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David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

Getting it done

"There isn't much online yet for a 2013 Fusion, so i hope this helps anyone else attempting such a task," says David T. from Hammond, LA, and that's the kind of do-it-yourself initiative we like to hear about from our customers at Crutchfield.

David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

David, his 2013 Ford Fusion, and friend

He's talking about installation guidance for a relatively new vehicle, and while we appreciate how much easier it is to follow in someone else's footsteps when tackling a project like this, we have to tip our cap to David for going ahead without much documentation available. We still haven't researched the 2013 Ford Fusion ourselves yet, but we'll have it in our database soon.

Items installed:

Let's add some bass!

David went with these three hard-hitting Champion Series 12" subs from Pioneer because "I prefer Pioneer products." He tells us that car audio "has always been a hobby of mine," and that he's thinking of entering bass competitions in the future. Given his determination to build a sweet enclosure for these subs in his Fusion's trunk, we have no doubt he'll do fine on the low-end circuit.

One box + three chambers = a DIY dream

David wanted to keep the factory look, so he decided to build the enclosure within the trunk of his car. This is a bit different from building an enclosure, loading it with subs, then placing it in the trunk or cargo area of a vehicle — this installation would all be done within the trunk, making it doubly important to get the measurements, cuts, and joints right the first time. "Not fun" is how David described the process. He also chose to build three ported chambers in one enclosure facing the rear seats, and here's the first look he gave us of his handiwork:

David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

This is a really clean-looking start to David's 3-chambered enclosure in the trunk of his 2013 Ford Fusion

Getting inside

With the box built, corners glued, and chamber walls in place, it was time to add the wiring, ports, and interior bracing. David also made sure to use additional caulk to keep the corners tightly sealed.

David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

Interior view of one of the sub box chambers — the black tube at the top is the sub port

The interior braces help keep the chambers from shaking themselves apart, and they also keep the resonance-induced noise to a minimum. For more on the importance of caulk and other tips for building an enclosure, check out our article on How to Build a Subwoofer Box.

David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

Holes cut into the rear deck allow the bass ports to do their job

Finishing the sub installation

With his wiriing, braces, and ports in place, the final step was to mount the subs in each chamber. David also added some black carpet to protect his enclosure and give it a refined look, although it would be out of sight for the most part. "The first thing I show people is the fact that you can't see anything," he boasts.

David T's 2013 Ford Fusion

Here we go: three pounding Pioneer Champion Series 12" subs, all hidden by the Fusion's rear seats

David went into this project without much technical guidance available for his particular car, but we think he did a great job figuring it out himself and taking his system to a new plateau. We asked him what was next on his agenda, and he told us he's replacing the front door speakers next.

Vehicles in the Custom Car Showroom are submitted by customers and fans, and edited by Crutchfield writing staff. You can find more of these articles on the Showroom main page.

  • Fabian from Great falls Montana

    Posted on 8/20/2023

    I am wondering what I run my speaker wires that go to the sub what do I I hook up to either the left positive to right negative if I'm only running one sub right? I need a answer please I'm currently hooking it up that the last thing I need

    Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    on 8/22/2023

    Hi Fabian - please refer to our subwoofer wiring diagrams for further guidance.
  • William P from Belmont

    Posted on 12/14/2021

    I just bought a Fusion Sport, was hoping there would be more posted. I'm not into booming bass; I just want a good overall sound for rock music. I think I'm just gonna swap out all the speakers but for factory it sounds pretty good. Think I'm going with Kicker this time. I've been all JBL for last few years but seems quality has really went down in last two years.

    Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    on 12/17/2021

    Hi William - congrats on your recent Fusion Sport acquisition. One of our Advisors will be in touch shortly via email about your options for upgrading the speakers and overall sound for your vehicle. If you need help sooner, get in touch via phone or web chat.
  • David Tackett from Hammond, Louisiana

    Posted on 5/4/2019

    This car was totaled from a rear end collision; I have been upgrading the audio & whatnot on a 2017 Ford Fusion Sport, which can be seen on my Louisiana Car Shows Facebook page.

  • Han from Glen Burnie

    Posted on 9/10/2018

    Hey John R. I'm an owner of a '16 Ford Fusion who can probably help answer of some of your questions.. I have an upgraded 320+ amp alternator with my line-out converter tapped into my rear door speakers in order to maintain factory radio. If you have any questions, let me know!

  • Scott Mckinnon from Glen burnie

    Posted on 6/24/2018

    No updates in 2 years?

  • Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    Posted on 11/1/2017

    Hi John R: Thanks for your inquiry. We'll try to have a profile page for the newer Ford Fusions in our Research Garage soon. In the meantime, you can enter your vehicle info on our Outfit My Car page to see what gear will work in your car. And you can reach out to one of our Advisors via phone, chat, or email for solutions to making your Fusion sound its best.

  • John R. from Youngstown

    Posted on 10/31/2017

    What happened? Did you maintain factory radio, replace front and rear door speakers, amplifiers, upgrade the big 3? Be a "Pioneer" (pun intended) and let the rest of us Fusion owners know how to possibly proceed with aftermarket upgrades. These 2nd generation Fusions are better than 4 years old and still have little to almost no information for even something as simple as recommended line output converters where an individual would keep the stock radio, let alone alternator upgrades to allow for monster amps.

  • Brian S

    Posted on 10/25/2016

    Did it ever get finished? How were the nasty holes in the package tray finished? What kind of amp? More pictures of the finished project would be nice.

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