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Polk/MOMO Ford F150

Items installed:
  • Alpine CVA-1000 receiver/monitor
  • Alpine CHA-S624 6-disc CD changer
  • Alpine NVA-N751AS Navigation System
  • Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system — kick panels
  • Polk/MOMO MM465 6-3/4" component system — doors, windshield trim pieces
  • 8 Polk/MOMO MM120 12" subwoofers
  • 2 Alpine V12 Series MRV-F407 amplifiers (60 watts RMS x 4)
  • 4 Alpine V12 Series MRV-T757 amplifiers (100 watts RMS x 2, 400 x 1 in mono mode)
  • Q-Logic QL-K2010 Q-Form kick panel enclosures
  • Dynamat Super
  • StreetWires power and ground cable, distribution blocks, speaker wire, capacitors
  • MOMO accelerator and brake pedals
The manufacturing partnership between Polk Audio, an American speaker manufacturer, and MOMO, an Italian auto accessories designer, has been fruitful. Polk speakers, long known for their technical excellence, have enjoyed new popularity with an injection of aggressive European styling from MOMO. But does the stuff sound as good as it looks??

Dean Alexander from Polk Audio answered that question by bringing the Polk/MOMO truck to Crutchfield. The 1999 Ford F150, one of six Polk/MOMO vehicles across the US, showcases these smart-looking speakers in a spectacular installation. In the dash, an Alpine CV-A1000 receiver/monitor joins with Alpine's NVA-N751AS Navigation System to help Dean find his way around his Midwestern beat, while the Alpine CHA-S624 6-disc CD changer provides endless tunage.

The Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system is installed in Q-Logic's QL-K2010 kick panel enclosures to provide a powerful front soundstage. The Polk/MOMO MM465 6-3/4" component system has been divided, with the woofers in the doors and the tweeters mounted in the windshield trim pieces. Mids and highs are amplified separately by two MRV-F407 4-channel amplifiers (60 watts RMS x 4). Overkill? Not when you take a look at the bass firepower behind the seats!

Low frequencies are launched from the rear by an array of eight Polk/MOMO MM120 12" woofers, mounted in a custom enclosure. This fearsome collection of speakers is powered by four Alpine V12 Series MRV-T757 amplifiers! StreetWires supplies its 12-gauge twisted pair speaker wire, 1/0 gauge power and ground cable, distribution blocks, and three 1-farad capacitors. The entire cab has been covered from firewall to back wall with Dynamat Super, keeping road noise and body vibration at a minimum.

Dean cranked up the system for an SPL demonstration, sending a nearby flock of geese on an early flight south for the winter. Next, he played a variety of tunes to show off the system's undeniable sonic excellence. As you can see in the photos, the Polk/MOMO equipment makes a stunningly beautiful installation. And, thanks to Dean Alexander and the Polk/MOMO Ford truck, we can testify that it sounds every bit as good as it looks!

Dean Alexander and the 1999 Ford F150 truck from Polk/MOMO.

This photo shows off the Alpine CVA-1000 head unit and the Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system (handsomely housed in the Q-Logic kick panel enclosure). Check out the MOMO accelerator and brake pedals!

The 1" silk-composite Polk/MOMO tweeter delivers the details from its mounting location in the windshield trim piece.

The 6-3/4" woofer from the Polk/MOMO MM465 component system pumps powerful midbass and midrange from the F-150's door panel.

How'd you like to cruise to work everyday in this ride? Eight Polk/MOMO MM120 12" woofers generate awe-inspiring bass from their custom enclosure in the rear of the F-150.

The installer's artistry is clear in this doors-open shot of the Polk/MOMO woofer array.

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