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Video: JL Audio RD car amplifiers

Great JL Audio sound for your factory or aftermarket stereo

JL Audio's RD car amplifiers provide clean, efficient power to your speakers and subs at a nice price. They offer Class D technology, small footprint, and lots of power. RD amps help simplify initial setup with LED "clip lights" that make it easy to properly set the gain.

Read video transcript

Hey everybody its JR, here with the JL Audio line of class D amplifiers, and if you're like me and you like JL Audio amps a lot you're really gonna like these because you're gonna have the quality of JL Audio, the power that they're known for, at a pretty good price.

So that's one of the benefits, is that these are a little bit less expensive than some of the other options from JL Audio. But they're not really giving up the important features, the things that make JL Audio amps special. These are Class D amplifiers, which means they run very efficiently and they create a lot of power without sucking a lot of power out of your car. That's due to the NextD™ switching technology they've got built-in, so they're switching amplifiers that do their jobs incredibly efficiently.

Also differential balanced inputs, which means you'll be able to get good music into the amplifier from either your factory radio or an aftermarket radio with high-voltage preamp outputs. In fact, they do it right in through the RCA preamp inputs. JL Audio has available a little adapter that takes speaker wire from your factory radio and connects it to your RCA inputs. It's just a little switch right here under the under this panel on the control panel, you just tell it what type of input do you have. Is it high, is it low, is it somewhere in between. Oh and you might be noticing there's a blank spot right here. That's actually the JL Audio logo. They purposely did not attach it, so whichever way you want to install your amplifier in your car you can put the logo on that way or that way, heck, you can flip a coin if you wanted to.

Another thing under that control panel you will see is the input clipping LED, which JL Audio thought let's make it easier for people to set the input gain, how sensitive is the amplifier to the input it's getting from your radio. This is a tricky thing for a novice to do. JL Audio has made it easier. They even make little sound files available on their website that you can play through your stereo through the amplifier to use to set the gain more. For more information on that, give us a call, we can talk to you about it, no problem there.

The RD series of amplifiers is available in four flavors. We've got two subwoofer amplifiers, the 500 and the thousand. The RD 500 slash one is 500 Watts by one into a 2 ohm sub, or 250 watts into a 4 ohm sub. You can double those numbers on the RD 1000 slash one, also a 4 channel amplifier. The RD 400 / 4, which is 75 watts into all four of your 4 ohm speakers, and then you can combine.the idea here of the RD 500 / 1 and their four-channel amplifier into the RD 900 / 5. It's a 5-channel amplifier, 75 by 4 for your 4-channel speakers, and 500 watts in for your 2 ohm subwoofer.

It's a great line of amplifiers. I love JL Audio, and I love this addition to their lineup. If you have questions about these amplifiers or anything else, give us a call, chat with us online, or send us an email. We can get you rockin'.

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