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Tim's MasterCraft ProStar 190

Updating a boat's stereo system

mastercraft ski boat

How much great sound can you get on a 25 year-old MasterCraft ProStar 190? For a recent catalog article, we decided to find out. Our friend Tim already had a cool boat, but the stereo wasn't keeping up with the program. We decided to do something about that. Here's the gear we chose:

Boat receiver location

Where the new stereo would go (Crutchfield research photo)


We installed a Fusion digital media receiver in the boat. Because of the way the old radio was installed, we had to modify the dash area a bit. We cut a small mounting plate out of an ABS plastic panel, then attached an adapter plate to secure the stereo.

JL Audio MX650 marine speakers

These JL Audio speakers feature built-in LED lighting (Crutchfield Research Photo)


In an open speedboat, high-performance speakers are an absolute must. In the cockpit area, we installed two pairs of JL Audio 6-1/2" marine speakers, which combine great sound with built-in LED lighting.

JL Audio MX770 tower speakers with neoprene covers

The neoprene covers protect the JL Audio speakers when the boat's at the dock (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Tim and his family enjoy wakeboarding, so we installed a pair of JL Audio tower speakers. These 7.7" rockers pump out plenty of sound, and they're made to stand up to the marine environment. We also added a set of neoprene covers to protect the speakers when the boat's not in use.

JL Audio FS110-W5-SG-TB marine subwoofer

This JL Audio subwoofer supplies more than enough bass


The old subwoofer was unsuited for the job and way too huge for the boat. We replaced it with the JL Audio FS110. This marine-rated subwoofer and fiberglass enclosure fit neatly into the storage compartment, so the result is better bass, plus more room for life jackets and other essential gear.

JL Audio M800/8V2 amplifier

This powerful amp gives this system the power it needs (Crutchfield Research Photo)


We installed a JL Audio M800/8v2 marine amplifier, an 8-channel, Class-D powerhouse that fits against the bulkhead in the cargo hold. A JL Audio HD-RLC remote level control allows Tim to adjust levels from the cockpit.

The most important part of the system might be the part you don't see – the wiring. We used marine-rated power and speaker wires to connect everything, plus a JL Audio marine amp wiring kit. All of this gear is designed to resist moisture and corrosion.

Wet Sounds SPOOL 5M-BLUE

The Wet Sounds LED lighting matches the speakers


We also ran Wet Sounds LED lighting along the gunwales. These attractive, efficient, blue lights run on standard 12-volt power. We used a sturdy 80-amp circuit breaker to control the system. Marine-rated lighting is a very cool thing to add to any boat.

For more information, plus handy installation tips you can use on your boat, check out our article, "Pro tips from our marine audio experts." If you have any questions about installing new stereo gear on your boat, contact our advisors by phone, chat, or email.

  • Bud Curley from Deerfield Beach, FL

    Posted on 6/9/2020

    I have a ProStar 190 also, and the steering cable limits the depth of a stereo installation. In the dash picture above, I can see the steering cable. How did Tim fit the Fusion MS-UD650 digital media receiver into his dash, given that it is about 8" deep?? Can I get additional pictures, including the finished look? Thanks so much, Bud

  • Andrew Lusby from Spotsylvania Courtho

    Posted on 6/19/2019

    Where did you run the amp ground wire? I have the same boat, same year and am putting a similar system in. The only difference is I am not including a sub. Thanks!

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 6/21/2019

    Andrew, If memory serves, we ran it straight to the secondary battery negative terminal. Hope that helps, and good luck with the installation! If you have time, visit our Custom Car Showroom (Boats, too, obviously...) and show us what you did!

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