pin Remote Mute terminals let you connect the contact closure wires from a mic switch to activate the Mute circuit. A VOX Mute Sensitivity Control, located beside Input 1, can adjust the sensitivity of the mute circuitry. This can be used to mute background music on another input channel when a paging announcement is made on Input 1.
  • The Channel 2 and Channel 3 inputs are stereo RCA summing inputs for connecting a CD or DVD player.
  • The Channel 4 input is a 3.5mm stereo summing input that can be used to connect an MP3 player or iPod. The input level adjustment for this input must be done at the source device. There is no input level control on the amplifier.

Speaker Output: The amplifier has a removable Phoenix connector for the speaker outputs. There are connections for a 4Ω direct-coupled speaker load, or 25V and 70V transformer-coupled speaker systems. The Phoenix connector will accept up to 12-gauge wire.

Zone 2 Output: The AA50PHD features a Zone 2 output that gets its signal from a selected input for music or messaging on hold applications. The Zone 2 terminal is an unbalanced 600Ω output with a maximum level of 1.0VRMS. A dedicated Zone 2 volume control is provided on the rear panel. The removable 2-conductor Phoenix connector accepts up to 18-gauge wire. DIP switches are provided for selecting an input source for Zone 2 from any of the inputs.

Pre Out Jack: The Pre Out (RCA) connector allows you to feed a signal to another power amplifier or external audio device. An effects loop can be created by connecting the Pre Out jack to an equalizer or other device, and then back out to the Amp In connector.

Amp Input: The Amp In connector can be used to convert the AA50PHD into a slave amp. When a line level signal is connected to this input, the internal connection between the preamp and internal power amp is broken. The AA50PHD becomes just a power amplifier, amplifying audio signal applied to the Amp In (Pwr In) connector.

Front Panel Controls: The front panel includes a master power switch (push button), a Master Level control, and rotary volume controls for Inputs 1 through 3. (There is no front panel volume control for Input 4.) The PHD switch is a flush-mounted button that requires a small tool with a point to activate the self-diagnostic test (See Push Here Diagnostic section above). There are status LEDs for Signal, Peak, Limit, and Power.

Bass/Treble Controls: Separate rotary bass and treble controls are provided on the back panel. Normally set at the 12:00 position, the bass control lets you adjust bass frequencies from -6 dB to + 6dB at 100 Hz, while the treble control adjusts treble frequencies from -6 dB to +6 dB at 10 kHz.

Remote Level Control: The Remote Level Control port lets you connect an optional Atlas Sound WPD-RISRL or WPD-VC10K level control. You can control the level of Input 1 or Inputs 2, 3, and 4 together. When a remote level control is connected, the system's maximum levels should be set using the front panel level controls, and use the remote potentiometer as an attenuator from the maximum levels set.

Remote Input Select (RIS): With the optional WPD-RISRL wall-mounted remote input selector and volume control, you can select inputs 2, 3, or 4, and adjust the volume. This is accomplished without having to run an audio signal from the amplifier to the selector, which prevents picking up interference. The WPD-RISRL connects to the amplifier through the RIS and Remote Level connections on the amp, with a maximum range of 200 feet.

DIP Switches: The versatile AA50PHD has a series of 12 DIP switches on the rear panel. The DIP switches can assign the input to Zone 2, turn on Mute Receive circuit for Inputs 2, 3, and 4, select the type of input (mic or line) for Input 1 and turn on Phantom Power for a Condenser Mic, assign the Remote Level Port to control Input 2, 3, 4 or Master Level, and turn on Remote Input Select.

Speakers & Volume Control

Speaker Overview: The SD72W is the next generation Atlas performance loudspeaker based on the preceding C-series speakers. Having similar sonic characteristics ensures that contractors and designers who have worked with Atlas C-series speakers will know what to expect and can confidently mix the two. The speaker features a sensitivity rating of 97 dB and a dispersion angle of 105˚, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Design: The SD27W is a dual-cone 8" speaker with a 10 oz. ceramic magnet and includes a curvilinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. It also features a full 1" diameter copper voice coil with a black anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation. Included with the speaker is a factory installed CRS baffle, with concealed speaker mounting studs, and mounting screws. The white powder-coated epoxy baffle features standard mounting holes that can accommodate the majority of Atlas 8" tile bridges, mounting rings, and enclosures. The SD27W is ETL certified and safety listed to UL1480 and UL2043.

25/70 Volt: The SD27W includes a factory installed 25/70 volt transformer with tap settings from 0.25 watts to 5 watts. Individual wires for each of the tap settings are provided and include:

  • 70 V:
    • Red: 0.25 W
    • White: 0.5 W
    • Yellow: 1 W
    • Blue: 2 W
    • Brown: 5 W
  • 25 V:
    • Blue: 0.25 W
    • Gray: 0.5 W
    • White/Green: 1 W
    • Violet: 2 W
    • Orange: 5 W
  • Black: Common negative for both

In-Wall Source/Volume: The Atlas WPD-RISRL is a remote source and volume control for use with select Atlas AAPHD mixer/amplifiers with RIS (Remote Input Select) capability. The in-wall source/level selector features a 3-way slide-switch, that allows you to select one of 3 input sources on the amplifier - Input 2, 3, or 4. Corresponding LED indicators for each source will illuminate when that input is selected. Each input LED also includes a convenient label for identifying that input source. A single 10kΩ potentiometer lets you adjust the volume level for the selected source.

Installation: The WPD-RISRL is designed to be mounted in a standard, single-gang electrical outlet box (sold separately).



  • Frequency Response: 80Hz - 15kHz (0.5% THD)
  • Output Power: 50 watts RMS
  • Dimensions: Width = 8.27", Height = 3.66", Depth = 10.87"
  • Weight: 10 pounds

In-Ceiling Speakers:

  • Speaker Cone: Treated paper
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB average
  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 8 kHz
  • Power Taps: 0.25 W, 0.5 W, 1 W, 2 W, and 5 W
  • Dispersion: 105˚ (2 kHz octave band, -6 dB points)
  • Dimensions: Diameter = 8.125", Depth = 2.875"

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