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Sony's Xplod Dodge Pickup

Items installed:
  • sixteen 10" XS-L1030 subwoofers
  • eight XS-HF55 5-1/4" component systems
  • four XM-752EQX amplifiers
  • four XM-2252 amplifiers
  • CDX-C680 in-dash CD receiver
  • CDX727 six-disc CD changer
  • MDX65 MiniDisc Changer
  • Sony XTL-750W TV monitor
  • Discman PBD-V30 DVD player
Each door is filled with four XS-HF55 component systems. Four 5-1/4" woofers are mounted in the custom-designed door panels, two 1" tweeters fill the door sail, and two fit near the windshield. Four 75-watt, two-channel XM-752EQX amps drive these component systems.

Perhaps most impressively, the entire rear wall of the cabin is loaded with sixteen (that's right, sixteen) XS-L1030 10" subs. They're driven by four 225-watt, two-channel XM-2252HX amps. The phrase "bone-crushing" doesn't even begin to describe the bass capacity of this system.

The brain of the system is found in the in-dash CDX-CD680 CD receiver. Much of the system operation information is displayed on the console-mounted XTL-750W TV monitor.

A second XTL-750W is mounted in a side window, facing outward next to the external control panel designed specifically for the Dodge by Sony, and another control panel is located overhead in the cabin.

No slouch in the entertainment-source-variety department, the Xplod Dodge also features a CDX-727 installed snugly in the glove compartment, an MDX-65 MiniDisc changer in the dash above the glove compartment, and a Discman PBD-V30 DVD player stowed neatly behind the flip-down TV monitor.
Dodge Pickup
Sony's designers turned an average Dodge Pickup into "Xplosive" sound on wheels.

5-1/4 inch midrange components
The 5-1/4" midrange components of the XS-HF55 system and the Xplod logo in the passenger-side door.

In-dash CD, DVD Discman, TV, CD changer, and MD changer
Counterclockwise from center: in-dash CD, DVD Discman, TV (folded back), CD changer (in glovebox), and MD changer.

Amps mounted between the seats
The rear wall is loaded from floor to roof with 10" XS-L1030 subs, with amps mounted between the seats.

Rear-wall woofers and console-mounted TV monitor
Left: A view of the rear-wall woofers from driver's seat.
Right: A closeup of console-mounted TV monitor.

  • steve

    Posted on 11/15/2023

    I helped build these in a shop in Tucson, AZ. There were 3 of us on this project full time. There were 7 of them made. Sony gave to the Sales reps to demo the new line. Nice to see these are still around.

  • Raul Perez from Bronx

    Posted on 12/12/2021

    I recently purchased one. Was curious to know if the other two have survived. This one made the trek from Arizona all the way to NYC. Hard to believe after 22 years it's still in great condition with extremely low mileage to boot. 38k miles

  • John

    Posted on 12/3/2020

    We had this truck at a shop I worked at. Was told 3 were made. Loud for sure!

  • jared bray from LINDENWOLD, nj

    Posted on 10/24/2016

    do you guys take it to car shows?

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