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2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited

How to upgrade the stereo system in your Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

In brief: This Crutchfield Research Garage article gives you an overview of your Wrangler's stock stereo system and your aftermarket upgrade options. We'll tell you all about:

Then, use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your vehicle.

Overview of the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited

The Jeep Wrangler is probably one of the only vehicles on the planet that's equally at home cruising to the mall or crawling through the desert. Comfortable enough for the former and tough enough for the latter, the Wrangler is practical enough to make sense and just silly enough to make you smile when you're driving it. When it comes to vehicular virtues, those are some nice ones to have.

The "JK" series, introduced in 2007, was a big leap forward in Jeep's quest to combine rugged, go-anywhere capability with smart, fit-in-anywhere style. The addition of a 4-door model, the Wrangler Unlimited, raised eyebrows among some purists, but quickly found favor with people who had always wanted a Jeep and were tired of settling for bloated truck/station wagon "crossovers."

While the JK Wrangler is a thoroughly civilized beast in most ways, it's always ready to get wild whenever you're in the mood. Just take off the top, drop the doors, and head for the trail. When it's time to head back to the real world, put everything back on and head for the car wash. That kind of versatility is one reason Jeep owners are such a loyal breed.

Jeep Wranger radio

Removing the radio takes a bit of work, but it's not too tough (Crutchfield Research Photo)

The factory stereo system

The Wrangler's standard stereo system was a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD/MP3 receiver with an aux input. The optional Infinity speaker package included a subwoofer in the cargo area. Nifty features like a nav receiver and Sirius satellite radio were also available.

If you replace the stock receiver, you'll lose the factory nav, satellite radio, and/or aux input. All of those things can be replaced – and improved upon – with the right aftermarket stereo.

The 2-door and 4-door models are the same in terms of receivers and speakers, and an adapter is available that will allow you to retain factory Uconnect functionality.

Jeep Wrangler factory radio

You'll need to remove a metal support bracket when you install a double-DIN radio. It's not hard to do, but be patient when you're doing it (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Replacing the factory radio

You can replace your Jeep's factory radio with a variety of single-DIN (2" tall) or double-DIN (4" tall) receivers. Removing the stock unit involves a bit of dash disassembly, but it's not terribly complicated.

A single-DIN receiver is rather easy to deal with. You'll secure the receiver to a custom mounting bracket, then make the necessary wiring connections. The bracket and the wiring adapter kit are available at a very nice discount when you buy your receiver from Crutchfield.

To install a double-DIN receiver, you'll need to remove the metal receiver support bracket behind the factory radio. It's not hard – just remove four 7mm screws – but you'll want to take your time and avoid busted knuckles.

Detailed stereo and speaker removal instructions

MasterSheet image
With step-by-step disassembly instructions and plenty of up-close, detailed photos, our exclusive Crutchfield MasterSheet™ takes the guesswork out of removing the factory stereo and speakers. It's free with your Crutchfield order, or you can purchase one separately for just $9.99.

When you're removing screws, it's smart to keep them organized and handy, because you'll need them again when you put everything back together. But make sure your stereo is working properly before you do that.

Note: In some (but not all) cases, the double-DIN mounting kit doesn't work very well with fold-down face receivers. Those receivers will fit – eventually – but there might be some trial and error involved in making everything look and operate just right.

Tools needed: Panel tool, 7mm driver

Read our Car Stereo Buying Guide for shopping tips and advice.

Shop for car stereos that fit your Jeep Wrangler

jeep wrangler dash tweeter

Tweeter replacement starts with removing the 7mm screws behind each tweeter pod (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Replacing the factory speakers

To be honest about it, the Wrangler's main speakers aren't that easy to replace. It's not that the work is hard, it's just that there's an awful lot of work to be done. The results are worth it, though. The soundbar speakers and the subwoofer (if present) are much easier to deal with.

Dash tweeters

The 3.3-ohm tweeters, which are about an inch deep, are located in pods on the top of the dash. To replace them, you'll need to remove one 7mm screw behind the tweeter pod, then (gently) pull up to release four clips.

From the inside of the pod, push the tweeter out and remove it. Provided the depth and cutout are sufficient, you can flush mount the aftermarket tweeters using the aftermarket hardware.

If this is not possible, remove the tweeter from the grille, attach the new tweeter using one of our universal back straps, and re-use the factory grille.

A wiring harness is not available, so you'll make your connections using Posi-Products connectors. This is much easier than soldering, and you get a better connection than just twisting and taping the wires. That's a good thing to have in a vehicle that's going to spend at least some of the time bouncing along rough terrain.

Tools needed: Right-angle 7mm driver

Jeep Wrangler dash speaker

The passenger's side dash speaker is the easier one to remove (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Front woofers

The removable front doors are just one way the Wrangler reminds you that it's nothing like your neighbor's Escalade.

But, as nifty as they are, this cool convenience means the speakers you'd normally find in a vehicle's doors have to go somewhere else. In the Wrangler's case, the front woofers are mounted to plastic enclosures that are bolted to the sub-dash.

Not surprisingly, replacing them is a little harder than it would be on most vehicles. Removing the enclosure on the driver's side is, to be quite honest, difficult and time consuming. The passenger's side is easier, but this job can easily devour an entire afternoon.

There's no single part of the speaker replacement process that's insanely difficult, it's just that there are a lot of steps to get through. Be patient, take your time, and be sure to keep all the various parts and screws organized as you're removing them. That'll make it a whole lot easier to put things back together and enjoy the sound of your new speakers.

The factory front speakers are oversized 6-3/4", 4-ohm GM/Chrysler units. Aftermarket 6-3/4" speakers will fit using the factory bracket, but you'll need to shave the tabs off of the face of the stock enclosure in order for the new speaker to fit flush.

In the case of 6-1/2" or 5-1/4" replacements, a speaker adapter bracket is required, and it's available at a discount with your speaker purchase. Once the speaker and bracket are attached, you'll shave the tabs off of the enclosure to make that combo fit flush.

Tools needed: 7mm and 8mm right-angle drivers, Torx T-20 driver

Jeep Wrangler sidebar

The sound bar is a great place to install marine-rated speakers (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Sound bar speakers

The Wrangler has oversized 6-3/4" 4-ohm GM/Chrysler speakers located in an overhead sound bar. The speakers and grilles are held in with the same screws, so they're quite easy to reach and replace.

Due to the rather shallow mounting depth in this location, your replacement options are limited to 6-1/2" or 5-1/4" units. A speaker adapter bracket is required, and it's included free with your speaker purchase.

The factory sound bar speakers are weatherproof, but if you do a lot of topless (the Jeep, we mean) off-roading, you should consider a set of marine-rated speakers.

You'll get an impressive amount of power and performance from marine speakers, plus you'll have the security of knowing that your speakers will still keep rockin' even after you've spent the afternoon splashing through creek beds and mud holes.

Tools needed: Torx T-15 driver

Read our Car Speakers Buying Guide for more information.

Shop for speakers that fit your Jeep Wrangler

Bass in your Jeep Wrangler

On Wranglers equipped with the Infinity system, the factory 8" dual voice coil subwoofer is located in an enclosure on the passenger's side of the cargo area. The subwoofer and grille are both held in with the same screws, so it's easy to remove the old one.

You'll have to re-drill the screw holes to mount a new subwoofer, though. The factory amplifier isn't terribly impressive, so if you upgrade the sub, you'll want to replace the amp, too (see below).

select instruments stealth-pod

The Select Increments Stealth-Pod is an unloaded sealed enclosure that houses a 10" subwoofer. It attaches to the tailgate, so it won't take up much of your Jeep's cargo space

If your Wrangler doesn't have a factory sub at all, or if a new 8" sub isn't enough bass, you have some interesting options. Several manufacturers, including JL Audio and Select Increments, offer custom enclosures designed to fit your Jeep Wrangler perfectly. You can choose from several unloaded (pick your own sub) or loaded (sub included) models that will add plenty of thump to your on- and off-road adventures.

Of course, if you want maximum bass, there's only one way to go: a big enclosure stuffed with the biggest subs you can cram in there. In the 2-door Wrangler's case, if you want to go big, you have a 35" (with factory sub) or 41" (without) W x 12" H x 9" - 12" (top to bottom) D space to work with. For the Unlimited, the space increases to 13" H x 26"/33" D. If you do a lot of hard-core off-roading, you should probably look for some marine-rated subwoofers for your enclosures.

Learn more about building a bass system in our Car Subwoofer Buying Guide.

Shop for vehicle-specific subwoofers for your Jeep Wrangler

weathertech custom floor liners

Protect your Wrangler's carpeting with a set of custom-fit WeatherTech FloorLiners

Other options for your Wrangler

Here are some suggestions on how to make your Wrangler even better:

Add an amp for powerful sound

The factory amp (located behind the driver's side knee panel) is okay, but aftermarket amplifiers bring a lot more power to the party. In a boxy, noisy vehicle like the Wrangler, you need clean power going to your speakers and sub. A new amplifier will give you the "headroom" you need to get the sound you want at highway speeds. Learn more about adding amps to your system in our Car Amplifier Buying Guide.

Protect your Jeep's floors with mats and liners

If you're using your Wrangler as intended, it's probably going to get dirty every now and then. Keeping it in great shape really helps retain resale value, so protect your carpets (and your investment) with a set of WeatherTech® floor liners.

Remote start and security systems

Adding remote start capability to your vehicle lets you warm it up in the winter or cool it down in the summer. The iDatastart system is incredibly convenient and makes it easier than ever to install a remote start system, so we highly recommend it. The module requires a vehicle-specific T-harness (sold separately) to connect with your vehicle's computer, security, and ignition systems, so we ask that you call to order so that we can make sure you get the right harness for your ride.

You can also talk to your Crutchfield Advisor about a security system. They’re not as easy to install (we usually suggest letting a professional do the job), but we can help you choose a system that’ll work in your vehicle.

Let's get started!

Ready to shop? Use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your car or truck. If you have questions of your own, give us a shout via phone, chat, or email

  • Taber from Eufaula ok

    Posted on 6/11/2023

    Will a 6.5 ds18 midrange fit in my 2009 jeep wrangler sarah

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 6/12/2023

    Taber, When you enter your vehicle's info into our Outfit My Car tool, you'll see which stereos fit your car, plus the correct harness. If you have any questions, our advisors are available via phone or chat.
  • MARK

    Posted on 3/16/2021


    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 3/17/2021

    Mark, With questions like that, it's always better to have a conversation with a real live human. If you bought your gear from Crutchfield, you can call Tech Support for free help troubleshooting your system.
  • Harold Parsons from Jonesboro

    Posted on 9/13/2020

    What additional harness will I need to connect aftermarket hu to the premium factory amp? Presently I just have the aftermarket hu plugged into the normal adapter harness. The left side speakers fade in and out all the time. When they go out I have to jam the volume up so they will come back on. Maybe that "additional harness" is what I need.

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 9/14/2020

    Harold, Could be, and we can help you with that. I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.
  • Greg from Jasper

    Posted on 12/30/2019

    I have a 2007 with the factory sub. I have replaced the head unit and all factory speakers including using the shallow mount Pioneer sub. Can I get better bass out of the sub if I use factory amp to power speakers and hook the sub to an aftermarket amp?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 12/31/2019

    Greg, Absolutely. Give us a call and talk to one of our advisors. We can help you choose the right gear and give you the right advice on how to install it.
  • Steve Riggan from Rock Hill, SC

    Posted on 6/6/2019

    I recently purchase an 09 Jeep Wrangler four door with an after market stereo. It appears that whomever installed it did or did not something and nothing on the steering wheel functions. Horn, cruise control, bluetooth, volume, etc., nothing. Do I need to replace with an original radio or is there an alternative? Thank you

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 6/6/2019

    Steve, In all likelihood, that unknown person either forgot to connect something or failed to use the right wiring harness adapter. Give us a call and talk to one of our advisors. We can help you get what you need and give you the right advice on how to install it.
  • Commenter image

    Jon Paulette from Crutchfield

    Posted on 2/6/2018

    Michael, Seems like you might need a wiring harness adapter for this installation. Give us a call and talk to one of our advisors. We can help you find what you need and give you the right advice on how to install it.

  • Michael from Ocean City

    Posted on 2/5/2018

    Hey Jon, I am installing a Pioneer MVH680BS in my Wrangler and am having an issue with the Speaker wires, I see 3 channels on the Factory harness, meanwhile I have 4 speakers on the new stereo harness.... additionally my Jeep has the 7 speaker system too.. So I'm scratching my head and need guidance on special speaker convergence ? 3 goes into 4 how ? banana split :)

  • Commenter image

    Jon Paulette from Crutchfield

    Posted on 1/31/2018

    Lawrence, Excellent point. With our Outfit My Car tool, you'll see which stereos fit your car, plus the correct harness. If you have any questions about the installation, our advisors are available via phone or chat.

  • Lawrence

    Posted on 1/30/2018

    its important to note that if you have the "premium" factory sound and radio option you will need an additional harness that allows an aftermarket head-unit to be connected to the factory amplifier and, therefore, stock speakers. unless you are running a new amp/speakers.

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