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iFi Zen Blue V2 Premium universal Bluetooth® receiver

Item # 246ZNBLUE2

iFi's Zen Blue V2 provides an easy way to wirelessly stream high-quality music to your powered speakers or receiver.

iFi's Zen Blue V2 provides an easy way to wirelessly stream high-quality music to your powered speakers or receiver.

7 questions - 9 answers

Item # 246ZNBLUE2

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About the iFi Zen Blue V2

Archer A.

iFi's renowned wireless DAC just got better

iFi's original Zen Blue wireless Bluetooth DAC earned rave reviews from our customers for its sound and build quality. Now the Zen Blue V2 is set to carry on the tradition of being one of the best, most affordable wireless DACs available. This updated version offers helpful upgrades over its predecessor. It sports an improved Bluetooth® antenna that increases its range by up to 80% for fewer dropouts and interruptions to your music. iFi also gave it some audio upgrades, too, implementing an improved digital clock and a cleaner power supply. 

iFi's renowned wireless DAC just got better

iFi's original Zen Blue wireless Bluetooth DAC earned rave reviews from our customers for its sound and build quality. Now the Zen Blue V2 is set to carry on the tradition of being one of the best, most affordable wireless DACs available. This updated version offers helpful upgrades over its predecessor. It sports an improved Bluetooth® antenna that increases its range by up to 80% for fewer dropouts and interruptions to your music. iFi also gave it some audio upgrades, too, implementing an improved digital clock and a cleaner power supply. 

More than just a dongle

The Zen Blue V2 connects wirelessly to a huge range of sources using Bluetooth 5.0, including smartphones, PCs, Mac® computers, tablets, and more. It supports all current Bluetooth codecs, like aptX®, aptX HD, LDAC, and HWA/LHDC. It can even be updated over-the-air to add new codecs as they come out, making it essentially future-proof.

The wireless signal is handled by Qualcomm's latest and greatest Bluetooth chip. It does a stellar job of maintaining signal accuracy as it passes those 1s and 0s along to the DAC chip. The beefy ESS Hyperstream Sabre digital-to-analog converter chip uses an upgraded version of iFi's GMT (Global Master Timing) clock to keep jitter to a minimum and to improve performance. 

Versatile connections

There are plenty of ways to hook up the Zen Blue V2 to your existing audio gear. It has an unbalanced stereo RCA output for connecting to a receiver or amplifier, as well as a balanced 4.4mm output to connect to compatible powered speakers and amps. There are also optical and coaxial digital outputs for sending signal over to other components with onboard DACs.

The analog output stage has balanced circuitry, meaning the left and right channels have symmetrical circuit layouts to reduce interference — which is hard to find at this price. The RCA output is rated at 2 volts, while the 4.4mm output is rated at 4 volts, meaning you can use this versatile streamer with hi-fi and pro systems alike. 

Note: Do not connect the 4.4mm output to headphones. The signal voltage exceeds what headphones are rated for. Doing so can lead to damage to your hearing and/or your headphones. 


Product highlights:

  • allows wireless music playback from Bluetooth-compatible smartphones, tablets, music players, and computers
  • built-in Bluetooth 5.0
    • supported codecs: aptX, aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, AAC, SBC, LDAC, and HWA/LHDC
  • stores up to eight paired device profiles
  • front iFi logo acts as an LED Bluetooth codec indicator for signal quality confirmation
  • durable all-metal chassis with high-grade connectors
  • improved Bluetooth antenna for extended connection range
Performance features:
  • built-in ESS Sabre Hyperstream digital-to-analog converter chip for high-quality sound
  • improved GMT (Global Master Timing) clock for lower distortion and better performance
  • Qualcomm 5100-series processing chip for advanced wireless streaming
    • feeds raw digital Bluetooth signal straight to ESS Sabre chip for digital-to-analog conversion
  • class 1 ceramic capacitors for stable audio signal path
  • fully balanced internal circuitry to avoid distortion and cross-talk between channels
Rear connections:
  • balanced 4.4mm output for connecting a powered speaker or amp
    • Note: do NOT connect balanced headphones to this output — the full signal could damage your headphones and/or hearing.
  • one unbalanced stereo RCA audio output
  • optical digital (Toslink) audio output
  • coaxial digital (S/PDIF) audio output
  • 5-volt DC power input (power cable included)
  • digital/analog audio signal control switch
Other info:
  • 21-inch stereo RCA cable included
  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 111 dB (balanced); 106 dB (unbalanced)
  • THD: 0.009% (balanced); 0.03% balanced
  • dimensions (measured by Crutchfield): 6-1/4"W x 1-3/8"H x 5-11/16"D
  • weight: 1.07 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # 0311001-N00004

What's in the box:

  • Bluetooth receiver/DAC
  • 4.25" Standard Bluetooth antenna
  • 6.25" High gain antenna
  • AC adapter with attached 46" DC output cord (DC output: 5V 500mA)
  • 20" Stereo RCA patch cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card

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More details on the iFi Zen Blue V2

Mark G.

Product Research


Overview: The iFi ZEN Blue Version 2 is a desktop Bluetooth receiver that can deliver your favorite music streamed from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to your audio system. Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can be stored for quick pairing. ZEN Blue v2 supports the latest Hi-Res codecs for the best quality sound. Version 2 comes with a new upgraded antenna that will increase its range by up to 80% The device has optical and coaxial digital outputs, as well as balanced and unbalanced analog outputs. ZEN Blue v2 features a stylish charcoal gray aluminum enclosure, and comes with a 5V DC power supply.

Supported Bluetooth Codecs: ZEN Blue v2 supports Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless streaming of your favorite music. Some of the compatible codecs support 24-bit audio formats, including Qualcomm's aptX Adaptive and aptX HD, Sony's LDAC, and Huawei's HWA. ZEN Blue v2 also supports regular aptX and aptX Low Latency, AAC (the format of Apple iOS devices), and SBC (Standard Bluetooth Codec). On the front panel, the color of the iFi logo indicates the codec being received:

  • Off: SBC
  • Yellow: AAC
  • Blue: aptX
  • Magenta: aptX HD
  • Green: aptX Adaptive
  • Red: aptX LL
  • Cyan: LDAC
  • White: LHDC/HWA

Internal Components: iFi Audio uses separate chips for Bluetooth reception and digital-to-audio conversion. Qualcomm's state-of-the-art QCC5100 chip is actually a DAC chip, but ZEN Blue v2 uses it to only "receive" the signal. The signal is then sent to the ESS Sabre DAC chip which converts the digital signal to analog. The DAC's Hyperstream architecture with its Time Domain Jitter Eliminator and discrete oscillator eliminate jitter in the conversion process and deliver your audio with very low distortion and high dynamic range. iFi uses custom-designed op-amps, such as the ones found in the micro iDSD Black Label DAC, to produce the solid output signal (2V single-ended, 4V balanced). If the output switch is set to Digital, the op-amps are bypassed, and the digital signal is routed directly to the digital outputs.

Rear Panel Connections: All of the connections are located on the rear panel of the ZEN Blue v2, with both digital and analog outputs, and power and antenna connections. The 2-way Analog/Digital switch lets you select which outputs you desire. On the analog side, the 4.4mm (Pentaconn) line output is for connecting the Bluetooth receiver to an amplifier or powered speakers with a balanced input. The balanced design means less interference and crosstalk. The other analog output is a single-ended (unbalanced) stereo RCA output for connecting ZEN Blue v2 to an amplifier. If you have selected the Digital outputs, you can connect ZEN Blue v2 to anything with a built-in DAC via either coaxial or optical digital cable.

Note: The 4.4mm output is NOT for connecting balanced headphones, as the full signal will likely damage your headphones and your hearing.

Power Supply: ZEN Blue v2 is powered by the included 5-volt DC power supply. If desired, you can upgrade to a super low-noise power supply, such as the iFi iPower or iPower X.


  • Input: Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX LL, LDAC, HWA codecs
  • Outputs:
    • Digital: coaxial and optical (S/PIDF)
    • Analog: Stereo RCA (unbalanced), 4.4mm (balanced)
  • Frequency Response:
    • 20Hz - 20kHz +0 /-0.5dB (44.1kHz)
    • 1Hz - 44kHz +0 /-3.0dB (>=88.2kHz)
  • Output Voltage (at 0 dBFS): 2.05V (+/- 0.05V)
  • Dynamic Range: 109dB (A)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 109dB (A) @ 0 dBFS
  • THD + N @ 0 dBFS: < 0.0015% (10k load)
  • Output Impedance: < 50Ω
  • Power Source: DC 5V
  • Power Consumption: < 2.5W
  • Dimensions: Width 6.238", Height 1.374", Depth 4.152" (5.402" with antenna)
  • Weight: 17.15 ounces

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Customer Q&A

7 questions already asked

will this unit feed a power amplifier directly without a preamp if the power amp requires 2.0V rms for full output?
ron  Dec 07, 2023
1 answer
This iFI Zen Blue V2 should work fine, Ron. Output voltage is listed at 2.05, and this would be a great way to feed Bluetooth into your power amp!
bo  Dec 07, 2023 (Staff)
Can this be left powered on? Iâ??ve used dongles previously to add Bluetooth to my home stereo, but have to go into the cabinet and manually turn them on every time I want to play music from my phone.
ed  Mar 03, 2023
1 answer
I suppose you could Ed, but for long periods of non-use I would advise powering the unit down. With the high-quality codec support you are sure to see an improvement in sound quality vs other dongle-style adapters. We love the iFi Zen Blye V2!
bo  Mar 08, 2023 (Staff)
I have a Fusion MS-UD750 marine receiver in our 35' sailboat. Its audio performance is very good and it integrates well with our Raymarine Axiom+ MFD. The Ray MFD allows me to control the UD750 from the helm, however, I find the Fusion internal docking rather useless as it prevents my iPhone from being used as a phone. I'd really prefer to keep the phone at the helm as I frequently stream internet radio. I've tried USB extenders with the UD750 without success. I'm not a big fan of Bluetooth audio quality anyway, but the UD750's BT range is extremely poor. I can't keep a decent BT connection over the 12 feet from my phone at the helm to the UD750. My questions: would the iFi Zen Blue solve my connection issues? Does it have enough range to keep a solid BT connection over 12 to 15'? Will BT 5.0 or 5.3 give me audio quality at least close to a wired connection? FWIW, the feeds JL Audio speakers in the cockpit and a JL Audio amp, speakers and sub in the cabin. Powering the iFi Zen Blue away from shore power won't be a problem with a 12 to 5 volt power supply.
james  Jan 30, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Jim, and thank you for your question. Newer versions of Bluetooth will have less compression, and better audio quality. Most common Bluetooth range is 33 feet, with line of sight. That would be the iFi ZEN Blue range. As long as you can get household current to this, it will work. If your looking for a longer range, there is a device from Audioengine that offers 100 foot range, called the B1. It also have version 5.0 Bluetooth.
hogan  Jan 31, 2023 (Staff)
I have been searching for a bluetooth audio receiver with no luck. I'll admit, I've purchased cheap ones and returned them both, because the volume is so low when I stream music from my phone to the device. Has anybody noticed a volume issue with this receiver? My system is a Harman Kardon AVR 247 (so it's old). At the time we purchased, we bought "The Bridge" which is an iPod dock specifically for Harman Kardon (it was very high tech back in the day). The sound is amazing through it - we have a multiroom setup, so the sound goes from our Harmon Kardon through an amplifier to several rooms in our basement. Will this blue tooth receiver be as loud as "The Bridge" do you think?
wimom  Jan 20, 2023
1 answer
I cannot guarantee anything as far as "loudness" sadly, Amy. What I can guarantee is the quality on the iFi Zen Blue V2 Premium universal bluetooth receiver. You may be experiencing volume loss due to any number of factors or settings on your Harmon Kardon AVR 247. Your multi-room setup should be unaffected by the addition of the iFi Zen Blue. What I would suggest is using the iFi Zen Blue on a new, unused analog RCA input on your receiver for best results! If you are attempting to link an older 32-pin port iPod with Bluetooth you may also have issues as the Bluetooth protocol is older on those units. I hope this helps!
bo  Jan 20, 2023 (Staff)
Will this bluetooth receiver revert to pairing mode when not connected to a device? In other words, do I need to "touch" the device to put it into paring mode each time I want to connect a device?
ed  Jan 02, 2023
1 answer
The receiver will initially search for the previously paired device when it is switched on and connect to that otherwise it will automatically enter pairing mode if nothing is found and no device is connected.
arielle  Jan 02, 2023 (Staff)
I have a Harman Kardon Bluetooth receiver that allows me to play my iPhone through an oldish all-in-one fairly Sony 5.1 surround sound system. The HK BT only has a 3.5mm out and it connects to the 3.5mm aux port on the front of the AV receiver. It sounds good and works well, but it's like 7-9 yrs old. It's small, like a little bigger than a small matchbox. Do you think this would sound better since it's likely a lot newer and also has a DAC? If I got this, I'd most likely use RCA out to 3.5mm Aux in.
eric  Jul 17, 2022
3 answers
My unit is connected by RCA to RCA, and it sounds good. As long a your 3.5 mm connection is clean it should be fine. If you are using Aptx or LDAC I believe you will hear an improvement. I have an old Rocketfish Bluetooth adapter and an Audioengine B1, and the iFi easily sounds the best. I think the DAC and the execution are superior. Good luck!
michael  Jul 18, 2022
I think if you already have a BT box and it works well keep it, save the money. But if you still want to buy this it's fantastic and you will enjoy it.
firoze  Jul 17, 2022
It may not be A LOT better, but yes, better. I have one and it works/sounds great. I'm not, however, comparing to a previous experience with a BT DAC.
jamison  Jul 17, 2022
How would I connect this to my ifi zen dac V2? It has a usb-b input connector?
glenn  Dec 29, 2021
1 answer
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
kenneth  Jan 01, 2022 (Staff)

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