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Rockford Fosgate R2-500X4 Prime Series 4-channel car amplifier — 75 watts RMS x 4

Item # 575R2500X4

Rockford Fosgate's Prime Series R2-500X4 amplifier can power four speakers with 75 watts RMS each, so you'll...

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Rockford Fosgate's Prime Series R2-500X4 amplifier can power four speakers with 75 watts RMS each, so you'll...

12 questions - 25 answers

Item # 575R2500X4

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About the Rockford Fosgate R2-500X4

Buck Pomerantz

Give your speakers the power they deserve

Rockford Fosgate's Prime Series R2-500X4 amplifier can power four speakers with 75 watts RMS each, so you'll hear your music loud and clear over the noises of the wind and road. You could also use this amp in bridged, 2-channel mode to power a couple of subwoofers with 250 watts RMS each. High- and low-pass filters help you get maximum performance from the speakers in your vehicle.

Give your speakers the power they deserve

Rockford Fosgate's Prime Series R2-500X4 amplifier can power four speakers with 75 watts RMS each, so you'll hear your music loud and clear over the noises of the wind and road. You could also use this amp in bridged, 2-channel mode to power a couple of subwoofers with 250 watts RMS each. High- and low-pass filters help you get maximum performance from the speakers in your vehicle.

Setting it up for optimum performance

Rockford Fosgate's C.L.E.A.N. technology (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise) setup system ensures your music will sound as clean and powerful as possible. It's a simple system to use — turn it up until the light shows red, then turn it down until the red light goes out. Speaker-level inputs let you hook this amp up to almost any system, even a factory stereo.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best 4-channel car amplifiers for 2024
  • 4-channel car amplifier
    • 75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms
    • 125 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms
    • 250 watts RMS x 2 bridged output at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
  • CTA-2006 compliant
  • Class-D amplifier design
  • variable high- and low-pass filters (50-250 Hz, 12 dB/octave) on front and rear channels
More Info:
  • C.L.E.A.N. gain setup system includes clip lights
  • auto remote turn-on
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs
  • preamp outputs
  • wiring, fuse, and hardware not included with amplifier
    • 4-gauge power and ground leads and an 80-amp fuse recommended
  • dimensions: 10-1/16"W x 2"H x 7.75"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # R2-500X4

What's in the box:

  • 4-Channel amplifier
  • Two 7" Speaker input harnesses
  • 3mm Allen Hex key
  • Four 3/4" Screws
  • 4 Flat washers
  • Installation and Operation instructions (English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian)
  • Certificate of Performance
  • Rockford Fosgate contact information

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More details on the Rockford Fosgate R2-500X4

Mark G.

Product Research



Overview: The Rockford Fosgate Prime R2-500X4 is a 4-channel full-range Class D amplifier. It's effectively two full range 2-channel amps built into one chassis, labeled Front and Rear. Each section of the amp is bridgeable, so it can be wired as 4-channel, 3-channel, or 2-channel.

CEA-2006 Compliant: CEA-2006 is a system of testing and measurement for mobile audio amplifiers. This voluntary standard advocates a uniform method for measuring an amplifier's RMS power output and signal-to-noise ratio. The criteria for measuring amplifier power uses a DC input voltage of 14.4 volts and the RMS power output is measured over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (for full range amplifiers), with 1% or less Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise (THD+N). Signal-to-Noise ratio is measured in weighted absolute decibels (dBA) at a reference of 1 watt into 4 ohms. CEA-2006 standards allow consumers to compare car amplifiers and receivers under the same conditions (apples to apples).

CEA-2006 Specifications:

  • Power Output: 75 watts RMS x 4 into 4Ω
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >80 dBA (measured at 1 watt into 4Ω)

Other Specifications:

  • Power Output:
    • 2Ω: 125 watts RMS x 4 (14.4 volts)
    • Bridged: 250 watts RMS x 2 (14.4 volts, 4Ω)

Mounting: The amplifier can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or inverted using the supplied mounting screws; horizontal mounting (right side up) will provide the best cooling.


Input Switch: Set this switch to match the number of inputs used, 2-channel or 4-channel. In 2-channel mode the signal on the front input feeds all four output channels.

Independent Controls: The R2-500X4 has independent, top-mounted controls for the front and rear channels:

  • Gain: rotary gain controls; labeled 0 to 11 (equivalent to 150mV-4V line level or 450mV-12V speaker level)
  • Crossover: 3-position switch; choose low-pass, all-pass, or high-pass; low-pass and high-pass crossovers are 12 dB per octave Butterworth
  • Frequency: rotary dials; continuously variable from 50-250 Hz

Auto Turn-on Switch: When using speaker level inputs, this switch can be set to On and the amp will turn on when it senses an input signal (DC offset on the left front input). When using the RCA inputs a remote turn-on wire must be connected.


Power Terminals: The power and ground terminals are nickel-plated set-screw terminals, and will accommodate up to 4-gauge wire. (Rockford Fosgate recommends using 4-gauge power and ground wire.) The set screws are tightened/loosened with the included 3mm hex key.

Fuses: The amplifier does not have on-board fuses. An 80-amp fuse should be placed on the power wire within 18" of the battery.

Remote Turn-On Terminal: The remote turn-on terminal is a nickel-plated set-screw terminal that will accommodate up to 8-gauge wire. The set screw is tightened/loosened with the included 3mm hex key.

Speaker Terminals: The speaker terminals are nickel-plated set-screw terminals that will accommodate up to 8-gauge wire. The set screws are tightened/loosened with the included 3mm hex key.

RCA Input Jacks: There are two pair of RCA input jacks for the front and rear channels. The balanced differential inputs are nickel-plated to resist signal degradation caused by corrosion.

RCA Pass-Thru Jacks: One pair of nickel-plated RCA pass-thru jacks provide a convenient way to connect an additional amplifier without running an extra set of RCA cables from the front of the vehicle to the amplifier location. The signal from the front RCA inputs is passed to the RCA outputs.

Speaker Level Inputs: There are ports for the two included speaker input harnesses, front and rear. If speaker level inputs are used, nothing should be connected to the RCA jacks.

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Customer Q&A

12 questions already asked

Can I run 6 speakers on this amp. I have 2 speakers in my front doors, 2 in the side passenger doors and 2 in the very back pillars of a Hummer H2. If so how would i wire them? Speakers are 4 ohm Rockford Fosgate
scot  Jan 05, 2024
1 answer
This Rockford Fosgate R2-500x4 amp is 2-ohm stable and is capable of driving 6-total 4-ohm speakers, Scot. You would have to use channels 3-4 for connecting your back pillar speakers in parallel with your rear door speakers. This amp puts out 125-watts per channel into 2-ohms, so both your rear door speakers and rear pillar speakers must be capable of handling 62.5 watts at a minimum. Dropping the impedance to 2-ohms can add some distortion, so for the best sound quality and performance you could also consider using 6-channel amps like the JL Audio XD600/6v2 in the link below if your speakers are capable of handling 75-watts RMS.
bo  Jan 05, 2024 (Staff)
Can I run two 4 ohm sets of components at 2ohms for every two channels on this amp?
ernesto  Dec 22, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Ernesto. Thank you for your question. It is a 2 ohm stable amp, so if you have good ventilation for it, I see no reason you could not run 4 pairs of 4 ohm components.
hogan  Dec 23, 2023 (Staff)
Can I use this amp to power 3 speakers? A 2x75 at 4 ohms and then a 1x250 (bridged) at 4 ohms?
sam  Oct 23, 2023
1 answer
I see no reason why not, Sam. The Rockford Fosgate R2-500X4 would be an excellent candidate for a solid setup with two full-range speakers at 75-watts RMS and the 3/4 channels bridged to send 250-watts to a single 4-ohm subwoofer.
bo  Oct 24, 2023 (Staff)
How would it preform on ds18s 6.5 500wtts 250rms 8ohms 4 of them?
leonardo  May 08, 2022
2 answers
Also....this amp may be a little underrated for what you need....each speaker is 250rms, and when you parallel them down to 4 ohm, each speaker is essentially only gonna see half of the bridged channel because you are sharing if you do 2 of these then your speakers is gonna see closer to what rms wattage for each speaker needs to be. I wouldn't put 8 ohm individually per channel because if it's 75 @4ohm then it will only be half of that @8ohm....
joseph  May 08, 2022
A's 75 watts at 4ohms for 4 channels, but when you bridge it, I think it becomes 225 watts at 4ohms for 2 channels. It's either 225 or 250...without looking up the specs i can't remember. But that is what I'm fixing to do is put 2-250watt 4 ohm PRV 6.5 on some midbass. Just check your frequency response and make sure it'll do the frequencies required by DS midranges, I want to say they're not good for super tweets because they don't go that high.
joseph  May 08, 2022
Would this work well with the pioneer ts-a692c speakers I just bought?
steve  Mar 06, 2022
2 answers
Yes sir this amp should work quit well for you it is 75 watts rms at 4 ohms load your speakers are 50-100 watts rms each so it should be perfect
ryan  Mar 09, 2022
Yes. I thought no your speakers are 90 RMS. The amp is 100 so just be aware of that, shouldn't be a problem
jeff  Mar 07, 2022
does the amplifier get hot after using ?
valdo  Dec 16, 2021
1 answer
This amp will get warm after extended use. I have two channels bridge to 2 ohms and two channels at 4 ohms and this amp handles it without a problem. My bigger Rockford Fosgate amp gets much warmer than this one. I have been using it for over a year without any issues.
michael  Dec 18, 2021
Will this amp power 4 T1675-s component speakers?
walter  Jun 28, 2021
3 answers
Yes it will
shawn  Jun 29, 2021
It will be fine to run these T1675-s component speakers
shawn  Jun 28, 2021
It will....but you are leaving power on the table meaning....the speakers are 100watt rms and the the amp is 75watts rms could bridge it, but then you'll only have 2 channels....i would look for a little bit bigger least what the speakers are rated for.....
joseph  Jun 28, 2021
This could be ran at 2 & 4 ohms. How would you switch between the two?
matthew  Feb 11, 2021
1 answer
It can be ran at either 2 or 4 ohms, and there is a switch on the Amp to switch between the two, I believe. Dont hole me to that though.. it does, definitely run either 2 or 4 ohms
joseph  Feb 11, 2021
Can i install this amp with an 8GA cable kit? (60A fuse)
marcelo  Oct 27, 2020
2 answers
The R2-500X4 will accept 4ga & 8ga wire, but requires 80A fuse.
richard  Oct 27, 2020
joseph  Oct 27, 2020
Will this power 4 6 1/2 inch speakers plus a sub ?
andrew  May 14, 2020
8 answers
No just the 6 1/2 speakers. And tweeters if you got em
zacorey  May 18, 2020
no, you need a separate mono amp for the sub. if you want 1 amp to power everything you need a 5 channel amp.
eugeniu  May 15, 2020
I wouldn't recommend it. It can be used as either 2 or 4 channel so you'd either power the 4 speakers or the sub. I'd suggest getting a 5 channel or 2 separate amps for interiors and subs.
james  May 14, 2020
Not well,, in my opinion. I used it to run my component sets, and use a separate amo for my sub. 4 speakers and a sub off that amp, in my opionion, is underpowered and missing a channel.
joseph  May 14, 2020
Technically you can, but it is not really meant for four speakers and a sub. The ideal speaker set up for this amp is four speakers, or two speakers and a sub. You would use 2 channels for the two speakers and then bridge the other two for the sub. Usually subs need a lot of power hence why you bridge two channels to power the sub. The other option, which is technically possible, but I don't recommend, is to connect the four speakers to just two channels and then bridge the other two for the sub. By the way love this amp. Great quality and lots of power!
edgar  May 14, 2020
It will power the 4 speakers as long as they are 4ohm rated so you will run them at 2 ohms. However, for the sub I would use a separate mono amp that you can connect to the pass through rca jacks on the Rockford. This is how I'm using this amp in my RV and it sounds great.
rogelio  May 14, 2020
If your speakers are with in the rms wattage and right ohms. You could wire four speakers and a sub. I would just run you door speakers so you get better sound and life out of your amp.
richard  May 14, 2020
hey it is recommended that you only power your speakers with this type of amplifier and add a separate amp for your subs. this being a 4 channel amplifier it only has output for 4 speakers rated at 75W rms. your subs may require more output. i would recommend the Rockford r2 500x1 in addition to this for your sub. just make sure to read your subwoofer requirements and impedance.
alinson  May 14, 2020
How hot does this get? Small footprint amps typically generate more heat, and I'm putting this inside a closed compartment in my hatch.
justin  Feb 26, 2020
2 answers
Doesn't get hot at all! If anything barely warm on 85+ days!
jay  Nov 06, 2021
Its winter where I'm at so it's been freezing outside. I haven't touched it really at any point. However, it's been working great for my Infinity Kappa 1200W. One sub at 2 ohms pounds!
mark  Feb 27, 2020

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