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WeatherTech floor mat buying guide

Quality mats and liners are a sound investment

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floorliner

WeatherTech mats, like this DigitalFit Floorliner, are available in Black, Cocoa, Gray, and Tan

Floor mats are a lot like religion and politics – no one talks about them in polite society. Except for the fact that religion and politics are actually interesting and discussed all the time. Floor mats are, well, floor mats. They're boring. They're like rugs, except that lots of people have opinions about rugs. Widely varying opinions, in fact, which will not come as news to anyone who's gone rug shopping with a significant other.

But here's the thing: people should have opinions about floor mats. They matter. Depending on your daily drive, you could wind up spending more time with your floor mats than you do with the asymmetrical-print rug that's in the living room because you just wanted to get out of the store and go home. (It does hide the dog hair well, so there's that…)

Your vehicle's original mats are the cheapest acceptable things available. You might get two years out of the factory driver's side mat, if you're lucky and gentle. And even if the stock mats hold up at all, they're hard to clean, prone to wiggling around, and about as good as a piece of cardboard when it comes to protecting the carpeting underneath.

And that carpeting is the key thing to keep in mind here. Replacing floor mats is, as you'll see when you shop our site, quite affordable. Replacing worn-out, stained interior carpeting is anything but. In most cases, you're not going to swap out your carpeting, but you probably are going to expect to get something for the car when you trade it in on a new one. And that's when those carpet stains cost you money.

What's that? Floor mats just got a little more interesting? Exactly. That's why a set of WeatherTech floor mats and liners is a smart investment. We carry three varieties from WeatherTech: versatile AVM universal-fit mats, rugged All-Weather mats, and custom-designed DigitalFit® FloorLiners. This quick guide will help you choose the right mats for your vehicle and your lifestyle.

weathertech avm mat

WeatherTech AVM™ universal mats

The "universal" part of the name refers to the fact that these durable, pliable floor mats will, within reason, fit just about anything in the more-or-less recent automotive universe. How? Well, there's a little DIY involved. Specifically, you'll trim them to fit your car.

Each AVM universal mat features "score lines" across the surface. Use a piece of cardboard to make a template of your car's floor, lay that over the mat, and trace the shape in the score lines – that's your mat. Use tin snips or some other cutting tool to carefully trim away the excess until only the mat remains.

You can achieve a surprisingly good fit with AVM mats, but they're probably not what you want for your late-model luxury car. That's not an apology, it's just a fact. These tough, utilitarian mats are what they are, and they're a terrific choice for a hard-working company vehicle, a weekends-only collectable car, or the used (but reliable) beater you're giving (sacrificing?) to your college-bound kid.

WeatherTech All-Weather mat

WeatherTech All-Weather mats

WeatherTech's All-Weather mats are a terrific combination of good looks and everyday utility. In terms of fit, they're not "custom," but they are a big step up from "universal fit" mats. Most front and rear mats are actually model-specific, but others are rated "best possible" based on WeatherTech's enormous database.

Depending on the vehicle, some rear mats are designed to be trimmed, so if the "out-of-the-box" fit isn't quite up to your standards, the score lines make it surprisingly easy to get the fit you want. Each soft, pliable resin mat features anti-skid ridges to keep them in place, and a protective finish that makes cleanups a snap.

WeatherTech All-Weather mats are a solid, durable way to protect the carpeting in your everyday commuter car, a leased vehicle, or any car or truck that needs added protection from dirt and damage.

WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiner

WeatherTech DigitalFit® FloorLiners

WeatherTech's DigitalFit FloorLiners are pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to custom-fit floor protection. As the name implies, these mats are digitally modeled to fit the contours of your vehicle's floor exactly. The remarkable fit and tough (but pliable and comfortable) material makes them the absolute top choice among car and truck owners who want the very best for their vehicles.

Most floor mats do a bang-up job of protecting the flat part of the floor, but that still leaves plenty of exposed carpet. WeatherTech's digital modeling captures the vehicle's entire floor, so these mats extend up the front, back, and even up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell. More coverage equals more protection from dirt and damage.

All that mud and moisture has to go somewhere, so DigitalFit FloorLiners use channels to send it all to a lower reservoir that keeps it away from your shoes and clothing. When you reach your destination, just tip the mats over the door sill and pour the liquid onto the ground. Rear seat DigitalFit FloorLiners are also custom-made, and depending on your vehicle's floor design, you'll get either a 2-piece set or one large mat that covers the entire rear footwell.

These top-shelf mats are the ideal choice for any car, truck, or SUV. If you're looking for the absolute best in fit, finish, and protection, you can't do any better than WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners.

WeatherTech Cargo Liner

WeatherTech Cargo mats and liners

If you have a wagon or SUV, you probably use the cargo area to haul everything from luggage to lumber. If so, you probably know that it's incredibly easy to make a heck of a mess back there. Most (not all) cars and SUVs come with some sort of liner in the trunk or cargo area, but that liner's not going to be much better than the floor mats. When you're hauling a few bags of mulch or a couple of leaky gas cans you just filled up for the lawnmowers, that's not going to cut it.

A rugged, high-quality WeatherTech Cargo Mat will protect your vehicle's carpeting from stains and spills, plus these liners are easy to clean up after something inevitably makes a mess. If you've ever had to drive around with the windows down because something smelly seeped into the carpeting of your trunk or cargo area, you'll understand the importance of that feature.

weathertech floor mat

Keep moisture under control

How to order

Floor mats and cargo liners are available for a wide variety of vehicles, and Crutchfield's vehicle database will show you what's available for yours. Just enter your vehicle information on our Outfit My Car page and let our database do the rest. With so many possible mat and vehicle combinations, we can't show you a photo of everything that's out there, but the representative photos on the pages will give you a general idea of what's headed your way. Each type of mat is available in black, gray, or tan.

Before you order, make sure you know the specifics of your vehicle's interior specs and layout. This might seem kind of silly ("The seats are here, the floor is there, we're good, right?"), but on some vehicles, it really matters. For example, if your 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan has Stow 'n 'Go seating, you'll get one set of mats. If it has the Swivel 'n Go option, you'll get a different set of mats. Most vehicles aren't that complicated, of course, but the more you know, the smarter you'll shop.

While you're shopping for floor mats and cargo liners online, you'll probably notice that our prices seem a smidge higher than some other retailers. They really aren't, but we build the shipping charges into our WeatherTech mat prices. With other retailers, you won't see that amount until it's time to check out.

When you buy from Crutchfield, you'll not only get WeatherTech's outstanding manufacturer warranty, you'll also get the added assurance of Crutchfield's 60-day return policy. If your mats don't fit or don't look right, you can send them back for an exchange or refund. If you have any questions or want to make sure you get the right WeatherTech mat for your vehicle, just contact our advisors.

  • Mark from Indianapolis

    Posted on 11/16/2022

    I was checking on floor mats and was asked to choose a quality number beginning with one. Confused.

  • Lin

    Posted on 5/17/2021

    Does it matter what year a Honda Accord is to fit used mats?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 5/20/2021

    Lin, If you're planning to install a set of custom-fit mats, yes. With semi-custom (trimmable) mats, you have a lot more leeway. Hope that helps!

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