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Best headphone amps for 2024

How to get better sound from your wired headphones

In this article: I’ll give you some shopping advice to help you find the right headphone amp. And I'll share my top picks for several different uses and setups...

  1. Best portable headphone amp — AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt
  2. Best portable headphone amp (battery-powered) — iFi Audio hip-dac3
  3. Best desktop amp for home office/small workspace — iFi Audio ZEN Can
  4. Best headphone preamp — Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M
  5. Best headphone amp for vinyl lovers — Music Hall PA 2.2
  6. Best high-power headphone amp — iFi Audio Pro iCAN Signature
  7. Best headphone amp with built-in streaming — Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

... Along with some of our favorite combinations of headphones, amps, and DACs.


f you plug your wired headphones directly into your phone or laptop, you’re probably not hearing them at their best. A dedicated headphone amplifier can drive your wired headphones to their top potential.

My job is to audition some of the world’s best headphones and personal audio gear, so I have experience with all types of headphone amps. And since I've been working from home more than ever, my headphone amp use has really ramped up. I figure that I spend so much time at my desk, I might as well get the best possible sound I can.

I’m fortunate that Crutchfield offers a nice, diverse collection of headphone amps. I’d like to share some of our best, based on customer reviews and my hands-on experience.

Jeff's work from home headphone setup

My early work-from-home setup wasn't exactly spacious or private — but I was still able to enjoy high-end sound thanks to the compact iFi Audio ZEN-series headphone amp.

So, what is a headphone amp?

All headphones need power. They get it from a headphone amplifier. And EVERY device with a headphone jack (or output) has a headphone amp inside.

There’s even a tiny amp inside your smartphone — but that one is weak, an afterthought compared to the other circuitry stuffed inside your phone. When you invest in a good pair of wired headphones, it's worth getting a dedicated headphone amp.

DragonFly Cobalt connected to an Andriod phone

The thumb-drive-sized AudioQuest Dragonfly® Cobalt is our best-selling headphone amp — it's incredibly portable and offers a premium upgrade to your phone's sound.

But what if you don’t crank up your music that loud?

Headphones are essentially tiny speakers — more robust power generally means better sound. You might be thinking, "I would never play my tunes loud enough to need a dedicated amplifier." But it's really not about volume as much as effortlessly handling the large sonic peaks and valleys in your favorite music.

It’s like having an engine with plenty of horsepower. You might never drive 200 MPH, but it's nice to have some get-up-and-go when you need it. There are headphone amps of all different styles and sizes, each with their own sonic character and set of strengths and weaknesses.

Specific sound improvements

The first thing most people notice when they add a decent headphone amp is deeper, more-precise bass. And the highs typically sound smoother and more natural. I usually notice more overall clarity and musical transparancy.

A note about DACs

When we talk about improving the sound coming from your phone or laptop, the conversation often leads to the topic of DACs. I have an entire buying guide that explains the product category in detail. But really quickly, the term stands for “digital-to-analog converter” and refers to a built-in chip that transforms digital bits — those icy, functional 1s and 0s — into sweet music.

illustration of a DAC, with ones and zeros going in and musical notes coming out

DACs work hand-in-hand with headphones amps, so we'll discuss them a lot here. And like headphone amps, DACs are built into your phone and computer. But surprise, those usually aren’t that good either.

So most of the headphone amps we offer actually feature a built-in DAC, though not all.

What should you spend on a headphone amp?

While there’s no exact formula, I’d shoot for at least 25-50% of the amount you spend on your headphones. The headphones themselves are the most important link in the audio chain. But you want to ensure they have enough power to do their thing.

Sales advisor Francis listening to Focal headphone through an ifi headphone amp

Crutchfield Advisor (and personal audio expert) Francis tests out the premium Focal Stellia headphones, powered by a robust stack of iFi pro-series DACs and amps.

A cost-efficient step into high-end audio

If you're worried about an amp adding cost to your headphone setup, consider this: a high-quality headphone rig is the most cost-effective route to audio nirvana. They're relatively affordable compared to a high-end stereo system.

Plus, they're neighbor- and apartment-friendly. They don't take up much space and you can listen whenever you want, as loudly as you want (just give your ears a break — prolonged exposure to music at loud volume can damage your hearing).

Matching headphones to amps — connections and more

Choose an amp that has the right audio output for your headphones. Otherwise you'll need an adapter to connect them.

Most wired headphones use a traditional unbalanced connection, like the famed 3.5mm minijack or the larger 1/4" headphone output typically found on home stereo receivers and the like. But higher-end headphones can also come with cables that offer fully balanced connections.

Balanced circuitry keeps the left and right audio channels completely separate. It can result in more powerful sound, with lower cross-talk and distortion. The downside is there are several different types of balanced connections, so different amps don’t always play well with different headphones.

Balanced Cables

The two most common balanced connections you'll see are the newer 4.4mm Pentaconn (top) and classic XLR (bottom).

Music source connections

Make sure your headphone amp has the inputs you’ll need to connect to your music sources. If your amp also has a DAC, you’ll need to make a digital connection with a digital cable (optical, coaxial, or USB). If you’re making an analog connection to your music source, get a stereo RCA cable or mini-to-RCA cable.

photo of the back panel of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M Stereo DAC/headphone amplifier/preamp

The Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M headphone amp/preamp/DAC has several digital inputs and balanced 3-pin XLR preamp outputs.


Headphone impedance is a complex topic that could easily take up this entire article. For the sake of simplicity, think of it as how much power is required to coax a good performance from the headphones.

Generally, lower-impedence headphones require less power to drive, so you don't need to feed them too much. Higher-impedence headphones need more power, so you want to make sure your headphone amp is up to the task.

We list headphone impedance on our product web pages whenever it's available from the manufacturer. The same goes for the headphone amps and recommended “minimum headphone impedance.” If these numbers sync up, you should enjoy a full, flat frequency response. Not sure? Contact us.

Gain switch and selectable impedance

Some headphone amps have a “gain switch” or "selectable impedance" dial that helps ensure the power properly matches up with your headphone's impedance. These amps are more versatile, so they can work together with more headphones.

Gain control on the Ifi Audio iCan

The iFi Audio Pro iCAN Signature headphone amp/preamp features a three-position gain switch to match the impedance of your headphones.

Our picks for 2024

Here are my top picks for different situations, uses, and setups. As a bonus, I’ve included some suggested headphone pairings for each — recommended either by me or one of our other personal audio experts.

DragonFly Cobalt connected to a laptop

Best portable headphone amp — AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

By far, our most popular headphone amp is the Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt. This all-in-one headphone amp/DAC combo is roughly the size of a thumb drive!

Many of us here at Crutchfield have one of these handy little devices in our bag, pocket, or desk drawer. After an employee scores their first nice set of headphones, their next no-brainer purchase is often a DragonFly.

The DragonFly Cobalt plugs into your phone or computer to deliver premium, high-precision sound. You’ll find a USB connection on one end, and a 3.5mm mini headphone jack on the other. It draws its power from your connected mobile device or computer, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it.

I love it because it slips right into my laptop bag, and its sound rivals that of some popular (non-portable) desktop DAC/amps out there.

Suggested headphone pairings

The Cobalt happen to be incredibly versatile, so there are countless headphones that could benefit from connecting to it. But I’d like to sort of play “personal audio sommelier” and share some amp/headphone combinations that complement each other in ways I found particularly interesting.

Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones: When paired with the Cobalt, the lively, musical 99 Classics opened up quite a bit with better imaging and quick, muscular bass. (We also named these our most comfortable over-ear headphones.)

Sennheiser IE 200 in-ear headphones (IEMs): I like this combo as a powerful portable listening rig. The Cobalt DAC/amp fits neatly in the IE 200's pocket-sized case along with the needed cables. The soundstage extends outside the head; nice vocal presence and plenty of breathing room between instruments.

Grado Hemp headphones: Bonus pick from fellow A/V writer Colin M., who paired Grado's hand-built hemp on-ears with the DragonFly Black. "I picked up on fine details in the Tool track ‘Parabol,'" he told me, "like subtle background vocals drift from one ear to the other."

What our customers say about the DragonFly Cobalt

iFi Audio hip-dac3 Portable USB DAC and headphone amplifier

Best battery-powered portable headphone amp — iFi Audio hip-dac3

While the ability to draw power from your phone or laptop is super-convenient, there are some advantages to having a built-in rechargeable battery. The compact, lightweight iFi hip-dac3 can play music for up to eight hours on a full charge — saving the battery from your other devices. It also delivers higher output power for driving headphones.

This flask-sized DAC connects easily to your phone or computer to bypass the rotgut audio circuitry inside those devices. It’s one of the most uncomplicated DACs I've ever used. There are several cables included for connecting your music source, and there is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack along with a balanced 4.4mm headphone output.

Suggested headphone pairings

Earlier I mentioned all the different balanced connections out there. Well, the 4.4mm Pentaconn seems to be on its way to becoming the accepted industry standard. Or at least as close as we're going to get. A growing list of headphones from multiple brands use it.

Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 closed-back: The closed-back Aeon 2 planar magnetic headphones offer some of the best imaging, instrument separation, and detail you can get from headphones under $1,000. I've heard them knocked for their bass, though — some think it's too "polite." The hip-dac3's "Xbass" processing provides a boost for satisfying, pronounced low-end punch.

Ifi Zen Can stack

Best desktop amp for a small workspace — iFi Audio ZEN Can

You’ll notice there are a lot of iFi products on this list. We only recently started carrying the award-winning British company’s audio gear. I’m really glad we did — they offer so many versatile options in the DAC/headphone amp category and I’m impressed with everything up and down the line. From top to bottom, it’s all well-built with cutting-edge, sophisticated audio circuitry packed inside.

Case in point — their so-called “entry” level ZEN-series desktop gear. These heavy-duty aluminum pieces don't feel entry level. And when I connect a nice pair of headphones, they don’t sound it either.

This is actually a nice way to introduce a buildable system — and the idea of separate DACs and headphone amps. If you’re looking for an immediate upgrade to the sound from your laptop, start with the iFi ZEN DAC V2. It features a built-in DAC and serves as a pretty substantial headphone amp on its own.

Plus it’s compact and has an interesting design. The first few months of my work-from-home stint, I used the original ZEN DAC on its own. (This second-generation DAC/amp combo sports the same design along with faster processing.) It fit into my cramped space nicely and was even robust enough to drive the super-premium Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT over-ear headphones.

I was frankly satisfied with the ZEN DAC on its own. Then I tried it in concert with the ZEN Can.

The ZEN CAN is unapologetically ONLY a headphone amp. There is no DAC inside and there are no digitial audio connections at all. It receives the analog audio signal from a separate DAC and has one job — powering your headphones.

But it didn't take up much more space. This amp is built to compliment the ZEN DAC in sound and design. I stacked a ZEN Can on top of my ZEN DAC and connected them using the included RCA cables. It definitely opened up the sound even more.

It offers a ridiculous amount of power for its size. I barely had to move the knob to get enough volume for most headphones. But my favorite feature is their "sound control processing" button that adds extra bass or expands the soundfield (or both). Most headphones have benefitted from the extra low-end punch, and it's as tight and controlled as it is strong.

Suggested headphone pairings

While the ZEN products hold their own with many of the highest-end headphones, I found they really hit the sweet spot with a couple of Sennheiser models. You can trace the lineage for both of these headphones to Sennheiser's legendary, time-tested HD 600 series.

Sennheiser HD 660S2: The HD 660S2 has a more forward sound presentation than most of the other headphones I've mentioned. And it REALLY leaps out at you when connected to the ZEN DAC/Can stack. Still, within that immediate soundstage, you get layer upon rich layer of depth and detail.

Sennheiser HD 560S: This younger sibling is one of my favorite headphone releases this year. No balanced cable, but still feels like a natural combo with the ZEN gear. The extra power and bass boost helps them a lot. These 'phones are little more laid back than the HD 660S2. But they're still very well balanced with spot-on imaging — and just super-fun to listen to.

What our customers say about the ZEN Can

Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M Stereo DAC/headphone amplifier/preamp

Best headphone preamp — Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

A good headphone amp can also serve as the foundation of a more complete hi-fi system. (This may be why some people say "headphone preamp," rather than headphone amp.) If you connect a good pair of powered stereo speakers to the preamp outputs, you can listen with or without your headphones.

The DacMagic 200M has a strong lineage — this DAC/amp/preamp is the newest model in Cambridge Audio’s popular DacMagic series. And it’s already earning rave reviews from Crutchfield customers. It seems to hit the sweet spot with our customers in terms of size and functionality.

It's larger than our other desktop and portable picks, but not too big to fit into the average workspace. (It’s roughly the size of one of those thick, exhaustive autobiographies.) And the extra size means it can include more audio circuitry inside — including a dual-DAC design. There is a DAC dedicated to both the left and right audio channels, which results in a spacious sound presentation with a nice sense of depth and place.

There's also built-in Bluetooth and several digital input options. Plus, the back panel has balanced and unbalanced analog outputs for connecting to powered speakers or a separate amp.

And here’s a cool trick — if you use the DacMagic 200M as a preamp, you can press the filter and volume button in for a second and get fixed volume control. That means you adjust the volume directly on your connected speakers or amp. But, you can still connect your headphones at the same time, and adjust their volume on the DacMagic 200M. It won’t affect the volume on your speakers.

Suggested headphone pairing:

I spent about a month with this kitchen-sink device and used it primarily as a headphone amp. I found it sounded clean, dynamic, and tonally unobtrusive. In other words, it would more play to the strengths of the connected headphones, rather than imposing its own sonic will on them.

Denon AH-9200 Bamboo headphones: Denon’s flagship, hand-crafted headphones require control as much as power, and the DacMagic 200M had a handle on them. The tonal characteristics of bamboo can be striking, but unwieldy in lesser hands. This combo sounded vivid and textured, but not harsh.

What our customers say about the DacMagic 200M

Music Hall PA2.2 Phono preamplifier with USB output and headphone amp

Best headphone amp for vinyl — Music Hall PA 2.2

The Music Hall PA 2.2 is a phono preamp by trade, but it features a pretty nice built-in headphone amp. The back panel has phono inputs for either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. So it will amplify the tiny signal from your turntable without adding distortion or noise.

You can also connect your computer and listen to high-res downloads or streaming music services. The PA 2.2 features a built-in DAC for your digital tunes.

There's a 1/4" unbalanced headphone output for connecting your 'phones. Plus, a good old-fashioned, tactile analog volume dial — I’m always a sucker for those!

Suggested headphone pairings:

I usually steer vinyl fans towards headphones with a warm, natural soundstage.

Grado Reference Series SR 325x: Grado headphones are always a good place to start when spinning records. The SR 325x's crisp, detailed highs pair nicely with vinyl.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X: These budget-friendly headphones are known as a “gateway” into the world of audiophile headphones. Their well-balanced, revealing sound is what you want to hear when you drop that needle on the groove.

What our customers say about the Music Hall PA 2.2

iFi Audio Pro iCAN Headphone amp/preamp

Best high-power headphone amp — iFi Audio Pro iCAN Signature

I’ve featured iFi a lot on this list, but for the most part I’ve highlighted and celebrated their competence. The Pro iCAN Signature is their statement piece — and they really let loose. This beautiful-looking workhorse serves up to 14,000mW of power in balanced mode.

That’s enough to drive the power-thirstiest, highest impedance headphones out there. So much power that I put multiple disclaimers on our product page to remind folks to turn it down whenever they connect new headphones. It will save your headphone drivers and your ears.

Inside, there’s both solid-state circuitry and real vacuum tubes. So you can choose between the greater clarity and detail that solid-state circuitry provides, or the extra warmth and emotion often associated with tubes. Speaking of warmth and emotion — I get those good feels adjusting that large Alps Electric volume dial.

Suggested headphone pairings:

I was very familiar with the first-generation Pro iCAN — we uses it as the muscle for our high-end personal audio rig in our "Relaxation Room" at Crutchfield HQ. But I wasnonly able to audition this Signature version for about a week. So I didn't waste time — I paired this powerful amp with some of our best headphones.

Sennheiser HD 800 S: At 300 ohms, Sennheiser's flagship HD 800 S headphones need A LOT of power to perform their best. And the Pro iCAN Signature has more than enough horsepower to oblige. The combo offers rich tonality, spaciousness, and plenty of high-end resolve — without any grating resonances.

Audeze LCD-5 planar-magnetic headphones: The LCD-5s are Audeze's newest top-of-the-line headphones and they require less power than traditional planars. Still, while these 'phones boast distinct, well-defined vocals with many amps, the the Pro iCAN Signature opened up their sound even more. With just the right mix of power and restraint, the drivers were capable of deeper, more precise bass to go with their high level of detail.

What our customers say about the iFi Pro iCAN Signature

Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition with Focal Stellia headphones

Best headphone amp with built-in streaming — Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

The super heavy-weight Naim Uniti HE is different than the other headphone amps/DACs on this list. You can’t connect your computer via USB. Instead, this network streamer/amp is designed to be used in place of a computer as your main way to play tunes.

And it feels like a special experience, from unboxing to initial setup to the hundredth time I used it. The Uniti Atom HE makes a direct connection to my home network. From there, I can play high-res music and stream Spotify — or even lossless audio from Qobuz or TIDAL — and control it all from my phone.

It has a sharp, gorgeous LED display on the glass front panel, and vivid album art seems to pop off the screen. And it’s just as impressive on the inside. You’ll find a beefy, puck-sized transformer, high-end Burr-Brown DACs, isolated circuitry, and a robust headphone amp.

It has both balanced and unbalanced headphone connections, and it also doubles as a stereo preamplifier. On the back, you'll find unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs for connecting a wide range of power amplifiers. And as a headphone amp, it delivers full-bodied, detailed, and tonally accurate sound.

Suggested headphone pairings:

Focal headphones are a natural pairing. Focal is Naim's sister company, so they know precisely what the headphone drivers need in terms of power and damping.

Focal Clear Mg: I connected the premium Focal Clear Mg open-back headphones to the XLR 4-pin balanced output on the back of the Uniti Atom HE. This listening rig gave me a deliciously unflavored, well-balanced sound that was true to the source. I listened to a Qobuz playlist of the late, great Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, and was captured by the vibe. Everything had its right place in the mix and this headphone/amp combo delivered it effortlessly.

What our customers say about the Uniti Atom HE

Specialized headphone amps

I've covered the categories that are best represented by our selection of headphone amps. But there are a few other categories to look out for:

“Closed-system” headphone amps

This usually refers to a headphone and amp set that are only made to work with each other. You see this a lot with electrostatic headphone systems — the headphones can only connect to a specific amp, and that amp will only power headphones. One of the best examples I've heard is the Warwick Acoustics Bravura headphone system. (Read my hands-on review.)

Warwick Bravura electrostatic headphones and amp

This Warwick Acoustics closed system is available in silver or black and it includes the Bravura electrostatic headphones and Sonoma M1 amp/energizer/DAC.

Tube headphone amps

Most of the headphone amps we carry use solid-state circuitry, but we do carry headphone amps that are vacuum-tube based. One of the best-looking examples I've seen recently is the McIntosh MHA200. Tube amps have a cool look with a nice vintage vibe. And they generally deliver a warmer sound.

McIntosh MHA200 tube headphone amp

The MHA200 sports four glass tubes, illuminated in McIntosh's legendary emerald hue.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with one of our Advisors for personalized shopping help. They can help you find the right amp for your headphones and listening habits.

Popular questions customers ask

A headphone amplifier is a specialized amplifier that provides ample power to headphones. Not all headphone amplifiers are created equal, so it’s crucial you get the one that best matches your headphone’s specifications. They come in different flavors. Some are portable, whereas others are more stationary “component”-style pieces.  

Yes. Much like regular speakers, an underpowered pair of headphones isn’t going to sound its best. Providing headphones with the power they need helps make their sound more dynamic, clear, and impactful.

Almost every pair of headphones will benefit from an amplifier. This is especially true with inefficient headphones or headphones that have a high impedance. Outboard headphone amplifiers provide the power headphones need — way more than what your smartphone, tablet, or PC can dish out.

Pure headphone amplifiers will have at least one pair of analog inputs for bringing signal in. Some headphone amplifier/digital-to-analog converter combos will also feature digital inputs for digital sources.

  • Mick from Spokane

    Posted on 2/27/2022

    I have the exact ifi hipdac as the story lead-in photo..(including that exact braided 4.4 mm to 3.5 mm adapter). I love it in every sense of the word. Battery life, sound generation and obviously appearance. Price was right too on too of it. Get yourself won't look back.

  • Steve from Dallas

    Posted on 1/18/2021

    Any thoughts or ideas on an amp for bluetooth headphones? I have a BT turntable connected to a SONOS 5 via the line out. So my current setup is to connect the headphones to the TT via BT. But I'd like to be able to pump some volume into the HPs. Thanks in advance

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 1/19/2021

    Hi Steve! I think you should connect with one of our Advisors one-on-one, so we can discuss the ins and outs of your setup -- and find the best solution. Please give us a call at 1-888-955-6000
  • Bruce Hall from Forest Hill,Tx.

    Posted on 12/22/2020

    I have a set of Sennheiser hd599@50ohms, and a set of AKG-k702@62ohms. do I need a headphone amp for either of them. are both considered low ohm headphones? Also do you think sound would improve to either set by adding a headphone amp?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 1/4/2021

    Bruce -- I can tell you from experience that the HD 599 sounds better with an amp. It really opens up the sound and gives everything a more defined sense of space.
  • Jonathan from St Paul

    Posted on 10/5/2020

    Uh, both the Marantz and Klipsch products linked in the article are apparently discontinued. Hmmm I would think you guys would keep these articles current. But....alternatives?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 10/6/2020

    Thanks Jonathan -- I'll get on the ball! We actually have an update planned soon. But we have several options that have preamp connections. Two popular choices are the longtime favorite Cambridge DacMagic Plus and the super-deluxe iFi Audio Pro iDSD.
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