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Kicker 46TL7T122 Sealed 2-ohm enclosure with single square L7T Series 12" shallow-mount subwoofer

Item # 20646TL122

Kicker's TL7T122 loaded enclosure brings the spectacular performance of their unique L7 square subwoofer design to...

Kicker's TL7T122 loaded enclosure brings the spectacular performance of their unique L7 square subwoofer design to...

16 questions - 27 answers

Item # 20646TL122

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About the Kicker 46TL7T122

Bob Bihlmayer

Big impact, small footprint

Kicker's TL7T122 loaded enclosure brings the spectacular performance of their unique L7 square subwoofer design to smaller spaces than ever before. At only 7-3/4" deep, this box gives you the punch and high power-handling of a 12" speaker in a package that fits behind many truck seats. 

Big impact, small footprint

Kicker's TL7T122 loaded enclosure brings the spectacular performance of their unique L7 square subwoofer design to smaller spaces than ever before. At only 7-3/4" deep, this box gives you the punch and high power-handling of a 12" speaker in a package that fits behind many truck seats. 

Innovative square sub design

The package is designed around Kicker's Solo-Baric® L7T shallow-mount 12" subwoofer. The sub's unique SoloKon™ injection-molded square polypropylene cone stays rigid to fight distortion at high volume and offers up to 20% more surface area than a standard round cone for extra impact, while the Santoprene rubber surround and solid steel basket keep the cone on track. With 600 watts RMS power handling, you'll get all the low end you're looking for and more.

Tough, stylish enclosure

The rugged sealed box is specially designed to bring out maximum performance from the speaker while taking up minimal space and allowing easy installation. The enclosure's sealed design keeps the bass punchy and accurate, and the sturdy medium-density fiberboard construction and tough black carpet covering protect the sub from damage while looking sharp. Kicker's legendary quality and innovative design deliver enormous low end in a surprisingly compact package.


Product highlights:

  • sealed truck-style enclosure
  • houses one square shallow-mount 12" L7T Series dual 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer (wired to 2-ohm impedance)
  • 3/4" medium-density fiberboard construction covered with carpet
  • power handling: 600 watts RMS (1200 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 25-100 Hz
  • sensitivity: 86.54 dB
  • dimensions: 21-1/2"W x 13-3/4"H x 8"D1 x 4-3/8"D2
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # 46TL7T122

What's in the box:

  • Enclosure loaded with one 12" L7T subwoofer
  • 4 Mounting brackets
  • Four 1" Philips-head screws
  • Eight 3/8" Philips-head screws
  • Owner's manual

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More details on the Kicker 46TL7T122

Pat M.

Features & specs

Woofer Size (inches) 12
Speakers Per Box 1
Woofer Material Polypropylene
Enclosure Type Sealed
Color Black
Pieces in System 1
Width (inches) 21-1/2
Height (inches) 13-7/8
Depth (inches) 8
Connector Type Spring-posts
Frequency Response 25-100 Hz
Power Range (Watts RMS) 600
Maximum Wattage 1200
Sensitivity 86.54 dB
Impedance 2 ohms
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
The Kicker 46TL7T122 replaces these items:

Product Research


Overview: The TL7T122 Truck Enclosure features a single square 12" Solo-Baric L7T subwoofer (dual 4Ω voice coils wired to present a 2Ω load) mounted in a sealed wedge enclosure designed to mount behind truck seats or other locations where space is a premium. Built with thick MDF and covered in stylish black carpet, the Kicker subwoofer enclosure can handle high power while taking up minimal space.

Power Handling: The single driver can handle 600W RMS, 1200W peak power.

Terminals: A single pair of spring-posts are provided with a 1/4" opening, accommodating speaker wire up to 10-gauge, banana plugs, or pin-connectors.


  • Width: 21.50"
  • Height: 13.875"
  • Depth: 4.50" / 8.0"

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Customer Q&A

16 questions already asked

is there a grill available for the TL7T12 and is the actual sub available without the enclosure?
jeffrey  Nov 28, 2022
1 answer
Greetings Jeff, and thank you for your question. The Kicker L7T subwoofer is a dual voice coil 4 ohm sub. We sell it as a raw sub on our site. The grille is available as well.
hogan  Nov 28, 2022 (Staff)
It says this is a dual coil, but I only see one set of terminals. Is this a DVC or SVC?
jayye  Sep 19, 2022
1 answer
The subwoofer is a dual voice coil but it has been internally wired in parallel down to the 2 ohm load which is why you only have the single set of terminals coming out of the box.
arielle  Sep 19, 2022 (Staff)
I have had 2 of these and both have seized up. Not sure what's going on . I am using a Kicker DX 1000.1 amp . What could be the cause ?
deerhunter04  Aug 11, 2022
3 answers
You had the amp gains set too high, clipping like crazy, especially if the bass knob and volume were cranked. The clipped signal blew the subs.
terrell  Nov 13, 2022
I have two that have seized up as well. Only running a kenwood 5 channel amp with 500 watts going to the sub.
blake  Sep 06, 2022
Greetings Deerhunter04, and thank you for your question. That Kicker 46TL7T122 is rated for 600 watts, and your amplifier is putting 1000 watts to it. Good guess is, your putting too much power on it.
hogan  Aug 11, 2022 (Staff)
What are the dimensions of the box and will it fit behind the seat of a 2021 Ford Ranger Super Crew?
nathan  Jul 30, 2022
1 answer
EnterBox Top Depth (in, cm): 4-3/8, 11.2 Box Bottom Depth (in, cm): 7-3/4, 19.6 Box Height (in, cm): 13-3/4, 35 Box Width (in, cm): 21-1/2, 54.6 an answer to this question.
david  Aug 06, 2022
Is this subwoofer compatible with OEM 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback?
alberto  Jul 26, 2022
1 answer
It is very likely that this subwoofer enclosure will fit the cargo space in your Corolla. However, you will need additional items for the installation, which will vary based on the version of the factory audio system that you have in the vehicle. Please give our advisors a call at 1-800-324-9695. for additional assistance.
zachary  Jul 27, 2022 (Staff)
Does this fit in the back seat of a 2017 double cab Tacoma?
sergio  Dec 31, 2021
1 answer
I would measure the space you want to put it into. Mine is face up under my middle seat in my van. It thumps! Hope this helps.
ken  Jan 02, 2022
Can I use a DS18 CANDY-XXL1B Amplifier to run 2 of these?
jose  Dec 01, 2021
1 answer
I am not sure the rating on that model you sent. From what I see its maybe a 3000w? if so yes you can power 2 of these. I currently have 1 on an alpine 600w amp and it sounds GREAT!
robert  Dec 01, 2021
Hello my name is drew and I was wondering if the Kicker 46TL7T122 is bridgeable to work with a skar audio RP-150.4ABM ?
andrew  Nov 20, 2021
1 answer
No by quick look at specs of the amp. The amp can only be bridged to 4ohm. The sub can only be wired to 2ohm or 8 ohm. You could get the same sub but with 2ohm DVC's it would be the same model number but ends in a 4 instead of a 2. 46TL7T12(4)... the 2 and 4 in the model number are the final ohms the sub is putting out. I have one, and the way they advertise these is confusing and I had to call. The one ending in 2 being 2ohm has dual 4ohm voice coils pre wired down to 2ohms (reason they advertise is as the 2ohm) the one ending in 4 is dual 2ohm voice coils already pre wired to 4ohms. So if like me I didn't know if the voice coils were 2ohm or 4ohm by the specifications. The specifications are talking about what the final ohm is if you just hook speaker wire up to the speaker wire terminal on the speaker box. Also these subs can handle 600 watts RMS your amp can only be bridged to 4ohm and only does 500 watts at 4ohm bridged. Yes it'll push the sub, but I always buy more power than needed than regret not having enough
neal  Nov 22, 2021
Can I pair this 2 ohm with the key47500.1 amp?
daniel  Oct 21, 2021
1 answer
We recommend giving a subwoofer at least 70% of its top RMS watts for optimal sound. That amp would only give it 50% of the top RMS. We do not recommend matching them together. We have advisors that can be reached by calling 1-800-324-9695 to get a personal recommendation on a matched setup
jason  Oct 24, 2021 (Staff)
Is the stitched KICKER logo on the top of the box red or pink? The images on the website look more like a hot pink
donna s  Jul 03, 2021
4 answers
it shows up & you dont like the color of the lettering? hows about a red(or for that matter black) magic marker? problem(really?) solved.
dylan f. mac  Mar 28, 2022
They are very much red
kirk  Jan 02, 2022
It's red and it sounds great
dwayne  Jul 03, 2021
eric  Jul 03, 2021
What is a good amp for this sub?
chris  Jun 21, 2021
2 answers
I am running 600 watts RMS from a Kenwood Excelon 5-channel Amp and it sounds great in the trunk of my 2016 Civic. My more recent systems have used either (2) or (4) 10" subs and I went with this L7 to save space, and although the sound is a bit different, it really sounds amazing with my Infinity Perfects up front.
joshua  Jun 22, 2021
This amp was a perfect match for it. Sounds great!
robert  Jun 21, 2021
I am looking at getting two of these for my truck (1 under each side rear seats). How would I wire two of these together (either to carry a 1 ohm or 2 ohm load), being that they are in 2 separate boxes? I have a Kicker CXA1200.1 that shows 1200 watts RMS at both 2 ohms and 1 ohm, and each of these is rated at 600 watts RMS so I figure it would be a match made in heaven. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me, as I am pretty new to this car audio arena. If I am correct, any ideas of how to wire them together properly would be appreciated.
jeremy w  Jun 02, 2021
2 answers
I think you could just hook these up in parallel for a one ohm load. That is to say, you just run a set of speaker wires to each box and connect them both to the amp output. Wiring speakers in series gives a 4 ohm load, so with a mono amp parallel wiring seems the only real way to go. Should move a fair amount of air-have fun.
kirk  Jun 20, 2021
These are rated at 2ohm so if you wire in parallel to 1 channel it will provide a 1ohm load. 2 in series would be a 4ohm load. If you want to run at 2ohms which is a bit easier on the amp, then get the 4ohm versions and wire in parallel for 2ohm. These things do punch pretty hard and sound great in my crew cab. I'm running 2 JL Audio mono amps at 600 watt RMS.
kraig  Jun 17, 2021
What is the internal volume of the 46TL7T122 box and can I use polyfill in it to make the woofer see a bigger box?
aaron  Feb 21, 2021
2 answers
I purchased 2 so I customize them into a double box but the and quality is fine the way it is. But if its air tight than it should be good
jack  Feb 22, 2021
I don't know. Maybe in the specs or check with an audio installer
dwayne  Feb 21, 2021
Is this box ideal for a pickup?
andre  Sep 01, 2020
3 answers
Absolutely would sound great . I have mine in a Jeep Wrangler and sounds amazing
laura  Sep 05, 2020
I got this for my 2016 chevy colorado (crew cab) and it was awesome but I was not able to put my seat down because the enclosure was too big to fit under the seat.
dominick  Sep 01, 2020
Works great for most pickups. Put my two under the seats of a Nissan Titan.
chris  Sep 01, 2020
What will I need to hook the sub and an amp up to my factory radio?
kason  Mar 24, 2020
2 answers
I took to audio auto shop for installation
dwayne  Jul 03, 2021
The ideal way would be to use a Line output converter. One of our advisors would love to help you pick out the right gear for your install!
thomas  Apr 21, 2020 (Staff)

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