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Michael H's 2009 Kia Spectra

Installed Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD installed

Items installed:

Stock doesn't rock

Michael decided that the factory stereo in his Kia Spectra wasn't nearly up to the task of delivering the strength of music he wanted. He shopped around and found gear that could give him what he wanted.

Up front, he 'heads up' his system with the Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD receiver nestled in his dash. Its 5.8" touchscreen makes it easy for him to adjust the settings and control his music, and looks right at home in the Spectra's ultra-modern dash.

Original subwoofer box

Original subwoofer box, taking up all the trunk space

Along with a new radio, Michael replaced the front speakers so he could take full advantage of the extra power an aftermarket stereo supplies. A pair of Kenwood speakers, running off of head unit power, handle the sound up front.

Bass system

Ever the bargain hunter, Michael picked up an inexpensive bass system. The XBX-1200 bass system from XXX Audio features two 12" woofers in a ported box and includes a mono-channel amp to power them.

Trunk space

If you've ever had a subwoofer box in your trunk, you know how much space they take up, especially a ported box containing two 12" subs. Michael wasn't about to give up his entire trunk for this box. He had bigger plans.

He removed the subs from their massive enclosure and built a custom enclosure for his trunk. He says, "The subs have a custom fit box that I built out of MDF and drywall screws that molds to the curvature of the back of the trunk." Freeing up all that space gave him room to expand his system too. He added two more pairs of Kenwood speakers and a 4-channel Sound Ordnance amp to power them. A little more custom board work, and the speaker and amps are mounted on the sides of the trunk, freeing up a lot of actual storage space.

Custom trunk system

The custom build up in the trunk

The LED lighting really sets off Michael's handiwork. He says that building the custom enclosure and other framework in the trunk was the most difficult part of creating his system. Now that he's done so, he plans to upgrade to more powerful subwoofers in the future. Beyond that, he's not sure what else he'll do to improve his stereo system. But it's clear that Michael has the hobbyist-bug and will continue finding other ways to improve and upgrade his gear!

Michael HMichael, the creator of the Spectra system
2009 Kia Spectra

The 2009 Kia Spectra

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  • Edward Funk from Akron

    Posted on 10/5/2019

    I have a 2009 Kia Spectra,I replaced the front door speakers with Sony 6" triaxials door speakers,better imaging,and 600 watt duo voice coil JBL Kicker 15 " sub,powered by Boss 4 channel amp,impressive bass,will be replacing stock radio soon,but sounds much better,and ready to replace rear deck speakers.

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