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We are located in Virginia USA.

Ryan Gardner's 1999 Chevy Cavalier

Items installed:
  • Blaupunkt Munchen CD receiver
  • Polk EX462a 4"x6" 2-way speakers — front doors
  • Polk EX602a 2-way speakers — rear deck
  • Kicker SS120 full-range box with two 12" subwoofers and two 2"x6" horn tweeters
  • Infinity Beta Digital 100 amplifier (100 watts RMS x 2)
  • StreetWires 8-gauge amp wiring kit, speaker wire
  • Dynamat — lots of it!

Vibration-damping material — it's the component forgotten most frequently in car audio installations. Properly applied, it can make a dramatic difference in a system's performance. Ryan Gardner was happy with the audio system in his 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier, but he was curious to see if vibration-damping material could improve its power and clarity.

Since he lives in rural southwest Virginia, Ryan chose the Blaupunkt Munchen CD receiver for the exceptional performance of its Codem D all-digital tuner. The Munchen's built-in 2-band adjustable EQ and 6-level loudness features provide exceptional tone-shaping control. The Blaupunkt's internal amplifier (25 watts RMS/40 peak x 4) pushes Polk's EX462a 4"X6" speakers in the front doors, and Polk EX602a 6-1/2" speakers on the rear deck. A Kicker SS120 full-range box (with two 12" woofers) delivers big bass from the trunk, driven by an Infinity Beta Digital 100 amplifier (100 watts RMS x 2). A StreetWires amp wiring kit and speaker wire complete the installation.

Although he was satisfied with the system's sound quality, Ryan was annoyed by the persistent rattling and buzzing throughout his vehicle. First, he tried the Dynamat Trunk Kit, installing Original, Premium, and Xtreme Dynamat in an attempt to combat the most offensive noises. When he discovered that the noise problem in his trunk had disappeared, Ryan was so pleased that he Dynamatted the doors and the headliner in the Cavalier. When he tested the system at high levels, he found one remaining rattle — his rear license plate. One small leftover square of Dynamat Xtreme solved this last problem.

Before he installed Dynamat, Ryan typically would set the Blaupunkt's volume control at "45." After insulating the Cavalier, he now runs the Munchen at a much lower volume level — usually around "28" — to enjoy the same overall sound level. The sound is cleaner, the bass is more well-defined, and the Cavalier's resonance problems have disappeared. And, since all the components are running more efficiently, they'll have a longer life span. Ryan, thanks for showing off your classy Cavalier!

1999 Chevy Cavalier

Ryan Gardner's 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

adding Dynamat

Ryan rolls the Dynamat Xtreme on the driver's door, while his vigilant friends check for the slightest imperfections. (Actually, they're just hangin'.)

Polk speakers

The Polk EX462a 4"x6" speakers look forward to the quiet life with a Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit.

The Dynamat Trunk Kit: Dynamat Xtreme for the trunk lid, Dynamat Premium for the quarter panels, and Original Dynamat for the trunk floor.

Ryan begins the trunk install by heating up some Dynamat Original. The heat softens the Dynamat, allowing it to conform more readily to the trunk's contours.

This close up of the trunk shows the three types of Dynamat, ready to shut down road noise, kill vibrations and rattles, and provide the structural reinforcement needed for high bass pressure.

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