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JL Audio VX1000/5i

5-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing — 75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms + 600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms

Item # 13698632

We've heard a lot of good things about JL Audio's VXi Series amplifiers, which combine JL Audio's latest amplifier...

Find what Fits your vehicle

We've heard a lot of good things about JL Audio's VXi Series amplifiers, which combine JL Audio's latest amplifier...

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About the JL Audio VX1000/5i

Buck Pomerantz

Amplifier plus DSP

We've heard a lot of good things about JL Audio's VXi Series amplifiers, which combine JL Audio's latest amplifier technology with powerful signal processing. They also improved the amp's Class D performance by shortening the signal path through the amp, placing the output capacitor banks nearer the outputs, and using up-to-date DirectFET® MOSFET output devices, resulting in higher efficiency, reliability, and audio quality.

Amplifier plus DSP

We've heard a lot of good things about JL Audio's VXi Series amplifiers, which combine JL Audio's latest amplifier technology with powerful signal processing. They also improved the amp's Class D performance by shortening the signal path through the amp, placing the output capacitor banks nearer the outputs, and using up-to-date DirectFET® MOSFET output devices, resulting in higher efficiency, reliability, and audio quality.

Power and tune your whole system

The VX1000/5i 5-channel amplifier puts out 4 channels of 75 watts RMS, plus up to 600 watts RMS for a sub. It also features 7 channels of digital signal processing, giving you lots of flexibility in setting up a system. For instance, you can power a system with 2-way component speakers (tweeter and midrange woofer) up front and a sub in the rear, while providing a processed signal for a separate amplifier for  rear speakers. You could also use this amplifier in bridged, 3-channel mode to power a couple high-performance speakers with 200 watts RMS each and a sub with 600 watts.

Digital accuracy

The 24-bit 96 kHz processing for each channel includes signal routing and mixing, 10-band parametric EQ, time-alignment, high- and low-pass filters, and output level control with 0.1 dB precision. In addition to tuning the audio signal, the processor provides a master clock signal for the Class D amplification, increasing audio accuracy.

Remote control only

You make all your settings and adjustments from your compatible device running JL Audio's TüN™ software.

  • PC and Mac OS: TüN 3.0 — requires a USB connection (6' cable included with amp)
  • Android and iOS tablets: TüN Mobile — requires Bluetooth connection and the VXi-BTC Bluetooth communicator (sold separately)
  • Android phones and Apple iPhones: TüN Express (for Basic setups only) — requires Bluetooth connection and the VXi-BTC Bluetooth communicator (sold separately)

Other accessories you may want with this amp

This VXi amplifier features JLid™ inter-device connection ports for JL Audio's proprietary network system for controlling data. The DRC-205 digital remote control lets you adjust the master volume, subwoofer level, switch between up to six preset tunings, and indicates the amp's status via LED. An optional VXi-HUB network hub comes in handy when you have three or more VXi amps in your system, coordinating all the adjustments and controls. A FiX 82 or a FiX 86 can be used to remove factory sound processing, for higher-fidelity factory system integration for your VXi amplifier.

JL Audio VX1000/5i

VX1000/5i connection panel


Product highlights:

  • 5-channel car amplifier
  • 75 watts RMS x 4 + 400 watts RMS x 1 (at 4 ohms)
  • 100 watts RMS x 4 + 600 watts RMS x 1 (at 2 ohms)
  • 200 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms + 600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
  • Class D amplifier design with NexD2™ switching amp technology
Digital Signal Processing:
  • 24-bit 96 kHz digital processing
  • DSP adjustments and settings made with JL Audio's TüN app (PC and Mac) via USB, via Bluetooth (tablets and phones) with BTC Bluetooth option
  • 3 Project Levels of tuning: Basic, Advanced, Expert
  • input routing and mixing
  • adjustable gain controls with clip indication
  • fully adjustable high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass filters
    • selectable filter slopes (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 dB/octave)
  • 10-band EQ (graphic in Basic, parametric in Advanced and Expert modes)
  • phase and polarity control
  • time alignment in 0.01 ms (1/8") increments
Connection Features
  • differential-balanced inputs eliminate noise coming from your vehicle's electrical system
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs (speaker wire to RCA adapter required for speaker-level input)
    • high-level inputs — up to 16 volts RMS (about 60 watts)
    • DC offset or signal sensing auto turn-on eliminates need for remote lead
  • 2-channel digital input and output (S/PDIF: up to 24-bit 192 kHz in, 24-bit 96 kHz out)
  • 2-channel analog preamp output (4V RMS)
  • JLid™ connections for optional Network Hub, Bluetooth Communicator, and Digital Remote Control
  • USB connection for device running TüN app (6-foot cable included)
  • wiring, fuse, and hardware not included with amplifier
    • 4-gauge power and ground leads and an 80-amp fuse recommended
  • 11-5/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 6-11/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 98632

What's in the box:

  • 5-Channel amplifier
  • Power connector
  • 14" Analog Input harness (25-pin D-Sub/8 RCA)
  • 18" ABCD Speaker output harness
  • Subwoofer output connector
  • 18" Speaker wire loom
  • "Sub" wire label
  • 6' USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Type B USB on other end)
  • 4 Corner caps
  • Corner cap tool
  • 2 Silver thumbscrews
  • 2 Black hex cap machine screws
  • 2.5mm Hex wrench
  • 3mm Hex wrench
  • JL Audio logo badge
  • Connection Guide
  • Registration card

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Product Research

Digital Signal Processing


VXi Amplifiers: The JL Audio VXi-series of amplifiers feature advanced technology with built-in digital signal processors. These compact amplifiers pack a lot of power into a small package. Each VXi amplifier is equipped with a customized, triple-core DSP that allows you to tune the amplifier to the exact performance you need. With JL Audio's free TüN software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can configure the amplifier from the driver's seat. Up to six active preset tunings can be stored.

5-channel Amplifier: The VX1000/5i 4-channel Class D amplifier that has been optimized for full-range amplification of connected speakers, while also powering a subwoofer. It has advanced NexD2 switching amplifier technology to deliver solid performance with high fidelity and efficiency. The amp does not have traditional control knobs and switches for setting up the amplifier. Instead, the input sensitivity, crossover, and polarity settings are configured via the TüN software.

Logo Badge: The included JL Audio logo badge is included in the box, unattached. The badge has an adhesive backing for attaching it according to your installation in any 90° increment. The color of the LED ring around the logo badge can be configured in the TüN software to display the amp's status, audio preset, or a user-defined color.

Digital Signal Processing

DSP: JL Audio's Digital Signal Processing engine, when partnered with the TüN software, gives you an enormous amount of control over the configuration and settings of the amplifier. It is equipped with high-performance A/D and D/A converters, and audio processing for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio files. For some VXi models, the DSP offers a 10-band parametric EQ for each output channel, including pre-outs, Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth high-pass and low-pass filters, Signal Delay (0.01 millisecond steps), polarity reversal, and output trim levels (in 0.1dB steps).

TüN Software: The free TüN software lets you configure, tune, and control your VXi amplifier from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. The TüN software is available for Windows PC (Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, and 10 / 32-bit or 64-bit) and Apple computers. TüN Mobile is available for iPad and Android tablets, while TüN Express works with iPhone and Android smartphones. The apps are compatible with iOS version 10.0 or later, and Android 4.4 and up. When connected to the VX1000/5i, you can make the following adjustments and settings on the application:

  • Input Selection: Analog or Digital
  • Turn-on Mode: Remote, DC offset, Signal Sense
  • Input Mode: 2 Ch / 4 Ch / 6 Ch
  • Independent Settings for CH 1&2 and CH 3&4:
    • Input Type: Stereo or Mono
    • High Pass Filter: Off, 12dB, or 24dB; Cutoff frequency: 20Hz (or LPF frequency) to 20,000Hz
    • Low-pass Filter: Off, 12dB, or 24dB; Cutoff frequency: 20Hz to 20,000Hz (or HPF frequency)
    • Level Setting:
      • Input Level: Min to 11
      • Output Trim: -18.0dB to +12.0dB
    • Mute All: On/Off
  • Independent Settings for Sub Channel:
    • Polarity: + or -
    • Infrasonic Filter: Off or 30 Hz
    • Low-pass Filter: Off, 12dB, or 24dB; Cutoff frequency: 20Hz (or Infrasonic frequency) to 500Hz
    • Level Setting:
      • Input Level: Min to 11
      • Output Trim: -18.0dB to +12.0dB
    • Mute All: On/Off

Power Output: The VX1000/5i power specifications are as follows:

  Ohms Watts
Rated Continuous Power @ 14.4V
(<1% THD+N)
75 x 4
100 x 4
4Ω bridged 200 x 2
Sub 400 x 1
500 x 1
600 x 1
Rated Continuous Power @ 12.5V
(<1% THD+N)
60 x 4
90 x 4
4Ω bridged 180 x 2
Sub 360 x 1
480 x 1
600 x 1


Power/Ground/Turn-On Terminals: The VX1000/5i features a removable plug with C-Clamp terminals for the power, ground, and remote turn-on cables. This allows you to pre-connect the wires to the connector, then plug it into the amplifier. The power connector will accept up to 4-gauge power and ground wire, and 10-18-gauge wire for the remote turn-on. The supplied 3mm and 2.5mm hex wrenches are for tightening/loosening the C-Clamps.

Note: The amplifier is not equipped with a fuse. An external 80-amp AFS, AGU, or MAXI fuse (not included) must be installed on the power wire. If a wiring kit is used which includes a fuse with a value other than 80-amps, the original should be replaced with an 80-amp fuse.

Speaker Output Harness: The JL Audio VX1000/5i features a removable ABCD Speaker Output Harness with 18" wires, plus a removable Subwoofer Output connector with set-screw terminals. The connector's two set-screw terminals will accept 14-gauge to 10-gauge speaker wire. A 2.5mm hex-wrench is supplied for tightening/loosening the set-screws. The included 18" length of flexible loom is to cover the subwoofer speaker wire at its connection with the amp. The loom matches the look of the Speaker Output Harness, and makes for a clean, uniform look.

Analog Input Harness: The amplifier has a 25-pin D-Sub connection for the supplied 14" Analog Input harness. Four loom-covered cables exit the cable's D-Sub connector, with three pairs of stereo female RCA inputs, stereo female RCA preamp outputs (4V max output), the remote turn-on output (+12V) and Valet Preset Toggle lead.

Digital Inputs/Outputs: The amp has optical digital (Toslink) inputs for direct connection of S/PDIF digital sources, bypassing the A/D converter. The input accepts up to 24-bit/192kHz signals. There is also a Toslink optical digital output for sending a digital signal (24-bit/96kHz) to another VXi amplifier.

USB: A Type B USB port is provided for connecting the amp to your computer for interfacing with the TüN software. A 6' Type A to USB-B cable is provided.

RJ-45: Two RJ-45 modular ports are provided on the amplifier for optional accessories:

  • JLid-COMM: One RJ-45 port, labeled JLid-COMM, is for the optional VXi-BTC Bluetooth Communicator (for wireless communication with Apple or Android smartphones and tablets), or the optional VXi-HUB Optical Network Hub (for connecting up to five slave VXi amplifiers -- ten with two VXi-HUBs, allowing synchronization of controllers and DSP presets).
  • JLid-CTRL: The other RJ-45 port, labeled JLid-CTRL, is for the optional Digital Remote Controller (DRC) connection. The optional DRC-205 digital remote control allows you to conveniently set amplifier levels and DSP presets from the front of the vehicle.

microSD: A microSD port is provided on the front of the amplifier for future expansion.


  • Frequency Response:
    • Main: 12 Hz - 24 kHz (+0, -1dB)
    • Sub: 12 Hz - 1 kHz (+0, -1dB)
  • Input Voltage Range (at RCA inputs): 200mV - 16V RMS
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
    • Analog Inputs (20Hz - 20kHz noise bandwidth):
      • Main: 99dB (rated power); 80dB (1 W)
      • Sub: 99dB (rated power); 72dB (1 W)
    • Digital Inputs (20Hz - 20kHz noise bandwidth):
      • Main: 100dB (rated power); 81dB (1 W)
      • Sub: 99dB (rated power); 73dB (1 W)
  • Damping Factor (Main and Sub): >100dB / 50 Hz @ 4Ω; >50dB / 50 Hz @ 2Ω
  • Standby Current Draw: 2.1 mA
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 11.302" x 2.085" x 6.667"
  • Weight: 6.45 pounds

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Customer Q&A

10 questions already asked

Can I run these with a Jl vx1000/5i in front in a Tahoe and krc co axial in the back. Is a 100 watts to much?
[ Russell  Apr 15, 2023 ]
1 answer
Greetings Russell, and thank you for your question. More specific models of the speakers would be helpful, but this amplifier puts out 75 watts at 4 ohms on the main channels. KRC sounds like K2 Focal speakers. If so, they are rated for 80 watts and you will be fine with this amp.
[ THOMAS  Apr 15, 2023 ]  Staff
Can u run this amp in 2 ohms for component speakers focal 165kr2?
[ Russell  Apr 10, 2023 ]
1 answer
You can Russell, and that would make for a fantastic setup sound quality wise! The JL Audio VX1000/5i is 2-ohm stable on channels 1-4 and delivers 100-watts RMS, which is a little too powerful. You would need to make certain to setup your DSP and crossover network properly as the JL is overpowering the Focal 165KR2's by around 20-watts and that could void your warranty and cause damage. The JL's TUN app for DSP control is excellent, and a superb way to squeeze the absolute most performance out of your setup.
[ Bo  Apr 10, 2023 ]  Staff
Can the subwoofer side of this amp run 1 ohm mono with 2 subs?
[ Thomas  Nov 06, 2022 ]
1 answer
No. The minimum impedance for the subwoofer channel is 2-ohm.
[ ZACHARY  Nov 06, 2022 ]  Staff
Can this amplifier be connected to four 4 ohm speakers and one 2 ohm subwoofer? If so what will be the RMS output of each channel? Or do all the speakers and sub need to be in either 2 ohm or 4 ohm? Thanks.
[ Steve  Sep 12, 2022 ]
1 answer
You can have your full range speakers run at 4 ohms and have your subwoofer run at 2 ohms. Your 4 ohm speakers would get 75 watts RMS each and the 2 ohm subwoofer would get 600 watts RMS.
[ ARIELLE H  Sep 12, 2022 ]  Staff
Can the JL Audio's VX1000/5i Amplifier power two subwoofers using the single subwoofer channel if wired in a particular way while maintaining the other 4 channels for speakers?
[ Godson  Aug 26, 2022 ]
1 answer
Greetings Godson, and thank you for your question. Answer is yes, the mono channel output can run more than one subwoofer. The key is matching the amplifiers mono channel output to the subwoofers combined power rating. This JL puts out 600 watts at 2 ohms. You would want your subs to be able to take 300 watts RMS, not peak. Then you would want to get those two subs wired up to be 2 ohms.
[ THOMAS  Aug 26, 2022 ]  Staff
Would there be any benefit to using the JL Audio Fix 86 between my head unit (2022 Sprinter w NTG6 unit) and this amp? It seems like the DSP/Tun4 package would help resolve any tuning and EQ issues therefor negating the need for the Fix 86.
[ STEVEN  Jun 01, 2022 ]
1 answer
Good Afternoon Steve, thank you for reaching out to us and that is a great question. That JL Audio 5 channel amp would give you the best of both worlds, combining both the dsp and amplifier. One benefit the Fix 86 may give you would be if you already had preexisting amps you wanted to use and only needed a DSP. If that's not the case it definitely makes sense to go with an all in one set up like the VX1000/5i.
[ ARIELLE H  Jun 01, 2022 ]  Staff
I was looking at this amp for a new system for a 2019 tacoma trd pro, my question is about high res music files I see this amp says it does 24/96 files what about full 24/192 music files I kinda assumed it would do 24/192 but I think Iâ??m wrong?
[ Michael  Mar 13, 2021 ]
1 answer
From the owner's manual, it states that using the TOSLINK optical port and cable which "accepts 2-channel digital audio signal from any optical (S/PDIF) digital output, with a sample rate up to 192 kHz"
[ BRIAN  Mar 23, 2021 ]
Would I still need one of the Audio Control type units to integrate this to my 2018 Accord factory system or is this truly and all in one device that will accomplish that?
[ David  Nov 29, 2020 ]
1 answer
No sir. It can do high or low level input, simply and automatically. It's expensive but the most versatile amp I've ever owned.
[ JOHN  Nov 29, 2020 ]
Line level inputs, It specs 16V RMS, without using a line-output converter. Anybody using this as a single OEM integration amp?
[ DANIEL  Nov 21, 2018 ]
1 answer
We don't have a way to track if any of our customers have tried using on various vehicles. I know that a vehicle without an amp would work with it as stock radio's will not output more power than this amp can take in. My Bio:
[ JASON  Nov 26, 2018 ]  Staff

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