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Video: Focal Integration car speakers

Enjoy efficient, audiophile-grade sound in your car

Focal's Integration line of car speakers are designed to give you audiophile sound quality in your car, and also to run efficiently enough to work with your factory radio. They also sound great with an aftermarket stereo and amplifiers. 

If you want to try them out in your car, tell us what you drive and see if they fit. And if you have any questions, just give us a call (or chat)

Read video transcript

hey its JR, training manager here at Crutchfield, and I'm here today with the Focal Integration line of speakers. This is the ISS version over here for separates. This is the is CC for coax, and as you would expect from Focal you're gonna get nothing short of audiophile grade sound out of these speakers. What makes them a little different is that they're designed to be efficient and run off of just about anything, maybe even your factory radio, certainly any aftermarket radio, and if you want to juice them up and give them good power from a solid amplifier they can take the extra power and really make even better music with that.

So they're really versatile, really flexible for just about any car. In the component line of speakers you're gonna get some pretty cool stuff. You're gonna get several different tweeter mounting brackets, so if you wanted to just put your tweeter flat in there you can. If you want to put it up on your dash and aim it straight at your face, you can do that as well. They've even taken the time to make the tweeter in the coax versions aimable as well, so you can twist that tweeter and get it aimed right at you. So if you're putting them on the rear dash of your car you can aim the tweeter forward, or if you have to put your six by nines in the front door of your big pickup truck, you can aim the tweeter straight up at your ear holes.

So they've really taken great efforts to make sure you can get the soundstage up high where your head is, where you're actually listening to your music, and for materials Focal went with an aluminum inverted dome tweeter, which is a nice crisp, precise sounding tweeter, and the woofers are a polyglass, which is a lightweight rigid material that's super easy to move, which is why they can be used with low-power stereos and such, and you don't necessarily need an amplifier. And another thing that makes the components easier to install.

Focal's not willing to skimp on crossover quality, but they did want to make it easier by not having to make you install a crossover box in your doors, so the crossover for the tweeter is in line with the wires for the tweeter, and the crossover for the woofer is in line with the wires for the woofer, so it just sort of seamlessly integrates. Probably why they called it the integration line of speakers.

We're really big fans of how they sound and how easy they are to install. If you have any questions about installing them in your car, give us a call, chat with us online, or send us an email. Thanks for watching.

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