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Video: eero mesh Wi-Fi systems

Easy setup with powerful results

eero Wi-Fi systems are quickly becoming a customer favorite due to their ease of setup and strong mesh network. Mesh networks do a much better job of extending fast Wi-Fi to different parts of your home than traditional routers and repeaters, and eero has simplified setup so you can swap out your old equipment with no network expertise needed.

If you're paying for fast Wi-Fi but have dead or slow spots in your home, or would like to future-proof your network, you owe it to yourself to consider a mesh network. As time goes along, more and more smart home and streaming devices get added to your network, making wringing out all the available bandwidth a necessity. eero makes the switch from your old router to new about as straightforward as possible.

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Hey I'm JR, I'm here today with the eero Wi-Fi system. eero makes an easy to set up true mesh network for your home, so you can get Wi-Fi expanded out to all the places where you need it. There are two pieces in the eero wi-fi system, the eero Pro, which is basically your router, going to plug this into your modem and it creates the network. In addition to that you can use an eero Beacon to repeat the network. You place them strategically around your home to expand your network.

We have three different packages of eero Pros and Beacons for different size homes. The first package includes one eero Pro and one Beacon to extend your network out over a small home or an apartment. If you have a larger home, say a two to three-story house, you might get the next model up which includes one Pro and two Beacons to extend that network even further. If you have a much larger house, especially if you have wired access points, you might get the Pro system that includes three eero Pros for the high-powered, most capable Wi-Fi network you can create.

Let's talk about setting up the wi-fi system. We set one up here Crutchfield, and it really did take us less than 15 minutes from start to finish. The first thing you'll do is you're going to unplug your old router and throw it away. You don't need it anymore. You're also going to want to unplug your modem from power, then you'll be plugging in your new eero Pro to the ethernet connection on your modem, and then you'll plug your new eero Pro router into power and then power back on your modem.

Once it's all back up and running, the eero Pro will connect to your app and it will begin to tell you exactly what to do next. The app will then guide you through creating your network, adding beacons, and getting them strategically placed in your home for creating the best network possible. When you're plugged in and have gotten each Beacon and router up and running, you can even run a speed test to make sure you're getting the download and upload speed you need at the different parts of your home.

The Beacons are designed to plug directly into an outlet on your wall, they have no other connections on them at all. If you're going with the eero Pro System, it will need a power cable connected to an outlet and you have the option to plug it into a wired ethernet port as well, which will make it a little bit better at creating that thorough mesh network. The eero Wi-Fi network will also keep itself updated so that it is constantly running the latest and greatest software, and running as good as it possibly can.

You also have an optional paid subscription service called eero Plus. eero Plus will do a really nice job of keeping your network as secure as possible, as well as blocking ads from your TV, your computer, and your phone. It will even send you weekly reports about the security threats you might be dealing with. The eero app, of course, lets you set up a guest network as well as monitor parental controls. Like, for example, turn on your Wi-Fi network off at dinner time.

So we found the eero wi-fi system very easy to set up here at Crutchfield, and our customers are finding the same thing at home. In fact, I've got a couple reviews I'd like to read to you. For example, Robert from Sarasota, Florida said this system is the Apple of Wi-Fi networks, well-made designed to be installed by normal people, no geek required. Greg from Parkville, Maryland says first the setup is easy and actually fun, the app leads you through the process as if you're playing a game. And lastly, Dave from Mustang, Oklahoma said as simple as it gets, took about 10 minutes to install, plugged it in and followed the steps on the app. Dave also goes on to talk about how he had problems with his garage door opener and his microwave, but once he had the eero installed it's solved all of our issues including the garage door Wi-Fi issues. We can now stream in 4K without any delays anywhere in the house.

That is the eero wi-fi system. Whether you need the one Beacon, two Beacon, or the Pro system that comes with three routers, we've got you covered. Give us a call, chat with us online, send us an email if you have questions on Wi-Fi networking or just about anything else.

  • kathy from Hobbsville, nc 27946

    Posted on 8/29/2022

    We have wifi through centurylink. We only get 6mbps. Yes I said 6. Did you faint???? Its pitiful. Live in a rural area and it really sucks. Can your system help us at all?

  • Bob from TALLAHASSEE

    Posted on 3/3/2021

    Our WiFI comes from CenturyLink. Where we live it is often unreliable and with a double bonded connection we can't normally get above 16 mbs. I have an extender in the back of the house that does an okay job. But we have been adding more smart pieces to our system. I know eero can't improve the signal we get but will it help with streaming speeds and avoid overload from the extra switches and security that is depending on WiFi? Also, will each of those devices have to be resynched individually or if I assign eero the same name I currently use will they automatically connect?

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