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Rockford Fosgate RFiF2SW 2-channel speaker output adapter (bare speaker wires to female RCAs)

Item # 575RFIF2SW

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Item # 575RFIF2SW

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About the Rockford Fosgate RFiF2SW

Buck Pomerantz

Make speaker-level signal connections

This Rockford Fosgate adapter lets you connect the speaker-level outputs from your car stereo to a compatible amplifier with RCA inputs that will accept a high-level signal. Once you've connected your speaker wires to this adapter, you'll run RCA patch cables (sold separately) from the adapter's female connectors to your amp. Oxygen-free copper wires and platinum-plated connectors resist corrosion and ensure good signal flow. Warranty: 1 year

What's in the box:

  • 14.5" Speaker level-to-RCA adapter (4 bare wires on one end and two female RCA jacks on other end)

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More details on the Rockford Fosgate RFiF2SW

Mark G.

Product Research


Speaker-Level to RCA Adapter: This high-level speaker wire to RCA adaptor (RFIF2SW) from Rockford Fosgate lets you connect your vehicle's factory radio or an aftermarket head unit without RCA outputs to an aftermarket amplifier which lacks speaker-level inputs. The speaker-level to RCA adapter features 4 bare wires on one end and two female RCA jacks on other end.

Wire Color Function
Gray wire Right Front Speaker Wire (+)
Gray/black wire Right Front Speaker Wire (-)
White wire Left Front Speaker Wire (+)
White/black wire Left Front Speaker Wire (-)
Gray RCA Right Front Channel of Amp
Black RCA Left Front Channel of Amp

Twisted Pair Constructions: Each RCA channel is twisted, alternating the positive and negative conductors, to help reduce noise for enhanced sound quality.

OFC: The speaker wire leads and RCA cables use Oxygen Free Copper for corrosion resistance and excellent signal transfer.

Platinum Plated RCA Jacks: The platinum plated female RCA jacks resist corrosion and offer excellent signal transfer.

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Customer Q&A

10 questions already asked

Can these be used on both ends of the rca cable. One to take the high level signal to a long rca cable and the other to split it back into speaker wire connections to go into a lc2i pro?
gurwinder  Jun 17, 2023
1 answer
It would depend on the quality of the RCA cable. We generally prefer not to do this as RCA cables are not intended for speaker-level signal.
zachary  Jun 18, 2023 (Staff)
Can these be used to go from rca to speaker wires to hook up amp without rca?
ray  Apr 30, 2022
2 answers
The unit is simply a conversion from speaker wire to RCA or RCA to speaker wire. Your signal and signal level will remain the same. It should work fine. One plug is your left + and - and the other is your right + and -. You can use them for either front or rear signals.
steven  May 04, 2022
steven  May 03, 2022
I broke the rca terminals on my amp for my subs the amp has an input i can wire to this will it work properly?
luke st.  Apr 29, 2022
1 answer
Should work fine. My first choice would be to replace the RCA terminals if the inside of the amp is accessible.
james l  Apr 30, 2022
How long are the wires?
j.  Jun 24, 2021
1 answer
The total length is 14.5"
thomas  Jul 08, 2021 (Staff)
Can I use this to tap into my factory sub wiring for the input to my aftermarket amp and sub on a 2007 yukon denali?
michael  May 21, 2020
2 answers
Find out what or describe this factory "sub wiring" in greater detail would help. However, assuming the factory sub wiring is a speaker level out then yes.
monchai  May 21, 2020
You must have low level out put but being a factory radio you probally have a high level output only then I would say no!. They do sell kits that drop high level outputs to a common RCA input for Amps though call they up they might find or know what your options are they can find more about your factory radio quickly too!!!!!!!
curtis  May 21, 2020
did anyone that purchased these abide by the product advisory that was issued by RF? It advises that the speaker + should be connected to the center pin of the adaptor and the Negative from the adapter to be grounded to the radio chassis. I just purchased these along with a Punch Amp and noticed the advisory.
vin  Feb 19, 2016
2 answers
Yes, I followed the directions per RF's instructions since I wasn't sure if polarity matters for DC signal.
monchai  May 21, 2020
Did not read that. Piggybacked off my stock amp to my new amp. Grounded both to the frame and it worked.
dawid  Feb 19, 2016
Can you splice these wires directly to your car speakers and then connect the rca wires to your amp?
nick  Jun 06, 2014
10 answers
Yes and make sure your amp has some gain setting for the RCA input. However, I would not recommend it. Depending on what car speakers (full range) and you're trying to drive another amp using a full range signal? Using a LOC would be a better choice for feeding the signal into your amp since the LOC can filter out certain undesirable frequencies. Additionally, unless your amp has an auto signal turn on when it detects signal, you'll have the headache of not have a "remote turn on" wire for the amp (some LOCs have this feature). If you're looking for a quick and dirty answer (without me knowing your intended use) then yes, it would work (electrically speaking).
monchai  May 21, 2020
Can you this set up for house speakers? If so, how would you connect it?
willie  Jul 23, 2014
Yes you can. In my installation, I used this product at the wiring harness leaving my head unit. I spliced into the right and left rear speaker wires. I then connected my RCA pre-amp cables and ran them to the floor, under the carpet and back into the rear of my Jeep where I have my powered subwoofers. This is a great product for keeping factory "non RCA pre-amp output" head units if you don't want to or your budget doesn't allow. In essence, I now have a head unit with RCA pre-amp outputs.
brian  Jun 11, 2014
This will depend largely on your amplifier. If your amplifier can accept a high level input on the RCAs then this will work great. Otherwise you would need a live level adapter to step down the speaker level output to RCA level. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help determine if this is compatible with your amp.
jeff  Jun 09, 2014 (Staff)
Only with certain amps that accept high level inputs through the RCA's. I think some RF and Kicker amps have the feature. You would have to check on others.
shawn  Jun 08, 2014
Yes, that is very do-able. I use them the other way around. I connect the bare end to the speaker terminals of an amplifier and hook the other end to speakers with male rca plugs. Either way will work.
robert  Jun 07, 2014
Only if it's a factory subwoofer, if you're connecting to your rear speakers you need a level line converter or the factory head unit will cut off the sound since it senses a high resistance and it'll try to protect the speakers.
sonny  Jun 06, 2014
Yes, that is the exact purpose of these wire kits. It's for a situation where you have a factory deck that you can't (or don't want to) remove but want to hook up an amp and sub woofer. Without an after market deck you don't usually have anywhere to hook up your RCA sub woofer wires, so that is where these get used. You can hook this harness kit up to your car's rear speaker wire harness and then plug into your amp's RCA cable input from these wire splices.
chris  Jun 06, 2014
Yes nick you can that's exactly what I did on my 2002 lexus gs 300 with premium sound and it worked.
chris  Jun 06, 2014
Yup, you sure can. That's what I did in F-350.
ryan  Jun 06, 2014
Which wires does this splice to at the head init?
kevin  Feb 21, 2014
1 answer
This will depend largely on your vehicle. For details on installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on what you will need for an installation.
jeff  Feb 21, 2014 (Staff)

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