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Garmin Catalyst™ Driving performance optimizer with dash cam and Bluetooth®

Item # 150CATALYS

Is Days of Thunder your favorite movie? Do you dream of checkered flags and champagne-soaked celebrations? If...

Is Days of Thunder your favorite movie? Do you dream of checkered flags and champagne-soaked celebrations? If...

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Item # 150CATALYS

In stock

About the Garmin Catalyst™

Dominic DeVito

Get better racing results

Is Days of Thunder your favorite movie? Do you dream of checkered flags and champagne-soaked celebrations? If road racing is your passion and you want better results on the track, Garmin's Catalyst driving performance optimizer offers a tech-based solution to improving your times and techniques. It incorporates a wide range of advanced tools to help you identify where you can get maximum performance during your laps. And it includes a camera so you can record your track runs and view the video for further analysis.

Get better racing results

Is Days of Thunder your favorite movie? Do you dream of checkered flags and champagne-soaked celebrations? If road racing is your passion and you want better results on the track, Garmin's Catalyst driving performance optimizer offers a tech-based solution to improving your times and techniques. It incorporates a wide range of advanced tools to help you identify where you can get maximum performance during your laps. And it includes a camera so you can record your track runs and view the video for further analysis.

Garmin Catalyst driving performance opitmizer

The Catalyst (left) and its Remote Cam (right) give you a great view of your driving overlaid with important data

Self-contained ecosystem

The Catalyst consists of two main pieces — the main device which mounts on your windshield or dashboard, and a high-definition Remote Cam which also mounts on your windshield and records your runs so you can review the video later. The Catalyst is a completely self-contained ecosystem and does not require a connection to another computer or device to operate, but it is compatible with Garmin's Connect app so you can view your data on your phone or favorite device. The Catalyst boasts Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity, plus a headphone jack. Garmin includes a 32GB microSD™ memory card with the Catalyst, and an additional card slot means you can record many miles of footage before you need to swap anything out.

Advanced sensors

The Catalyst's positioning technology features compatibility with GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites. High-performance 10Hz mini-GNSS processing power updates the position of your car up to ten times per second, for a more accurate and in-depth look at your vehicle's position and speed as it moves along the track. Built-in accelerometers help keep tabs on your driving style.

Note: The Catalyst does not provide point-to-point GPS directions like a traditional navigation device. It is intended to be used on a closed circuit only, not on public roadways.

A driving "coach" in your cockpit

The groundbreaking Catalyst doesn't just provide useful analysis of your performance and show you areas where you need to make strides. It also offers real-time audio cues to your compatible headset or car stereo to help you save seconds. True Track Positioning shows your racing line on the track right on the 6.95" display. It also tracks and compares to show if you're ahead or behind previous lap times. Garmin's True Optimal Lap technology sorts through all performance data to show your best drivable time.

And you don't have to wait for a data download or hook up to a computer to get thorough analysis after your session — you can see it all right on the Catalyst's touchscreen as soon as you're done driving. You can even check out the footage from the Remote Cam on the Catalyst's screen with time-synced performance data including your speed, lap data, and more.

Ready to go out of the box

The Catalyst comes preloaded with a track database of road courses from around the world. You can even upload a new course to the database with ease. The Catalyst supports multiple users and cars and allows separate profiles for each, so you can get your friends involved. Software and course database updates happen automatically over Wi-Fi so you can stay current. Garmin includes a bevy of mounting options so you can put the Catalyst where it feels right in your cockpit. And the built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to two hours of performance from the Catalyst if it's disconnected from a power source.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best dash cams for 2024
  • driving performance optimizer (not for use as a point-to-point GPS navigator)
  • system includes:
    • Remote Cam (1080p) with polarized lens cover and 3.5m cable
    • 32GB microSD memory card
    • powered magnetic suction-cup windshield mount and a screw-down dashboard mount
    • connecting arms, cable clips, vehicle power cable, 1" ball mount adapter plate
    • built-in rechargeable battery with up to 2 hours of life
  • 6.95" capacitive touchscreen display (1024 x 600 pixels)
  • 16GB internal storage
  • headphone jack/audio line-out
  • built-in GPS, GLONASS, 10Hz mini-GNSS, and accelerometers
Driving Optimization Features:
  • preloaded database of road courses worldwide (allows users to add courses)
  • displays best lap time, adaptive delta time, number of laps, and total session time
  • True Track Positioning (your racing line)
  • real-time audio cues/audio coaching
  • True Optimal Lap with video
  • segment analysis (racing line, speed, and acceleration/deceleration)
  • supports multiple users and vehicles
  • built-in Bluetooth
  • built-in Wi-Fi for software and course database updates
  • SD card slot under bottom cover with 32GB microSD card pre-installed
  • side microSD card slot (accommodates cards up to 256GB)
  • compatible with Garmin Connect app
Other Features and Specs:
  • dimensions: 7-7/8"W x 4-13/16"H x 15/16"D
  • weight: 15.4 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # 010-02345-00

What's in the box:

  • Driving performance analyzer
  • Remote dash camera (with adhesive mounting disc)
  • Polarized lens cover (installed on camera)
  • Powered magnetic mount with 1" ball
  • Suction cup mount (3-3/8" diameter) with 1" ball
  • Two 1" double socket arms
  • Double ball adapter (1" ball on each end)
  • Car charger with USB output (DC output: 5V 2.4A)
  • 59" USB vehicle power cable for analyzer (Type A USB on one end and right angled Mini-B USB on other end)
  • 11.5' USB camera power cable (Type A USB on one end and right angled Micro-B USB on other end)
  • 5 Cable clips with 3M adhesive
  • 19" USB data cable (Type A USB on one end and Micro-B USB on other end)
  • 1" Ball mount with AMPS screw plate
  • Spare remote camera adhesive mount
  • 18' Vehicle power cable with right angled Mini-B USB on one end and bare wire on other end (DC output 4.75-5.25V 2A)
  • Quick Start Manual
  • Important Safety and Product Information
  • Catalyst window decal

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More details on the Garmin Catalyst™

Mark G.

Features & specs

Maps Free lifetime updates
Map Coverage Worldwide circuit tracks
Points of Interest Track positioning
Multiple Destination Routing No
Screen Size 6.95"
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Text To Speech No
Voice Control No
Traffic Information No
Dynamic Content Services None
Removable Memory Type microSD
Battery Life 2 Hours
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Garmin Catalyst™ (010-02345-00) is a driving performance analyzer with built-in GPS and a large 6.95" touchscreen display. It mounts in the cockpit using the included heavy duty suction cup or screw down mount. Catalyst gathers performance data as you make your way around the track, provides audible coaching cues, and provides immediate feedback on your performance. The device comes with a remote dash camera for recording Full HD video that you can later sync with your driving performance stats.

6.95" Display: Catalyst is equipped with a 6.95" color TFT display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Its on-cell capacitive touch technology allows you to drag or swipe your finger across the screen to pan or scroll, pinch two fingers together to zoom out, and spread two fingers apart to zoom in.

Track Database: The device is preloaded with an international database of tracks and road courses. Any tracks that are not already loaded can be created using the GPS location and your vehicle's movements on the track.

10Hz GNSS Positioning: Catalyst uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and a 10Hz update rate (10 times per second) to pinpoint your position on the track at all times. GNSS uses both the US's Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) to provide better accuracy and reliability.

Remote Camera: Garmin Catalyst comes with a Remote Camera with a wide 140° angle of view for producing 1080p videos of your test drives. Immediately after your test run, you can review the video with time-synced data overlays showing your speed and lap data. The camera has a removable polarizing filter to help reduce glare from the windshield. The remote camera mounts to your windshield with its strong adhesive. Camera dimensions: Width 1-1/2", Height 2-1/8", Depth 1-1/4", Weight 1.2 ounces.

True Track Positioning™: Catalyst uses the accuracy of 10Hz GNSS positioning, built-in accelerometers in the device, and image processing from the remote dash camera to generate your racing line on the track. This True Track Positioning technology displays your car's position in relation to the track map and draws your racing line on the track.

True Optimal Lap™: The device combines all of your best times for each track segment from the recorded sessions to show you the optimum driveable time. The True Optimal Lap is based on lines you actually drove, and can repeat, to indicate a "best ever" lap. Video from the optimum segments driven can be viewed on the device.

Driver / Car Profiles: Catalyst can be used by multiple drivers and multiple cars. Before your first test drive, you can create profiles for each driver and each vehicle driven. This makes it easy for you compare driver performances, or move Catalyst from one vehicle to another. The performance data is saved separately for each driver, car, and track.

Coaching: Catalyst provides audible prompts and feedback in real time as you drive to help you improve your driving skills. During the session, you'll receive coaching cues on braking and turning, as well as instant feedback on your performance after you make a maneuver. Coaching begins after the third lap of a test session, in order to give you time to get the car up to speed. Catalyst can be paired via Bluetooth with your car stereo or a helmet headset for playing the coaching prompts. A 3.5mm audio output is also provided for plugging in headphones, or connecting audio to an Aux input on your car stereo. In the menu, you can select the level of coaching feedback you receive:

  • Advanced Race Coach: The device gives advanced coaching feedback during your session, based on your performance. Cues include braking and turning advice. Recommended for experienced high-speed drivers only!
  • Race Coach: Basic coaching advice is given based on your performance. As you gain more experience, you can add more coaching prompts regarding braking, turn apex, or speed.
  • Lap Times Only: The device only provides lap time information during the session.
  • Off: Audible coaching prompts are turned off.

Race Timer: The driving performance analyzer keeps track of your lap times and total times as you drive, and displays them in large, easy-to-see numerals. It shows your best lap time, and your last lap time at the top of the screen, and the lap number and total session time at the bottom. In the center, the delta, which is the time difference between the pace of the current lap and the best lap of the session, is shown with a green background (ahead of the pace) or red background (behind the pace). There is also a button to end the current session, if desired.

Session Review: After your race session is completed, you can immediately review the recorded video and details of the session. A thumbnail video link of the recorded session, and a summary of the session is displayed, showing a map of the track with highlighted segments for viewing opportunities to improve. The summary shows the number of laps, total session time, and times for the best lap and an optimal lap. It also identifies areas of the biggest time gain. Track and weather conditions are also displayed. You can compare the results of two drive sessions to help you see areas of improvement between the sessions. Along the bottom of the Session Summary screen are links to three detailed pages:

  • Opportunities: The Opportunities Page breaks down the performance into "opportunities" for improvements, including braking, apex, and speed. You can also view data graphs and a track segment map to view more details about a segment of the track.
  • Laps: The Laps page lets you review details of each individual lap of the session, including position, speed, and acceleration/deceleration. A thumbnail of the video of the selected lap is also provided.
  • Segments: The Segments page lets you see detailed information about each track segment, and your performance on that segment on each lap.

Software and Map Updates: Catalyst is able to connect directly to a Wi-Fi network for updating the device's software and track maps. You can also use Garmin Express on your computer to download and install the latest software updates to the device.

Garmin Connect: The Garmin Connect app loaded to your smartphone or tablet can be used to synchronize data from the Catalyst. With the app, you can view drive sessions and performance data on your mobile device or computer. The app does not sync video footage. You must connect the Catalyst and your smart device via Wi-Fi to sync session data with Garmin Connect. The app is available for iOS devices running version 12.0 or later, and for Android devices with version 6.0 and up. It can also be downloaded for Windows 7 SP1 or newer and Mac OS X 10.11 or later.

Power Options: Catalyst comes with a powered magnetic mount that provides power to the device and charges the internal Lithium-ion battery. Power transfers from the magnetic mount to the device through a 14-pin interface. Because the power cable is connected to the mount, you can remove the device without having to disconnect the cable. You can power the magnetic mount through the provided hardwire kit with 18 feet of cable. It can also be powered via the 5' USB cable and car charger. The magnetic mount includes a Type A USB port for providing power to the Remote Cam via the 11.5-foot cable. The camera cable is long enough to be routed along the edges of the windshield and secured with the adhesive clips.

Mounting Options: The Garmin Catalyst comes with a heavy-duty 3-3/8" diameter suction cup mount for your windshield and a screw down mount for your dashboard. Both mounts have a 1" ball mount that connects to the powered magnetic mount. A double-ball link and two double-socket arms provide additional length to the mount, if needed. A separate 1" ball mount with a industry-standard AMPS screw pattern (38mm x 30mm) lets you mount Catalyst to third-part mounting systems, such as RAM mounts.

microSD Cards: The device includes a 32 GB microSD Class 10 memory card in a card slot under the bottom cover. It can be replaced with a different microSD card from 32GB to 256 GB with a Class 10 or higher speed rating. A second microSD card (up to 256 GB) can be inserted into the slot on the side panel for additional memory for recording driving sessions.

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