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Bowers & Wilkins STAV 24 24" speaker stands

Item # 749STAV24

14 questions - 22 answers

Item # 749STAV24

About the Bowers & Wilkins STAV 24

Eric A.

Bowers & Wilkins' STAV 24 speaker stands are designed for the company's 606 and 607 bookshelf speakers, but they can be used for any speaker of similar dimensions. Carpet spikes and rubber feet for bare floors are included. Each stand is hollow, so the post can be filled with sand or shot (not included) for added mass and stability.

Product highlights:

  • 24" tall
  • top plate dimensions: 5-15/16" x 7-7/16"
  • weight limit: 16 lbs.
  • steel construction
  • posts can be filled with sand or shot (not included) for added mass and stability
  • carpet spikes and rubber feet included
  • 9-1/2"W x 25"H x 11-7/8"D (with carpet spikes)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # FP36773

What's in the box:

  • 4 Upright posts
  • 2 Top-plates
  • 2 Bases
  • 8 Foam pads
  • 16 Screws
  • 8 Rubber feet
  • 8 Spike feet
  • 8 Feet screw-caps
  • 8 Top-plate spikes
  • 8 Hex-nuts
  • Hex-key
  • Assembly Instructions

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More details on the Bowers & Wilkins STAV 24

Russ B.

Features & specs

Number of Stands Included N/A
Stand Type Floor
Compatibility N/A
Height 25
Weight Capacity N/A
Base Dimensions 9.5 x 11.875
Top Plate Dimensions 5.9375 x 7.4375
Materials Steel
Adjustable No
Wire Management No
Fillable Yes

Product Research


Speaker Compatibility: The STAV24 (S2) speaker stands are designed mainly for the Bowers & Wilkins bookshelf loudspeakers (including the 606 & 607), but can also be used with other brands of bookshelf speakers of similar dimensions and weight. The STAV24 (S2) stands place the Bowers & Wilkins 606 or 607 bookshelf loudspeakers at the optimal listening height when seated.

Spike & Rubber Feet: The Bowers & Wilkins STAV24 (S2) speaker stands are supplied with rubber and spike foot options. The spike foot option should be used when the stands are to be placed on a carpeted floor. The spikes pierce the carpet to rest on the surface underneath. Adjust the spikes to ensure that the stands are vertical and don't rock. Use the rubber foot option if the stands are to be placed on tiled or wooden floors.

  • Dimensions With Spikes: 9.5" (w) x 25.0" (h) x 11.875" (d)
  • Dimension With Rubber Feet: 9.5" (w) x 24.625" (h) x 11.875" (d)

Note: The B&W STAV24 (S2) speaker stands should always be installed with the spike or rubber feet installed for optimum performance and proper stability.

Hollow Upright Posts: The hollow upright posts can be filled with sand (not included) to increase the weight and stability of the speaker stand.

Note: The STAV24 (S2) stands do not offer wire or cable management.

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Customer Q&A

14 questions already asked

What is the best way to mount speakers to the stand? I just got the stand and the 606 s2 and I am afraid they might tip over. Some people suggest blue tack. Is this the best way? Also the spikes on the top of the estamos will need to be removed.
edwin  Dec 17, 2020
3 answers
I sprayed mine with plasti dip. Works great.
lee  Dec 21, 2020
I used blue tack and it has had stabilized my speakers.
charles  Dec 18, 2020
Edwin, I???ve never had the stomach to hard-mount a pristine speaker to a stand so I tend to shop for stands with a heavy and stable base and relatively large mounting plate. Thankfully both of these elements are inherent to the STAV 24 design. I simply set my B&W Matrix 805s atop without fasteners. The spikes can be adjusted independently or removed as desired. The speaker won???t fall off unless it???s poorly centered on the stand or someone knocks it over. I would not expect the 606s to topple over if centered on the mount plate and left in-disturbed.
kevin  Dec 17, 2020
will these work for the 707 s speaker of Bowers and Wilkens?
jeanb  Dec 08, 2020
2 answers
Yes I believe they should. I???m using them with a old pair of 602s.
feliciano  Dec 09, 2020
If 707 are larger than the 606 series I would worry the platform they sit on might be a little small. The stands are solid especially when filled with sand.
darrell  Dec 08, 2020
Do these come in white?
charles  Sep 25, 2020
2 answers
Never seen them offered in white.
ronald  Sep 25, 2020
Yes Enter an answer to this question.
timothy r  Sep 25, 2020
They are SS-MB300H Sony Speakers (typo corrected?)
steve  Aug 15, 2020
1 answer
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
thomas  Aug 26, 2020 (Staff)
My Sony SS-B300H Left and Right speakers are 9.44"wide x 9.05" deep and 21.25" high. Suggestions on quality speaker stands?
steve  Aug 15, 2020
2 answers
These stands work really well with my speakers, especially filled with sand. However my speakers are 13" tall.
gerald  Aug 15, 2020
I would say your speaker is too large.
laurel  Aug 15, 2020
Will these work for B & W DM600 S3s?
shea  Aug 08, 2020
3 answers
Hi sorry I don???t know check the specs and see if the top speaker support is big enough to support your speaker, I have nola boxer 2???s they work fine.
bryan kerry  Aug 11, 2020
I have B&W DM601 S3 speakers on my stands. The depth on these speakers is 9" and the width is 8". So, I am guessing that they will work on your speakers.
margarita  Aug 09, 2020
B&W does recommend these for your speakers. A lot depends on how far you are sitting from the speakers and how high your listening chair is. You can kind of compensate by tilting the speakers/stands.
ronald  Aug 08, 2020
Will these fit the PM1's?
tweezus  Jul 09, 2020
1 answer
Based on the specifications I found on the B&W PM1 speakers, they are too heavy for these stands. We do have other stands that can work with those speakers and recommend contacting an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 to discuss your goals and get a personal recommendation on stands that will work
jason  Jul 28, 2020 (Staff)
Will B&W 705 S2 fit?
giovanni  Jul 03, 2020
1 answer
Hi there I???m using the DM602 not sure the Dimensions on your model but the 602 are Dimensions (H x W x D)490 x 236 x 306 mm / 19.29 x 9.29 x 12.05 in. Hope this helps
feliciano  Jul 04, 2020
Will Klipsch Reference R-15PM fit?
kendall  Feb 21, 2020
1 answer
I think they will I have a set of B&W D602 Which Are a pretty big speaker
feliciano  Sep 25, 2020
Is the STAV 24 the same as STAV 24 S2? If not what is the difference? Will these fit my 685 S2 model?
maroni  Feb 01, 2020
3 answers
Using for the same. I have Velcro holding them in place.
john  Apr 15, 2020
Hello. I don't know what the difference is between the 2 models but my B&W 606 fit fine..
darrell  Feb 01, 2020
See the spec for the stands. It gives top plate dimensions. I have my 601s mounted on the spikes provided with the stands. Filled the square tubes with sand. Very stable!
douglass  Feb 01, 2020
What is the spacing between the screw holes on the top?
tomhar  Oct 25, 2019
1 answer
Hi Tom, thank you for reaching out. The dimensions you're interested in were not published by B & W. You can reach out to their customer support department at 800-370-3740, they will be able to answer that question for you.
jessica  Oct 31, 2019 (Staff)
What is the spacing between the screw holes on the top?
tomhar  Oct 25, 2019
2 answers
Will this stand hold JBL 530 speakers?
hyundeok  Jan 17, 2020
Hi 6 1/2 center to center front to back. 4 3/4 center to center side to side ????
bryan kerry  Oct 25, 2019

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