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Video: Morel MPS car amplifiers

Clean, beautiful sound from factory or aftermarket stereos

Morel designed their MPS car amplifiers to have low noise and high sound quality. They're loaded with differential balanced inputs, which reject interference and let you connect your factory stereo without a line output converter. They're built solidly, with a high-mass aluminum chassis for efficient heat dissipation.

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Hey, I'm J.R. and I'm here with the Morel MPS line of amplifiers. There's three models in the line. We'll start with the mono subwoofer amplifier. It's a Class D amplifier with about 550 watts into two ohms. The Class AB 4-channel amplifier is gonna sound a little bit warmer and cleaner for your mids and your highs on your component systems, and your tweeters and such, and it's about 70 watts by four. The 5-channel basically combines the four-channel and the sub amp into one chassis.

All of these amplifiers have differential balanced inputs, which is great for when you're hooking these up to a factory stereo, which will often be the case in a lot of newer cars where it's hard to replace the radio, and Morel figured "let's put some really good quality speaker-level inputs on these guys so your music sounds clean and works with any level of output from your factory radio all the way up to a great-sounding aftermarket radio with preamp inputs.

There's also a turn-on mode, so you'll be able to dial it in to turn it on and off when your radio comes on and off, so no dead batteries.

When you pick these amplifiers up you're gonna notice they're heavy and they feel well-built, and that's because of the high-mass aluminum chassis. It is heavy for a reason. It does a nice job of dissipating heat, keeping the amp cool so you can put these guys anywhere you want them in your car and not worry about them overheating.

You'll also notice the three allen wrench screws right on the top of all three amps, which when you take those screws out it reveals the top-mounted controls where you can adjust your gain and your crossover and the bass boost, and the input mode and such, and best of all your jokester friends that like to get in and mess with all the settings on your amplifiers you can lock them out so your amp stays set the way you want it.

These are some pretty great amplifiers. We were highly impressed with the build quality and the sound quality out of these guys. If you need any help picking out an amplifier deciding if one of these amps is the right one for you, just give us a call. Any of our advisors can help you with that.

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