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OSD MX880 4-zone, 8-channel multi-room power amplifier

Item # 452MX880

This multi-room amplifier offers plenty of power and connections to bring your whole-home audio system to life.

This multi-room amplifier offers plenty of power and connections to bring your whole-home audio system to life.

5 questions - 5 answers

Item # 452MX880

In stock
$629.99 -$130.00 Price break

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About the OSD MX880

Archer A.

Multi-room audio made easy

OSD's MX880 is worth considering when you're trying to pick out an amp for a multi-room speaker system. It provides clean, reliable amplification for stereo speakers for up to four independent audio zones. It offers plenty of inputs, so there's no shortage of ways to get the right tunes in the right rooms. And it's rack-mountable with the included hardware for a tidy custom installation.

Multi-room audio made easy

OSD's MX880 is worth considering when you're trying to pick out an amp for a multi-room speaker system. It provides clean, reliable amplification for stereo speakers for up to four independent audio zones. It offers plenty of inputs, so there's no shortage of ways to get the right tunes in the right rooms. And it's rack-mountable with the included hardware for a tidy custom installation.

Versatile setup options

The versatility of the MX880 makes it an appealing piece of gear. You can use it alongside a surround sound preamp and have it power your home theater system. But this amp also has an array of features meant for custom-installed multi-room audio setups.

Each of the amp's four zones has its own independent volume control, input switching, and auto turn-on options. Two sets of BUS inputs allow easy sharing of sources across all zones, or you can select independent line inputs for each zone.

Clean amplification

OSD uses clean, efficient Class D amplification in the MX880, and for good reason: this kind of amp circuit runs cool even if you're pushing it as hard as it can go. Speaking of which, the amp has built-in safeguard circuitry that protects it from overload and short circuits. 

Each amplifier zone can be internally bridged by using its stereo/bridge switch. That'll combine the power of two channels into a single more powerful mono channel — great for feeding power-hungry speakers.


Product highlights:

  • 8-channel amplifier
  • four independent audio zones
  • 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms
  • 80 watts per channel into 4 oms
  • each zone is bridgeable to 160 watts mono into 8 ohms (8-ohm speakers only)
  • uses efficient Class D amplification
  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz (+1.7 / -1 dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
  • independent left and right volume/gain controls for all eight channels
  • signal-sensing automatic turn-on
  • stereo RCA line inputs for each zone
  • BUS1 and BUS2 RCA line inputs for playing the same sources in multiple zones
  • BUS1 and BUS 2 RCA line outputs for daisy-chaining to other amplifiers
  • detachable speaker wire terminals accept up to 14-gauge wire
    • independent input switch for each zone lets you select line, BUS1, or BUS2 sources
  • BUS 12-volt input and output for simplified control over zones using RCA BUS input as a source
  • 12-volt trigger input/output for connecting and controlling other 12-volt devices
Other info:
  • detachable AC power cord
  • rack-mountable (hardware included)
  • 16-13/16"W x 4-1/16"H x 17-11/16"D (2U rack spaces)
  • weight: 19 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • MFR # MX880

What's in the box:

  • 8-Channel amplifier
  • 6' AC power cord
  • 2 Rack-brackets (pre-installed)
  • Owner's Manual

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More details on the OSD MX880

Stacey B.

Product Research


4-Zone/8-Channel Amplifier: The OSD Audio MX880 is a powerful 4-zone/8-channel amplifier for commercial and residential audio systems that require reliable power in multiple zones. The MX880 uses highly-efficient Class D amplifier technology that runs cool, while delivering high performance and ultra-low distortion output. The amplifier features a total of eight channels rated at 80 watts each @ 4 ohms/50 watts @ 8-ohms. It can be configured as the main amplifier for an audio distribution system such as for background music, paging, and multi-zone audio; or as an amplifier for home theater surround sound systems.

  • Class D Technology: : The MX880 uses highly efficient Class D digital circuitry. Class D amplifiers use output transistors that are fully turned on or off during operation, which keeps distortion low and efficiency is high (93%). Class D amps combine the best qualities of both class A and B technologies and are ideal for distributed audio and home theater setups because these amps run cooler than traditional amps and can easily run multiple pairs of speakers at a 4-ohm or 8-ohm load.
  • Stereo or Bridged Mode: The MX880 can be operated in Stereo or Bridged Mode. In Stereo Mode, you can connect up to four pair of 4-ohm or 8-ohm loudspeakers. In Bridged Mode, you can connect up to two pair of 8-ohm loudspeakers (Bridged Mode is not compatible with 4-ohm loads). In Bridged Mode, the amplifier is rated at 160 watts per channel @ 8-ohms.

Line-Level Analog Inputs & Outputs: The OSD Audio MX880 amplifier is outfitted with two stereo Bus Inputs and Outputs, as well as four specific stereo Zone inputs. Each Bus input and output, as well as each Zone input consists of female stereo RCA jacks. There is a rear-panel switch that allows you to switch between the Bus 1, Bus 2, and local Zone inputs for each specific Zone of the amplifier. Left and Right gain controls for each Zone adjust the sound level independently (the Left gain control is only used in Bridged mode).

  • Bus Inputs/Outputs: The two stereo Bus line-level inputs can be used to connect up to two sources to multiple zones of the MX880 amplifier. The two stereo Bus line-level outputs pass the corresponding Bus Input to another amplifier in your system.
  • Zones Inputs: Each Zone of the MX880 amplifier has its own local line-level stereo input. The line-level audio inputs for each zone are auto-sensing and will activate the zone when an audio signal from a source is present.

Speaker Output Terminals: Each Zone of the OSD Audio MX880 amplifier features a phoenix-style, euro-block 4-pin connector to connect a pair of loudspeakers. The euro-block connector is detachable for easy termination of up to 14AWG wire.

12-Volt Triggers: The OSD Audio MX880 is equipped with a Buss 12V Trigger In/Out, as well as a 12V Trigger In/Out for each specific zone. Each 12V Trigger In and Out consists of a female 3.5mm jack.

  • Bus 12V Trigger In/Out: The Bus 12V Trigger In is used to activate all zones that are using the Bus Input and disables other zone triggers or signal sensing on those zones when it is used. When the Bus 12V Trigger is used, all Bus-controlled zone LEDs will be blue and active. If the Bus Trigger In has 12V applied to it, only the 12V Bus Trigger Out will have 12V and the Zone Trigger Outputs will not.
  • Zone 12V Trigger In/Out: The Zone 12V Trigger In is used to activate a specific zone. The Zone Trigger Out can be used to trigger other 12V devices. The delay and audio sensing are bypassed when the 12V Zone Trigger Input is used. When a Zone Trigger is active, the zone LED will be blue. If no voltage is present in the Zone Trigger, the Zone LED will be off. Standby Mode The amplifier will go into Standby mode when audio signal or trigger is not present after 3 minutes.

Protection Circuitry: The OSD Audio MX880 amplifier employs special protection circuitry to safeguard the amplifier from thermal overload and short circuits.

  • Thermal Protection: Thermal protection mode will only engage when the unit has been run at high volume for extended periods of time without adequate ventilation and/or when speaker impedances are below the minimum levels for the amplifier. In thermal protection mode the amplifier will automatically stop output. If this fault occurs, turn off the amplifier, and check that the speaker impedance rating is above the minimum rating. Also check for adequate ventilation around the amplifier and make adjustments if necessary. Once the unit has cooled to an appropriate operating temperature, the amplifier can be powered back on.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Special circuitry has been designed into the MX Series Multi-Zone Amplifier to safeguard under a short-circuit condition. A faulty speaker can also cause a short circuit condition. The Zone LED indicator will blink rapidly between red and blue. If this fault condition occurs, turn off the amplifier and check speakers for short circuit conditions when appropriate.

Detachable AC Power Cord: The OSD Audio MX880 comes with a 6' detachable IEC 3-prong AC power cord that will plug into the back of the amplifier and into a power outlet or surge protector (sold separately - see Accessories tab).

Mounting Options: The OSD Audio MX880 amplifier can be mounted or a shelf or other flat tabletop surface. It can also be mounted in an equipment rack using the included hardware. The MX880 takes up 2U rack spaces.

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Customer Q&A

5 questions already asked

Is it possible to control each specific zone via music cast? I would like to be able to pick which rooms the music is playing in
brian  Mar 23, 2024
1 answer
The OSD MX8800 8-channel amp has no built-in MusicCast features, Brian. You can add streaming compatibility with MusicCast Wi-fi ecosystems and have the zone separation you need by using the Yamaha WXC-50 preamp in the link below for each zone input on the OSD amp. You also have the choice of using the Yamaha WXA-50 in the second link for each zone, the WXA-50 has the MusicCast streaming preamp built-in and provides 55-watts per channel of power. The WXA-50 streaming amplifier is also 4-ohm stable to drive 4-total 4-ohm speakers!
bo  Mar 23, 2024 (Staff)
Can this unit inconjuction with a reciever run 3 exterior zones with each zone having a pair of JBL Pro 28 speakers with all 6 speakers/3 zones simultaneously running, or 2 zones at same time, or just 1 zone with each option using the same source of input? Can each zone simultaneously & indepently run audio from 3 diff input sources (stream/radio, cd, turntable)?
deborah  Jul 07, 2023
1 answer
This amplifier is able to have any number of its channels running at the same time and all the way up to all 8 channels running at the same time when needed. The ability to play different sources in each zone will be controlled by the receiver or preamp that is used with this amp. I recommend contacting an advisor by calling 1-800-324-9695 to get a personal recommendation on the gear needed to give you the control you seek.
jason  Jul 08, 2023 (Staff)
I just purchased a house with wired speakers in kitchen, living room and outside. Four pairs of speakers total. Previous receiver in my house was a 2014 Yamaha RX-A2030 9.2-Channel Network Aventage Audio Video Receiver. Will this receiver work to replace the Yamaha unit?
jennifer  Dec 27, 2022
1 answer
This is a multi-zone power amplifier, not a receiver. It lacks many of the features/controls that a receiver would offer. For help with selecting the best product to suit your needs, please reach out to our advisors via online chat or phone at 1-800-324-9695.
zachary  Dec 28, 2022 (Staff)
Could I use this with a Sonos Port to stream music to 3 different sets of passive built-in ceiling speakers? (Rather than buying 3 separate Sonos amps?)
jen  Dec 08, 2022
1 answer
You can Jen, but with some rules. The advantage of using three separate Sonos amps would be zone separation. This would allow you to use the Sonos app to play a different music source at a different volume in each zone (or "set") of speakers. You can use the OSD MX880 and one Sonos Port connected to the OSD's BUS input, but you will have to play the same music at the same volume in each zone. I hope this helps!
bo  Dec 09, 2022 (Staff)
Can 1 zone power 4 - 8ohm ceiling speakers?
hunter  Jun 22, 2022
1 answer
This OSD MX880 is a very potent unit, Hunter. You can run 4 8ohm speakers on one zone, this amp is 4 ohm stable and would put out about 80 watts RMS per channel. No problemo!
bo  Jun 23, 2022 (Staff)

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