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Video: Apple CarPlay™ in action

A Crutchfield expert explains Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay™ lets you use your iPhone® more safely in the car by adapting familiar apps and icons for use on a compatible in-dash receiver. Siri® voice control lets you send and receive messages, make calls, play music and more while keeping your eyes on the road. Peter, one of our technology experts, shows you what CarPlay's all about in this short video. 

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Read video transcript

Apple CarPlay is a new way to integrate your car stereo with your iPhone. We asked our expert and Apple fanatic Peter to walk us through what makes CarPlay so cool.

Apple CarPlay mimics your iPhone display on a compatible stereo and lets you easily and safely use your phone in the car. You can get turn-by-turn directions, make calls and send and receive messages, and listen to music all in a way that lets you stay focused on the road.

The first thing you notice is all the familiar icons that you're already used to using on your phone are there. So there's an app for music, for phone, for messages, for maps. So it's very familiar for you to use. So there's absolutely no learning curve. After using CarPlay for a while what I really started to do, though, is to start to use my voice to control almost anything. "Siri can you play iTunes Radio, top 100?" That's one of the great things about CarPlay is that you don't necessarily have to touch the familiar icons. You can sit and use Siri. You can find the music station you want. You can find the destination you want. You can create and receive messages, listen to your voicemails, create new phone calls, again all using your voice while your eyes are on the road your hands are on the wheel.

Texting is really great. This is one of the things that I use the most.

Siri: "What would you like the message to say?"

Peter: "Hey Stephen. Meet me at the coffee shop today at 3:30 p.m."

Siri: "Ready to send it?"

There's a feature in the phone that will allow you to set reminders by location. So if I'm driving down the road and I said, "Hey, remember to pick up dry cleaning." As I'm nearing that destination it knows where I am using maps and a little icon will appear right on the front of the screen that says "Pick up dry cleaning." So it's a really helpful reminder to use your phone for things that you do every single day.

In addition to the regular core apps that you already find on your phone, some great third party apps. iHeartRadio. One of my favorites of course is Spotify. I'm a Spotify fan. That's an app right there I can listen to all my favorite stations, all my favorite artists and in really excellent sound quality as well.

One of my favorite things about CarPlay is it just works. You know, you're using all the familiar apps and all the buttons that you're already using you know, on your iPhone. So I'll find myself, you know, reaching to hit one of these familiar buttons when I remember I can do everything just with Siri so I press the home button and whether I want to pull up a certain radio station on iTunes Radio I can do that all with using the power of my voice. If you have questions about CarPlay, please give Crutchfield a call.

  • David Brantley from Stonewall

    Posted on 5/1/2018

    I like the fact Pioneer has had this feature for many years on their DVD units. You don't have to touch the home button, as long as Siri is active just use voice commands.

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