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Amplifier Installation & Accessories

Don't starve a good amp with inferior installation gear. Quality wiring and parts mean your amp gives you 100%.
Amplifier Installation &  Accessories

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Amp Wiring Kits
Amp wiring kits

These kits include hardware and power wires needed to install an amp in your car. Some kits include patch cables or speaker wire, and some allow you to install two amps safely. Go to products
Car Speaker Wire
Car speaker wire

Use superior speaker wire for the best possible audio performance — it's built to stand up to the extremes of the car environment. Go to products
RCA Cables
RCA cables

High-quality patch cables and adapters promote efficient signal flow to your amps, while minimizing noise from your electrical system. Go to products
Power & Ground Cable
Power & ground cable

For top performance, use the proper power and ground cable to ensure maximum power flow to your amplifier. Go to products

Here you'll find the tools that'll come in handy for your next amplifier installation. Go to products

Here you'll find the connectors, heat shrink tubing, and other items that you'll need to install your new amplifier. Go to products
Vehicle-specific Amp Harnesses
Vehicle-specific amp harnesses

These vehicle-specific amp harnesses connect an amp replacement module or processor to your factory radio, so you can add an amplifier without losing functionality. Go to products
Power Wire Terminals
Power wire terminals

These terminals allow you to connect power cable to a wide variety of amplifier connections. Go to products
Power Distribution Blocks
Power distribution blocks

Power distribution blocks and other hardware allow you to route power from a single power cable to your multi-amp setup. Go to products
Battery Terminals
Battery terminals

A wide assortment of battery terminals to connect your amplifier's power wire to your vehicle's battery. Go to products
Specialized Parts & Hardware
Specialized parts & hardware

Here you'll find specialized parts to link, connect, expand, cover, or install amplifiers. Go to products
Fuse Holders
Fuse holders

Fuse holders connect in-line with your power cable to house and protect your fuses. Go to products
Amp Fuses
Amp fuses

Safeguard your equipment and your vehicle by installing fuses on the power cable from your battery to your car amplifier. Go to products
Amplifier Remotes
Amplifier remotes

Use your amplifier remote to make on-the-fly adjustments to your amplifier without leaving the driver's seat. Go to products

Capacitors store up power from your battery, then release it to your amp during peak demand for more consistent bass. Go to products
Line Out Converters
Line out converters

A line output converter drops the signal from your car's speaker wires down to a level that's acceptable to your amp's preamp inputs. Go to products
Firewall Bushings
Firewall bushings

Use these bushings to protect power cable as it passes through the hole in your car's firewall. Go to products
Vehicle-specific Amp Kits
Vehicle-specific amp kits

Conceal your amp in an unused space in your vehicle Go to products
Noise Filters
Noise filters

Use noise filters to get rid of noise in your car audio setup caused by interference from your car's electrical system. Go to products
Speaker Wire-to-RCA Adapters
Speaker wire-to-RCA adapters

These adapters are intended for amplifiers with high-level input capability, but no speaker-wire input connections. They connect the speaker-level signal to amp's RCA inputs. Go to products
Load Generating Devices
Load generating devices

If you're installing a new amplifier but keeping your factory radio, you may need one of these devices to keep your radio running. Go to products

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Shopping for amp installation gear

When you're building a new audio system for your vehicle, choosing your amp (or amps) is quite often the fun part. Tools and accessories might not be as much fun, but they're the key to installing your amp properly and getting the sound you crave. Adding the right amp wiring kit, cables, connectors, wiring, and tools to your shopping cart will help make your installation go smoothly.

To learn more about the tools you'll need for your DIY car audio installation, check out this helpful guide to the 12 tools you need to add to your car audio tool box.

And you can learn more about adding amps to your system in our Car Amplifier Buying Guide