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Polk Audio's Ford Escape

Items installed:
  • Alpine CVA-1003 Mobile Multimedia Station — AM/FM receiver with 6.5-inch screen
  • Alpine NVE-N852A navigation system
  • Alpine TUA-T020XM XM Satellite Radio tuner
  • Alpine DHA-S680 6-disc DVD/CD changer
  • Alpine PXA-H510 5.1 Dolby Digital processor
  • 2 Alpine MRV-T757 2-channel amplifiers (100 watts RMS x 2, 400 watts x 1 in bridged mode)
  • 2 Alpine MRV-F407 4-channel amplifiers (60 watts RMS x 4)
  • AudioControl EQS 6-channel equalizer
  • AudioControl Matrix line driver
  • Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system — front doors
  • Polk/MOMO MM465 6-3/4" midbass drivers — front doors
  • Polk/MOMO MM465 6-3/4" woofer and 1" tweeter — center channel
  • Polk Audio EX3560 6-1/2" component system — rear tailgate
  • 2 Polk/MOMO MM120 12" subwoofers
  • Dynamat Xtreme vibration damping material
  • Monster Cable RCA patch cables
  • Monster Cable power and ground cable
  • Monster Cable distribution blocks
  • 2 Monster Cable 1-farad capacitors
Polk Audio was on a mission — build a vehicle to show off Polk products at car shows and training events across the country. A team of installers, headed by Thom Voisonet, selected a 2002 Ford Escape for radical reconstruction and got down to work. They installed an Alpine CVA-1003 Mobile Multimedia Station in the dash to control the entire audio/video system — this versatile receiver features an AM/FM tuner, a motorized 6-1/2" screen, a navigation input, CD changer and XM Radio controls, and a set of audio/video inputs.

Through the Alpine Ai-net cable, the CVA-1003 is linked to the DHA-S680 6-disc DVD/CD changer, NVE-N852A navigation system, TUA-T020XM XM Satellite Radio tuner, and PXA-H510 5.1 Dolby Digital processor — all mounted in or behind the dash. The PXA-H510 processor splits the DVD's stereo signal into multi-channel sound (front left, center, and right; rear left and right; and subwoofer), and the AudioControl EQS 6-channel equalizer (mounted on the console) fine tunes the sonics of each channel.

The speaker system produces audiophile-quality sound with plenty of power, without overwhelming the vehicle's interior. Unlike many show cars that are so loaded down they have to be towed from event to event, this Escape is made for driving!

Each front door holds a Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system and a MM465 6-1/2" midbass driver, housed in a custom-made panel. The system's center speaker consists of a Polk/MOMO MM465 6-1/2" woofer and 1" tweeter in a dash-mounted custom enclosure. The rear tailgate is home to a full set of Polk EX3560 6-1/2" components to entertain onlookers when the tailgate is raised for shows. Two Polk/MOMO MM120 12" subs supply low-frequency magic from two custom enclosures built into the rear side panels.

Two Alpine MRV-T757 amplifiers are mounted on the side panels, each one driving a single Polk/MOMO 12" with 400 watts RMS in bridged mode. One headliner-mounted (don't try this at home, folks!) Alpine MRV-F407 4-channel amp powers the front doors (two channels for the MM455 system, and two channels for the MM465 mids), while the other F407 runs the center channel (two channels bridged) and the rear fill (Polk EX3560's in stereo). The AudioControl Matrix line driver boosts the audio signal coming from the equalizer so that every amp channel gets a clean, noise-free signal.

All power/ground cable, speaker wire, RCA interconnects, and hardware are from Monster Cable. A single 1/0-gauge cable runs from the battery to the distribution block (mounted in the passenger's side rear panel), with 4-gauge leads to each of the four amps. Two Monster 1-farad capacitors keep the amps supplied with plenty of juice. All doors, floors, and custom enclosures are insulated with Dynamat vibration-damping material.

The car is beautiful, the installation is first-rate, and the sound is totally righteous. Thom Voisinet and Polk Audio should be proud of this sonic masterpiece.

The pride of Baltimore, Maryland — this rockin' Ford Escape from Polk Audio makes its rounds all across the USA.

Left: What a lineup! From top to bottom, the Alpine CVA-1003 receiver, PXA-H510 5.1 Dolby Digital processor, DHA-S680 6-disc DVD/CD changer, and NVE-N852A navigation system fill the custom-made dash pod.
Right: The angled center speaker pod houses a single Polk/MOMO 6-1/2" woofer and 1" tweeter.

In this full cockpit view, you can see the bright yellow AudioControl EQS 6-channel equalizer (in the console) and the Polk/MOMO components in the door.

This closeup shot of the custom-made door panel shows off the Polk/MOMO MM455 5-1/4" component system and MM465 6-3/4" midbass driver. The tweeter is mounted at an angle for better dispersion.

A Polk/MOMO 12" subwoofer in its custom enclosure, the Alpine amplifiers (mounted in the side panel and in the headliner), and the Polk EX3560 6-1/2" component system (mounted on the tailgate) are all stylin' in this view of the Escape's rear cargo area.
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