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Sony Airpeak S1 Aerial quadcopter and remote controller

Item # 158ARSS1

The impressive Airpeak S1 is Sony's entrance into the world of drones — and it sticks the landing with grace.

The impressive Airpeak S1 is Sony's entrance into the world of drones — and it sticks the landing with grace.

Item # 158ARSS1

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About the Sony Airpeak S1

Colin M.

Unleash your aerial creativity

Sony is launching into the skies with the Airpeak S1, bringing years of experience with cameras and the movie industry with them. They've engineered their first quadcopter from the ground up with aerial photography and cinematography in mind.
Sony Airpeak S1 aerial quadcopter

The Airpeak S1 helps you capture gorgeous aerial videos and photos with its smooth controls and flight.

Unleash your aerial creativity

Sony is launching into the skies with the Airpeak S1, bringing years of experience with cameras and the movie industry with them. They've engineered their first quadcopter from the ground up with aerial photography and cinematography in mind.

This drone flies fast and smooth with a suite of manual and automatic flight modes. And it has the distinct advantage of being able to take any of Sony's popular Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras airborne. Now videographers can use their favorite Sony cameras to capture breathtaking footage from high above.

Need help? Give our commercial drone specialists a call at 1-800-315-4620. They'll make sure you're getting everything you need for your next project.

Dedicated gimbal (sold separately)

You'll need a dedicated accessory, the Gremsy Gimble T3, to mount a camera to the Airpeak S1. Once mounted, you can directly control the gimbal and camera with the included remote controller. You can also fine-tune the settings of the camera and lens while in flight for impressive aerial precision.

Flexible camera and lens options

The Airpeak S1 is the lightest drone on the market that's capable of carrying and controlling a compatible Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless camera. It's also compatible with select E-mount lenses for a wide range of kit combinations. Pilots have a ton of excellent tools on the table to choose from with the Airpeak, like the Sony Alpha 1, which offers stellar 8K video quality and 50.1-megapixel stills.

Robust controls and mission planning

The included remote controller can mount tablets or mobile devices with screens up to seven inches. Pilots can then control the drone and connected payload with the Airpeak Flight mobile app. In concert with the secure Airpeak Base web app, you can plot out preset flight routes and launch them whenever you're ready with Mission Flight mode. These routes let you provide detailed instructions down to camera settings and positioning. You can then review prior flight logs, adjust your routes, and re-run them at will with Repeat Flight.

Sony Airpeak S1 aerial quadcopter

Outfit the Airpeak S1 with any of Sony's Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras for some serious optics.

Intelligent, stable flight

The drone has a powerful vision-sensing processor that integrates data from five-way stereo cameras, infrared range sensors, and more to establish real-time spatial awareness in all directions. This helps it detect and avoid obstacles with automatic deceleartion and breaking. With the Airpeak SI, you can confidently navigate enclosed spaces and even areas outside of the range of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

Before each flight, the aircraft performs a full systems check to warn you of potential issues and prevent a problematic launch. It also runs these self-checks mid-flight, initiating an emergency landing automatically as needed. If the battery is low or signal is lost, Return to Home (RTH) automatically brings the drone safely back to you. RTH even generates a route that bypasses restricted airspace automatically.

Partner up

Two heads are often better than one. You can gain even more control of the Airpeak S1 on a mission with a teammate. Dual Operation Mode lets one person pilot the drone using the FPV camera while another controls an attached gimbal and camera kit. This mode requires two remote controllers, but getting started is easy. Whenever two controllers are connected they are auto-assigned to the pilot and camera operator.


Product highlights:

  • quadcopter with FPV camera, remote controller, two batteries, and charger
    • can carry a gimbal + camera system up to 5.5 lbs.
  • compatible with select Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras and select E-mount lenses
    • cameras: ILCE-1, ILME-FX3, ILCE-7C, ILCE-9M2, ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7M3, and ILCE-9
    • lenses: SEL14F18GM, SEL20F18G, SEL24F14GM, SEL24F28G, SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G, SEL50F18F, SEL50M28, SEL55F18Z, and SEL85F18
  • mount camera with Gremsy Gimbal T3 (sold separately)
    • Contact our commercial drone specialists at 1-800-315-4620 to make sure you're getting everything you need for your next project.
  • flies up to 55.9 mph
  • resists winds up to 44.7 mph
  • flight time: 22 minutes (without payload); 12 minutes (full payload)
  • retractable landing gear keeps your camera's field of view unobstructed
  • detachable 17-inch propellers with quick-release for easy transport and replacement
  • hot-swappable battery lets you exchange your power supply without turning off the aircraft
Safety features:
  • five-way stereo cameras with high-speed vision-sensing processing for real-time 3D spatial awareness and obstacle detection
    • processor integrates with IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), compass, barometric pressure, and infrared range sensors
  • stable flight in enclosed areas or outside of the range of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
  • automatic deceleration and braking let the aircraft safely navigate complex environments
  • automatic Return to Home (RTH) when the battery is low or the drone loses signal
    • can automatically generate routes that bypass restricted airspace during RTH
  • aircraft performs a full systems check before flight and can perform self-checks mid-flight
    • warns pilot in the case of a problem and either prevents takeoff or performs an emergency landing as required
Flight system:
  • incudes remote controller with customizable button configuration
    • mounts smartphones and tablets with up to 7" screens
    • can be fitted with an optional harness for long shoots (sold separately)
    • HDMI port lets you connect an external screen to the controller
  • Airpeak Flight mobile app lets you control, monitor, and manage the drone as well as the connected gimbal and camera
    • make setting adjustments mid-flight with connected Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras
  • Airpeak Base web app helps you organize projects and manage your equipment from a secure account
    • plan a flight route with detailed control over speed, positioning, and camera movements
    • download flight logs to review previous missions and use that data to plan future routes
    • supports straight and curved flight paths
  • diverse range of manual and automatic flight modes:
    • Standard Mode is turned on by default and utilizes all sensors for safe, stable flight
    • Velocity Mode improves hovering and maneuvering for accurate flight path recreation
    • Mission Flight lets you execute preset flight paths and Repeat Flight retraces the path of a previous mission
  • Dual Operation Mode lets you and a partner control the drone and gimbal/camera independently
    • pilot controls the drone via a FPV camera on the nose of the aircraft
    • camera operator controls the camera and gimbal to capture footage
    • requires two remote controllers (extra controller sold separately)
General info and included accessories:
  • one micro-USB cable and two USB-C cables
  • two flight batteries and charger
  • 23-3/8"W x 36-13/16"H x 20-1/4"D (landing gear down); 39-7/8"W x 20-3/4"H x 20-1/4"D (landing gear up)
  • weight: 6.93 lbs. (without battery)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Note: The FAA offers the most up-to-date information on safety tips, rules, and regulations for responsible drone use. Many drones need to be registered, and state and/or local laws may restrict their use in some areas.
  • MFR # ARSS1

What's in the box:

  • Aerial drone
  • Remote controller
  • 2 Landing gear legs
  • 4 Propellers
  • 2 Batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 2 AC power adapters (attached 39" DC cord)
  • Two 59" AC power cords
  • Gimbal power cable
  • Gimbal control cable
  • USB-C cable
  • microUSB cable
  • Operating Instructions

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More details on the Sony Airpeak S1

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Type Air
Bundle/combo No
Size class Full
Application Professional/Commerical
Protection Plan No
Camera Features & Specs
Camera Mount Type Gimbal mount
Visual Camera Optional
Thermal Camera No
Other Type of Camera FPV
Image sensor N/A
Video Resolution 0
Still Image Size 0
Aircraft Features & Specs
RTH (Return to Home) Yes
Auto Takeoff/Landing Yes
Obstacle Sensing Yes
GPS-enabled Yes
GLONASS-enabled Yes
Max. Flight Speed 55.9 mph
Max. Flight Time 22 min
Max. Height 8202 feet
Max. Distance 1.2 miles
Internal Storage No
External Storage Optional
Control & Display
Remote Controller Included
Built-in Display No
Display on Smartphone Yes
FPV Goggles No
Other No
Included Accessories
Case No
Neck Strap No
Spare Propellers No
Battery 2
Battery Charger Yes
Other Accessories USB cables
Other Info
Width (inches) 20.25
Height (inches) 20.75
Depth (inches) 23.5
Weight (pounds) 6.93
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Aerial Drone & Flight Performance
Remote Controller & Mobile Flight App
Optional Gimbal, Camera, & Lens
Rechargeable Battery & Charger

Aerial Drone & Flight Performance

Airpeak S1 Drone: The Airpeak S1 aerial drone is supported by an included remote controller, the Airpeak Flight mobile app (for Apple iOS), and cloud service which work together to create a high-performance aircraft system. From piloting and camera work to flight programming and data management, the Airpeak S1 is comprehensive and advanced aerial drone. The Airpeak S1 features a front gimbal-mounted FPV camera for live-view feedback. The Gremsy Gimbal T3 can be used to mount an Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless camera and Sony E-mount prime lens (all sold separately) for capturing still-images and recording videos. The Sony Airpeak S1 is capable of carrying a camera/lens system (including the Gremsy Gimbal T3) of up to 5.5lbs (2.5 kg).

Powerful & Stable Flight Performance: With a max speed of 55.9mph (25m/s), maximum angular velocity of 180°/s and attitude angle up to 55°, Sony Airpeak S1 offers incredible creative freedom for dynamic flying capabilities and powerful flight performance. The propellers, motor and ESC that make up the flight propulsion system, combined with the dedicated remote controller achieve optimal wind resistance. The Airpeak S1 can withstand wind speeds as high as 44.7mph (20m/s), and can maintain stable flight in erratic upper-level winds and strong low-level canyon and coastal wind. These specifications are with no payload and the obstacle brake function disabled.

Dedicated Propulsion System: Airpeak S1's propulsion system is designed by Sony engineers to achieve maximum flight performance and energy efficiency. The powerful yet lightweight brushless motor optimizes 17-inch propellers for maximum power and minimum energy loss, and the Electric Speed Controller (ESC) is carefully designed to regulate the whole system for peak efficiency. The Airpeak S1 is also equipped with a unique high-performance flight control system that integrates all sensor information such as IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), direction, barometric pressure and infrared ranging to optimize the propulsion device to ensure stable flight and high maneuverability. By integrating this propulsion system to the information from the sensors, it realizes increased stability and highly responsive flight control.

High Performance Sensors: Stereo cameras equipped with Sony's image sensors are installed in five locations (front, back, left, right, bottom) of the Airpeak S1 aircraft. Sony's Vision Sensing Processor, which processes camera data at high speed and with low power consumption, and proprietary algorithms are used to accurately estimate the aircraft's spatial position and orientation in real time, enabling stable flight even in environments where GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) reception may be hindered, such as indoors or under bridges. The Airpeak S1 also uses Multi-directional sensors to enable its obstacle braking function. The front, rear, left and right stereo cameras and the infrared range-finding sensor mounted on the top recognize obstacles in the vicinity of the aircraft, allowing the aircraft to automatically decelerate and stop according to the behavior of the aircraft and the surrounding conditions.

  • Increased Stability: High-precision sensors and the refined flight algorithm enable Airpeak S1 to accurately determine its environment, location, and positioning and keep low-level flight shake to a minimum. Airpeak S1 can fly smoothly and safely through wooded and obstacle heavy areas, for steady shooting even in the most demanding close ups.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Airpeak S1 combines five directional stereo cameras with infrared range sensor for optimal obstacle avoidance. The automatic deceleration and braking functions allow it to intuitively respond to the environment and its situation. The obstacle brake function can be enabled in both automated and manual modes, and there is the option to restrict sensing to a specific direction, or disable the braking function altogether.

Versatile Flight Modes: The Airpeak S1 is equipped with 3 different flight modes (Standard, Velocity, Altitude) to make flying and creating even easier. The Flight Mode switch in on the included remote controller. Whether for speed and power, or smooth and steady, you will be able to find the flight mode to support optimal performance for your application and skill level.

  • Standard: In Standard Mode, all sensors (including obstacle detection) are turned on for an intelligent, safe and stable flight experience.
  • Velocity: The Velocity Mode was developed in-house and differs from a regular Position Mode by reducing the effects of wind and external influences on hovering, turning and maneuvering, making it easier to recreate flight routes with more accuracy. In this mode, you can adjust the horizontal speed of the aircraft by adjusting the tilt of the control sticks on the remote controller. The aircraft will hover when you release the control sticks to return them to the central position. The Velocity mode also allows for customization of maximum speeds, angles, acceleration rates and other parameters. By enabling an On Course Function, you can accomplish accurate and flawless recreation of a circular flight path with ease when in Velocity mode.
  • Altitude: In this mode, the flight altitude is maintained. The obstacle brake and Vision Positioning functions are disabled. The aircraft position is not automatically maintained and the aircraft is easily drifted by the wind, so skillful stick operations are required to control the aircraft. You can adjust the tilt angle of the aircraft by adjusting the tilt of the control sticks on the remote controller.

Self-Diagnostics & Return To Home: The Sony Airpeak S1 will automatically run a full system check before starting the motor. It will alert you to any possible issues, and restrict takeoff and landing if necessary. The Airpeak S1 is also capable of self-checks during flight, and can immediately notify you if there is an issue, and make an emergency landing when required. The Return to Home (RTH) to home feature will automatically activate if the Airpeak S1 or remote controller's battery is low or the signal is lost, bringing the aircraft safely back to the home point. And if the return route has restricted airspace or obstacles, the aircraft can automatically calculate a bypass route. The Return to Home (RTH) feature is also convenient to bring the aircraft safely back to the home point at the end of an aerial flight or project.

Retractable Landing Gear & Detachable Propellers: The Sony Airpeak S1 is fitted with a landing gear with open/close legs in-flight, allowing the gimbal to pan without worrying about them appearing into images. The Airpeak S1's propellers are light, compact, and exceptionally durable. Their quick release mechanism makes for easy attachment and removal of the propellers. Extra propellers (PPL1785) are available and sold separately.

Airpeak Base: Airpeak Base is a web app (for Windows PC and Mac computers) used to efficiently organize drone projects, from flight planning and flight log organization, to reviewing equipment status and usage. Use the app to plan a detailed flight route, download flight logs from the aircraft to view data on past flights, or create a new flight plan from past flight logs. Airpeak Base can also be used to view the equipment status and usage logs, and set up error warnings and maintenance reminders, to reduce the risk of unexpected problems on site. Your flight logs can only be viewed and managed on your account ensuring data privacy and security.

  • Information, Data, & Logs. Aircraft data is shared to the cloud and can be viewed in Airpeak Base. Status information from multiple aircrafts can be checked in one location ensuring more efficient flight preparation and planning. Airpeak Base also stores past flight logs so that error data can be checked after the event. And as customer support for Airpeak S1 is coordinated with the cloud, uploading data from flight logs can enable efficient and quick problem resolution. All aircraft information, including logs, can be uploaded to the cloud via the Airpeak Flight app on your compatible Apple iPhone or iPad device.
  • Flight Plans & Projects: With Airpeak Base, you can also create advanced flight plans and automatically fly the aircraft along the same course repeatedly, as if the drone were on rails installed in the air. With the Mission Flight mode, you can set the aircraft's speed and position (latitude, longitude, altitude) along with the timeline, and also specify the direction of the gimbal and the timing of camera for both video and still image capture. This is not only for straight paths, but for curved routes as well. The aircraft can also be programmed to repeat the same path and can recreate the route with flawless accuracy every time. The Repeat Flight mode enables recreation of a flight path from the log, including gimbal and camera movement, ideal for continuous shooting of a fixed point or when accurately reproducing the same flight path multiple times. Manual control is enabled during Mission Flight and Repeat Flight, allowing pilots to tweak the route or change the angle of the gimbal during flight.
  • Equipment Management & Notification: Airpeak Base allows you to check the status of the aircraft and can provide notifications if necessary. In the equipment management screen, information on the equipment used is automatically listed and managed based on the flight log. This allows you to check the condition of the aircraft before going to the field, minimizing on-set issues. Manage logs from past flights, use a previous flight log to create a new flight plan, or check back on flight errors after the event.

Airpeak Plus: Airpeak Plus is an optional cloud-base service that is available by paid subscription and provides additional data storage, advanced geofencing options, and import/export of flight logs. Geofence allows you to set up of restricted areas and altitudes in, while AirMap provides information and data on proposed flight plans. Using the geofencing feature in conjunction with reliable information can help avoid accidentally entering restricted airspaces. The optional Airpeak Plus subscription service will retail for around $300.00 for a 12-month period.

Note: Geofence and AirMap does not guarantee not entering into restricted airspace. Please confirm airspace restrictions before flying the aircraft and abide by the regulations as stated.

FAA Rules & Regulations: Please familiarize yourself with the FAA's rules & regulations for unmanned aircraft systems before flying your drone. Click here for more details.

Remote Controller & Mobile Flight App

Remote Controller: The included RCR-VH1 remote controller operates the Sony Airpeak S1 aircraft, optional Gremsy Gimbal T3, and optional mounted Sony Alpha Series full-size mirrorless camera (all sold separately) while providing real-time image output in combination with Sony's Airpeak Flight mobile app and your compatible Apple iPhone or iPad device (running iOS 14.0+). Developed with professionals in mind, the RCR-VH1 remote controller combines superior functionality with a comfortable design. It is also designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The grip is shaped for secure handling, and the control stick is based on a design by the Futaba Corporation, popular with drone pilots.

1.2 Mile Wireless Transmission: The Sony RCR-VH1 remote controller utilizes 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band RF transmission to wirelessly communicate with the Sony Airpeak S1 aerial drone, up to 1.2 miles. By default, the controller will automatically select the optimum channel with the least interference for optimal flight control. You can also select the desired channel manually within Airpeak Flight mobile app. In addition, you can the check the "Received Signal Level" (dBm) for each channel on the congestion status graph of the Airpeak Flight app.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions in the Airpeak Flight mobile app on your compatible Apple iPhone or iPad device to wirelessly link the RCR-VH1 controller to the Airpeak S1 drone. This wireless link only needs to be set up the first time.
  • When using the remote controller to fly the Airpeak S1 drone, make sure to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth functions of the mounted mobile device to reduce interference.

Mobile Device Holder: The included RCR-VH1 controller is equipped with a mobile device holder that will accommodate Apple iPhone and iPad devices (up to 7" tall in landscape mode). Make sure to carefully secure the compatible mobile device to the holder, so it does not fall off. Your Apple iPhone or iPad device will also need to be plugged into the controller's USB-A port using the cable that came with your Apple device or other Apple Certified cable (sold separately).

  • Compatible iPhones include the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7.
  • Compatible iPads include the iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation), iPad Air (4th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad (8th generation), iPad (7th generation), iPad (6th generation).

Note: Currently the Sony RCR-VH1 controller does not support connection of an Android OS device.

Airpeak Flight App (for Apple iOS): The Airpeak Flight mobile app enables comprehensive monitoring and management of the aircraft, remote controller, camera, and gimbal from your compatible Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.0+ (see list above). From checking flight distance and battery usage, to adjusting camera settings, the Airpeak Flight app is designed to optimize your flight experience. The app is also fully compatible with Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras , allowing for camera adjustments during flight. The Airpeak Flight mobile app can be used both with manual and automated flight modes. During the Mission Flight mode, the app can be used to confirm the route, execute the mission, check the status of the aircraft, and monitor the equipment.

  • Flight Screen: Images captured by the FPV camera or optional Sony Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless camera can be projected on screen in real-time. Flight distance, battery levels, and other aircraft and camera parameters are also displayed. Quick controls and adjustment on aircraft and settings can easily be done from the Flight Screen
  • Settings: Settings of the aircraft, gimbal, camera, and remote controller can all be adjusted from the Airpeak Flight app. You can also freely assign flight control and camera settings on control stick and buttons on the remote controller, for flexible flight operation and shooting.
  • Automated Flights: The flight route created on Airpeak Base can easily be executed with Airpeak Flight app. Even during the automated flight modes, you can control the gimbal and camera while checking the image of the FPV camera or optional Sony Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless camera.


  • Currently the Sony Airpeak Flight app is not compatible with Android OS devices.
  • Some Sony Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless cameras may not be compatible with all the app features.
  • The Airpeak Flight App may use cellular data communication and incur usage charges according to the data plan provided by your carrier.

Dual Operation Mode: Dual Operation Mode allows for independent control of the Sony Airpeak S1 drone and the installed Gremsy Gimbal T3, as well as the mounted Sony Alpha Series full-size mirrorless camera using two RCR-VH1 controllers. One RCR-VH1 controller operates the Airpeak S1 drone, while the other RCR-VH1 controller operates the gimbal and mounted camera. The Dual Operation Mode allows two operators to control the aircraft and gimbal/camera separately, allowing for more precision control in complex shooting conditions. By placing the FPV camera on the nose of the aircraft, the pilot can control FPV tilt and check the flight direction and angle, while the camera operator continues capturing images. In addition, when two operators are using the remote controllers, the control stick and buttons will automatically be assigned to the pilot and camera operator accordingly.

Customizable Buttons: The Sony RCR-VH1 remote controller has 4 customizable buttons, plus the aircraft, camera, and gimbal buttons that can be changed according to your application and requirements. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the control sticks on the remote controller near the central position.

HDMI Out: The Sony RCR-VH1 remote controller is outfitted with a full-size HDMI port for connecting an external monitor for video and live-view playback.

Rechargeable Battery: The Sony RCR-VH1 controller is equipped with a built-in, rechargeable LiPO battery (5100mAH) that provides up to 6 hours of control use. The included AC power adapter plugs into the remote controller and and AC wall outlet to fully charge the battery in about 3 hours. The remote controller features 4 LEDS that allow you to monitor the battery level and status. If you do not operate the remote controller for approximately 5 minutes while it is turned on, an alarm will go off. After another minute, the remote controller will automatically go into a Standby state. You can stop the alarm by performing an operation such as moving the control stick, pressing a button, etc.

Optional Gimbal, Camera, & Lens

Gremsy Gimbal T3: The Gremsy Gimbal T3 (sold separately) has been customized and exclusively engineered for the Sony Airpeak S1 aerial drone, Sony's Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless cameras, and select Sony E-mount prime lenses. Make sure to use a combination of camera system (including camera, lens, filter, hood, etc) with a total wight of approximately 2.4 lbs or less. The Gremsy Gimbal T3 and Sony Airpeak S1 is compatible with lens lengths up to 100mm to avoid contact to the aircraft's landing gear or to the ground.

  • Professional Stabilization: The Gremsy Gimbal T3 offers unparalleled professional camera stabilization properties at a 32-bit level. Sensor data and motors correction are updated as fast as 2000 times per second to enable incredibly smooth footage.
  • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit): The T3 uses 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope IMU to ensure that it performs accurately and efficiently. Heated and temperature controlled IMU sensor is protected by an aluminum-made box. This allows for a flawless operation in high or low ambient temperatures.
  • Quick Release: The Gremsy Gimbal T3 is easy to install and remove. Once the gimbal is connected, its quick release mechanism allows for easy attachment and reattachment.

Note: Drone, camera, and lens all sold separately.

Compatible Cameras & Lenses: The Gremsy Gimbal T3 is compatible with a range of Sony Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless cameras and Sony E-mount prime lenses, allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your needs. Powerful low-light cameras like the a7S series or FX3 leverage high sensitivity with stability to capture vivid images even in dark conditions. High-resolution cameras like the a7R series can achieve aerial imagery of outstanding quality, with huge potential for commercial and industrial applications. a9 series will capture high quality images with ultimately low distortion, and a1 can shoot in the air with 8K quality. For lenses, the Gremsy Gimbal T3 is compatible with select Sony E-mount prime lenses, letting you match the best model lens for your specific application.

  • Camera Compatibility: ILCE-1, ILME-FX3, ILCE-7C, ILCE-9M2, ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7M3, and ILCE-9
  • Lens Compatibility: SEL14F18GM, SEL20F18G, SEL24F14GM, SEL24F28G, SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G, SEL50F18F, SEL50M28, SEL55F18Z, and SEL85F18


    • Make sure to prepare the Sony Alpha Series camera before mounting it on the gimbal by attaching the lens, inserting the battery pack, inserting the memory card, and configuring the control settings.
    • When connecting the camera to the gimbal, make sure to use the correct USB cable (microUSB or USB-C). You may need to change the cable pull-out direction, or extend the cable length with certain lenses.
    • When shooting with a wide-angled lens, the Airpeak S1 drone may partly obstruct the shot. Some features may not be available with certain camera models or firmware version.

Gimbal Settings: You configure the following settings for the Gremsy Gimbal T3 from the Sony Airpeak S1 aerial drone.

  • Control Modes: You can select between two Control Modes - Lock or Follow. In Lock Mode, the camera orientation (shooting direction) will remain the same even if the Sony Airpeak S1 aircraft turns. In Follow Mode, the camera orientation (shooting direction) follows the panning (left/right) movement of the Sony Airpeak S1 aircraft.
    Maximum Speed : You can set the maximum speed of movement along each axis (Pan, Tilt, and Roll)
  • Smoothness: You can set the smoothness of movement along each axis (Pan, Tilt, and Roll)
  • EXPO: You can set the amount of movement along each axis (Pan or Tilt) with respect to the input from the control sticks on the remote controller.

Rotation Range: Listed below is the mechanical & controllable rotation range of the Gremsy Gimbal T3.

  • Mechanical Endpoint Range: Pan: ±345°, Tilt: ±150°, Roll: +80° to -264°
  • Controlled Rotation: Pan: ±345°, Tilt: ±120°, Roll: ±45°
  • User Controllable Rotation (with Airpeak S1): Pan: ±340°, Tilt: +45° to -115°, Roll: ±25°

Dimensions: Dimensions for gimbal and camera cage.

  • 3-Axis Gimbal: 7.25" (w) x 11.375" (h) x 9.375" (d)
  • Camera Cage: 5.9375" (w) x 4.6875" (h) x 4.875" (d)
Rechargeable Battery & Charger

Rechargeable Battery: The Airpeak S1 aerial drone comes with two rechargeable battery packs (LBP-HS1). Each batter pack provides a flight time up to 22 minutes without a payload or a maximum flight time of about 12 minutes with a compatible Sony camera/ lens combo attached to the Sony Airpeak S1 drone (only one battery can be installed at a time). Additional battery packs (LBP-HS1) are available and sold separately.

  • Battery Type: 10S
  • Capacity: 2518 mAH
  • Voltage: 37 V
  • Energy: 93 Wh
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 1.425 lbs

Battery Charger: The included battery charger (LBG-H1) charges the two battery packs that come with Sony Airpeak S1 aerial drone. You can insert two battery packs into the LBG-H1 battery charger, but only one battery can be charged at a time (not both simultaneously). After one battery pack is fully charged, the other battery will start charging. It takes approximately one hour to charge one battery pack.

  • Power Requirements: 100V-240V, 2.45A, 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V, 8.21A
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Does this only work with Sony cameras? I have a Nikon z7ii and was wondering if it would work with it.
duncan  Mar 02, 2022
1 answer
This only works with Select Sony Cameras. It will not control another brand camera
jason  Mar 05, 2022 (Staff)

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