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Klipsch Reference RF-7 III Floor-standing speaker (Natural Cherry)

Item # 714RF7S3C

One of the best parts of my job is going to our speaker listening room, closing the door, and playing music to...

One of the best parts of my job is going to our speaker listening room, closing the door, and playing music to...

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8 questions - 25 answers

Item # 714RF7S3C

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$2,199.00 each

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About the Klipsch Reference RF-7 III

Kramer Crane

"Two thumbs up" for Klipsch's flagship Reference tower 

One of the best parts of my job is going to our speaker listening room, closing the door, and playing music to my heart's content. So when Klipsch brought their newly designed RF-7 III floor-standing speakers to our headquarters, I took full advantage of the opportunity. Read on to learn more about this remarkable hand-built tower speaker, as well as my firsthand listening impressions.

"Two thumbs up" for Klipsch's flagship Reference tower 

One of the best parts of my job is going to our speaker listening room, closing the door, and playing music to my heart's content. So when Klipsch brought their newly designed RF-7 III floor-standing speakers to our headquarters, I took full advantage of the opportunity. Read on to learn more about this remarkable hand-built tower speaker, as well as my firsthand listening impressions.

Klipsch RF-7 III Floor-standing speaker

Klipsch's RF-7 III floor-standing speaker features two powerful 10" woofers and a 1-3/4" horn-loaded tweeter (shown in black ash).

An upgrade from a long-time customer favorite

The RF-7 has long been a staple in Klipsch's impressive lineup of Reference Series speakers. In fact, the previous iteration, the RF-7 II, was one of our highest-rated tower speakers in recent years.

The RF-7 III offers a number of improvements over its predecessor, including an all-new 1-3/4" Tractrix® horn-loaded tweeter, two new 10" woofers, new dual rear-firing ports, and an improved crossover network. The RF-7 III even sports a new plinth and magnetic grille, which makes it a cosmetic match with the Klipsch Reference Premiere line

My listening takeaways

The first track I listened to on these impressive speakers was a live cut of "No Excuses" from Alice in Chains' Unplugged album.

I was immediately struck by how full and realistic the soundstage was. Granted, these are large speakers, but they effortlessly created an accurate sense of what the candle-lit stage sounded like that evening. Mike Inez' bass came through with depth and pluck. Sean Kinney's drum kit was tight and punchy. And Layne Staley's distinctive voice was clear and full of soul. If you enjoy listening to concert recordings, the RF-7 IIIs are an excellent choice for creating the "live show" feel.

Next up was "Ready or Not" from Fugee's The Score. I listened for the complex layering of Lauryn Hill's voice during the intro, along with the impact and presence of Wyclef Jean's powerful voice when he thunders in at about the 30 second mark. From the kickin' drumline to the seriously cool stereo panning that takes place on this track, I was feeling it with the RF-7 IIIs. The 10" woofers cranked out some serious bass too — as a hip-hop enthusiast I really appreciated this.

I hung around our training room for quite a while and auditioned a wide range of bluegrass, rock, and folk tunes. Across the board, the RF-7 IIIs were a joy to listen to.

Klipsch RF-7 III Floor-standing speake

Dual rear-firing ports add to the RF-7 III's impressive bass performance (shown in natural cherry).

Proudly made in the USA

So what makes the RF-7 III sound so good? Well, part of their sonic excellence is attributed to their impeccable build quality. Each speaker is designed and built in Hope, Arkansas. The back of each RF-7 III even features a plaque that's hand-signed by the speaker's craftsman.

A friendly heads-up — this speaker is huge

At just over 4 feet tall, and weighing in at nearly 100 pounds, the RF-7 III is truly a "tower speaker." Just something to keep in mind as you're planning out the logistics of your new system. You'll probably want a buddy to come over to help you move and unbox this massive floor-standing speaker.  


Product highlights:

  • hand-built in Hope, Arkansas
  • frequency response 32-25,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • power handling: up to 250 watts RMS (1,000 watts peak)
  • sensitivity 100 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms compatible
  • Tractrix® horn with 1-3/4" titanium dome tweeter
  • dual 10" Cerametallic™ woofers
  • bass-reflex (ported) design with dual rear-firing Tractrix ports
  • furniture-grade natural cherry wood veneer
  • dual binding posts for bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • 13-7/8"W x 49"H x 17-7/8"D
  • weight: 97 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • MFR # 1064560

What's in the box:

  • Floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Plinth
  • Grille
  • 4 Spike feet
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • 2 Jumpers (pre-installed)
  • 4 Machine screws
  • Owner's Manual

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More details on the Klipsch Reference RF-7 III

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Ported
Finish MDF/Wood veneer
Color Cherry (natural)
Tweeter Tractrix Horn
Tweeter Size (inches) 1.75
Midrange Size (inches) N/A
Woofer Size (inches) 10
Woofer Composition Cerametallic
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub No
Dolby Atmos Drivers No
Connector Type Binding post
Bi-amp Inputs Yes
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Power Range up to 250
Frequency Response 32-25k Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Subwoofer Amp Power ---
Height (inches) 49-1/16
Width (inches) 13-15/16
Depth (inches) 17-15/16
Weight 97 lbs
The Klipsch Reference RF-7 III replaces these items:

Product Research


Horn Loaded Tweeter: The Klipsch RF-7 III features a newly designed 1.75-inch titanium-diaphragm compression driver inside a molded rubber square Tractrix Horn for smoother high-end response with greater extension, enhanced imaging, and more powerful dynamics. The 8.5" square Tractrix Horn delivers a 90° (w) x 90° (h) dispersion pattern for a broader sound-stage.

  • Tractrix Horn Tweeter: The Klipsch RF-7 III features a professional-grade 1.75" titanium-diaphragm compression driver inside a molded rubber square Tractrix Horn. The compression driver features a new phase plug design to improve phase coherency at the throat of the horn, resulting in improved sound pressure linearity at high frequencies.
  • Molded Rubber Square Tractrix Horn:  The redesigned Tractrix Horn utilizes a circular horn throat paired to a square horn mouth to further improve high-frequency response and extension, while enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber construction adds high frequency damping to reduce harshness and improve detail. This creates the cleanest, most natural sound possible.

Dual Cerametallic Woofers: The dual 10" woofers of the RF-7 III feature Klipsch's distinctive, copper-spun Cerametallic cones. Made with an anodized aluminum, these cones are strong and dent resistant. The anodizing process converts their inner and outer surfaces to ceramic. Each 10" woofer feature a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame for resonant-free operation. In addition, each woofer incorporates a dual shorting-ring magnet structure design to eliminate modulation of the magnetic flux resulting in improved linearity of cone movement. The 10" woofers also employ a rubber surround for added durability. The outcome is a rigid cone with superb damping characteristics that will not flex or resonate at frequencies within the woofer's operating range.

Dual Chamber + Tractrix Port Enclosure: The RF-7 III's new bifurcated enclosure allows each 10" woofer and port to work independently from the other. This improves the linearity of both drive systems, and minimizes standing wave problems inside the cabinet that can cause frequency anomalies in the sensitive midrange frequencies. Utilizing Tractrix geometry, the new RF-7 III ports allow for the most efficient air transfer from the cabinet for a clean, powerful low frequency response. The enclosure features a MDF construction with a beautiful furniture-grade wood veneer, plus improved internal cross-bracing to minimize panel vibrations that can color sound.

Note: Available in a Black Ash, Natural Cherry, or Walnut finish.

Dual Binding Posts: The speaker has two sets of binding posts connected by jumpers. Using the dual binding posts, you can bi-amp or bi-wire the speakers (make sure to remove the jumpers in this scenario). The binding post terminals will accept banana plugs (single only), pin-connectors, spade-connectors, and bare wire (16AWG - 10AWG).

  • Bi-Wiring: Bi-wiring can provide noticeable improvements in the overall transparency of your loudspeakers. Run separate speaker wires to the low & high frequency drivers from a single amplifier (the upper set of binding posts are for the high frequency drivers; the lower set of binding posts are for the low frequency drivers).
  • Bi-Amping: Bi-amping allows you to use separate amplifiers for the high & low frequency sections of your loudspeaker for greater dynamic range & lower distortion. We recommend that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance.

Magnetic Grille: The RF-7 III floor-standing loudspeaker features a removable magnetic grille which easily snaps into place over its cast-aluminum front baffle. The speaker can be used with or without its grille in place.

Plinth w/ Spike or Rubber Feet: The Klipsch RF-7 III floor-standing loudspeaker is supplied with a plinth which acts as the speaker's base (four screws are included to mount the plinth to the bottom of the speaker). Self-adhesive rubber feet are included to prevent surface damage on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, and tile flooring (these rubber feet stick to the bottom of the plinth). Spike feet are also included to enhance performance and stability on carpeted floors (the spike feet screw into the bottom of the plinth).

  • Speaker Dimensions w/ Plinth Only: 13.9375" (w) x 49.0625" (h) x 17.9375" (d)
  • Speaker Dimensions w/ Plinth & Rubber Feet: 13.9375" (w) x 49.25" (h) x 17.9375" (d)
  • Speaker Dimensions w/ Plinth & Spike Feet: 13.9375" (w) x 50.0625" (h) x 17.9375" (d)
Note: The Klipsch RF-7 III should not be used without the plinth for stability and sonic reasons.

Placement: The Reference III Series floor-standing loudspeaker is designed to perform well in a wide variety of locations, but you will get the most out of the speaker by following these simple guidelines.

  • Place on a common wall 6' to 15' apart.
  • Position them equidistant from the back wall.
  • Angle speakers toward the listener and even with or forward of any adjacent obstructions.
  • Placing them near a corner or wall provides the greatest amount of bass, while moving the speakers away from room boundaries reduces bass response.
  • Asymmetrical placement of a pair of speakers from adjacent side walls can smooth room-induced bass unevenness.

USA Made: The Klipsch Reference III loudspeaker is built to order and handmade in the USA at Klipsch's manufacturing facility in Arkansas.

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Customer Q&A

8 questions already asked

Can you recommend an amp for these speakers? I would like to get ALL of the speaker.
nick07  Dec 26, 2022
1 answer
Greetings Nick, and thank you for your question. We carry a few power amplifiers that would be in the power range of the Klipsch RF-7's. Please contact one of our advisors at 8..-324-9695 and discuss which type of amplifier would be best for you.
hogan  Dec 26, 2022 (Staff)
What are the measurements for the rf 7 iii with out the floor stand. I am mainly concerned with width.?
c  Aug 08, 2022
1 answer
That measurement is not given due to Klipsch's recommendation that the Klipsch RF-7 III should not be used without the plinth for stability and sonic reasons. WE will reach out to Klipsch to see if we can attain that measurement.
thomas  Aug 09, 2022 (Staff)
I have an 80 watt per channel pioneer integrated amp with a graphic eq is that enough for these?
shayne  Apr 10, 2022
7 answers
These can handle much more power than you???re planning on feeding them. What you have can work but you can be missing out on a lot of capability for these speakers to really perform.
steven  Apr 12, 2022
That would be enough for casual listening but it wouldn???t open a full potential of these speakers.
oleksiy  Apr 12, 2022
Yes these are a very sensitive speaker at 100 db
william  Apr 11, 2022
Yes! They are very efficient speakers. You have more than enough power.
milton  Apr 11, 2022
All Klipsch have such a low sensitivity that your amplifier will work but, if you really want to hear them purr you???ll need much more power! It made a huge difference for me.
raymond  Apr 10, 2022
Depends on how you like to listen to them. I think that you may be on the low end. The more power, the better they sound. I think that you may not get to the full potential of the speakers.
marcus  Apr 10, 2022
That should be sufficient because these speakers are very efficient with a sensitivity rating of 100db.
gerard  Apr 10, 2022
I have integrated amplifier cambridge Evo 150 with 150watts. Can it power this speaker?
jessie  Mar 11, 2022
1 answer
Your integrated amp can be used to power these speakers!
jason  Mar 15, 2022 (Staff)
I have integrated amplifier cambridge Evo 150 with 150watts. Can it power this speaker?
jessie  Mar 11, 2022
5 answers
Yes the rf7 is a high sensitivity speaker at 100 db
william  Mar 12, 2022
A 150W amp will absolutely power this speaker. Their relatively high sensitivity means the are very power efficient. They can handle up to 250W but definitely would be overkill for most applications.
brian  Mar 12, 2022
The RF-7iii is an awesome, amazing, and very powerful speaker!! It does not need much power at all to drive because it is so efficient...100db. With your integrated amp, I dare say you would not be able to turn the volume up above half without being blown away. The RF-7iii's sound amazing with both home theater and music. The best description I can say is immersive...the sound seems to come at you from everywhere because they are so tall. I would recommend a medium to large room because you do not want these speakers in your face, unless of course you love being in the front row for a concert! :) I love these speakers. But to answer your question, your amp has almost too much power to drive these speakers.
wayne  Mar 12, 2022
Yes it can! But, these speakers output 250w / 1000w peak so you can definitely use more power.
raymond  Mar 11, 2022
Yes I have a Denon AVR 110 150 watts. More than enough power,very efficient speaker.
milton  Mar 11, 2022
Will a 140 watt Marantz SR8015 power these?
michael  Dec 19, 2020
8 answers
Absolutely. These are very high efficiency speakers . I have a MacEntosh 7200 Receiver which 200 watts /channel . I rarely have to turn the volume control beyond 15 or 16% . They are really clear and pristine sound ... accurate across the audio spectrum. Dr. Ken Emonds
kenneth  Dec 19, 2020
I am driving the klipsch RF-7, and the RC-64 III with the Marantz SR8013. I have them set up in a bi-amp configuration. These speakers sound awesome both with music and movies
robert  Dec 19, 2020
I have a Yamaha RX-A3040 rated 140 watt. It's powering a pair Klipsch RF-7 III, one RP-250C center speaker, a pair of RP240S surrounds and one R112SW sub with a WA-2 wireless in a 5.1 setup. More than enough power in the amplifier. Your Marantz should be more than enough as well. Dave
dave d  Dec 19, 2020
I have a Denon AVR-X6500H, which has the same configuration and power as the Marantz SR8015, and that is quite sufficient to drive my RF7III???S along with the rest of my 5.2.2 surround sound system.
gerard  Dec 19, 2020
A minimum of 250 per channel for the rf7 3. The rf7 3 speaker is bright.. I suggest an A/AB amp with a minimum of 250 watt per channel output.
raymond j  Dec 19, 2020
Yes, it will power these speakers, although at some point you may wish to add a more powerful component amplifier. The Crown XLS series work for me, and these amps are great bargains.
jerry  Dec 19, 2020
I asked that very question to a Magnolia Theater rep as that is the receiver I have my eye on as well. He said it will work and will sound ???legendary???!
jay  Dec 19, 2020
They do not need a lot of power. They firstly were hooked up with a Sonos amp and now to a Savant home system with not a lot more than 100. Great speakers but you might want to pair them with a sub
guido  Dec 19, 2020
How do i go about replacing speaker from klipsch that are probably out of date without buying a whole new set box is good got knocked over during a lil entertainment?
larry  Sep 18, 2020
1 answer
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
thomas  Oct 08, 2020 (Staff)
What is the best reciever for these speakers?
dion  Mar 07, 2020
1 answer
These are high-end high RMS and peak watt capable speakers and they perform best when bi-amped and feed clean high power. I use two 300 RMS power amplifiers and their musicality and live presence is outstanding. If you want to use it with a receiver make sure you can get at least greater than 125 watts RMS.
chester  Aug 29, 2020

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