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Sanus NF24 Speaker Stands Natural Foundations Series IV — 24" (Black lacquer)

Item # 051NF24B

High-performance speakers deserve high-performance stands.

High-performance speakers deserve high-performance stands.

12 questions - 36 answers

Item # 051NF24B

About the Sanus NF24 Speaker Stands

High-performance speakers deserve high-performance stands. From top to bottom, Sanus' latest wood speaker stands combine fine furniture looks with ultra-rigid construction for solid support and optimum sound quality.

High-performance speakers deserve high-performance stands. From top to bottom, Sanus' latest wood speaker stands combine fine furniture looks with ultra-rigid construction for solid support and optimum sound quality.

Each base and top plate is made of anti-resonant MDF and has a smooth low-luster black finish. Brass speaker studs and neoprene pads are included to isolate the speaker from the top plate. Plastic feet for the underside of the base plate protect wood or tile floors (adjustable carpet spikes also included). A patent-pending concealed speaker wire path on the rounded support pillar keeps cables out of sight. Assembly takes just minutes.

Priced per pair

Product highlights:

  • black lacquer finish
  • stand height: 24"
  • top plate measures 7-3/8" x 7-3/8"
  • base plate measures 10-1/2" x 11-3/4"
  • supports 25 lbs.
  • floor spikes to help minimize vibrations
  • warranty: 5 years
  • MFR # NF24B

What's in the box:

  • 2 Black base plates
  • 2 Black top plates
  • 2 Black pillars
  • Four 2.25" Base screws
  • 4 1.25" Top plate screws
  • 8 Nuts
  • 8 Spiked feet
  • 2 Plastic wire covers
  • 8 Brass speaker studs
  • 8 Self-adhesive neoprene speaker pads
  • 8 Plastic isolation feet (to cover spiked feet)
  • 8 Pan-head screws
  • Instruction Manual

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More details on the Sanus NF24 Speaker Stands

Russ B.

Features & specs

Number of Stands Included N/A
Stand Type N/A
Compatibility N/A
Height 24
Weight Capacity N/A
Base Dimensions 10.5 x 11.75
Top Plate Dimensions 7.36 x 7.36
Materials MDF
Adjustable No
Wire Management Yes
Fillable No
The Sanus NF24 Speaker Stands replaces these items:

Product Research


Design: Each base is made of anti-resonant MDF finished with three coats of hand-sanded black lacquer. Adjustable floor spikes are included to provide stable footing on carpeted floors, and to further minimize resonance. A single sturdy black pillar supports the low-profile top plate, which features a choice of neoprene isolation pads or brass isolation studs. Plastic wire covers give your speaker stands a neater look by concealing the wires completely.

Spiked Feet: The spiked feet pierce the carpeting and anchor the stand to the floor, keeping the speaker stable and reducing resonance. With the spiked feet installed, the stand height is adjustable from 24.75" to 25". Note: If you do not wish to use the spiked feet, Sanus has included plastic feet that will not scratch your floor.

Brass Studs: These upward facing brass studs hold the speaker stable and minimize resonance.

Neoprene Pads: The sharp points on the brass studs can scratch the bottom of the speaker. If this is of concern, you can use the supplied neoprene pads to stabilize the speaker.

Weight Capacity: Each speaker stand can support up to 25 lbs.

Top Shelf Dimension: The top shelf is 7-3/8" wide and 7-3/8" deep. Note: For use with smaller bookshelf models. The NF24's height makes it an ideal solution for mounting your surround speakers.

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Customer Q&A

12 questions already asked

Would these stands fit Martin Logan lx16 bookshelf speakers?
jack  Jan 13, 2020
2 answers
I have a pair of Klipsch RP-160M Bookshelf Speakers which are bigger and heavier than the Martin Logans Lx16 and the stands work great for me. The only issue you may have with these are that the stands are only 24 inches tall. I believe the recommended height for your speakers are 28-31 inches. So you might want to look for something a little taller.
john  Jan 13, 2020
Yes it does
john  Jan 13, 2020
Will these stands work with the Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2 or the B6.2? Thanks!
jeffery  Apr 01, 2019
3 answers
These stands work great with my Martin Logans 35XT bookshelves. Not sure how big are the Elac's compared to the Martin's. I will recommend checking the dimensions of the Elac's. Also, make sure the height of the stands is the right one for your seating position. In conclusion, these stands are a great option.
robert  Apr 02, 2019
I use the Sanus stands for my Martin Logan - Motion 35XT speakers and they work fine. I hope this is helpful.
philip  Apr 02, 2019
Hey, we have Polk speakers on our stands in the living room. They replaced old speakers that stood about four feet tall. They were easy to assemble and serve our purpose. I don't know about the size speakers you refer to.
patrick  Apr 01, 2019
Is anyone using this stand with Klipsch R-15m bookshelf speakers and does it work well ? I'm worried the brass spikes on the upper platform may not come in contact with the bottom of the speaker as these speakers are only 7" wide (~8" deep). Can these upward facing spikes be removed? Perhaps I can make it work by removing these spikes and using blu-tack tape. thanks!
steven  Apr 09, 2018
5 answers
I'm using these stands with Polk Audio speakers. I didn't use the little mounting spikes because the speakers don't have the corresponding holes. Regardless, the stands work well and I haven't had any issues. That being said, the back panel/groove system which hides the wires is a little tricky to get right on the first try. Once it's all dialed in, it holds well. I'm happy with the set-up. Hope this helps.
philip i  Apr 10, 2018
I am using these stands with the RP150Ms- similar speaker. I am using the rubber feet included with the stand and it works well. The upward spikes are not required and wouldn't work for these speakers.
william  Apr 09, 2018
I use these with NHT speakers 7.25wx8.5d. I do not use any spikes, either upper or lower. The sound seems to be fine. In fact, I do not recall there being any spikes for the upper surface, but my memory may be suspect. If. You???re concerned, just remove the spikes and use the tape you reference.
eliot  Apr 09, 2018
you don't have to use the spikes
steven  Apr 09, 2018
I am using these stands with the Klipsch R-15PM, not quite the same... I don???t have spikes on mine now, been awhile since I purchased these stands, but I believe installation of the spikes was optional. The R15pms are heavy enough and the stands are solid enough they are not going anywhere... no tape needed.
robert  Apr 09, 2018
What is the length of the spike feet?. Have really thick carpet and pad. Need spikes 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" long.
greyscale  Mar 04, 2018
2 answers
I have tile flooring and not using any spikes, thus can not an comment about the availability or length of spikes.Sorry
jack a.  Mar 10, 2018
Looks at best to be about 1.25???. The spike threads into metal inserts in the base and had a nut to cinch it down. With the nut the depth is a tad less. That???s not to say you couldn???t find longer spikes. Might ask the Crutchfield folks if the have any longer hardware that would fit.
eliot  Mar 08, 2018
Are these able to be filled with sand?
mike  Jan 03, 2018
9 answers
No, they are solid wood
alejandro  Jan 04, 2018
No they are not able to be filled with sand
craig  Jan 04, 2018
The stands do their job, but they will not prevent your 2 yr. old from toppling them over. My speakers just 'rest' on the stands as there was no way to 'fasten' them to the stand. Even if you could fill them with sand or something else, you still would run the risk of having them knocked off the pedestal. I would suggest considering a wall mount instead if the is an option for you
paul  Jan 03, 2018
eliot  Jan 03, 2018
No, they can not be filled with sand. The construction is solid wood.
sharat  Jan 03, 2018
If I remember correctly, the vertical pole might be hollow, but I would not see sand stayng in it, it would leak out. But maybe plaster? The stands work fine on their ow, with no weight added.
robert  Jan 03, 2018
No, but would recommend ???fun tack??? putty to base of speaker.
jack a.  Jan 03, 2018
No. I am not physically where my stands are, however the base and tops are basically MDF as is the center column. I think they are more for speaker height/placement and not high end audiophile grade. That being said, I have a couple pairs of them and they do their job well.
michael  Jan 03, 2018
Not that I am aware of.
paul  Jan 03, 2018
How would these be for Harbeth's P3-Es? They are heavy speakers. I'm guessing at least 20 pds each. Would these stands hold up to that weight?
paul  Oct 05, 2017
3 answers
SANUS Natural Series NF24 is a 24-inch stand for medium bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. Its black-lacquered MDF base includes adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet for stability. A solid hardwood pillar supports a 7.5 by 7.5-inch top plate with adjustable-height brass studs and neoprene pads to provide superior isolation and resonance damping for speakers. Patented wire management channel conceals and protects cables. This product is sold as a pair.
john  Oct 08, 2017
Stands should be more than adequate for the weight of your speakers.
jack a.  Oct 07, 2017
My speakers are 15lbs and have had no issues. Hope this helps
robert  Oct 07, 2017
What is the weight of each pedestal?
ciamelle  Nov 26, 2016
1 answer
Thanks for your question. The shipping weight for both stands is listed as 14.8 pounds. Hope that helps.
kenneth  Nov 27, 2016 (Staff)
Has anyone attempted these with Polk TSi 200's?
richard  Nov 07, 2019
4 answers
I have these speaker stands and use the with Polk RTI A3 speakers. The speaker footprint is slightly larger than the stand platform, but with the rubber pressure pads on the bottom of the speakers there is no movement or vibration. I would rate both TT he speakers and stands as excellent and good matches for each other.
james  Nov 10, 2019
Pretty basic design should work with any speaker that will sit on the stand. It is well built and sturdy.
charles  Nov 08, 2019
Nope but have biggest monitor silvernseries on them and perform just fine for the money
mark  Nov 07, 2019
I have not but they should.
david  Nov 07, 2019
Will these fit Klipsch RM-160m?
ricardo  Jul 29, 2018
3 answers
The speakers you want to place on these stands are just slightly larger by 12/16 in depth and width than mine. With that said, if you are placing the stands on hardwood floors you should be fine. However if your placing on carpet I would not recommend purchasing these stands. You would need a larger base and speaker platform. The stand is very sturdy, my speakers have been bumped and they basically don't move. Hope this helps! Dennis
dennis a  Jul 29, 2018
Assume you mean the RP- 160m. The Sanus stand would be small for the speaker dimensions. You could use Velcro on top of the platter to secure the speakers well enough, but it would not be very elegant.
michael  Jul 29, 2018
The speakers I have on these stands are 8.5 inches square. I have had no issues with them.
bruce  Jul 29, 2018
Are these stands compatible with the Focal Chorus 706 bookshelf speakers?
thomas e.  Jun 29, 2015
1 answer
We do list these stands as being compatible with the Chorus 706 speakers.
jeff  Jul 01, 2015 (Staff)
Are these stands suitable for Klipsch rb 81?
rickie  Feb 23, 2015
2 answers
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: These stands will work with your Klipsch RB 81 speakers. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat.
kristina  Feb 25, 2015 (Staff)
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question, and have escalated it to an Advisor. We will post the answer as soon as we have it. If you need immediate assistance please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat.
kristina  Feb 24, 2015 (Staff)

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