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AtlasIED WTSD-MIX31K Indoor/outdoor in-wall commercial mixer with Bluetooth®

Item # 978WSDMX31

Lets you mix paging and background music in a gym, sports complex, hotel ballroom, or similar business venue.

Lets you mix paging and background music in a gym, sports complex, hotel ballroom, or similar business venue.

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Item # 978WSDMX31


About the AtlasIED WTSD-MIX31K

Eric A.

Convenient commercial mixer

The WTSD-MIX31K is a mic/line mixer for integrating paging and background music into gyms, sports complexes, hotel ballrooms and other commercial facilities. It features a balanced XLR microphone/line input and an unbalanced 3.5mm aux input that's summed to mono, plus it's equipped with Bluetooth, so you can use a wireless music source.

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Convenient commercial mixer

The WTSD-MIX31K is a mic/line mixer for integrating paging and background music into gyms, sports complexes, hotel ballrooms and other commercial facilities. It features a balanced XLR microphone/line input and an unbalanced 3.5mm aux input that's summed to mono, plus it's equipped with Bluetooth, so you can use a wireless music source.

The unit conveniently mounts in-wall, and can be converted for outdoor use with an optional water-resistant cover. There are separate volume controls for mic/line level and music level, and background music volume can automatically duck under when an announcement is made.


Product highlights:

  • mic/line mixer for integrating paging, public address, and background music in commercial applications
  • rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • energy-saving auto sleep mode engages after 1 hour without signal
  • power supply & WTSD-PWBOB interface included
  • fits most 2-gang electrical boxes
  • adjustable auto muting of music input when mic/line input signal is detected
Front panel:
  • balanced XLR microphone/line input
  • unbalanced 3.5mm aux input summed to mono ("music" input)
  • separate volume controls for mic/line level and music level
  • Bluetooth connect/disconnect button
  • System Priority button can be used to isolate the individual control from a multi-room system
    • can trigger external products, such as muting or turning on separate amplifiers
  • local mute button
  • LED indicators: Active, Sleep, Peak, Mic/Line Input Signal, Music Input Signal, Bluetooth status and Local Mute
Rear panel:
  • RJ-45 output for connecting to WTSD-PWBOB (included) or WTSD-PWHUB (optional)
  • RJ-45 output for daisy-chaining additional WTSD modules
  • DIP switches for configuring phantom power, 10dB mic pad, 125 Hz low cut filter and sleep mode
  • "vox" potentiometer for adjusting signal sensitivity of the auto mute function
Dimensions and warranty:
  • 4-3/8"W x 4-3/8"H x 2-1/2"D
  • weight: 8.48 oz.
  • warranty: 3 years

What's in the box:

  • WTSD-MIX31 3x1 In-wall commercial mixer
  • PWBOB Interface module
  • AC Power supply (+24VDC/1A)
  • Four 1" pan-head screws
  • Four RJ45 shims
  • Instruction manual

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More details on the AtlasIED WTSD-MIX31K

Russ B.

Product Research


Overview: The Atlas WTSD-MIX31K is a 3x1 in-wall mixer with a balanced XLR mic/line input, an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input, and Bluetooth audio playback connectivity. The MIX31K (kit) includes a MIX31 mixer and a PWBOB interface module that provides both power for the mixer and a balanced audio line output via a 6-pin Phoenix (Euroblock) connector, for connection to an outboard power amplifier (sold separately). The MIX31K is designed for use indoors or can be installed outdoors using the optional WTSD-COVER (sold separately). This optional stainless steel cover features weather-resistant gaskets and a built-in lock, providing tamper-proof operation indoors or outdoors. The WTSD-MIX31K is an ideal choice for sports complexes, school gymnasiums and rally areas, hotel ballrooms, community centers, industrial facilities and more.

Note: A CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable is required to connect the MIX31 to the PWBOB and must be purchased separately.

System Configuration: The Atlas WTSD-MIX31K system includes a MIX31 in-wall mixer and a WTSD-PWBOB interface module. The PWBOB interface provides power to the system, using the included +24VDC/1A AC power supply, as well as providing a balanced line-level output for running to an outboard amplifier. Connection from the PWBOB to the MIX31 is done via a single CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable (not included), that also carries power, audio signal, and control signals. The mixer can be located up to 400' from the PWBOB's location. The MIX31 includes a second rear-panel RJ-45 socket for daisy-chaining up to 3 MIX31 modules or 1 MIX41 mixer (all sold separately).

XLR & Auxiliary Inputs: The MIX31 includes a balanced XLR socket that can accept line- or mic-level signals, as well as provide phantom power for condenser mics (selectable). The mixer also includes a stereo 3.5mm Auxiliary input jack for connecting a portable audio player. Input signals on this jack are summed to mono. The Auxiliary input will override the Bluetooth connection if a signal is present.

Bluetooth Technology: The MIX31 utilizes commercial grade Bluetooth technology and includes features not found in typical consumer Bluetooth devices, as well as up to 100' of connection range (line of sight). Bluetooth features include:

  • Ultra-Low Interference: Typical Bluetooth technology can produce digital noise at high volume level, which the MIX31 can reduce or eliminate.
  • Non-Auto Connect: The MIX31 won't automatically connect to a previously paired device, avoiding automatic switching during critical operation. Paired devices must be connected using the front-panel Bluetooth Music button.
  • Local Disconnect: A Bluetooth connection can quickly be disconnected or "bumped" by pressing the Bluetooth Music button while in operation.

MIX31 Front Panel:

  • Mic/Line Input: A single balanced XLR input can be used for either microphone- or line-level signals.
  • Mic/Line Mode Switch: Selects the signal type for the XLR input - Mic or Line.
  • Mic/Line Level: A rotary control adjusts the Mic/Line signal level.
  • Mic/Line Indicator: Lights green when the input signal strength reaches 25mV, indicating a signal is present.
  • Music In: A 3.5mm stereo input jack lets you connect a portable player with an audio output. Stereo signals are summed to mono.
  • Music Level: A rotary control adjusts the Music input signal level.
  • Music Indicator: This LED will light green when the Music input signal level reaches 25mV.
  • Bluetooth Music Switch: This push-button switch lets you pair, connect, or disconnect a Bluetooth playback device.
  • Bluetooth Indicator: Will light solid or flash based on current operational status (pairing, connecting, disconnected, etc.).
  • Local Mute Switch & Indicator: When the Local Mute switch is pressed, all input signals will be muted and the corresponding LED will light red.
  • System Priority & Indicator: When this button is pressed, the MIX31 sends a command to the connected PWBOB interface module which sends a 12VDC trigger to an external device. This can be used to mute an external amplifier or power a piece of equipment On or Off. When activated, a corresponding LED will light red.
  • Additional LED Indicators:
    • Active: Lights blue when the mixer receives +24VDC of power.
    • Sleep: The mixer will automatically go into Sleep mode when no audio has been detected for 1 hour. LED will light yellow.
    • System Peak: Lights red when the input signal reaches 3dBV below the clipping point. Occasional flashing is normal. Input level should be reduced if LED lights continuously.
    • Phantom: Lights when rear-panel DIP switch #1 is set to On. This provides +24VDC of phantom power when using a condenser mic.

MIX31 Rear Panel:

  • "To": This RJ-45 socket connects to the included PWBOB interface module via a CAT 5/6 cable (not included). All power for the MIX31 mixer is supplied from the PWBOB interface.
  • "From": This RJ-45 socket connects to additional (optional) MIX31 modules in a daisy-chain configuration. Up to 3 MIX31 mixers can be daisy-chained together, with a maximum CAT 5/6 cable length of up to 400' between the farthest mixer and the PWBOB interface.
  • VOX: A rotary potentiometer adjusts the sensitivity of the mute circuit for priority paging. When the System Priority button is pressed on the MIX31, the PWBOB will then send a +12VDC logic trigger to an external device, such as muting background audio.
  • DIP Switch Matrix:
    • DIP #1 (Phantom): Activates +24VDC of phantom power to the XLR connector when On, for use with condenser mics.
    • DIP #2 (Mic Pad Disable): When in the up position, the mic gain setting will be the most sensitive. When in the down position, a 10dB pad is engaged.
    • DIP #3 (Mic HPF): When On, engages a 125Hz/12dB per oct. high-pass filter to reduce low frequencies. The filter can be applied to either Mic- or Line-level signals.
    • DIP #4 (Sleep Disable): When in the down position (On), Sleep Mode will be activated when the mixer hasn't detected any audio signal for 1 hour.

PWBOB Connections & Indicators:

  • RJ-45: Provides the CAT 5/6 connection from the PWBOB interface to the MIX31 mixer.
  • 2-Pin Phoenix: Connects the included +24VDC/1A power supply.
  • 6-Pin Phoenix: Provides connections for a balanced line-level audio output; the SYS Peak Logic Port, provides a minimum +1VDC output when the Peak LED is illuminated; the Sleep Mode Logic Port, which outputs +22VDC when the mixer goes into Sleep mode, and the Priority Logic Port, for muting outboard signals when paging is activated.
  • 5 LEDs: Light to indicate Power, Signal, Sleep, Priority, and Sys. Peak.

Installation: The Atlas MIX31 is designed to be installed in a standard 2-gang electrical box (sold separately). The mixer has a depth of 2.50", but should have 3" of space to accommodate wiring.

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