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Kenwood KCA-MH100 5-pin cable for using select Android™ smartphones with HDMI-equipped Kenwood multimedia receivers

Item # 113KCMH100

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11 questions - 22 answers

Item # 113KCMH100

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About the Kenwood KCA-MH100

Dave Delamere

Hook up your Android

Kenwood's KCA-MH100 6-foot cable connects your Android phone to select Kenwood multimedia receivers. The HDMI connection plugs into the rear input on your Kenwood receiver, while the 5-pin connector plugs into your compatible Android. You'll be able to check out your smartphone's apps on the receiver's bigger display. Warranty: 1 year.

What's in the box:

  • 6' microUSB-to-HDMI MHL cable
  • "Declaration of Conformity with regard to the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU" note

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More details on the Kenwood KCA-MH100

Stacey B.

Product Research


microUSB-to-HDMI MHL Cable: The Kenwood KCA-MH100 is microUSB-to-HDMI MHL cable allows MHL-enabled Android smartphones to connect via microUSB and show apps on the screen of a compatible in-dash receiver with an HDMI input.

Connectors: The Kenwood KCA-MH100 cable features a microUSB connector on one end that plugs into your MHL-enabled Android phone and a HDMI connector on the other end that plugs into the rear-panel HDMI input of your compatible in-dash receiver.

Note: The Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and Galaxy Note II require an additional 3rd party MHL microUSB 5-pin to 11-pin adapter (sold separately).

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Customer Q&A

11 questions already asked

What do I need to make my Galaxy Note9 compatible & able to link my apps, to my DNX891HD?
keidron  Mar 01, 2020
1 answer
I wish someone could answer that question for me too. I just got the note 10+ and it does absolutely nothing like my note 9. I've tried mirroring, turning dex off and on, I've spent hours trying with no luck.
david  Mar 01, 2020
I have a kenwood 6905S and a samsung galaxy J737P which cable do I need for mirroring, multimedia, apps, etc. ?
archie  Jul 19, 2019
1 answer
This Kenwood supports Android Auto and weblink (as long as the receiver is not updated) using the phone's USB cable or a replica of it. From what I can find, that phone has a micro USB port on it so any of these cables should work with it:|FFMicro_USB_Type_B
jason  Jul 31, 2019 (Staff)
can i mirror my samsung galaxy s10e to ddx371 using this cord??
gustavo  May 11, 2019
1 answer
No it doesn't work with Samsung s7 and up Samsung doesn't support kenwood products anymore I bought it and can't even use it for mirroring
troy  May 27, 2019
I just purchased the Kenwood 893S from Crutchfield and want to connect my Galaxy note 5 with the hdmi on the unit. Will this cable work? If not, can you suggest the items I would need?
david  Jun 17, 2017
1 answer
In order to connect an Android phone to the Kenwood's HDMI input, the phone must support MHL and Samsung stopped supporting MHL after the Note 4: The Kenwood does support Android Auto so, you can take advantage of the Android Auto capable apps by connecting your phone to stereo's USB port.
ryan  Jun 22, 2017 (Staff)
I bought an aftermarket Flipdown monitor that doesn't have hdmi on it. So I bought a hdmi to rca convert to hook up my Xbox. Will this work If I plug an hdmi cable in the back of the radio and plug the other end into the converter and then plug the Flipdown monitor in?
chris  Oct 20, 2016
1 answer
If the stereo will accept an HDMI input and will provide it via the analog composite video output, sure, you can connect the external source to the HDMI in on the stereo and the analog A/V output of the stereo to your overhead monitor. You would not use the KCA-MH100 cable in this scenario though. For additional assistance and personalized recommendations, feel free to contact us directly by phone or through our online chat service: I hope that helps. My Bio:
ryan  Oct 26, 2016 (Staff)
Will this cable allow me to mirror a Samsung Note 3 onto a ddx 9902s?
max  Oct 12, 2016
6 answers
I'm not sure about the Note 3. I used this cable on a Galaxy S5 and it worked but it's a bit finicky. Not so much the cable but the application in general.
eric  Oct 13, 2016
Most likely it will but you will need a 5 to 11 pin adapter on it also. I have the galaxy note edge and it works for me.
terry  Oct 13, 2016
karl w.  Oct 12, 2016
there is some software to install for my dnx. i did get it working but going to the phone was easier for me
edward  Oct 12, 2016
cable worked but i still needed an adapter for my S3. I found that mirroring ain't what i thought it would be. waste of time for me. HUMBLY SPEAKING OF COURSE.
edward  Oct 12, 2016
It should. I used it for my note 4.
christopher  Oct 12, 2016
Hi, i have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the KCA-MH100 to connect on a Kenwood DNX5710BT but it doesn??t works. I alredy try to update the kenwood device and it doesn??t work too. I have the Kenwood Smartphone app in my phone. Could you help me?
mtulio  Sep 29, 2015
2 answers
You need to buy a 5 pin to 11 pin adapter for this to work with the Galaxy S5. This is a 5 pin cable but the Galaxy S5 has an 11 pin port. You can get the adapters pretty cheap. The last Galaxy phone to use the 5 pin port was the S2. The S3, S4, & S5 have the 11 pin port. The S6 does not have mhl functionality at all.
sarah j.  Jan 13, 2016
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. You can also post your question in our forums: Or try our online support center:
kristina  Sep 30, 2015 (Staff)
I have a Kenwood DNX692 Receiver and I am wanting to mirror my android phone ,which is the older generation 1 - Moto X and I'm wondering if this cable will work and if not, what do I need to be able to view and control my phone through the head unit? Thanks:)
michael  Aug 18, 2015
3 answers
Hello Michael, my understanding is that you canniot mirror any Android to these models. That ability I believe starts with the 4-digit models. I hopes this helps.
john  Sep 02, 2015
HI Michael, I'm sorry but I can't be of any help. I basically use my dnx692 for the navigation and the dvd player. So I personally don't even know how to do it. I wish I could be of some assistance to your question. Good luck, jeff C
jeffery  Aug 18, 2015
The short answer is yes, however you will only be able to mirror the phone image over. If you want to use the DNX screen as a touch screen for what is mirrored from your phone, I would recommend using this cable. It does both mirroring and touchscreen functionality for older 5 pin android smart phones. you will have to download the Kenwood Smartphone Control app in the android Play store to do that. I hope to have a video on youtube showing how to setup and use this so hit me back on my email if that is something you'd like to see. Karl
karl  Aug 18, 2015
Can anyone confirm this works with the Samsung Galaxy S$ WITHOUT the adapter tip? The samsung adapter tip isnt available and online retailers are riddled with fakes
andrew  May 27, 2014
4 answers
Based on my research, which I believe to be correct, the Galaxy S2 was the last phone to have the 5 pin port. The S3, S4, & S5 all have the 11 pin port. The S6 does not have mhl functionality at all. You need the 5 pin to 11 pin adapter because the cable has 5 pins but most modern phones have an 11 pin port.
sarah j.  Jan 13, 2016
My Note 3 needed a 5 pin to 11 pin adapter, no display without it. You can also only view your phone display, no controlling your phone from Kenwood head unit. S4 and up probably need adapter also.
kevin  May 28, 2014
Do not buy this wire buy the Samsung adapter better
ernesto  May 28, 2014
Thanks .Everything okay.
artur  May 28, 2014

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